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  2. Let's see if I can start the ball rolling for +++ Perdition's Gate...
  3. This amuses me.
  4. Wait, so how does the shotgun/SSG work when weapon scrolling? (I must confess to never using the mouse; I'm strictly a keyboarder.)
  5. Yeah, I have to agree 100% that the fist/chainsaw implementation here drives me nuts. Because of it, I didn't even realize I had the chainsaw until I went to pick one up and it didn't disappear. Also: the only reason I'd ever want to use the fist in place of the saw is in a berserk situation, and hey, berserk autoswitches to the fist for you anyway. Beyond that, I'm not sure I understand why "I hate autoswitch" gets addressed by only removing a single instance of it (just the chainsaw). In fact, according to the wiki, the original Doom didn't even allow you to switch to fists if you had a chainsaw (barring a beserk pack); that ability was added in source ports.
  6. Playing this right now, and it's a ton of fun. I enjoyed D64:Absolution and Console Doom back in the day; never could get into D64 EX, though, as it never "felt" right. Being able to play this in GZDoom is fantastic.
  7. Deus Vult. Play the single-map version (MAP05). You will believe one marine can take on all of Hell by himself.
  8. Still one of my all-time absolute faves.
  9. Downloaded and started in on Doom 64: Retribution, and what else can I say other than "Wow!" I played Absolution once upon a time, and Console Doom, both of which I enjoyed; and I've always meant to get around to Doom 64 EX, but have always been put off by the "feel" of it, if you get my meaning. Retribution is da bomb, tho. Wasn't planning on anything more than testing out MAP01 to see how things ran, but ended up doing the first two maps anyway. I guess I'm in for the long haul on this one.
  10. +++ Classic Episode
  11. The Club could probably stand to delve into some more overlooked/underrated WADs (Rylayeh/Crimson Canyon/Azagthoth remains one of my favorite months.) Otherwise, I think it does a pretty good job of mixing Permanent Classics (AV, Requiem), Once-Classics (Serenity Trilogy, STRAIN), beta testing upcoming projects (Stomper, Japanese Community Project), and playing The New/Recent Hotness (Valiant, Echelon, Bloodstain). If you're not actually playing along, or haven't played the WADs before, it's probably not very interesting. When I do play, it's fun to read others' thoughts (and a very brief post can sometimes be as entertaining as one of DotW's novels). If I'm not playing along, but have played that WAD before, it's fun to peek in and see what others think, as well as jog my memory a bit (the folks who do lots of screenshots are much-appreciated in this regard.) It's also fun as an archive, if I end up playing a WAD much later ("MAP27 was a buncha B.S., let's see what The Club thought.")
  12. Started Plutonia Revisited over the weekend. I love Plutonia, and had a blast playing Plutonia 2 last year, so this was on my must-play list. Right off the bat it's so vicious (even on HMP) that I got a bit crabby, but I still cranked through the first 6 maps.
  13. Just throwing in my $0.02 from memory regarding E4: M1 was absolutely brutal. I had done the first 3 eps on UV, but this map made me dial it back to HMP. M2 was a total monster. An amazing (and loooong) journey that needs a lot of time to pass before I ever play it again. I had to cheat to get the red (?) key, and even then had already blown the secret exit. M9 wasn't terrible, but man I hate open-arena mastermind battles. And that's all this one was! The finale section I just ran for dear life and got out as fast as I could. M3, just by dint of not being a total murderfest, was welcome relief, and pretty fun to boot. M4 was pretty vicious, too, but still managed to be a lot of fun. Just very cool. M5 was absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic atmosphere, and combat that wasn't totally punishing. M6 I have been afraid to tackle for like a month now, as that opening is just so vicious.
  14. I run it in (G)ZDoom (just load the .wads and the dehacked file) and make sure in the compatibility settings to set "Ignore y offsets on masked midtextures" to YES. ("+set compat_maskedmidtex 1" on the command line.) Not sure I've had an issue with blocking decorations, though; I know the vegetation pillars are destructible...
  15. E3M1: Gates of Hades 17:36 | 85% Kills | 100% Items | 100% Secrets Holy cow! I did it! All 100% secrets! Couldn't manage that last time. It was the rocket launcher I never figured out. I did this time though, that little climb and drop to the switch was supes clever. Love it. What I didn't love is the super-secret radsuit hidden by the exit from the lava. Wut. I did abuse my saves when I discovered that after blowing 100% health on the soulsphere secret. I was all, Screw that, we're doing this over right this time. I also had to abuse saving for the checkerboard maze. I mean, finding the maze entrance is neato, but actually navigating it seemed like pure trial-and-error. (I assume the mini checkerboard on the other side held some clue, but it was totally lost on me.) I really wanted to max the map, but I only had 16 rockets for 4 barons, and just didn't feel like bothering. So I left the two by the RL still alive. (I ran away from them in a panic and just never bothered going back.) A neat puzzler; a lot more fun when you've already played it once before.