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  1. I'll finish it next week. Edit 06 nov: Two more days.
  2. Looks like i'm off the hook. Well, good job. 2secs loss on m09 surprised me though.
  3. Intermissions are a bit sloppy; apart from that - a really enjoyable movie indeed. Nicely done! It's such a pity i'm not familiar with this wad well enough so i could appreciate it to the full extent. Your caco rocket jump on map 28 reminded me my lost soul rocket jump on map 28 ;) This tomato is fucking wild! TXT was a good read. Also it would be nice if you'd included centiseconds.
  4. Akse

    [TAS] Swift Death in 2:49

    I love every second of it!
  5. Counterproductive for quite a while. Slowly, but surely though we got this party started. A demo will be ready soon. P.S. Sorry for keeping you waiting.
  6. It would if it was a complete megawad like it's older brothers.
  7. Well, that was unexpected. Good job. Bad timing...
  8. I'd like to claim M03 while it's still available. It'll take a week or two though..
  9. :) It could fit Map30 if developed properly.
  10. Will be appreciated. I'd like to if you can suggest where to add it. Solo, for example, sounds like crap when i cast overdrive/distortion upon it.
  11. I'm working on it. I also thinking about claiming map01 as well.
  12. Time for some feedback. Here's what i came up with so far: Mining For Paranoia