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  1. Salt-Man Z

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    I'm having a lot of fun playing The Long Trek Back Home, where Doomguy, after beating the IoS, retraces his steps backwards from MAP30 to MAP01. The levels are still (if only vaguely) recognizable as the originals, but you work through them backwards, and of course they've been damaged and transformed extensively since your last visit. Everything so far (I've gotten to Nirvana) has felt very large and exploratory (if not exactly nonlinear) and definitely more nasty than the IWAD. Very cool stuff that I thought was at least worth mentioning here.
  2. Salt-Man Z

    The Long Trek Back Home [Doom2 vanilla megawad] released

    Started playing this today, really enjoying it. But I got stuck in MAP04; the northernmost teleporter sent me to a little room (hidden from the automap) that is empty except for a teleporter that just sends me back to the same position in which I entered that room:
  3. Salt-Man Z

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    I feel like people are overlooking the fact that this project is not called "Hell Revealed 3". It is actually "Doomer Boards Project 41: Hell Revealed III, Part 1" which seems like an awfully large distinction to me. (For the record, I rolled my eyes pretty hard at "Misri Halek 2", which was otherwise a perfectly fine map.)
  4. Salt-Man Z

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Just found out about this project, so I had to track down this thread. This has long one been one of my favorite megawads--perhaps owing to the fact that it was one of the earliest PWADs I played when I really got back into Doom--and I still like to break it out again every few years for a replay. Really looking forward to this remaster!
  5. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    Knocking this writeup out while it's still October here. I've played along with a lot of DWMCs over the years, and finished almost every WAD, but this might be the first time I've played and done writeups for every level in the allotted month! MAP28: Knock Knock (HMP/continuous/saves) 31:44 | 100% Kills | 100% Items | 75% Secrets Mostly another fine map. The visuals were of course solid (the inset tech details the moved along with the lifts were a lovely touch) though progression was still very much find-a-switch/press-the-switch/what-that-switch-do? After finally retrieving the red key and returning to the start area, I was down to single-digit health, I had to then deal with a sudden mob of chaingunners and revenants. Not fun. The fakeout exit would have been more interesting if I hadn't taken the time to snuff out the revvies first, that's for sure. MAP29: The KINDa's Circuit 39:30 | 98% Kills | 76% Items | 100% Secrets This is kind of a love-it-AND-hate-it map for me. On the one hand, the concept is mostly fun: a long grueling hike out to the yellow key (visible but inaccessible from near the start!) and then retrace your steps to come all the way back to the yellow door. My problem was, much like so many other levels in the set, that health is really at a premium on the trip out. Very little health to pick up, and any medkit or stimpack I came across would generally last only until the next hitscanner ambush. By the blind elevator up to the blue key room, I was down to like 15% and mostly stayed around there until I finally made it to the yellow key and megasphere recharge. (LOTS of saves used, that's for sure.) The ending was a bit of a letdown; dodge a couple of cybers and take your pick of three teleporters. I saw the two lefthand platforms were marked by a dead marine, so I figured they were traps. I was half right. After saving, I first took the leftmost pad, which was actually a very handy (if totally random) top-off before the next map. Unfortunately, I had saved once I realized it wasn't an immediate exit, and with no way back I couldn't finish of the cybers or pick up all the bonuses to max things out. (I did noclip back to verify that the central pad was a near-death exit.) Rather capricious way to end the level... MAP30: KINDa 4:22 | 77% Kills | 100% Items | 100% Secrets Oh, look, Just Another IoS for the final map. I started up by going to the right and waking up the KINDa. Luckily, this map allowed for backtracking to the start and also seeing what the lefthand path was: supplies! Knocking out the IoS was at least a simple enough task, which elevates this above a lot of other MAP32s. (I made it a little harder than it should have been by being terrible at timing my rockets, though.) OVERALL: For the most part I enjoyed my time playing KINDa. Not too a high a bar, to be honest, as there are very few WADs I've played which I look back upon with active dislike. But KINDa has a freshness to it, coming as it were (I believe?) from outside the community, where the author sticks to his particular vision throughout the project. The visuals were at worst perfectly competent, but often far better than that, and you could definitely see improvement in mapping skills as the WAD progressed. The only real knocks against the WAD are progression that is occasionally far too obtuse, and a combination of abundant hitscanner usage coupled with extreme health scarcity. For being supposedly designed for continuous play, it surprised me how often I would finish a level below 30% health, and then have to play some ways into the next map before coming across any medical supplies. Still, this was fun, and I can definitely see some of these maps lodging in my subconscious and making me go, "Wait, what WAD was that map from again?" years from now, LOL.
  6. Salt-Man Z

    [Release] Kill, a 25 year old megawad for Doom 1 (v1.2.1)

    Version 1.21: E2M1: If you step off the lift behind the "sliding doors" as it's raising, you will be locked out (no way to lower the lift again, and you can't go back because that requires a key.) E2M4: The narrow little secret in the southeast corner (RL and rockets? I forget) is too narrow to get into and trigger.
  7. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    MAP25: Her Company (HMP/continuous/saves) 25:58 | 100% Everything Played this one a few days ago, so the details are mostly fuzzy, though I can still picture the level pretty well in my mind! I liked it quite a bit, though I feel like health was at quite a premium, again. I remember a lot of the teleport ambushes being very slow to trickle in, especially at the blue (?) key. The crusher section was a major pain, though I didn't notice initially that you didn't have to run it a second time on your way back. :) I do remember struggling with progression just a hair, but I obviously managed to figure out it without too much trouble. I do believe I lucked out on the double-teleporter and took the side that accesses the switch first; I only discovered it went two different places when going back secret/ammo hunting at the end... MAP26: Monstrous 51:10 | 99% Kills | 92% Items | 83% Secrets So this was a nice, big map. Very nonlinear in feel, and mostly, I think, in practice. In fact, it was so linear that I skipped the blue key entirely; I grabbed the yellow key by jumping through the window via the neighboring lift (only took two tries.) Of course, I eventually discovered that once you take the drop beyond the yellow door, you can't go back (disapprove) so once I revealed the exit and cleared the are out, I noclipped back up top and tried to get everything else. I really enjoyed this level, though I will say it felt relatively underpopulated (on HMP at least.) MAP27: Congo Control 28:07 | 90% Kills | 100% Items | 100% Secrets This is a pretty good-looking map that I found myself getting easily lost in early on for whatever reason. Once I opened up the automap like halfway through, things made a lot more sense! (And the level looks pretty great on the automap, too!) I did not enjoy the chaingunner teleporter ambushes--absolutely nasty, those. As usual, lots of switches to hit that did something, but I don't know what! I did try playing around with the two consoles marked for the red key; they certainly didn't seem like they did anything, but reading above, I guess they did? I should mention the lighting here, too; that was really well done. Oh, and I missed exactly 20 baddies; IDDT showed me a 5x4 block of monsters that never moved, presumably they were supposed to ambush me in the rooms past the blue door...
  8. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    As near as I can tell, the unofficial vote tally for Nov sits thusly: 7x Interception 2 6x Community Chest 3x Good Morning Phobos 3x Hexen 3x Oops All Techbase 3x Wonderful Doom 1x Claustrophobia 1024 1x Community Chest 3 1x Judgment 1x Perdition's Gate 1x Uprising I think I'll abstain from voting myself, given it's a holiday month with a family birthday, and I've got a number of WADs I want to try and finish up already.
  9. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    MAP22: Skin (HMP/continuous/saves) 12:02 | 100% Kills | 66% Items | 100% Secrets Ye Olde Fleshe Mappe. This one has an incredibly nasty start, kind of an "O of Destruction" with a vile in the center and a chaingunners positioned all around the circle. Eventually one can escape down a side passage, grab a foothold, and start cleaning things out from there. That said, I did not have the easiest time doing so! But once I did, things calmed down considerably. I love how grabbing the yellow key dropped half of the walls to the outside, that was very cool (I'm a sucker for that kind of architectural transformation. I did not love how upon initially grabbing the yellow key, I was immediately punched in the back by an ambushin revenant, then immediately rocketed in the face (and killed) when I turned around to face him. I feel dumb that it took so long to discover the megasphere secret, since I had already explored two of the hidden caco alcoves without considering that was a third against the back wall! But it was nice to have leave the map at 200%/200%. I gather the berserk was only accessible from the start (and a quick perusal of comments above confirms it.) A decent level, I think I like it more looking back than I did at the time, though. MAP23: Bloodlove 28:48 | 100% Kills | 97% Items | 80% Secrets Ah, back to techbases again--oh, wait, no it's still blood themed, just...a techbase drowned in blood (!!) I actually dug this map quite a bit. At first, it was almost like a mini-slaughter campaign in a base packed with baddies. Just running around trying to clear some space for myself and not get killed. Both the yellow and blue keys were (again) more obtuse than they needed to be. The blue one in particular was clever, but like, maybe too clever for its own good, which I feel is the failing of much of the progression issues in KINDa. In this blue key example, there are two lifts with switches next to them: the right switch lowers the right lift. But the left lift (atop which sits the blue key) is not lowered by the left switch, instead that switch does something else. But what? It's not at all clear at first, and the puzzle is in the interaction of the switches and lifts, but solving it makes me feel more lucky for stumbling across the solution than smart for intelligently putting the pieces together (even if the solution is as much the latter as the former.) The yellow key is a similar "what does this switch do?" but the first half of that puzzle is finding the switch in the first place! (I don't remember where the red key came from, but I think I may have gotten it first?) Despite this, I still really liked this one, perhaps only because I didn't spend too long banging my head on any on puzzle. I never did figure out how to get the invul sphere, but seeing as how I no longer had a use for it (unlike ammo and, especially, health) I didn't work too hard on it. MAP24: Frontier in Situ 15:18 | 100% Everything This was a bizarre little level, a tiny little house packed with baddies. Make it to the backyard, and suddenly you drop down underground to another, larger, building (still somehow surrounded by grass and sky) that you have to fight your way out of before teleporting back to the beginning and the exit. Not a lot to say about this one. I wasted a lot of health and cells on the early cyberdemon fight, and lost a bit more health to the house full of hitscanners. I was stuck briefly on the all-too-clever switch-that-also-lowers-the-lift-behind-you-at-the-same-time. The second half of the map continued to whittle down my health, and then I was totally unprepared for the ambush at the top of the final elevator, where I lost a good chunk of what little health I had left. An action-packed little romp, if not particularly memorable.
  10. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    Interesting! I noticed while playing MAP21 at one point that I suddenly had 200%/200% (but only as it was being whittled away!) and wondered when I had picked up a megasphere...
  11. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    My advice (for what it's worth!) would be to keep the criticisms in mind, and apply them to future projects as you desire, but never feel beholden to them! Make the WADs that you want to make, not the WADs everyone else wants! I know that especially during these Club plays (and in critiquing anything, really) it's a whole lot easier to remember and write down the specific things you disliked in a map than those you did like, even if the latter far outnumbers the former. If I wasn't playing this for the Club, I feel like I would eventually* finish the mapset at my own pace, say to myself, "That was pretty good!", and move on to the next thing. I've definitely been enjoying it on the whole! (*Though to be 100% fair, without the Club around for discussion, the yellow key in MAP32 might have been a showstopper, at which point I might just abandon the WAD.)
  12. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    Played most of these maps yesterday, so the details have all started to go fuzzy. I do recall that hitscanners remained brutal, health remained generally scarce, with progression not always entirely clear, though less obtuse than earlier maps have been. HMP/continuous/saves: MAP17: Naive 28:43 | 99% Kills | 100% Items | 50% Secrets I liked this one quite a bit, just pretty fun all around. I missed the RL secret (like just about everyone, sounds like) and missed a kill, which I IDDTed to see was an imp that got resurrected in his window-perch in the building by the blue key. I'm sure there was something that bugged me while I was playing this, but I can't remember it anymore. :) MAP18: The Doomsday Machine 27:39 | 100% Everything This was a fantastic map that I had two major issues with: First, a couple of the blue key teleport traps were borderline unfair (I survived them all, if barely). And secondly, the switch that launches the final exit ambush was ridiculously hard to find; I think I spent at least 5 minutes wandering everywhere before I thought to look behind the exit platform. Otherwise, this was a lot of fun, with a memorable layout. It was a little funny that the yellow key was sitting just atop the yellow switch, right next to the yellow bars that it opened. I guess it was a good way of signposting what was going to happen, but it still seemed a mite silly. :) MAP19: Calculator 27:14 | 100% Everything A very cool layout full of (again) some nasty nasty hitscanner traps. At least the viles were easy enough to deal with with carryovers. (Especially the completely useless archie at the exit.) Very convoluted and easy to get lost in--the multi-level nature made it hard to tell how to get from A to B via the automap--but the aesthetic was really neat. MAP20: Monster HQ 33:17 | 100% Kills | 100% Items | 60% Secrets Sigh, this map. I started at low health because of continuous, and found like 2 stimpacks in the first 10 minutes. Ammo was almost as hard to find as health early on, and at one point I was down to my last dozen bullets. At the point I opened the door beyond the cyber/spider combo, I had like 17 health left, and to figure out a way to kill at least the mastermind before she got me first. (Took me maybe a half dozen attempts, but at least that point I still had a half-loaded BFG.) Eventually I was able to access the rest of the level and restock. It surprised me how much of the map seemed optional, like the yellow key which opens the exit but also can be used in two other places around the level. Not a bad map, but it didn't leave a great taste in my mouth. MAP21: Melancholy 19:50 | 100% Everything I don't like nukage maps, I think I mentioned that. There's a lot of (damaging) ground to cover here, and limited radsuits. Only two are accessible early on; I basically used the first one to scout around, and then used the second to actually go somewhere... but where I went didn't have a suit for a return trip! Thankfully, I think most of the other locations did. The "outdoor" sections with the geometric-lattice ceilings were particularly striking, very cool, though the popup ambushes they contained were less so. (I ran from the big one, and when I went back, they had mostly taken care of themselves.)
  13. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    MAP31: Hell's Party (HMP/continuous/saves) 5:48 | 100% Everything Not bad. The first half I remember far more vividly, on account of having had to play it twice: the first time, after grabbing the blue key, I was startled by the suddenly-appearing archie (with no cover) and immediately killed before I could switch to an appropriate weapon. The blue key fight itself had been long (and simple) enough that I had never gotten a chance to save. The second half of the map was maybe more interesting to look at, but perhaps more tedious to clean up. The secrets were of the well-I-guess-we'll-just-see-where-this-teleporter-goes variety. MAP32: The Monster Museum 41:12 | 99% Kills | 98% Items | 100% Secrets This map was the first of the WAD to make me actively angry. The start was insanity, beginning up high where you're immediately targeted by dozens of hitscanners and potentially distant mancs and a revvie. I think it took me 3-4 attempts to just not immediately die. Then I spent probably 15 minutes cleaning out the southwest corner, just being harassed by monsters everywhere. At one point, down to like 24% health, I got nailed in the back from an imp fireball two entire rooms away, halving my health. By that point, I had found only 2 of the yellow key switches, and was about to go insane. Finally I looked at the automap, and figured there might be something down in the blood moat, which I had avoided jumping into on account of constantly being low on health and assuming the blood to be damaging. Nope! I quickly found the third switch, and what was apparently an unmarked secret behind the waterfall! Cue another 5-10 minutes of fruitless searching for the final switch before finally grumpily saving and exiting and heading to this thread for the solution. WTF, man. (I also accidentally read the spoiler for the blue key, which I like to think I would have found by myself, but that placement was still rather shady.) The second (northern) half of the map went by a lot faster, though it was still a lot of find-a-switch-to-press-and-then-wonder-what-it-did. I was also curious about the cyberdemons; they appeared to be encased in invisible walls for release upon hitting a switch, but I was able to kill the southern cyber before he could move (took 7-8 pointblank BFG blasts) and the northern one I at least damaged somewhat before realizing I probably wasn't meant to be able to. He was released in (I presume) the intended fashion, and dispatched later. I did like the look of this map a lot, but the obtuseness of progression was just maddening. I get that it's a secret map, but still... MAP16: Patino 9:53 | 100% Everything This level mostly flew by, as it was for the most part just a lot of run-and-gun. I liked the climb around the inside wall of the courtyard to activate the exit switch. I of course had no idea what that switch did on account of the ridiculously-massive hitscanner/pinkie teleport ambush that followed. That was insane, and seemed to go on forever. I took out the first few waves with some BFG blasts, but then more just kept coming, and I quickly found myself reduced to single-digit health playing peekabook around the corner with my SSG (not always successfully.) The combo of hitscanner mobs and stingy health is becoming a little obnoxious, here's hoping it doesn't get worse on the back half of the WAD. (It probably will!) Thank goodness for the soulsphere secret at the end of this one.
  14. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    Perfectly accessible in GZDoom. The switch drops the light to the floor (it's a lift) but clicking on its pillar permanently raises said pillar to reveal the zerk. You can't ride the lift, but when it's down you can bump the zerk. MAP15: Blackout (HMP/continuous/saves) 31:57 | 100% Everything If I hadn't seen everyone else's screenshots in this thread, I would have wondered why this map was named "Blackout". I run GZDoom in "standard" lighting mode, and the entire level was fairly bright throughout. It would have been a completely different map if I had played it on a darker setting; it was nasty enough as-is with the tons of hitscanners, sparse health, and starting at like 60% from the previous hitscan-heavy map. I opted not to read the spoiler on the secret exit, and so wasted a lot of time at the end of this one, then felt like a chump when I came back here for the answer. The one-time door is easily the worst effect in the entire Doom engine (narrowly beating out the leaky radsuit); you literally have no way of knowing it's being used unless the author literally spells it out for you in the level, and even then it's so rarely used that that often doesn't even work. A pretty decent level, I guess, but soured by the secret exit. Oh, and that was a weird way to grab the red key. (I guess TNT did it too, but still.)
  15. Salt-Man Z

    The Doom backpack sprite looks like a dog face

    Oh god, where's the downvote button? >:|