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  1. Outstanding mapset1 On map 6 now. I love this style of map. Classic.
  2. Searcher

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    LOH and LOH2 were a couple of really excellent maps in their day and are still great fun to run.
  3. I was able to watch all of them with -file icgya.wad -playdemo parameters. Thanks for the input all. well done demos as well.
  4. I would enjoy seeing these but do not have the RC1 you used to record them. Can you point to a current link for it, or possibly post a link the RC-1? Or perhaps @Maribo can link to RC1. I think yours only use the final and RC1. ====== Edit: Never mind I found it in the original post for the the map set. That makes me feel stupid. I missed it when over there previously.
  5. Searcher

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    This is a great concept.
  6. Searcher

    So, how old are you ?

    The early editing tools were a nightmare, but they were all that was available. They would just quit working, not save, not draw properly, or not work on certain platforms to name just a few problems. It was quite an adventure. Once you ended up redrawing your map several times then the node builders might let you down and ruin what you had. If you didn't have backups you were toast. There are likely some tearful stories in the archives from back then if the archives of that era still exist. Many of the mappers from those days probably have stories they will never forget about loosing their greatest creations to those tools. Actually getting a finished map was a crap shoot. Thankfully those days are long gone.
  7. Searcher

    So, how old are you ?

    It is nice to see some of the long term members around from time to time. to bad we don't see more of them from time to time. I suppose they are just busy with life as well or if they still play games it may just be that they are playing the current games on the market. Personally I have just always loved this game and the many new wads constantly available to us to enjoy. Good to see you are still around as well. As far as my old unreleased maps they are still a question, the two that are nearly done.at 95% each have the biggest chance of ever seeing the archives. There are so many better maps than mine out there that I am not sure there is much need for old school these days. Perhaps a collaboration with someone could get them finished. Time will tell.
  8. Searcher

    So, how old are you ?

    in his 80s. and he uses the handle @Searcher I am older than Steve D. It will be awhile before I hit my 80's I have no clue where that number came from.. I am however still here several times a week watching the shenanigans, downloading and playing wads and watching demos. You don't see me because I do not post much, never have. Not a lot of "important" stuff to say, unlike so many others. I still love the wads and the demos, I still play and watch demos most every day. I am retired but pretty busy with life. I have at least half a dozen maps rotting on my hard drive that are in various stages of early 2000's vintage mapping, 2 are nearly done. It is unknown if they will ever see the light of day. I may post them some day just for historical reasons if any... Still the grandpa of Doom. Edit: fix Typo.
  9. Beautiful maps. as always. Looking forward to working through these.
  10. Searcher

    Abandon Demos [-complevel 9]

    Double check this demo.please. I get a fail and dropped demo at about 8:40. You may have posted the wrong one. I am playing back with DSDA-Doom256 Thanks for doing these btw.
  11. Searcher

    Abandon Demos [-complevel 9]

    Loving all of the awesome demos on this wad. Great job all. Wow.
  12. Searcher

    Abandon Demos [-complevel 9]

    Cool run on an outstanding map. Nice job.
  13. Searcher

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    I really like this whole series of maps. Glad you are running them. Nice job.
  14. Searcher

    Okuplok Slaughter Map Demos [-complevel 9]

    I hope you had the appropriate adult beverage or two after that run. Outstanding achievement. Great strats. Just watched the whole thing. 23,211 monsters - amazing!