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  1. Weird demos

    I accidentally recorded a run in AV map 17 where a cyberdemon and a chaingunner loop eternally. Their mutual period is such that the cyber always walks 25 steps and then shoots, never hitting the chaingunner. The RNG seems to have died, so I guess this also counts as a rare kill. av17-infinite-looper-cyber.zip
  2. The Great Tyson Thread of 2016

    I know nothing about that, but here is a demonstration of how to kill the cyber in AV map 17 in 1:30. Both chaingunners shoot it for great damage per second. av17t-cyber-kill.zip
  3. The Great Tyson Thread of 2016

    Update: ALIEN VENDETTA 25 DOABLE. The map has 1325 monsters, but no worries. Just be careful who to release and when. All monsters pretty much cancel each other out. Monsters can't open fast doors, so we are completely safe. Cybers can be telefragged in the dark tunnel, if we need to. The last room is hard, but we can harvest bullets for that, if necessary. With invulnerability we can probably initiate infights, so that the arch-viles kill the three lava pit cybers. We can save the invulnerabilities for the hardest parts. My test run had all invulnerabilities still available to the very end. Estimated completion time will be less than three hours. Something like 2:30 would be a good time. As for AV17, I'm not going to do it. I'll take a break.
  4. Official Demo Request Thread

    Some TAS requests: Hell Revealed map 32 tyson. Kamasutra map 27 tyson. Kamasutra map 28 tyson. I think these are among the hardest maps to tyson from the DSDA top 20 wads.
  5. Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    AV 14 tysoned. Hardest tyson I've ever done, although it feels easy now that it is done. It did not take many tries, but planning it and having the patience to actually record it took some time. Also, each failed attempt took some time and nerves, because the run is so long. With 644 monsters this should be the highest monster count ever in a tyson, am I right? av14t22109.zip
  6. Failed demo attempts

    Some failed attempts for AV14 tyson. Most other attempts failed in the very first room. av14t-fails.zip
  7. Notable 2017 demos

    The notable demos of 2017 will pale in comparison to the notable demos of 2117.
  8. Failed demo attempts

    Just a moment. Let us update to the limit removing brain. LOADING...
  9. Failed demo attempts

    According to vdgg I had not posted this old tyson attempt for Memento Mori II, map 20. I don't even remember what the map looks like, but here is the recording. Judging from the file name, it seems that I got 104/112 kills. mm220t-104kills-in-41-minutes.zip
  10. The Great Tyson Thread of 2016

    Great find, GrumpyCat. Interesting to see how you can manage with that map. It is not going to be easy even with that trick. I filled in a rough estimate for most of the Kamasutra maps. Feel free to improve the accuracy of my estimations.
  11. New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

    Scythe II map 18 tysoned. Almost failed to get the cyber stuck. I usually did it in another spot. s218t2640.zip
  12. Failed demo attempts

    73 failed tyson attempts for Scythe II map 18. s218t-fails.zip
  13. The Great Tyson Thread of 2016

    Agreed. AV 17 is easy. You can position yourself so that one of the chaingunners kills the cyber. The best method I found was to first let the cyber shoot some rockets at you, so that the chaingunners get aggroed. Do not attack, so that the barons remain asleep. No, wait. Actually, let the cyber kill the barons first. Then get the chainers aggroed to the cyber. It takes some easy grinding to succeed, but it is worth it so that you don't need to kill the barons yourself and it makes the start of the run much faster. Yes, I think the slime pit pinkies need to be shot. The other pinkies can be punched with berserk after everything else have been killed. My test run took about 90 minutes. Much shorter than I expected. I can do it sometime next year, if nobody has done it by then.
  14. The Great Tyson Thread of 2016

    Hey guys, Hell Revealed II map 25 is actually very easy to tyson, if you have the patience. In the first area, everything will kill themselves for free. After the infights, shoot some spiders so that you can reach the pentagram teleport safely. In the next area, lure some imps out one by one and punch them to make more room to maneuver around the arch-viles and revenants. Then just maneuver around the arch-viles and revenants. Grab the megasphere and run through the next area straight to the teleport, and pick up some bullets on the way. At the red key room, get rid of the three free-roaming revenants by punching them one by one or by luring them to the barons who can kill them for you. After the three revenants are dead, we are completely safe, because of monster-blocking lines. If you survived this far, you can probably complete the map now with a pretty high success rate. Just let the chaingunners kill as many revenants as possible. Shoot the remaining revenants, release the arch-viles and harvest a ton of bullets. Let the hell knights kill the arch-vile in the watch tower. Shoot the three hell knights to make the watch tower safe. Next you must do a quick red key rush. Get the red key, release all the hell knights from the red door and run to the safety of the bridge. Let arch-viles kill as many hell knights as possible. Harvest more bullets as you see fit, but avoid getting hit by chaingunners. Barons kill the arch-viles in the pit for free. Nothing hard has been done so far, mostly just infights and bullet harvesting. After all arch-viles die, shoot the remaining hell knights, and then do a few rounds around the teleporters to get the yellow key. Do a few fast teleports through the pentagrams to initiate infights so that the cyberdemon kills everything. Open the yellow door and quickly run to the switch. Then run back where you came from. Now you can harvest even more bullets by opening and closing the yellow door. We can probably harvest more than 5000 bullets on the map. This means we can shoot all the spiders. There are monster-blocking lines everywhere, so we are completely safe, and the arch-vile can easily kill the cyber that blocks the switch, if we don't want to use bullets on the cyber. The rest is just some easy infights and cleaning up the remaining spiders. This map is actually easy, even though it seems impossible at the first glance. It will require patience, though, because the run will take about two hours with all the infights and bullet harvesting.
  15. HR2 demos [-complevel 2]

    HR2 map 10 tysoned. h210t2425.zip