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  1. Aqfaq

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    I think you could leave some dudes alive upstairs so they can distract the spider, so you can use chainsaw. If you can keep a chainer shooting while sawing, then it could be a super fast spider kill. The goal should be sub 8:00 on that map.
  2. Aqfaq

    Speed of Doom demos [-complevel 9]

    Map05 Tyson 40:56. Try it yourself for lots of fun! sd05t4056.zip
  3. Aqfaq

    Speed of Doom demos [-complevel 9]

    Map23 Tyson 1:03:54 sd23t6354.zip
  4. Aqfaq

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 17 tyson in 1:18:08. av17t7808.zip
  5. Aqfaq

    Speed of Doom demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 22 tyson in 2:27:31. sd22t14731.zip
  6. Aqfaq

    Kama Sutra demos [-complevel 2]

    Keyboard and mouse malfunction, so there is some shit in the fan, but anyway... Here's Kama Sutra map 22 tysoned. ks22t15018.zip
  7. Aqfaq

    New category ideas

    Randomizer runs! This works with any existing category. Just add the following features: 1. Keep original game content. 2. Randomize map order. 3. Shuffle all thing coordinates on the current map. 5. Perhaps shuffle all graphics? 4. Shuffle all sound effects? 6. If you can think of some game content to shuffle, shuffle it! 7. Try to complete any megawad without dying or getting stuck. 8. Restart.
  8. Aqfaq

    DSDA on YouTube

    SHUT THE FUCK UP DAD! Doom demos are the best method of meditation since Buddha learned to suck a tit.
  9. The relationship is very simple. j4rio tries to be the ultimate tyson master of the Universe, but can't... because of me. j4rio can't even do a tyson run for Alien Vendetta map 25...
  10. Hell Revealed II. Map 03. Tyson. Sub 3:00:00! Doom is the best puzzle game. I highly recommend trying the map yourself before watching the run. The solution was always there. h203t25249.zip
  11. Aqfaq

    Weird demos

    I accidentally recorded a run in AV map 17 where a cyberdemon and a chaingunner loop eternally. Their mutual period is such that the cyber always walks 25 steps and then shoots, never hitting the chaingunner. The RNG seems to have died, so I guess this also counts as a rare kill. av17-infinite-looper-cyber.zip
  12. I know nothing about that, but here is a demonstration of how to kill the cyber in AV map 17 in 1:30. Both chaingunners shoot it for great damage per second. av17t-cyber-kill.zip
  13. Update: ALIEN VENDETTA 25 DOABLE. The map has 1325 monsters, but no worries. Just be careful who to release and when. All monsters pretty much cancel each other out. Monsters can't open fast doors, so we are completely safe. Cybers can be telefragged in the dark tunnel, if we need to. The last room is hard, but we can harvest bullets for that, if necessary. With invulnerability we can probably initiate infights, so that the arch-viles kill the three lava pit cybers. We can save the invulnerabilities for the hardest parts. My test run had all invulnerabilities still available to the very end. Estimated completion time will be less than three hours. Something like 2:30 would be a good time. As for AV17, I'm not going to do it. I'll take a break.
  14. Aqfaq

    Official Demo Request Thread

    Some TAS requests: Hell Revealed map 32 tyson. Kamasutra map 27 tyson. Kamasutra map 28 tyson. I think these are among the hardest maps to tyson from the DSDA top 20 wads.
  15. Aqfaq

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    AV 14 tysoned. Hardest tyson I've ever done, although it feels easy now that it is done. It did not take many tries, but planning it and having the patience to actually record it took some time. Also, each failed attempt took some time and nerves, because the run is so long. With 644 monsters this should be the highest monster count ever in a tyson, am I right? av14t22109.zip