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  1. or some one messed with their computer system date. I have seen that happen.
  2. is that the full path to the iwad? Is it finding and Loading the iwad?
  3. It may not run if the nodes were built with zdoom extended nodes builder.
  4. Good Solid runs in this batch of cc demos as well. Shredded a couple more of mine. :) Nice Job!
  5. Yes, Rich passed a few years back as well.
  6. Sounds to me like this could be accomplished with either: 1) once you hit a switch you need to open a nearby door it also opens a door in a monster closet to allow the monsters to teleport where ever you want them. It could also open a door that reveals a wall or another door. You could open several "doors" "Walls" etc. with one switch. OR 2) Flip a line so that it does nothing as you cross it the first time but as you come back the other way it triggers whatever action you want.
  7. It runs fine on version 1.4.1, Nice job.
  8. I love to see my maps shredded. Great job! @Grazza Thanks for linking to that video.
  9. Great to see a demo of this map. The author, Magikal, passed away in June just after this mapset came out. So, nice tribute to him. He would be proud. He did map 6 and map 29 in that CC mapset. The link to the announcement of his passing no longer seems to work: Unless there is an archive of those old posts that I have not yet found. Kevin/Magikal has another huge map called industrl.wad If you need another huge challenge.
  10. There is a version 1.4.1 available, it is the most recent. You should maybe use that one?
  11. Sounds cool, but call it Chill Out or hot ax, or something else.
  12. Some of Andrey's demos are marked as Jheretic178, not sure if doomsday will play them back, or if in fact they are the same. As I recall the thread he released those in had a link to jheretic178 in it.
  13. I Quite enjoyed this map. Nicely done and a comfortable sort of relaxing feel to it. Nice to not have to go into terror mode looking for supplies. It is a "one of" map, I intend to play it many more times. Newer players might really enjoy the UV Experience on the map, hell I know I did, I was taking a break from some of the harder maps I have been playing lately. It was a really nice change of pace and comfortable play, a breath of fresh air. Nice job.
  14. I would also try very early eternity, zdoom 210 or zdoom 217 and early legacy, 4 or 5, may run well on it. Very early prboom may well run on it even windowed but certainly on dos. mm, hell revealed and the like will probably run fine on it. Cool find
  15. rdwpa, your 3h318-236 using the 3ha3 FINAL dtd 4/6/17 will de-sync on this demo