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  1. Salt-Man Z

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Whoa, the spacing on that metal texture is almost synced up with the scroll speed of my mouse wheel; with that lens distortion, it makes for a pretty trippy effect as I scroll past your post.
  2. Salt-Man Z

    DOOM wads that use custom made monsters

    Mayan Mishap Return to Daro (uses the STRAIN bestiary) Waterlab GZD
  3. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    I love STRAIN, but it hasn't necessarily aged too well. I do recommend checking out the 20th anniversary tribute Return to Daro, which does a great job with the new assets. Yes! It's the architecture in Plutonia that always stuck with me. (Never noticed the difficulty until I joined the Doom community, as I had always played with saves on HNTR/HMP.) The opening arches of MAP10, the canal in MAP26, the entire city of MAP29, etc. Just so many highly memorable bits.
  4. Salt-Man Z

    You Need Glasses (Low Quality graphics pack for doom 2)

    Mix this with one (or more!) of those wobbly mods.
  5. Salt-Man Z

    Wads like Hell on Earth Starter Pack

    Not sure if this is 100% the kind of thing you're looking for, but Doom 2 Reloaded essentially redoes the story of Doom II with larger, more realistic and narratively-coherent levels.
  6. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    It's not, really, beyond maybe the first few levels. It is very well done, though. (The latter levels in particular are highly memorable.)
  7. Salt-Man Z

    Caco Bell - A boom compatible map

    I just need to say that the title is BRILLIANT.
  8. Excited to learn that I too might be Mechadon.
  9. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom 404

    I did play the first 3 maps last night (HMP continuous) though I didn't get around to doing writeups yet. My biggest takeaway so far is that I'm going to really hate the secret hunting in this WAD; a lot of them so far have been of the strictly wall-humping variety, which I don't enjoy at all. (MAP01's was maybe the biggest offender, and the fact that it rewards you with a computer map is the icing on the WTF cake.)
  10. Salt-Man Z

    Doom Zero (Demo)

    Awesome! I loved the first six.
  11. Salt-Man Z


    You absolute madman
  12. I coulda sworn the obligatory "this year plus last Nov/Dec is fair game" discussion was either in the OP or the first page, but maybe I'm thinking of last year...?
  13. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    MAP21: Hell's Maw 41:52 | 100% Kills | 96% Items | 57% Secrets So I played this one in two sittings. I was already in a bad mood from the ending of MAP20, and this one didn't help any. To start with, you've got a tedious section of run-and-find-the-symmetrical-switches, including a couple of switches totally hidden (!) in the pitch black shadows of what are made to look like ordinary lineblocked corridors. (It doesn't hurt that there's four such corridors, and only two have switches!) That's just lame. Finally escape that section and IT'S SLAUGHTER TIME. A big fight up the staircase and into the main hall, and then there's a pop-up (@#$!) rocket-spam battle on the ramparts, and then the red key tower. I hated that thing. Archies way high overhead that you can't even see, but they can obliterate you without warning? Check. ... And, that was mostly it, really. Cleared that effer out and saved and stopped for the night because it was late and I was not looking forward to doing all this again in the blue tower. So tonight (3 days later) I tackle the blue tower... and it's waaay easier. Yes, there's still viles, but you actually have places to hide, and after the first one the rest don't come as a surprise. Blue key get. This time the rampart battle happens on the return trip, capped by another surprise archie (who killed me this time as I was pinned in by spectres while attempting to switch weapons.) Then some time spent in the main hall finding secrets and on to the final section. Slaughtericious. But I beat a hasty retreat and found the invul (actually there were two, but I didn't manage to snag the second until I'd already killed everything!) This lead to a pet peeve (guess I shoulda put it in the pet peeve thread) where you have a big slaughter battle that requires hitting a bunch of switches scattered all around in order to escape, but it's not made clear that that's what's required, and so you kill everything first and then have to go through the tedium of hunting the switches in order just to open the door. Anyway, that's my rambling about all the ways MAP21 pissed me off, but still managed to look really cool and be memorable at the same time, thanks for coming to my TED talk. MAP22: Citadel 22:50 | 100% Everything Only 200 baddies here, but it felt like a lot more, especially that monster cacoswarm at the start that caught me off-guard my first attempt and packed all the exits to the starting building while I hemmed and hawed about what to do and then killed me. Escaping the building (very cool moment later when I saw this building sticking out of the ground and realized that's where I started from) leads to a huge field of turreted baddies all shooting crap at you. It would be easy enough to run around taking potshots at everything and ducking in and out of cover, but there's also a small handful of arch-viles running around on the ground as well as a couple elevated ones. Once those guys are dealt with, things become very manageable, if still quite frantic. A couple weird choices that stuck out to me were the blue key building, were I could just plink at the HKs below but they couldn't hit me in return, and the exit that eventually let you leave without facing the cybers. (I did, though, since I wanted to find the secret and couldn't effectively do so with 4 cybies roaming the grounds.) Not a bad map, all told, but boy did it feel like work, and I'm afraid the rest of the WAD is gonna have that feel, too...
  14. Salt-Man Z

    Adam blathers about wads (now playing: Kamasutra)

    i finished playing through his catalogue this year, and now unabashedly call him my favorite mapper. I loved the Favillesco series(es), but they are very IWADy compared to his later works. You get the full Monti in newer stuff like Mano Laikas and Witness Of Time. (Though I must say that his old Eviltech absolutely blew me away with those dozen or so just HUGE maps in the middle.)