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  1. skogsto09

    Doom Speedrunning History/Showcase Special Stream/Event

    PantherD2s ((: ...Ryback great to see you all live and well again? I don`t know how I ended up in here today, but long time no see ((((: I remember that similey from your .text files from 20years+ ago (: Back2topic - I`ve been thinking for a long time to create some content like this. Sooo much history in here and with this game, its impossible to cover it all. However for the general public, not everything will make sense and have interest. Covering the different and more spesific aspects in episodes would be the way to go I think. This summer I plan to livestream some playthrus of doom2 (nm) \ maxkill uv and other misc challanges with my commentary. I will obviously not attempt taking any records back (lol) ((: as I am too mediocre by todays standards at best. However a successful playthru of doom2 nightmare aiming around the 35-40mins mark - with some historical references \ remarks along the way could be fun and is something I would personally like to do at least :)
  2. skogsto09

    New Doom 2 Speedrun Record

    I don`t think one should have pre-decided all the tricks\routes\strategies. I think it should be an ongoing evaluation as the run progresses. Say you have a poor map02 time and loose 4-5sec`s to your average time. Then I would say you should risk skipping blue key in map03 and do the rising bridge jump. I would focus on consistantly going for the rising bridge jump espessialy on UV, as it saves health\time usualy. A flawless run on NM with just the rising bridge jump clocks in at 33-34secs in map03. On NM we do not skip blue key. You should have no problem making a habit of landing the bridge jump I think :) As for map24 - I remember some +10years ago when that wallrun trick was discovered and I tried for 3days doing it in a speedrun and got it so rare that I eventually had to give it up. I think here just to start running the ledges flawlessly right after the bfg kills most of the souls would be a better choice. That would save 10-15sec at least over your time here. As for map19 - you`re right, sometimes it`s not enough time to open the bars the normal way without getting bit on NM :) As for map27 and the archie trick. Doing it the NM way is pretty consistant and normaly you get a time around 32secs here on NM. Again if I had a sub optimal run up until that point I would definitely go for the most risky execution of the trick like you did. However I would choose the safe way of doing the trick if I was considrably ahead in time at that point. Lastly thanks for your kind comments on my NM runs :-) NM is a very different discipline and style of play. I just love the intensity\randomness and chaos of it. Modern games are too easy :) No game can replicate the feeling to finaly be on the final rising elevator in Icon Of Sin on nightmare, after fighting for your life thru the entire game without blinking :)
  3. skogsto09

    New Doom 2 Speedrun Record

    Congrats on your amazing run !! there will always be bits and things going wrong - but you got to implement the kind of tricks that has always considered an option in singel level runs only. It truly takes someone special to even do half of them in a row. I have to admit that I didn't even know about the map19 exit glide:) There is no way I could get the rocketjumps in map7 and 14, let alone the glides in 16 and 19 all successfull like this in one run. Not counting all the other trick jumps you have to do, they are alot harder than you make them look to be :) The archie trick in map27 I have always found too unreliable done the way you do, props for having the nerve and take the risk like you did. With time I think you will be more and more satisfied with the run itself, its just when its fresh the annoying little things like 4secs short of 22:59 and so on hurts the most :) Great to see an achivemement like this get some worthy attention and promotion.
  4. FX02: what mail adress should I check? :)
  5. All of demonlords used to be hard beating, I remember spending at least 3days of intense playing to improve on regular D2 Uv max records back in 1998/99...records he mostly got in ´96 himself. Remember that Fps games had not been around for many years at that time. Players today have like at least 10years of solid Fps gaming behind them already from diffrent arenas. I´m more proud of achiving a complete 30nm run in 40:48 in 2000 than making the 30nm2939 some 9years later kinda . It was all inspiring in a diffrent way back then since compet-n also was on its peak of activitiy. Never had more tricks been discovered in both Udoom, D2...as was the case in ´99.
  6. skogsto09

    Lets play some Doom2 xbox live ?

    My xbox liveID is: Skogsto (duh) Let me know if u wanna play some ...
  7. You must youtube prove it...
  8. You should have a go at re11 and tell me what u think of it ...
  9. skogsto09

    No Rest For The Living Demos

    Yay :), I remember it beeing a messy map...always someone sneaking around. I can never imagine that I managed to work out a decent route ...did u experiement with other routes/tactics? ....and better weapon usage could always save some time as well. Any of those not beeing any strongpoint for me in doom.
  10. skogsto09

    need help with making doom youtube videos

    ...always did wonder why I didnt quit after map06 ..lol :) Thanks for this Ryback :)
  11. skogsto09

    need help with making doom youtube videos

    Youtubing my 30nm2939 run ? I was originally planning to redo this run some years ago. Had some decent attempts I remember, but never had any luck when it did matter the most. Or I was just getting too old and slow, who knows :) Anyhow ..there wont be any more recordings from me now ..so I was wondering if someone was up for the challange for youtubing it ? Would be great!...
  12. Congrats indeed :) ...also tried this some 10++ years ago, got 2 yellow-key but wasnt for me ..the luck factor never showed up on my side in the damn game :) thru out history many players have been attempting this particular feat for some reason. I remember having some long email discussions about this one in the 90s but we never managed to work out any solution to all the problems...
  13. skogsto09

    Have you ever turned back on Doom E2M1 start?

    No sorry map22 has a switch ending...Ep3 in doom2 starts from map21.
  14. Lol I forgot checking that, its been such a long time since I did maxes that ...well, thanks for the headsup =) that was embaressing.