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  1. Sweeeeet! Run...
  2. Those are good maps and you showed great aggression, throughout both maps, nice job.
  3. Viles death sound, rev's sound like bones breaking, and that sort of wet mushy gib sound. Tough call on one favorite. They are all good.
  4. Grab this one and google for the first one as well. Or this updated one:
  5. I have a lot of the old ports and a large number of the old utilities, but not all that much in the way of source code. I have Source for A few (12 or so) old random ports and utilities. More often than not I have just the old ports and utilities and not the source. Could check my back up drive off my old win 98 box, hard to say what might be on there. What do we need? A list would be awesome. I would be happy to check all my files.
  6. And just like you, YukiRaven I will probably never leave this place. It is just to beautiful here. But Shhhh... don't tell anyone because people will want to move here. : )
  7. Denver, Colorado, USA.
  8. A Nodes problem or a block map problem with the map? Try a casual demo for yourself and see if it plays back for you. If it does not it is likely a map problem.
  9. I can not get n222-322 to play back with either of the two mapsets I have. neither April 2009 nor the June 2010 release.
  10. I wonder if it would be playable with suprwep8.deh?
  11. Not really a mod but worth a huge laugh, Load SexyGirl.wad it changes armor and health to Duke 3D bar Babes. Load it with any level. It is even quite funny with demos.
  12. or some one messed with their computer system date. I have seen that happen.
  13. is that the full path to the iwad? Is it finding and Loading the iwad?
  14. It may not run if the nodes were built with zdoom extended nodes builder.
  15. Good Solid runs in this batch of cc demos as well. Shredded a couple more of mine. :) Nice Job!