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  1. Ok, there's a couple of names that should be on the list: First and foremost: Paul Corfiatis. You really can't run from that one. Made music for nearly every wad he has been involved with, many of which were megawads. General good quality, varied style, sometimes a bit whimsical, but always solid. Second: John Bye. Not so well known, but did produce the music for the Talosian Incident which was a major source of the atmosphere in that wad. Also his own work Cygnus IV is worth picking up simply because of the music (though the levels themselves are lackluster). That said, I will choose Mark Klem with no hesitation. Avalanche, Dreadnaught, Junkie Smack, Triangle of Fear, Nothing so Cruel, the untitled track from MM map14, Retribute, Time + Time = Time, The Wind, Disposition etc. etc. All Gold.
  2. Try Batman Doom instead.
  3. Actually this is an old thing that has been going on for ages in central Africa. It is just that the western media picks up on the story every once in a while when they feel they need a bit of sensationalism.
  4. No mention of Virgil the Doom Poet? Well, you really should try his Claustrophobia (if the recent versions of Zdoom didn't break it). It has probably one of the biggest end boss fights I have ever seen and the architecture rank pretty high on the epic scale as well. The boss fight in question plays less like Doom and more like a "bullet-hell" type sidescrolling shooter.
  5. Also too much tiny rooms/narrow corridors can lead to monotonous gameplay. Try to mix it up with more larger rooms/broader hallways with several monsters at once.
  6. Just a reminder before some douchebastards start dancing on his grave: There was more to this man than his NRA advocacy, he was, for one, a major support of Martin Luther King back in the Civil Rights Era. While you might think (as I do) that the notion that allowing the citizenry to own a few handguns and rifles will give them any sort of leverage against crime and/or overbearing government is wrong, remember that he was fundamentally a good man.
  7. You have made the first 4 rooms of some wad and expect us to take a stand on this? Get back to us once you have something playable to show.
  8. Sorry guy, but who the fuck cares about ratings these days. Most game reviewers nowadays come across like the kind of corporate shills hired to write those gushing quotes they put on the boxes of the next failed Hollywood blockbuster. The whole press part of the gaming business is essentially untrustworthy (and thus not worth your or my time).
  9. I think it's a little too soon to call in the coroner on this one. I would love to say the same about RTC3057, but it seems most of the team is caught up in other game projects.
  10. I think it's better when people don't know whether there's a moderator watching or not. Panopticon and all that jazz.
  11. Little Faith lurks all of the time, he just rarely bothers to log in. (He also spends waaay too much time in 4chan). Magikal met his tragic end in a car accident. Too bad, i think there were still a few great maps left in him.
  12. Too bad he is a bit of a pariah on these forums (got banned in a shitstorm from the reactions to his female.wad, also a reknowned resource thief).
  13. The guys uploading this knows very well that no-one can be expected to run Windows 95 boxes in this day and age. Therefore they have uploaded an XP-patch as well.
  14. There are many companies on todays video game market that knows it is both possible and quite prudent to stay behind the technology curve. Case in point: Blizzard. Love them or hate them, they are arguably one of the most successful game developers this day. With the exception of the first Diablo the technology they use have all been tried and true, perhaps even dated stuff. Starcraft stayed with old-fashioned sprites while the rest of the biz were racing headlong into the graphics card assisted 3d-age. Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft both chose a deliberate "cartoonish" style in order to reduce polygon usage and reduce the demand for advanced lighting. Result: Their games were all massively adopted by the buying public because nearly every game had a rig capable of handling them. This is especially important in regard to their success among the new south-asian middle class. Another reason not to ride the bleeding edge is the demand on the various designers and artists responsible for creating the content to match the game engine. This has led to the somewhat sad trend within FPS'es where the games get steadily shorter and more railroaded because the developers does not have time and resources to map out extensive worlds to match the bloated specs. Or, another example, why do so many people still map for Doom? Because Doom mapping is relatively easy to get into and a Doom map can be made or worked on in your spare time without requiring extreme dedication or an education as a computer graphics artist. Every averagely computer literate person could potentially get into Doom mapping. Finally developers can use more time to develop compelling art and settings and genuinely fun game mechanics, and can be more daring in doing so, because they don't have to sink resources into learning new advanced tech and use copious hours doing bloated resource files such as high-polygon photorealistic models. Look at the wealth of titles put out for the handheld consoles such as PSP and DS as well as the "quirky" console Wii. We have stuff such as "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney" an excellent idea, masterfully executed, but possessing outright primitive graphics. Or LocoRoco, arguably the cutest video game ever (and one of the best soundtracks ever). Meanwhile those working with the newest tech produce formulaic FPS'es and RTS'es Cutscene-whore Final Fantasy episodes and bad Hollywood tie-ins. So by sticking with yesterdays tech you are more likely to get games with: A large following, important for multiplayer games and is a factor in their longevity. More focus on content, potentially longer games, with more potential fan-made content. Better, more thought out content. More "daring" games willing to challenge the genre status quo. More focus of straight ahead gameplay. IE, streamlined deathmatch-FPS'es, good, ol' arcadey fun, strategy games with a focus on strategy. And finally, you don't need to rely on going out and blowing your money on the latest graphics card all the time.
  15. I didn't expect the levels to so close to the originals architecture-wise. Luckily it isn't the dramatic lighting fest i feared it would be.