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  1. Map 22 UV-Max in 1:54 Map 31 UV-Max in 1:49 Had to redo both of these because I used the wrong complevel before...
  2. RW2 Map07 NM-Speed in 0:20
  3. Map 12 Max in 3:12 Max 16 Max in 5:41
  4. Map 07 UV-Speed in 0:11 Map 14 UV-Speed in 0:34
  5. Try renaming the file so that it doesn't start with '@'
  6. Map 18 UV-Max in 0:51
  7. I feel like I'm missing out on all the juicy Everything Else drama now
  8. Well if they're doing voting in September, then perhaps Undertale simply missed the cut last year (same thing with Soma). I only remember seeing CS:GO in the esports one, which also included DOTA2 and League of Legends, so I think that category was more about the impact of those games in the 2016 esports scene (I would load it up again to check, but the website was borderline nonfunctional in my browser thanks to its over-reliance on scripting).
  9. Anachronox Gruntz Jak and Daxter
  10. Sometimes I have a question about something, but then once I think about how to phrase the question, either the answer or the path to the answer becomes obvious (probably because I was skipping step one of Polya's problem solving techniques). I can think of a few forums I'm registered to with no posts for this reason.
  11. Well, considering they also showed Project Sonic, I'd say no.
  12. Nice, I've been reading a lot of Clive Barker lately myself (his horror books at least, the others are too weird for me).
  13. lol can't say I expected this response. I'm just waiting for grumpycat/ancalagon to dump 10+ demos on the last day. A very lazy sentiment :)
  14. Excellent work! Now that's probably enough demos for this month, don't you think?