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  1. Weird, I never even came to close to falling off into the lava on MAP18. (I did jump in once to see whether a teleporter led somewhere secret.) It seemed more like just an aesthetic choice than an intentional platforming challenge. Just me?
  2. MAP17: The Unholy Crypt 20:30 | 100% Everything This one I liked a lot. Some pretty dickish pop-up/teleport ambushes, but I miraculously survived them all, except for the cyberdemon at the end which I totally saw coming (even had my BFG ready) but couldn't evade the first two tries. (I will say that as much as I loathe "lock-in" arena battles, this map would have been far more challenging if you weren't almost always able to safely retreat at the first sign of an ambush.) Secrets were fun, and combat was usually pretty simple, but engaging. I loved all the detailed little "peeks" off into side areas that you could never reach looked; made the map feel much bigger than it was and gave a sense of just happening to wander through a larger area. MAP18: Phantom Silence 36:41 | 100% Kills | 83% Items | 33% Secrets This one felt really familiar, though I couldn't tell you from where. It felt very Plutonia-ish, though, aside from the trek through Arch Vile Town to the yellow key. Also a very high volume of decoration adorning the canyon walls throughout, which gives it a bit of personality. Fun map, though Vile Town felt kind of tacked-on, to be honest.
  3. I used to keep a Playing Log for each year in the "blogs" subforum. After the software upgrade, those threads got changed to be "status updates", so that's where I keep mine now. (Unfortunately you can't an update like you can a post, so I have to do the updates as replies.) I am (as ever) woefully behind.
  4. Same here. I had to check the wiki entry to verify that it was indeed a bug and not me being dumb. Kind soured the entire experience, unfortunately.
  5. All right, this is where I get to join in! I started this back in March, I think it was, and got through MAP31 before taking a break, mostly on account of being afraid of diving into MAP32. I'm doing this GZDoom/HMP/continuous/saves/keyboard-only. MAP32: Have @ It 47:33 | 100% Everything I put this one off for so many months, and in the end it wasn't nearly as difficult as I was expecting. (Certainly not as hard as PL2's Go 4 It.) The one exception was the unexpected lock-in finale with the swarm of barons and PEs. I blew all my cells in an attempt to retreat back down to the entrance, then made the mistake (read: DON'T DO THIS) of saving once I realized I had been locked in by the blue bars; there was just too much meat to force my way back up, so after a dozen or two attempts, I bit the proverbial bullet and IDDQD/RL'd my way back up to the exit arena. That was still super hard, what with like a dozen cybers roaming around, but it was at least manageable. MAP16: Gambit 19:12 | 100% Kills | 97% Items | 100% Secrets Not a lot to write about here, just some fairly laid-back fun. I enjoyed the spelunking. Missed an item somewhere. (Some little bonus, maybe? Or was there a hidden powerup that wasn't marked as secret?)
  6. In fact, it was inspired by PL2's MAP11 (itself a sequel to Hunted). Ridiculously cool level.
  7. I found MAP05 to be pretty inoffensive, mostly because it was a welcome breather after the first four maps, and IIRC it was pretty quick to blitz through, too. I'll confess I don't mind a little filler in my megawads now and then.
  8. I want to say that someone here did this very thing a year or two ago. I couldn't tell you who or what it was called, though.
  9. Cool, cool. I'm in the middle of this one "right now". (Took a breather before starting MAP31 a...well, a few months ago.) I'll join in at the midway point for sure, maybe get some thoughts posted on earlier maps as I remember them. (And where's @Demtor with his copious screenshots to jog my memory? :) ) Anyway, I enjoyed the heck outta PL2 (I was also partway through that one when the Club picked it up!) so I was looking forward to this one. I remember the first 3 or so maps being pretty vicious right from the get-go (even on HMP) which soured me on it a little, but they got better: I blasted through the first 6 maps in about a 24-hour period. (Geez, that was back in April according to my posting history.)
  10. Have you played Skulldash? This puts me in mind of that, though here you're racing your health bar instead of the clock. Continuously-decreasing health definitely makes for an interesting wrinkle, though.
  11. Finished up Eviltech last night, and man have I become a die-hard Nic Monti fanboy. This was so great: The first episode was breezy fun. The second was an endless march of overwhelmingly-massive techbases (super cool!), and the third episode, though smaller-scaled, was much more aggressive. Such a fantastic WAD. I see Monti's made one more episode that I haven't played yet, so I'll be diving into Reticula soon...
  12. Same. I actually started PRCP earlier this year, but I stalled out at MAP31. If it gets picked, I'll happily dive back in.
  13. Teleporting enemies are fine; they're usually telegraphed. What I absolutely loathe are insta-pop enemies. Ol' No Name was fun. First map was a lot of unfun, but the rest were fantastic. The second in particular was quite the epic adventure.
  14. So sorry to hear about this. Take care of yourself and do what you need for your family. I'll definitely be giving this a download as-is, at the very least; I played through the previous Phase 1 release and really enjoyed it, and was worried when I heard some maps were getting dropped/replaced. This is a worthwhile project, for sure.
  15. I didn't vote this month, and wasn't planning on playing along regardless of the selection (and certainly not these WADs.) That said, Ribbiks is still an absolute master, and looking at some of these screenies is making me drool. I did once play SWTW and the first half of 20X6 on HMP, but had to give up just from the sheer difficulty. But I'm going to have to get back into some Ribbiks goodness, probably next year, and probably on HNTR or even IDWTD. Worth it, though.