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  1. Salt-Man Z

    REKKR - V1.11

    Agreed, plus disabling jump/crouch is pretty common for vanilla-type projects. (Freelook at least is generally left alone.)
  2. Salt-Man Z

    Doom 64 for Doom II - Released!

    I can't start either in earnest until I'm done with STRUGGLE...
  3. Salt-Man Z

    REKKR - V1.11

    Am I crazy, or did version 1.0 disable jump/crouch/freelook, and v1.1 now allows it?
  4. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    Yeah, I've only played that far in GZDoom (I used Doomsday waaaay back in the day when I first played the earlier maps) and never noticed any issues.
  5. Salt-Man Z


    Started playing on UV, then just completely ran out of bullets early in MAP02. I'll dial it back to HMP before I continue, but it looks cool so far!
  6. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    Hexen is so great, but it's a shame that the first hub (Seven Portals) is maybe the trickiest to puzzle out, and can be a bit of a stumbling block for new players. Don't pass on the Deathkings expansion, either; lots of really cool stuff there as well. NDCP1 remains one of my favorite megawads. There's a couple of pretty dire levels in it (which happens with community projects) but the great handily outweighs the bad. (I was surprised to find it won a cacoward once upon a time, considering how overlooked it is nowadays.)
  7. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Struggle

    So this was already going to be my next WAD up, but since I started so late, and won't be able to play for the last couple weeks, I won't be doing any map-by-map analyses for the Club. But I'll take this space to give my impressions so far, partway in to MAP05. GZDoom/HMP/continuous/saves/keyboard-only. First off, I love that "struggle" is a synonym for "strain", since STRAIN is precisely what this WAD reminds me of, in both look and feel. (I have to assume this is 1000% intentional; I haven't yet read anything about the WAD, just saw the caco nom and the awesome screenies and knew I had to dive in.) The new weapons have a lo-fi charm to them that gives 'em a home-brewed feel without clashing too terribly with the id assets. The beefed-up pistol is a minor miracle; I found it becoming my weapon of choice in the early levels before I found the SSG. The regular shotgun feels...off, somehow. Weaker. Though I think it's really just the new sfx that makes it seem wimpier. The dual wield pistols are The Bomb. I like to use them as much as I can, and thankfully there's usually enough ammo around (on HMP) for me to do so. Speaking of which, the new ammo limits seem totally arbitrary; I know they must have been meticulously analyzed to arrive at those numbers, but man are they hard to remember at times. I thought it was really fun having ye olde zombiemen as the major threat in the first couple maps. I found myself prioritizing them over imps because of their speed and stronger weaponry, which was an interesting angle. The tweaked revenant made me about pee myself the first time he showed up blasting grenades into my face. Those suckers are fast! (My first death came partway through MAP05, when I was caught off-guard and up close by a revvie.) I've only run across one arachnotron so far, but its chaingun sure did catch me by surprise. Also the new textures look great, the music is awesome, and the maps so far are super fun. Loving this WAD.
  8. Salt-Man Z

    Looking for doom wad series

    Back to Saturn X 1 & 2
  9. Salt-Man Z

    Auto load multiple wad/pk3's using .bat file?

    I used to use batch files many years ago, but then switched to using Windows shortcuts.
  10. Salt-Man Z

    Deimos: The Damned Moon

    Loved the first one. Looking forward to this!
  11. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    Just finished blitzing through Phobos: The Doomed Moon on UV/continuous, and it was an absolute blast! Looking forward to the sequel.
  12. Salt-Man Z

    Phobos: The Doomed Moon

    Played through the first four maps on GZDoom/UV/continuous/saves/keyboard-only, and so far it is an absolute blast. MAP04 in particular was sooo much fun, with the big, sprawling, nonlinear techbase stuffed to he gills with (mostly) lower-tier fodder. Great stuff, and it all looks really good, too. Combat isn't particularly difficult (at least not playing continuous) but it's constant, really keeping the player engaged. If I had any complaints, it would be the automap is a little messy looking; and also that some of the secrets are a little bizarre, like the one in MAP01 that just gives a single health bonus. (But then, maybe lower difficulties have something better there?) Minor, minor issues, though. I did manage to find a missing texture in MAP01:
  13. Salt-Man Z


    I mean, if he wants to do this just for his own personal use, that's perfectly fine.
  14. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dimension of the Boomed & MAYhem 2016

    MAP04: Necropolis 50:49 | 99% Kills | 97% Items | 60% Secrets Played this a few nights ago, but I need to get my thoughts down before I forget 'em. First off: wow, the massive architecture here is beyond gorgeous. I loved the eerie exploratory phase that kicks this map off. Just creepy, all those tombs and gravestones, and it all just deathly quiet like that. The hike up all those stairs to the (currently sealed) exit portal and the view it gives was so very cool. And then, hup! it's down into the catacombs and the level begins in earnest. Those Spawn effers absolutely suck, no two ways about it. By the time you can train a gun on 'em, they're right in your face, and you best hope you've got some sturdy on armor on you. That shambler/spawn elevator fight was just about the worst bit of the map. (Handily beating out the platforming crusher vile/scrag ambush.) The hardest bit, though, was the huge setpiece battle with all the imps/revs/etc. I probably took over a dozen futile attempts, before finally just staying put in the switch tower and killing what I could through the windows before hopping back down to floor level. It was all switches in this map, a little not-particularly-difficult switch hunt, as they were all pretty much obviously presented to you right there. And usually it was a simple thing to figure out what each one did. (Though again there was a teleporter or two that dropped in a very nonintuitive place.) My biggest complaint is probably just the sheer anticlimactic-ness of the ending. I had forgotten about the gold key for the longest time, and wandered around aimlessly before finally remembering where it was. Then it was just a matter of scaling the hill, only to find a room had opened containing a switch that opened the room right next to it that held the gold key, with the key used to open the door that was sitting right there. I had one monster left, but nope, no last-second ambush, just a weirdly-convoluted series of events to open the final portal. (What was the point of switch>switch>key>door, when the final 3 bits of that are all adjacent to each other?) Incredible map all the same.
  15. Salt-Man Z

    Misjudged Massacre - a vanilla megawad [WIP]

    The screenies do look nice, but I could go for a little lot more height variation. (Personal preference, of course.)