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  1. Where've you been? Haven't seen you post in a few months.

  2. Super Jamie

    E1M1 Jazz Edition

    I feel so dirty listening to this. Actual lulz were had. Well done.
  3. Super Jamie


    Tib nagged me to make a map and 16.5 minutes later this emerged. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43343169/doom/fuckofftib.wad It doesn't meet your criteria of 16 starts, so feel free to reject it. The title is: I gave my love a chicken, it had no bones
  4. Super Jamie

    Doom Radio - Where's All the Data Episode 6

    Would it be possible to make an RSS/XML feed for these episodes, so I can just load it into some podcasting software and download to my phone directly? If you search for "podcast rss" the required format is well documented.
  5. Super Jamie

    Try Extreme Weapon Pack for Doom II

    This is the best thing ever made for ZDoom. Ever.
  6. Super Jamie

    Mall shooting posted on /b/ before it happened.

    This has been done before. Wasn't it the dude who murdered some pornstar gave her location on /b/ the day before it was discovered by the cops or something?
  7. Super Jamie

    Your thoughts on Far Cry 3?

    Haven't played it. It looks great, like Fallout 3. I'm looking forward to playing it in a few years when it's on sale for 5 bucks.
  8. Because it hurts your eyes to look at bright wallpaper when you sit in the dark to play games.
  9. Ah, it's infrared, that might explain it. I read in a magazine that the whole western/middle of Australia has been mostly free of topsoil and subsoil for several million years, it's just the bare regolith and bedrock of the crust poking up. Is it possible this rock is holding the heat of the daytime sun, which is why it appears on an infrared photo? It also could be all the alien spacecraft they keep out at Pine Gap.
  10. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Completely forget just hard drives, all electronics have a failure rate. TVs, dishwashers, car alarms, defibrillators, space shuttles. Haven't we been doing electronics long enough to get it right? Evidently not.
  11. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    printz, are you making the argument that we've had ~60 years since the transistor went into most retail electronics, and we should be able to get reliability much better than 97% ±2% by now? If so, I'd never considered that point before, but I agree.
  12. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    That makes no sense.
  13. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Does it matter? Existing electronic component failure rates tend to indicate the drive controller will die before either the platter or flash, in most cases.
  14. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    But proving Maes wrong is so easy and so much fun. Don't be such a wet blanket :P