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  1. Larzuk

    Splatterhouse 3D - Full TC

    I've been playing the newest update on ultra violence. I like the new revamp for the Howler as well. I haven't finished E2M6 yet but I have found a few things that need to be fixed. E1M3: Sector 126, next to sector 115 which is a secret, is labeled as a secret when that area isn't really an accessible place to be able to go to. You have to jump and crouch to get into it but there is nothing significant there. E2M1: There are 4 monsters in a non-accessible closet (sector 155) that are stuck in there. Things 526, 527, 528, and 529 are the ones trapped in there and all have the tag of 0. The rest of the monsters in the closet have the tag 93 and can get out to attack.
  2. Larzuk

    How far have you made it in Plutonia?

    I've beaten Plutonia a few times on UV. Both continuous and pistol starts.
  3. Larzuk

    Moonblood Megawad

    If there are a couple demos for map 10 then try running them with a fixed copy of the wad to see if it messes with anything. If it does desync the demos, then it is up to you if you want to upload the fixed version of the wad or keep it as it is. This isn't a game breaking issue so you don't have to fix it if you want.
  4. Larzuk

    Moonblood Megawad

    The chainsaw, computer area map, and soul sphere secrets are easily obtainable. The fourth secret that makes it impossible to get 100% is in a small two square area to the right of the soul sphere secret. The left square is connected to the soul sphere secret, but the one to the right, sector 226, is also marked as a secret. Taking the secret effect off of the right sector will fix the issue and make 100% secrets obtainable.
  5. Larzuk

    Moonblood Megawad

    I have to say that I am enjoying this wad so far even though I'm only up to map 11 right now. The midi is pretty good as well. I did find an issue with map 10 that makes it impossible to get 100% secrets. - Sector 226 is currently labeled as a secret but the player can't get to it.
  6. Larzuk

    new megawad: ECHELON

    As far as I can tell, yes, they are impossible to get to.
  7. Larzuk

    new megawad: ECHELON

    I've had a lot of fun playing through this recently, continuous and pistol starts. I've only found one issue to mention and that is on map06. There are three health bonuses (sector 50 or 106) that can't be collected, making it impossible to get 100% items.
  8. Larzuk

    what game (besides doom) are you playing?

    Diablo 3, Grim Dawn, and Killing Floor 2.
  9. Larzuk

    Songs that really touch your heart

    "Forever" by Stratovarius.
  10. Larzuk

    Favorite YouTube gamers?

    AVGN Cryaotic Game Grumps HCBailly Helloween4545 Kikoskia NewfZ NintendoCapriSun Retsupurae World of Longplays
  11. Larzuk

    Bloodstain finally out!

    Yeah, this song was used in the map Caverns.
  12. Larzuk

    Bloodstain finally out!

    Map04: It's possible to get the red key just by running up to the platform from the blue door. This probably wasn't intentional but figured I'd mention it. You should probably move it back some.
  13. Larzuk

    Friday The 13th: Jason's Doom

    That frustration reminds me of the old days of Nintendo and Sega games. Has there been any progress for a new version of this or is it not going to happen?
  14. Larzuk

    Friday The 13th: Jason's Doom

    After seeing the forest pictures, I can't wait to see what other new things you will be adding in.
  15. Larzuk

    Valiant.wad - now on /idgames!

    In the north east part of the map, there is a switch you can shoot close to the chaingun. The secret will be very close by.