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  1. Map15 Tyson in 5:41
  2. Map09 UV-Max in 1:12
  3. I usually walk into work with a yogurt, a banana, and some form of granola bar, which I slowly eat over the first 3 hours. Once or twice a week I"ll buy a breakfast sandwich. For lunch I usually just want to get something quick and get back to whatever I was doing, so most of the time I get one of these: Thai food, pho, Chipotle, or Chickfila. I don't even think Chickfila and Chipotle are that good, but geographical convenience wins out (and even someone like me needs some variety every now and then). Don't know what to put for dinner. I try to avoid fried foods. Spicy is good. Bad for me would be mushrooms, tomato chunks/whole, sour cream, cheeses besides cheddar/mozzarella/a couple others, eggplant, condiments like mayo/ranch/most things with vinegar, and probably a bunch of other stuff too. Oh, and fuck red onions.
  4. Yeah still have it, I'm glad you rejected it though. I feel embarrassed when I play it now.
  5. Cool thanks! Not a good map by any stretch, but I just wanted to have it since it was either the first or second map I ever made.
  6. If anyone has 100lineskcm.wad on their hard drive, I would appreciate a copy.
  7. Map 13 UV-Max in 1:07
  8. Nah you can still complain, your run is more interesting. Dimensions of Time Map17 Pacifist in 0:04
  9. Nice demos Spie812, I found a AV jump in map29 which lets you skip 2 keys: Dimensions of Time Map29 Pacifist in 0:31
  10. My Going Down map02 max is for the 2015-08 version.
  11. Map 04 UV-Max in 0:37 Map 18 UV-Max in 0:45
  12. Map02 UV-Max in 2:13
  13. Map07 Max in 0:32
  14. I haven't restarted Firefox on my main computer, but on my work PC I've gotten something like this a few times: My home browser will not be updated until the NoScript WebExtension gets released (barring a browser crash or power outage). To answer the original question, I'm not sure about the new UI yet. I feel like it takes me longer to see which tab is currently open, but maybe I'll get used to that. I might mess around with the userChrome.css file to tweak the appearance a bit (I prefer rounded tabs, for instance).
  15. I don't think gog carries it anymore: