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  1. Really really enjoyed the map, thank you :). Cannot wait to see a "good" max demo for it heh.
  2. El Juancho

    How to Boost Gaming Performance on Your Android Phone

    Fart with reverb sound effect
  3. El Juancho

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Plutonia Map11 Pacifist in 5.51 pl11p005.zip VIDEO:
  4. El Juancho

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    TNT Map22 UV-Speed in 18.83 ev22p1883.zip
  5. El Juancho

    what's will be future of zdoom

    what the fuck
  6. El Juancho

    SPEED WEED - Happy 4/20 🌿

    Map 06 was my fav, cruel, short and fun.
  7. El Juancho

    Hopscotch demos [-complevel 21]

    Map06 UV-Speed in 1.43 hop06-143.zip I thought that my old time could be better
  8. Just by looking at your cover photo I know you got good taste... y haces buenos videos :P

  9. El Juancho

    "people don't know how to make good doom1 wads"

    Me when i kill 2 cacodemon and a baron with only a shotgun
  10. Map01 No monsters in 1.06 d5da301o106.zip PepeRun
  11. Map01 UV-Speed in 3.69 d5da301-369.zip Map01 UV-Max in 19.31 d5da301m019.zip
  12. El Juancho

    Hopscotch demos [-complevel 21]

    Map02 UV-Speed in 1.51 hop02-151.zip Map03 UV-Speed in 3.46 hop03-346.zip Map04 UV-Speed in 1.43 hop04-143.zip Map06 UV-Speed in 1.49 hop06-149.zip Map08 UV-Speed in 2.71 hop08-271.zip
  13. El Juancho

    Hopscotch demos [-complevel 21]

    Map01 UV-Speed in 1.40 hop01-140.zip