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Wexman WAD version 4.0d

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About This File

Wexman Wad, 27 levels of pure Deathmatch excitement. Once you have played this Wad, all other Deathmatchs will seem like walks in the Park, and half as enjoyable. This is the only complete 27 level Pwad that is designed for deathmatch that I know of. Not only are the levels made for deathmatch, but the new graphics have been used so you can't get board of a level. Also new music has been written, if your a serious deathmatcher you've probably heard the DOOM music thousands of time, well this Pwads will be a nice break then. Also the sounds will not let you down, well, just listen to them, I'm sure that you can figure it out.

This Pwad was designed for deathmatch, all the levels have 8 deathmatch starting location and at least 8 sets of complete weapons (shotgun, chaingun, plasma gun, rocket launcher), only a few selected levels have the BFG 9000. No level has a secrets to find, so if one player knows where the secret is and the other does not they have an advantage. All the levels were designed with fairness in mind so the best Deathmatcher will win.

Even with the levels made for deathmatch this Pwad can be played in Solo or Co-op modes. I find that this Pwad can help get you ready of a deathmatch if you don't have anyone to practice with. Co-op might be fun, but I've never tried it, just make sure you set the skill level high so there will be a lot of monsters to kill. Good Practice Levels are E2M7, E2M8, E3M7.

The Missions are set-up so you can pick the type of deathmatch play that you want. Mission 1, is Medium size levels, for 2 player hunting/action deathmatchs, or pure action with 3 or more. Mission 2, is medium to Large sized level, for 2 player hunting, or 3 or more for action/hunting. Mission 3, is small to medium sized levels, for 2 player action, or 3 or more is pure chaos.

So why would you even think about playing any other deathmatch level?!?! Having to either form a 9 level Pwad or reconnecting is not worth the pain especially when this Pwads was created just for deathmatching, and with 27 levels it's sure to have some levels that everyone can enjoy.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, DOWNLOAD THE FILE!!!! SURE it's large, but it's probable the last deathmatch PWAD you'll ever need!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Small and fun map indeed, some neat stuff despite the year it was done.
    • By bowserknight · Posted
      The first time I played this it took me like 10 hours just to complete map 02 because I kept getting stuck and I always try to find as many secrets as I can. In this wad I had pretty bad luck with that. But the journey on your first playthrough is really amazing, you wander around until you finally find the way forward and that always feels really nice. It's cool how the entire map 02 is a mix between exploration and monster fighting. It has its moments that can make you feel uneasy, like spotting random eyes that stare at you through the walls or similiar small details. The Binding of Isaac secrets are a little silly tho, to be honest. I do love the replacement for the BFG tho! Balancing your health for a burst of damage is a fun and risky mechanic.   Map 03 is way more straightforward, it's like a short gauntlet towards the final boss. This map has a lot of parts that can feel unfair, like spawning explosive Lost Souls or trap bombs right next to you. Or the abundance of Archviles later on. While I personally don't mind the Archvile library, it can still royally mess you up if you don't take them step by step. The final boss could be fun too, but its 2nd phase is just too much. More strong monsters and also Archviles, with zero walls to hide behind. I have never been able to beat the final boss legit, I always get one of the randomized powerups and hope I get an invulnerability, so I can spam the Necronomicon endlessly. It's the only way I can beat it, the fight is either way too hard or way too easy if you use this method.   I love the ending tho, very creepy.
    • By bowserknight · Posted
      This might just be my favourite horror-ish Doom wad of all time, apart from myhouse, Maskim Xul and maybe some other ones.   What I like: +the overall theme +your house being a hub area +the dark atmosphere +the semi open-endedness of the progression +there are no jumpscares or anything of that sort +the fact that the game remembers your progress while alternating between maps +the music +the difficulty, even tho it is indeed a little too much sometimes   What I dislike: -A few certain fights that feel unfair (some examples: the long hallway where you get one of the keys and Archviles spawn behind you, there's no place to hide from their attack; or later when you return to the lower floors of the 1st major area, the fights in the narrow rooms with Archviles, immediately followed by a swarm of chainsaw zombies, where your only hope is to camp on top of an object; or some of the slaughter fights later on, especially in the chapel area) -the ending feels meh
    • By bowserknight · Posted
      It's a pretty fun bunch of maps with some interesting designs. Just don't try to get 100% kills, on most of the later maps it's not even possible.