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  1. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP14: Absolute Zero 25:53 | 100% Kills | 99% Items | 66% Secrets This one was pretty fun. I like the way that one transformed a few different times. (It took me few confused moments staring at the automap to realize that had all been the same room.) I missed a secret; probably half of that 25 minutes is me poking every corner looking futilely for it. (The waterfall secret was very cool.) Not a big fan of having to run the loop of the level over and over (especially when secret hunting) though at least it wasn't a lot of mileage. But ascending that waterfall staircase was torture every time. And the silver bars threw me off for the longest while, thinking I needed to find a silver key (maybe that was the last secret?) though of course such a key was never necessary. Still a fun map. MAP15: Ziegenhaus 39:26 | 100% Kills | 88% Items | 75% Secrets I laughed at the signs reading "Goat House", thinking it was a play on ghost house, and then I just now discovered (thanks, Google) that that's precisely what "Ziegenhaus" means. This is one of those levels, man. I look back on it, and what comes to mind is just how exciting, how clever, how cool this map was. The secrets were aces (though I never did figure out the blue armor, or whether that invincible star was attainable, and the computer map was pretty useless for all the excitement I felt upon finding it.) The pitched battle to start things off. The incredible checkboard castle interior with the glowing lava and water details (made all the more gorgeous with GZDoom's "bloom" effect.) The red coins! The crazy secret exit area. And then I think a little longer and remember I did not have a lot of fun while playing it. Every trap seemed loaded with insta-death revvies and viles. (That one vile hidden behind a wall in the main building killed me like three times and just pissed me off in general.) That opening battle had me feeling overmatched so I just ran and immediately got lost in the labyrinthine layout of the Goat House. I spent so long looking for the final secret(s) that I didn't even know I had found all the red coins until I went back to the exit and noticed the secret portal had opened. I can't really stay mad at this level for very long, though, it was just that well-done. Props. MAP31: Sinkysand Switchland 1:22:24 | 100% Kills | 98% Items | 100% Secrets I feel similarly about this map. Clever and well-made and pissed me off for an hour and a half. I swear 2/3 of that time was me getting stuck in the warp jug puzzle. Gah. I still don't know what the solution to the final (first?) green star legitimately was. (I'm sure I'll look back at previous posts shortly and find it, of course.) I had figured out that the invisible walkway followed the path given on the ceiling, but then it approached the lift, turned away...and stopped. I guess it was a diagonal move from there, but the ceiling didn't indicate it, and I only found it by jumping around up and down in the sand until I found it. (I'm curious why jump/crouch weren't disabled for this project, but I'm kinda thankful they weren't.) The two lego-brick lift puzzles were pieces of proverbial cake, for which I was grateful. Also neat how the same exit was used for both the normal and secret exits, with which you got depending on your inventory of green stars. How was that accomplished, I wonder? MAP32: Return to the Birabuto Kingdom 19:08 | 100% Everything Had to laugh when I immediately recognized this as the Game Boy scheme. Really very cool how it turned out; some nice things done simply using the black-and-beige/grey contrast. Gameplay wasn't particularly interesting, and having to run all the way back through everything everytime I leapt off the upper level to collect anything was obnoxious, but otherwise this one was really cool.
  2. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP11: Aztec Ruins 21:13 | 100% Everything This one was (mostly) some tricky fun. I dug pretty much all of the puzzles. Was definitely by the exit room; I knew it couldn't be over so soon, and sure enough it was a fakeout with a cyber demon! But after that I was expecting more (still showed I had like 90 guys left to kill!) and was shocked that the second exit switch wasn't fake. Some more poking around led me to the supershroom, then the red key. But where was the red door? Huh, well, I guess I'll check again on those health bonuses I couldn't reach earlier, and oh wait what's this? I was not expecting the large optional secret area to be a massive slaughter fight. I did terribly. Probably took me a couple dozen attempts just to not get absolutely obliterated right off the bat. Then I managed to gain a foothold, and...killed. Cue another couple dozen attempts. Another foothold. Done. And for what? Absolutely no reward. Thanks for literally nothing. MAP12: Cool Cool Shotgun 21:22 | 100% Everything There's a lot to like in this map. Also a lot to absolutely loathe. The first time I found the blue key, I slid right down the stairs and out a window. Splat! And then realized I hadn't saved in five minutes or whatever. (Took a break for a while at that point.) The windy ledge with the waterfalls sucked. Platforming across a zigzag of icy pillars sucked. Avoiding thwomps on a windy icy ledge sucked. B-wings everywhere...didn't suck, but I had to go back and collect most of them after the fact because who really needed that much health for this map? MAP13: Koopa Anomaly 19:54 | 100% Everything The music here is great. Level's pretty fun, too. Not a whole lot else to say, though. I searched the longest time for the backpack secret, only to realize all I had to do was press the wall it was sitting on? C'mon, man.
  3. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP09: Curse of the Mummy's Sister's Something-or-Other 15:03 | 100% Everything This one was pretty fun. (I probably sound like a broken record, but most of these maps are just a treat. Bite-sized, punchy, fun little treats.) I took me probably too long to figure out what the bank of shootable switches actually did. It was a little obnoxious having to run back every time; kinda like some bizarro-world switchhunt. I liked the pole dancing bits. (Sure, I'll call it that.) The super-shroom secret was really clever; I had checked the back of the three sarcophagi in that area to no avail. (I thought I was clever, but Impie was cleverer still.) The ending room was pretty anticlimactic, though the vile was unexpected. Thankfully I had left plenty of health still lying around. MAP10: Shifting Sands 16:32 | 100% Everything Loved this one. I really dig this kinda of architecture: very Doom-y, showcasing the engine with lots of overlapping of sectors exposing floors and ceilings. (If that makes any sense. A very chunky, blocky feel to it.) Mostly linear, with a nice looping climb to it that I enjoy. The red key ambush was easily the most harrowing, but easily handled with BFG. Though a couple times when I thought I'd cleaned up, I'd be blindside by a chaingunner or something that teleported in late. Loved how you could gaze over the red key fence and see the starting area and even the exit corridor. Very neat.
  4. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP07: Groovy Hills 18:09 | 100% Everything I thought this was a blast right off the bat, as I jumped down from my perch and start mowing dudes down with my carryover chaingun. Fun music, wide open spaces, lots of low-tier baddies to kill, and then... the rest of the level. Inescapable death pits I can forgive (that's what freelook is for.) And the insta-vines are maybe fine in theory, but in practice were really jarring--when they worked, which wasn't always. And then the progression, which consisted entirely of "find all the little teleporter doors and make sure you go into all of them". The exit itself felt like a mandatory secret (I found it immediately, so I won't complain) and the southwestern area above the waterfall sure looked like you were supposed to be able to get up there, but alas. MAP08: The Oasis 9:08 | 100% Everything Ah, Desk Lamp is such a fantastic song. And this map is pretty fun, too. Looks great, love those blue pipes (though the platforming upon said pipes? not so much.) And the vista at the exit flagpole is fantastic. The pyramid interior is kind of mystifying, like what's the point? And oddly, "EXIT" is carved into the ceiling above the exit door, but upside down so you can't read it properly; it might have been legible from the automap, but its lines don't show up! Maybe the only misstep in an otherwise-great level. I should also note that the conveyor-ed B-wing was pretty awesome, too.
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    I've been playing on and off, just haven't been doing the write-ups. Let's fix that (or at least get started)... MAP04: Marina Moonlight 14:10 | 98% Kills | 100% Items | 100% Secrets Kind of a frenetic start. Then we have the cool pirate ship cave and the climb to the key, whereupon revvies and mancs and spiders fill the place up. At this point I was starting run dangerously low on ammo (hadn't actually visited the ship yet, whose plasma gun would have come in handy.) Then I ventured onto the central island, which I had yet to attempt, and lo my ammo issues were solved. The BFG just sitting there was kinda odd (with two ways to get it?) as was the mastermind that showed up just to get blasted with it. The highlight of the level was (of course) those giant purple whales, who took me way too long to recognize, but I grinned when I did. The animated tails were amazing. I missed a couple of kills who appeared to be stuck in their teleporter closets. MAP05: Painfully and Elitely Rusted 6:38 | 97% Kills | 100% Items | 100% Secrets Woof, thank goodness for continuous play! Thanks to being loaded up already, this wasn't very difficult. Except for the viles: they'd surprise me every time, and then one would knock me into the lava, and I teleport out and wind up facing completely the wrong way and get obliterated. The only kill I missed was the cyber at the end, and only because I accidentally stepped on the exit while in the process of BFGing him. But I wasn't gonna reload just for him. MAP06: Airship of Doom 10:58 | 100% Everything Love the airship theme here, just perfect. Not sure about the gameplay, here; it wasn't bad, but after clearing out the main deck, having to run back to the mast to open a new pipe, and then having to run forward and then awkwardly up the deck to the pipe, and then having to do that twice was mildly irritating. The interior holds weren't particularly impressive, either, but I can't say I didn't have fun.
  6. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    So, a funny thing happened tonight. I played MAP02, started MAP03, and then noticed its sky was weird, like oddly offset, vertically. I tested it out in other, older versions of GZDoom, and it looked fine. I sighed audibly, as I'd just upgraded to 3.2.5 a couple weeks ago, and few things are as time-suckingly joyless as having to redo all my GZDoom settings yet again. Anyway, I opened up 3.3.1, and now the sky in MAP03 looked fine. Loaded up my game in 3.2.5 again, figuring I might as well keep playing (continuous) in the older version, but lo and behold, 3.2.5 was now throwing JSON errors whenever I tried loading a save. And that's the long story of why I pistol-started MAP03. Blech. MAP02: All Along the Bowser Tower 17:23 | 100% Everything Fun fun fun. I saw the vine leading up to the red door and figured it would grow or something; wasn't quite anticipating the way the surrounded ground would rise up like that. I like the overall progression, with lots of climbing up and around and a feel of general ascending. Combat was pretty constant but never overwhelming, which I enjoy. And the lowering flag as an exit was brilliant. I still can't get over how amazing/perfect these custom resources are. MAP03: Sillydust Sanctuary 19:14 | 100% Kills | 100% Items | 50% Secrets This one seemed nice and calming when I started. A nice, mellow-ish tune, the gorgeous sky. Ha. I did fine enough until I wandered over to the megasphereshroom secret, not realizing it was a secret, and was made quick work of by the ambushing revenants. Played it more carefully the second time and was never in any real danger, but this WAD is clearly starting to show its teeth a little. Missed a secret without a clue where it could be. The automap was incredibly vague for this level (even the teleport lines weren't showing up on my GZDoom automap.) Pretty fun level. My major disappointments with it (besides a couple of odd texture misalignments) were a number of areas that looked/felt like I should be able to platform onto them for some secrets, but were simply cut off by some blocking lines; that's always felt just lazy/mean to me.
  7. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Woot! I voted for this last month. I've already played the first level, which I thought was great. I'ma do so again, just because I've upgraded my GZDoom in the meantime. (Also, apparently there've been some hefty changes since my version, whose MAP02 is now MAP17--thank goodness.) As usual, HMP/GZDoom/keyboard-only/saves. MAP01: Shroom Stronghold 16:35 | 100% Everything This level rocks. And honestly, it's probably just because it's your introduction to all the graphic/sounds replacements, which are just absolutely 110% perfect. Progression and gameplay aren't terribly interesting, but they're not dull, and they showcase the new assets wonderfully.
  8. DHMP candlebra model released

    A candelabra and a candlebra are two very different things.
  9. "Climb up to the top" type maps

    MAP27 "Flame Peak" from Estranged
  10. What about Doom 64 monster sprites?

    I think he's wondering why, when we've seen so many fan-edits of the OG Doom monster sprites, you don't generally see edits of the D64 monsters.
  11. MAP05 38:35 | 96% Kills | 53% Items | 60% Secrets A big sprawling mess, this one. But fun. I missed the point of the red key pickup, where a switch lowers the red key, and you can ride a lift up above and drop down onto it, but why bother with that when you can just grab the red key from the ground? I missed the computer/blue armor secret combo on account of it being entirely unmarked and not even hinted at in any fashion (I only found out about via IDDT.) And that one room with the red-bordered "forcefield" (?) window killed me a couple times when hitscanners kept sniping me through the midtex fencing (they were just too low for me to see.) Lots of good stuff here, though. I'm glad I stuck with this WAD. MAP06 26:59 | 98% Kills | 98% Items | 83% Secrets Only two keys are required to exit, but all 3 of them are hidden in what are essentially secret areas. Fortunately, they're all obvious enough on the map. This one was a lot of fun except (A) I had a lot of difficulty with the red key door: all those chaingunners backed by viles were constantly whittling me down to nothing inbetween BFG blasts, and (B) (and this is true of a lot of the maps so far) the author is very bad about breaking the illusion of 3-D space almost every time he deals with the sky. The most egregious in this level is the long hallway with the windows giving a wide look at sky, and then you turn that corner and now you're walking through space that should have been empty.
  12. MAP04 41:13 | 100% Kills | 100% Items | 75% Secrets This one was pretty good; reminded me vaguely of something out of MM1/MM2 at some points. Sprawling and fairly nonlinear, with the some cool areas and some... not so cool ones. The red key fight was very much B.S., and then once I managed that I had to wait like 5 minutes for the gate to open. Geez. Also not a fan of the northeastern blue armor area that consists of a blind lift dropping right into a hitsquad of nobles. Otherwise a pretty fun adventure.
  13. MAP02 41:17 | 100% Kills | 96% Items | 100% Secrets Now this one wasn't too bad. Big and more-or-less nonlinear, with lots of room to explore. Fun sussing out where to go and how everything fit together. The huge swarms of baddies released sporadically took me by surprise. I missed two items, I assume they're just a couple of bonuses, but who knows? Cybie was obnoxious early on, but I eventually stared him down with my SSG, putting one of those thorny patches inbetween us to deflect his missiles. The ending was pretty anticlimactic, since I had already sniped most of the dudes in the exit hallways. Still, not bad.
  14. I played the first map of +++Super Mayhem 17 and it was amazing. (Start of the second map has me a bit worried, though.)
  15. MAP11: Sick 9:52 | 100% Kills | 100% Items | 0% Secrets Finishing up UAC Ultra, here. Starts out with a mob of barons, but they're a piece of cake with an SSG and a million shotgun shells. I was happy when I didn't get touched through that fight, and then less happy when I looked down and realized I had entered the level with only 22% health. Which made the next section interesting. My first instinct was to hit all the switches and then run away, which got me killed almost immediately. Second attempt was to hit one switch, shotgun the baddies, then retreat behind an interior pillar and rocket the vile. (I went shotgunners -> imps -> chaingunners.) Easy enough, and finally getting some health was the reward. The next segment of the level is hardly worth talking about, though I did get careless mopping up the chaingunners, so I went back to get my health back up...only to find the megasphere waiting for me afterwards. The final arena immediately put the Haymaker right up in my face to the point where I couldn't move left/right (I hadn't gotten far enough out into the arena yet) and so I just gave him three BFG blasts but in the meantime he took me down to like 40% health. The rest of the arena was pretty easy, since you could get out of the way of most of the snipers without too much trouble; I hung out in the corner against the wall under a manc platform, chaingunning the lost souls and then cacos. (This obvs would be far different on pistol-start!) Then it was a matter of chugging up the ramps, taking out the imps and manc (which the hell knights had mostly done for me) and then using a couple rockets to take out the knights. I do love that it's a sector boss and not your usual IoS BS, but it is a little underwhelming since priority one is, like, shoot everything that's shooting me, and then figure out the boss puzzle, and by that point there's really nothing to it. The way to improve that, in my mind, would be to have Mr. Sector Boss be a threat from the start: then your conundrum is, do I try to figure out this big thing that's blasting my face in, or pay attention to all these other dudes taking potshots at me? Maybe have it fire the imp blasts from the dangly bits, and manc blasts from the mouth? Or maybe put some revvie rockets in there? (Even though I have rather a loathing of dehacked bosses that shoot homing missiles.) So UAC Ultra kind of peters out a little at the very end there, but so what? It's still amazing. It's a funny WAD, in that, though the gameplay itself isn't that great, and level design and architecture decent, but nothing spectacular, the addition of that gorgeous custom texture set makes the whole absolutely "pop" and come alive, elevating the entire endeavor and making it a classic WAD for the ages. I'll probably return to Ream of Shades here soon, but man that first level did not leave me itching to get back to it...