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  1. Almost all responses here are wasd for movement (or arrow keys), the usual setup of a forward button with the 3 others right below it. Though I changed to a weird way like 4 years ago. U- Left I- Forward O-Right Alt- Back Mouse- fire, jump, use In the 90s I used Dooms default, keyboard only. Then i think Jedi Knight got me used to mouse, with mouse2 for jump ever since then. In the 00s I used WASD then moved to ESDF. Then I read an earlier version of this discussion like 5 years ago, with some other peoples weird controls. Using the logic of maximizing movement by having 1 finger rested on every direction at all times, I learned U-I-O-Alt, with 3 fingers set on forward and strafe, and thumb on Alt. (i tried Space as the down direction, but moved over to make Alt=down after Space was maybe too bulky). Now i use the pinky for many buttons to the left, and use my ring and index fingers for other surrounding buttons, mainly weapon-next=o and weap-previous=t. I'm not sure if it's really superior or efficient, but It seems good with almost every FPS i try, and some complex platforming like Jumpmaze. I'm not sure if I can return to wasd, I don't want to move a finger back and forwards when I want to change directions, though I'd love to see a scientific study on various control schemes, to know if there's a best choice.
  2. phi108

    John Carmack is not thanked in the end credits

    Whenever I get the new game, I'll try a spartan/simple run without using any upgrades or fatalities, just boom sticks. On-topic, the most sad thing i think is the way none of the big devs from Doom I/II are involved in the new one other than Carmack's programming (and then departure). I guess all great groups come to an end, and I guess their end was last century.
  3. phi108

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    I saw it opening night, it had some lame "JJ Abrams" moments, and useless fanboy callbacks, but was better then the prequels mostly. A great science fantasy movie. I loved many of the expanded universe stories and games, so I'm very sad to see a different future. But I am glad that Kylo "Ben" has some similarity to the overwritten events. I just hope that more links might show up (maybe Rey being the daughter of Luke and a certain redhead). But I don't expect any new characters will rival the likes of Thrawn or Kyle Katarn. Though maybe the next directors/writers can improve on JJ's start.
  4. I haven't looked at many new source port features in a couple years, but that ZCajun thread got me wondering, Has anyone attempted to allow monster AI to follow the place they last saw a player, or heard their gunfire? A hacky way to do this maybe with ACS/decorate, would be to drop invisible actors at the spots a player is seen by a monster (specific to each individual monster maybe?) and these "markers" are refreshed while a monster can see the player. The monster follows and shoots at you, but when it can't see you, it takes a default straight path to the last player position marked by the actor. If the player shoots their gun within earshot, the monster has a new point to travel to, until the player is seen or shoots again. Other sounds a player makes (maybe with a smaller radius), include the grunting when using walls, or switches, and lifts. Would these things be more feasable in-engine, or is there any scripting method a modder may have tried along those lines? I also think it may be fun to vary the player-seeking features the monster uses based on how smart/skilled it is (imp or baron), or its hearing ability (maybe Zombiemen have degraded hearing sense, relying more on line-of-sight), and if a troop of imps can communicate, maybe they coordinate their target area based on which imp has seen the player most recently. And while the monster patrols the last known spot, if they don't see or hear the player for some seconds, more dangerous monsters might have a chance at following the player normally, simulating their ability to guess your moves, and some monsters might stay in the area, or go back towards their original location in the map.
  5. phi108

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Ty was always one of those forces that I think persist in the framework of this community, working without fail. Many of them I have never talked to, so if you are one of those pillar-people you have my thanks. And thank you Ty, you maintained Doom.
  6. phi108

    Smoothing out the sprited

    Linear filtering I think would be most useful, for Pixel-lovers, if it would only apply the linear filters on the farther away, mipmapped versions of textures/sprites, and leave the nearest images unfiltered for the classic look up close. As it is, when using a port with mipmapping turned on and no filtering applied, far away textures alias and swim slightly (though not as much as unmippmapped vanilla rendering). If linear filtering is turned on with mipmapping, far away scenes are smooth, but getting close to things gives the blurry out-of-focus mess. I have a small more resource-heavy workaround that looks somewhat better: I upscaled all the textures to 2x or 3x their original sizes, using nearest upscaling, and I load that pack as a hi-res texture replacement, then turn on linear filtering and mipmapping. That makes up-close pixels somewhat more classic, though the edges of pixels get blurry, and far away views still look great with no aliasing during movement. It would be neat if GZdoom allowed this type of nearest-upscaling alongside the other 2x-4x HQnX filters.
  7. phi108

    Bethesda E3 Conference - DOOM4 Unveiling

    Much agreed, I'm dismayed at the direction id's attention is focused. Remember what makes up the Doom community, guys.
  8. phi108

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    *Doot Doot* Thank agitating skeleton. Help please, Vitamin D fortified
  9. Super cool to see all this, and thanks all you Doom Historians for the analytics. So now some brave volunteers should head to an office in texas, and maybe call it Doom the Way id would have REALLY Did: idedest edition (Period-accturate attire and hairstyles optional)
  10. I am excited, since photographs have a danger of stealing souls I have never taken one before. I think that's about to change!
  11. phi108

    Motion blur?

    The only time i'd want to try motion blurring, is when my computer is fast enough for over 150-200 fps at all times (most vanilla maps work fast enough), so that the extra frames can be processed into the normal 60hz or 70hz output (like those Youtube examples), instead of throwing away all the frames. I'm not sure if that's what modern games are doing, but if they are games designed for 24 or 30fps, it's lame of them to not give an option for 60fps with no blurring.
  12. phi108

    Strife Returning To Life

    I am quite happy. Time to actually finish the game! I know way too much about the first hub without ever progressing. This engine though, it seems related to both Doom64 EX and Chocolate, so I wonder if a similar "Chocolate doom EX" will be a result.
  13. phi108

    Man eaten alive by a Snake -Shown !-

    Here's a guy going out the other end of a rhino, it's a bit graphic:
  14. I wonder if that's a possibility, a program comparing a seed-generated raw map to a new version that a human has modified to be "better", to maybe improve its abilities. Though that would just be detailing on top of an oblige layout; an even better intelligence might be able to look at all (vanilla) maps of quality from idgames, like 4-5 stars, and then guess what a good map is, but that ability is probably beyond hobbyists to achieve.
  15. phi108

    Peace Out

    I am so glad you're intact Hissy, and seemingly in good spirits. Never get attached to your captors! You are a caco, float upwards unfalteringly!