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  1. Which version of Sunder? 2407 has a sync problem with the demo. Edit: never mind, The DSDA version https://dsdarchive.com/files/wads/doom2/2726/sunder.zip
  2. Searcher

    Doom 2 in under 10 minutes [TAS]

    An outstanding achievement! Great job!
  3. I am ready for some old school action. Downloading now.
  4. Nice to see these all compiled into one place. That will help a lot.
  5. Searcher

    Something Terrible Has Happened...

    Merry Christmas All...
  6. Searcher

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    @ZeitTotala Running it from the command line from a dos prompt is probably the easiest. You could use something like the following C:\DOOM2\PRBoomPlus2514\glboom-plus -file Sunder19-2308 -warp 15 -file calls any .wad you like (I have renamed my copy) use the -warp command to enter any map number you like in that mapset. a launcher might help if this makes no sense to you. Edit: Glad you got this done.
  7. Searcher

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    A new Sunder Map just makes my mouth water. Prepares for carnage.
  8. Searcher

    Uprising (Megawad)

    outstanding mapset. Nice job on it. Working my way through it and very much Enjoying it.
  9. A Milestone - Twenty Years on this website and in this community.

    Now where did I put that anniversary cake?

    1. Use


      And here's to twenty more my friend. Nearly this time, long ago we mapped for the first Community Chest and had a great time. Take care

    2. Searcher


      Hopefully we will get another 20 years.  Times have sure changed a lot on the boards. It seems a lot of the old timers have moved on with their lives, while a few of us still keep doom at least on the back burner in our lives.

      I don't play every day anymore and I rarely work on maps but still enjoy all the people that still do those things and produce demos.

  10. Searcher

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    @CrazyDoomguy This map 16 goes out of sync at about 30 seconds for me with both -complevel 9 and 4. Does it play back for you? The rest of them playback perfectly. using glboomplus 2514 and the map you linked to above. Those are some really nice but very tough maps, good choice. Nice job on them.
  11. Searcher

    Jenesis demos [Boom, complevel 9]

    Jenefix.wad (Fixed Final) load jenefix after main wad for new demos on the following maps jenefix contains new versions of jenisis maps 10, 16, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 29.
  12. Searcher

    Reviving old Youtube channel

    @Vile I have copies of the dems from 2005. I have attached them here if you want them. They are for levels 1, 9, and 26. Someone else around here may have more. Some guys have some pretty extensive old libraries. Perhaps @Opulent ? Descent-26_0216h.rar Descent-09_0134h.rar Descent-01_0027h.rar
  13. Searcher

    A TEXTFILE for lvall-8547 !!

    Enjoyed the run and the commentary in the text file. Nice Job.
  14. Searcher

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    I am loving this map set. Have played through it completely 4 times, and just started another run through. Superb!