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  1. So that's a no go then?
  2. Sorry if these were answered already somewhere in the thread, but I have a couple questions. 1. Is it possible this project could be made into a hack of the original Doom/Final Doom on PSX that could run on actual hardware or a PSX emulator? 2. Could the PSX Doom style be expanded to more maps outside of the official Dooms? Like classic pwads, the "lost" Master Levels, or maybe even Chex Quest? I've been playing Doom on an actual PSX lately and would love to play more Doom related material in the same manner.
  3. Still waiting.
  4. Still hoping.
  5. Any word?
  6. Still holding out hope.
  7. Still wondering about that ISO.
  8. Switcheroom is the best option. None of the others sound right.
  9. I hope Reinchard comes back and finishes his project one day. Or at the very least fix the link to the demo. I wouldn't mind having a copy of it.
  10. I'm in central Florida and would be willing to do this as well.
  11. Any progress on this? I'm really looking forward to it.
  12. This is really good. The only issue I have with it is that a lot of the songs don't loop properly. That doesn't detract from the actual music though.
  13. Nice. Will the rejected levels be compiled into another WAD like how Doom the Way id Did has a lost episode WAD?
  14. From what I understand, he was saying the increased net traffic in his area from the winter storm was causing his internet to slow down. Is that winter storm still an issue? Even then, he said it would take 10+ hours to upload in those conditions. That could easily happen over a night while sleeping. His main issue with a hosting site like Mediafire was that it seemed temporary.