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  1. The original Medal of Honor (and Underground) will always have a place in my heart from back in the day, but I think people are forgetting what PlayStation graphics where actually like. Sure Goldeneye was a bit blurry, but you could auctally see into the distance and the textures didn't warp and wobble constantly. I didn't regret getting the PSX first, but even when MoH was the hot new thing, I always thought of it as a consolation prize for Goldeneye.
  2. Uhh... when you say "retards" are you talking about the actual intellectually impaired? or just people with sub-average marketable skills?
  3. To see how we do in a cold and uncaring universe.
  4. Forums user myk philosophically cornered me into being an atheist. I don't know if that's made me a happier person, but the slow realization that we are dumb monkeys clinging to a rock that's falling through the void and there is no order beyond what we have chosen to impose with our malleable and flawed perspective has shown me the value of humanity. I also now find the new atheism even more obnoxious then when I was a God fearing Catholic. So props for that dude. Thanks for legitimately broadening my perspective and not just angry on the internet
  5. This.
  6. I wonder how dethtoll got the idea that words on a bumper sticker might cause a complete stranger to flip their shit?
  7. Star Track : The Next Generation in full for the first time. It's fun mentally ticking off every line of dialogue used in The Picard Song.
  8. I kinda miss goofy TV edits the same way I miss poorly translated video games. We may never again see that kind of comic brilliance.
  9. Chronic Tinnitus Hearing loss Mild learning disability Symptoms of Bipolar I A penis that is just too big Weight could be better EDIT: Also this.
  10. Doomboy.
  11. I can't say I read the stuff but I'd be very sad if it does. Who was it that said something along the lines of "Every writer has 100s of bad stories in them. The trick is to write them down and get out of you so you can start writing the good stuff". Anything that will get the terribleness out of your system so you can express yourself better, ya know?
  12. I have mass clown sightings whenever I log on to HURR DERR
  13. Well call me pandered if you like, but quakeguy vs klansmen sounds like a good time to me.
  14. ... I don't know! I do know I had Tie Fighter on floppy disk