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  1. It just occurred to me in retrospect that Rise of the Wool Ball has the best Doom boss battle I think I've ever played. It actually feels like an honest-to-gosh "video game" boss fight, not just your usual IoS or some crazy dehacked/DECORATE monster like you usually see.
  2. Played through Rise of the Wool Ball (M) over the weekend, and it was (of course) frickin' amazing. Currently playing The Darkening 2. Right off the bat, this looks and feels like a completely different animal than the first one. The gameplay is much more vicious, and health in the first few levels is particularly stingy, to the point where I (playing continuously) was starting multiple maps off with single-digit health. Gulp. I notice I've played 2.5 of these maps before (5 to halfway through 7) because when I played Darkening: Aftershock (which requires the Ep2 WAD be loaded before it) a couple years back, I didn't realize it was only 4 maps long, and kept playing on before realizing my mistake. :D
  3. Just finished, and it was awesome. The Ep3 secret level was phenomenal, and I would play more games like that. :D The only real issue I ran into was in E3M3,
  4. Played the first episode this morning. Love it! The intro itself was worth the price of admission.
  5. Well, I know what I'm doing tomorrow...
  6. Replayed The Classic Episode for at least the third time, first time on UV. Man, this is so much fun. It's like 90% imps and shotgunners, too, which is one of my favorite ways to play. For the longest time, I (mis)remembered E2M9 as being from Thy Flesh Consumed, and M6 is one of the final "What WAD was that level from" holdouts I've had floating around in my brain for years. Great stuff. Also just played through The Darkening (UV) for the first time. What a blast. Looks good, plays great. Similar to Classic Ep in that it's a lot of low-tier baddies (fun!) punctuated by the occasional Doom II toughie popping up. (I was fairly regularly killed by the archie and baron traps.) Much like the Memento Mori WADs (which I played for the first time a couple years back) I can't believe I'd gone this long without playing this. Just a classic, rock-solid Doom II PWAD.
  7. Finally played through @jazzmaster9's Innocence X2 on HMP yesterday. (I played X1 on UV and found it incredibly frustrating, and the step down helped my enjoyment a lot.) I blasted through all 10 level in two sittings, and it was fantastic! The secret level where you fight nazis on a giant moving tank fortress (!) blew my mind, and now I want (nay, demand!) an entire "Wolfencence" episode. :D
  8. It took me about 6½ game-hours to get through the first eight maps...
  9. Over the weekend I finished off Monti's Mano Laikas (HMP). Absolutely amazing, and hey, an IoS that wasn't absolute BS! My favorite of his is still the original (not Alpha) Favillesco episodes, but this is right up there--though a completely different animal. Last night I blitzed through E3M2-M6 of No End in Sight (UV); I had played it quite a while ago on HMP while it was still in progress, and some levels were apparently unfinished (like the BFG+zombies M4 that I found fun at the time) and I hadn't known about or found the secrets levels: M5 was super fun, and M6 was an absolute monster. Wowzers. Almost made me regret bumping it up to UV for this replay. Really looking forward to taking a second crack at M7, though.
  10. Holy crap yes.
    Nobody does verticality like Monti; every map is a swooping, organic, multi-tiered nonlinear puzzle that unfolds and transforms as you progress. Absolutely amazing.
  11. Same. Usually I give it a few legitimate tries and then just IDDQD it. And even then it can be difficult! D2TWID I actually didn't mind too much, though, because the spawning hordes were only a minor obstacle to figuring out the (fairly clever, if not particularly easy) puzzle. So that one I did legit. Word; I said much the same just 6 posts back. It's a shame because it's such a fantastic WAD up until the MAP12 finale.
  12. Here's what I'd like to play through in 2017!
    Holdovers from my 2016 list are marked with •
    WADs marked with ► are currently being played.


    • Valiant (HMP) (E4 & E5)
    THT: Threnody (UV) (from MAP19)
    ✓ Mutiny (HMP) (from MAP07)
    No End In Sight (HMP) (from E4M4)


    • Perdition's Gate (UV)
    • Hexen
    • Hexen: Deathkings
    Caverns of Darkness (UV)
    Classic Episode (UV)


    TO PLAY:
    • Community Chest 4
    • Doom 2 Unleashed
    • Going Down
    ► Plutonia Revisited (HMP)
    • Return to Hadron E1
    • Strange Aeons
    • Sunlust
    • Threshold of Pain
    • Xarathustra
    2002: A Doom Odyssey
    Absolute Dishonor
    Alpha Accident
    Ancient Aliens
    The Darkening
    The Darkening 2
    End Point
    Innocence X2
    Legacy of Heroes
    ► Mano Laikas (HMP)
    Ol' No Name
    Return to Hadron E2
    Somewhere in Time
    Threshold of Pain 2
    Thy Flesh Turned Into a Draft Excluder


    ✓ Doom 64: Retribution (UV)
    Urania (HMP)
    ✓ Waterlab (HMP)


    No End In Sight (UV)
    ✓ Equinox (HMP)

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    2. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      @Albertoni I did play the first 2-3 levels a few years back. Even on HMP it was pretty unforgiving. We shall see.


      @bzzrak Lol, well... Last year's list was overambitious, as you can see from all the holdovers. And it's not looking good so far, given we're 5/12 through the year. If nothing else, I use this list to keep things on my radar.

    3. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      ✓ Mano Laikas (HMP)

      ► No End In Sight (UV)

    4. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      ✓ No End In Sight E1-E3 (UV)

    5. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      ► Innocence X2 (HMP)

    6. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      ✓ Innocence X2 (HMP)

    7. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      ✓ Classic Episode (UV)

    8. Albertoni


      When you do get to Going Down, please give me a report on every level you think it feels more detail than "yeah, I killed everything and finished it".


      Because honestly, there are a bunch of things it does that I want to know whether they resonate with a Doomer or not. I'd copy half of that WAD into my own, if I didn't felt like some stuff in there could be annoying to most of the community.

    9. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      ✓ The Darkening (UV)

    10. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      ✓ Rise of the Wool Ball (Med)

      ► The Darkening 2 (UV)

    11. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      ✓ The Darkening 2 (UV)

  13. Burned out on Urania (HMP). I liked what I've played so far (more or less) but with a lot of the levels taking me over an hour to beat it's just become too much. Finished Doom 64: Retribution (UV) a few nights ago, and it was a real blast. I've gone to back to Monti's Mano Laikas (UV), which is turning into a lot of fun. I love his architecture and layouts, I just wish the texturing could get polished up a bit, but it's only a minor complaint. The Favillesco series still takes top honors for me, but this WAD is right behind it. Also played through Equinox (HMP) last night. I first played it a number of years ago (thinking about it, maps 7 and 9 were probably my first exposure to slaughter-style gameplay) but never was able to get past the alien/vile ship in MAP10 on account of running out of ammo about halfway through. Not a problem this time, as I had my BFG almost fully loaded and finally beat the thing! And then came levels 12-13... which are absolutely ridiculous. I had to IDDQD my way through the finale of 12, and 13 I just can't even, by which I mean find the red key. I even turned on ZDoom automap sprites and searched the map to no avail. Everything up to the MAP12 finale was a blast, though. A lot of good memories came pouring back. (That UFO hovering at the end of MAP09 has been long burned into my mind.) It would be a better WAD if ammo wasn't so tight throughout, and if you weren't locked out of backtracking in so many maps. (I missed out on a lot of kills in MAP07 on account of doors locking behind me, though, to be honest, I probably wouldn't have had enough ammo to deal with all the demons I missed out on anyway...)
  14. Sweeeet. Looking forward to trying this sometime on, uh, HNTR. :)