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  1. Where the heck is #zdoom or #unidoom? seriously. RALPHIS!


    1. Planky



  2. gatewatcher

    Rocky Balboa..

    Haha. Phily. Speedstick ftw. Also ralphis.
  3. You forgot U2 by the way, or are they not hip anymore?
  4. gatewatcher

    FIFA World Cup 2006

    He's also not windshield fodder, lol. But really, Twellman has heart, which is more than I can say for the awful Donovan-lead performance I watched Monday.
  5. gatewatcher

    FIFA World Cup 2006

    America has no chance, because Taylor Twellman was cut, he's the best player in the world according to me. Yep, the Tom Brady of the New England Revolution.
  6. gatewatcher

    Down to 4 (warning: sports related thread)

    The Steelers would have still been raped by the Pats, history tells us so. Wait until next year!
  7. gatewatcher

    Down to 4 (warning: sports related thread)

    You almost had the moral high ground bit nailed, until the very end there. Case and point, Steelers fans are frauds, they're a bunch of lawyers and insurance salesmen, and you can tell they share a state with Philadelphia.
  8. gatewatcher

    11 year old threatens president

    Right, well I think if someone threatens anyone it should probably be taken seriously. Chances are he won't kill the president, but it doesn't make it legal to threaten him, or anyone for that matter. I think most 11-year-olds should know that.
  9. gatewatcher

    11 year old threatens president

    It's too bad he missed the point, as this 11 year old was thinking more along the lines of The Turner Diaries. Unless I'm wrong and plotting attacks against the president is civil disobedience now.
  10. gatewatcher

    Down to 4 (warning: sports related thread)

    Right, which is why if the Pats had not duffed up in Denver, they would have slaughtered both those teams on their way to #4.
  11. gatewatcher

    Down to 4 (warning: sports related thread)

    Oops wrong Tom Brady. The one you are looking for had a 110.2 qb rating in his last superbowl appearance. That man looks like he had a 22.6 or something.
  12. gatewatcher

    The Internet vs Ebaumsworld

    I'm sorry Lüt, but I'll fill you in. Ok, so a bunch of 12-year-olds got into a content dispute with a 30-year-old weirdo and they both had forum goons who "invaded" each others forums. That's pretty much it. I'm a fan of ytmnd, but this whole thing was dumb all the way around.
  13. gatewatcher

    Down to 4 (warning: sports related thread)

    It was all because of the terrible towels. Homosexual power!