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  1. Thanks for the answer. I forgot about that mechanic because of my on-off relationship with Doom. What happens if we give the zombieman enough health to survive 99 BFG hits? How fast does the corpse move from the 100th hit?
  2. Maybe this can be done with a long tunnel and teleports to offset the shots, so that all the projectiles overlap precisely? What happens if we hit a zombieman with 100 BFG shots? Or 100 rockets? Has something like this been done before? What happens if we hit a monster with two rockets from the opposite sides, or from 4 directions at once? Which direction does the corpse fly? I suppose this can be tested easily with a coop TAS on a simple map made for this purpose?
  3. What about doors and lifts? I suppose there are situations where we can activate them through walls to reduce waiting time?
  4. So, who can find applications for the impse glide? My humble conjecture is that at least one impossible map becomes trivially easy to do with the impse glide. 4shockblast's stunning cyber ass-punching tactics are also something that should be taken into serious consideration everywhere. Maybe similar approach can help dealing with some tricky arachnotrons and mancubi somewhere? Keep in mind that with revenant missiles we can distract almost any monster anywhere, even if it requires opening doors or ascending stairs. Too bad the homing missile does not go through teleports.
  6. j4rio's super hard and super long tyson runs are like romantic dinners accompanied with long (fore)play sessions, but this thread is like visiting a chocolate factory with all my friends! OM NOM NOM! YUMMY!
  7. That map is epic. Good run, 0xf00ba12!
  8. Impressive shot, RjY! So much blood... So much force that the revenant seems to slide a mile... What about BFG? I suppose there is no state that produces 4280 damage? Can your model be incorporated into a tool that predicts the damage for each tic in real-time or maybe even a bot that automatically searches high damage shots for TASers?
  9. Cool runs, Azuruish and j4rio! It would be interesting to see more tyson TASes, preferably for "TAS ONLY" maps that presumably can't be done by any human. Tyson is not the best category for TAS, but maybe the really really hard maps can be interesting. Can you complete HR map 32 tyson? DO IT! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It is fun to speculate that a truly optimized TAS of HR11 would probably complete the map in about four or five minutes by visiting all the rooms quickly to "seed" large infights where all monsters kill each other while the player is already running to the next location. The player's movements would be spastic and seemingly random, because of extreme RNG manipulation every tic. The player would slowly move towards the next location while all the monsters in distant rooms canceled each other out. My minds eye projects that the optimal run in this map is such that the cyberdemon and last baron kill each other one tic before the player presses the exit switch, at around 4:42. Making an optimal run like this would require a supercomputer, a sentient AI and a thousand years. What a time to be alive. Born too late for COMPET-N. Born too early for Tool-Assisted Super Artificial Intelligence Speedruns. Well, at least we have witnessed this thread. :)
  10. Sure, just submit it to tasvideos and see how people react. By the way, I think this run has the highest number of rocket boosts ever, am I right?
  11. Oh, by the way, j4rio, you could have shot the spider in HR map 11 from this spot: The spider can't target us here, so we don't lose any health or time while shooting. The same kind of position makes the ending of Requiem map 27 trivial. The spider is too tall, remember that you all...
  12. Pretty good!
  13. Hahah, awesome idea. The idea itself is often the best part anyway. Lost souls are an overlooked resource. It is also possible to get an arch-vile down the lift, but it is incredibly hard to do and mostly useless. The arch-vile can attack the spider maybe 50 times before dying from its own blasts. With the invisibility we can survive long enough to shoot about 60 bullets into the spider. This is not enough, so the lost soul method is much better.
  14. Well, that was quick. We are slowly, but steadily running out of cheese. I am genuinely surprised, if any other HR maps ever get done. Edit: Map 19 is probably the easiest HR map now. Map 12 would be easy too, if we only managed to kill the spider.
  15. HR map 11 is very easy now. You can lower the arch-vile with a lift to kill the first cyber. The second cyber is also killed by an arch-vile. The third cyber dies easily in infights. We can harvest more than 1000 bullets, which makes the last part of the map trivially easy. I had more than 300 bullets left in my test run, so you don't even need to harvest bullets optimally. I could do this map, but I am rusty and the time would not be good. So, if you are reading this, then this is a demo request. Semi-pro tip: