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  1. El Juancho

    Favorite/Memorable .txt Files

    j4rio stardate 01 uv-max txt file is still hilarious even to this today, pure hatred
  2. El Juancho

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    Sorry if this has been asked before but are there any plans to support Heretic and Hexen in the future?
  3. El Juancho


    Really good wad, i had fun playing it, it reminded me of alien vendetta Its sad that you I found a softlock in my 1 playthrough https://streamable.com/runalm
  4. My luckiest demo has to be my italo doom map01 uv-speed in 20 secs demo it01-020.zip https://youtu.be/pGDEqLCgtGk Being alive when the archies are targeting you is hard enough, but getting two AVJ at the same and surviving after that is a miracle
  5. El Juancho

    [-cl 21] Firefly.wad (RC2)

    This looks incredible
  6. El Juancho

    Memorable NPC's in video games

  7. El Juancho

    [Release] Outpost 13

    I had a great time playing this level, thanks for doing it! I didn't understand any reference because I didnt watch the movie :p, this level has encouraged me to watch it
  8. El Juancho

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    The mouse input lag feels ultra responsive and precise now thanks to the new fast mouse polling feature, it even feels better than dsda-doom mouse in oGL mode for me, thats insane :D!
  9. El Juancho

    Does anyone else kinda hate RNG in Doom?

    I enjoy RNG in casual play because it makes every playthrough different but my opinion changes when talking about speedrunning some short and extremely polished runs :)...
  10. El Juancho

    None Like It Hot! - A single vanilla DOOM 2 map

    Played this on DOSBox-X, great combat, level design/progression, themes on the different areas etc. Really surprised on how good this level was, really good job :)!
  11. El Juancho

    Doom 64 - An Overrated Masterpiece Of Coal

    Doom 64 is a much better experience than doom 2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. El Juancho

    D5DA4 Final release

  13. El Juancho

    Give Me All Your Love [-cl21]

    I freaking loved it :) Amazing job Dashie :D!
  14. It was fun to be a part of the uv-speed segmented run, GGs everyone