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  1. 1. Play against a computer and see what it does to kick your butt. It is quite a learning experience. 2. Read chess books like Grazza's 3. Control the center of the board. 4. Even if you have to defend, make sure that move is also an attack. Never waste a move.
  2. A Lot of us cut our teeth on Kurt Kesler maps. Welcome back.
  3. There are some huge maps in all of the Community Chest map sets. However not all the maps are huge in each megawad. In addition to those posted above.
  4. With PRBoom Plus Open just hit F5 until you find the heads up display you like. There are several choices.
  5. I really like that map. Nice Run.
  6. 404 on the link.
  7. For Sure that one looks fake. But at your leisure you should think about an antivirus program. Maybe free ones like AVG Free, Or?. They do sometimes nag a bit to "upgrade" but there is no requirement to do so. I have used them for years for free. You will see malware and viruses on the rise in the future on Android. Just like stated above by YukiRaven.
  8. Here we go, yet another year. Happy New Year.
  9. Merry Christmas All...
  10. I loved seeing this one shredded. Great run. Nice Job.
  11. Oh Yeah, downloading now. : )
  12. Sweeeeet! Run...
  13. Those are good maps and you showed great aggression, throughout both maps, nice job.
  14. Viles death sound, rev's sound like bones breaking, and that sort of wet mushy gib sound. Tough call on one favorite. They are all good.
  15. Grab this one and google for the first one as well. Or this updated one: