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  1. Donce, Just found this. I Know, only 3 years late :{ outstanding ! Wow! Tough Map on NM and a kick ass time for it. Thanks.
  2. "never bring a knife to a gun fight" Indiana Jones, (Temple of Doom?) "Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated" Mark Twain
  3. I really enjoyed the PrBoom+ runs for Caverns of Darkness, outstanding maps. Good Runs. just don't load the zdoom pwad. The wad's text file shows: "Sourceport : COD Engine (based off BOOM/MBF)"
  4. Sometimes visplanes are nothing more than the number of two sided lines in view at one time. You can hide some of them behind a wall so they don't all show in view at one time at that may take care of it. in the eternal doom level called the "great hall" I believe, They had to hide some of the lines from the checker board floor behind a wall to kill the visplanes error when looking into that room from out side. That is why you have to dodge around a smallish wall just inside the doorway when going into the great hall area. I am sure glad they kept that area in there. it is gorgeous. The vanilla limit as I recall is 175ish lines, if that is right, so For vanilla I try to not see/view more than 20 ish sectors at one time. these are not exact numbers but may work as somewhat of a guide. Somewhere around I remember seeing the exact numbers in the doom bible or perhaps it was the lines types text. don't know if any of those sources still exist. google archive maybe??? not sure... Doing this from memory, which may have faded over the years. Edit: May be still available somewhere. Ok Found the visplanes overflow source: "The Truth about Visplane Overflows" 09/20/1997 By Lee Killough
  5. Here is an ancient demo pulled out of the time machine, 2001. Pretty bad, and it beats no demos :) Et13-023 Eternal doom level 13, spd, pac, 100's, 23 seconds
  6. Are we talking about potential copyright issues or have I mis-understood the scope of this project?
  7. Sometimes when the lines are not spaced a minimum of 16 units apart they won't trigger. I have not looked at the map to see the distance between the 5 lines. Just food for thought. Or you can send out the witch hunters. :)
  8. After looking at the other forums for 15 years I kind of miss them.. Will just have to get used to this however because I doubt I am going away anytime soon. What a change, Wow.
  9. These maps are just gorgeous, and mostly tough as nails too. Thanks Chris.
  10. Pick a key and pick a command. Drop this in to your zdoom autoexec.cfg file and save it. Example: Change the key and change your command: bind L "give Infrared" alias flashlight_on "r_visibility 32; bind f flashlight_off" alias flashlight_off "r_visibility 8; bind f flashlight_on" bind f flashlight_on bind n "notarget" bind x "summonfriend cyberdemon" bind a "summonfriend archvile" bind s "summonfriend sorcerer2" bind r "summonfriend Revenant" bind b "summonfriend BaronOfHell" Bind k "give all" Bind u "god" sv_nojump false sv_allowjump true When done make sure this following line is in your zdoom-user.cfg Example set autoexec "C:/DOOM2/ZDOOM/autoexec.cfg" Do it only one time and just hit the keys in game. All done... Obviously these are cheats...
  11. Let's Rock 2017.
  12. Make sure the line points outwardly into the room and mark it impassable if needed, and as above do NOT use double sided lines for walls. Draw in the other direction.
  13. I have to agree with this. Call it re-made or re-imagined or re-do or 2014 or the way they did or almost anything that hints at made in the style of.
  15. Dual Boot? xp/98 some people do that. Myk, I think, has one set up like that.