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Luna AI

   (2 reviews)


About This File

Luna AI is a prequel to the events in Doom 2.

The demons have corrupted the AI that controls the orbital defense weapons surrounding earth. You and your marine buddies head to the moon to shut the AI down, upon landing everything goes to hell. Its down to you to shut the AI down and pave the way for the liberation of Earth.

Luna AI is a single vanilla compatible map with a few extra features, including a different use for the commander keens (blow them up), 2 new monsters and a finish that ends in a bang.

A dehacked patch is included externally and as a lump. Make sure this is running before playing!

User Feedback

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I feel the taste of no Doom 2 stuff around

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baja blast rd.



The gameplay didn't seem like my cup of tea at all, a lot of static UDoom-style shotgun clearing, sometimes through narrow doors or in tight passages. Eventually the author succeeded at making zombiemen feel dangerous and health bonuses feel relevant, and parts of the map did open up into more dynamism. What really worked for me, though, were the "narrative events" scattered around, supported by clever use of triggers and DeHackEd. That aspect was legitimately cool. 


This is a Doom 2 map, although apart from the custom stuff, it uses exclusively Doom 1 monsters and weapons. D_RUNNIN didn't fit, so I IDMUS02-ed to D_STALKS. What? It was better.

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