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Heretic gameplay mod HrHpArtArmAmmWpMo19

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this mod is for gzdoom


Nixos gameplay changes to heretic:

All: damage dealt and received is amplified by 50%

Hp: there is a new ruby jar giving a total of 50hp, 5 hp per second for 10 seconds. Also the mystic urn auto activates when corvus is on the brink of death

Ar: added a doom's berserk like effect, using the dragon bracers. Also there is a new emerald bottle that works like hexen's cleric fletchette (poison cloud, harmful to everyone)
    all artifacts have their effect lasting 30s, and monsters now drops them. the exception being strength, fly and torch effects lasting for the whole level
    morph ovum can now affect iron lich and maulotaur
    shadowsphere now also makes the user immune to lava and slime, poisoncloud (emerald bottle/saberclaw death) and steel (mace) but weak to ethereal (crossbow/undead warrior axes)

Ac: silver shield now absorbs 50% and gives 50 armor, enchanted shields absorbs 50% and gives 100 armor (you can pick a shield item, and it will add its value to your current armor, up to max 100 armor)

every ammo exists in 2 forms (minor and maior), maior gives 5 times minor, max ammo is 25 times minor, max ammo while having a bag of holding is 50 times minor
goldwand:             004 020 0100 0200
crossbow:             004 020 0100 0200
blaster:              004 020 0100 0200
phoenixRod:             004 020 0100 0200
skullrod:            004 020 0100 0200
lightbringer:         004 020 0100 0200
mace:                004 020 0100 0200
bookofshadows:         004 020 0100 0200
lightning spell:    004 020 0100 0100 (you start the game with 100 ammo, this kind of ammo doesn't drop but is replenished by 4 unit each tick while wielding a powered staff)

1) staff/gauntlets (fist/chainsaw) in all cases melee range is: default melee range * 1.5, (powered gauntlets steals life, powered staff generates ammo for weapon in slot 0); staff doesn't have any effect on ghosts.
2) goldwand (pistol) base weapon behaves like vanilla (holding fire makes it lose precision), while in powered state it shoots 7 projectiles in a 90 degree viewing arc
3) crossbow (shotgun) equipped with ethereal morphic arrows, it shoots throwing axes, the powered version has a chance to spawn a new axe from an old one, up to 4 times, a maximum of 25 (5x5) ethereal green axes.
4) blaster (chaingun) shoots piercing ice spikes, enemies are frozen, the powered version shoots a ball of energy that shoots piercing ice spikes...
5) phoenixRod (rocket launcher) base version shoots a phoenix like rocket missile, powered version is a high damaging short range flamethrower.
6) skullrod/hellstaff (plasmagun) shoots 2 shots at a time, the powered version has those deal huge damage and conjure a piercing hellfire rain
7) lightbringer (new ultimate weapon like bfg) base version has a weak whole screen area insta kill effect (it takes more than 1 shot to kill medium and strong foes), powered shoots 12 seeking bouncing heavy damage lights
7) mace (discarded concept for the bfg) base version shoots bouncing exploding steel balls, powered version shoots spheres who spawns new spheres each bounce; spheres do not have any effect on ghosts.
9) book of shadows (summoning weapon) base version summons 3 ghosts with 2 hellpoison attacks, the powered version has a hexen's wraithverge effect with invulnerable ghosts seeking and destroying nearby monsters.
0) lightning spell (innate ability) base is a sniping shot (altfire for zoomed shot), powered shoots 24 bouncing balls spaced in a 360 degree arc.

monsters drop list:

gargoyle (leader): nothing
golem (leader, ghost): GoldWandAmmo2, GoldWandHefty2, ArtiHealth
undead warrior (ghost): CrossbowAmmo2, CrossbowHefty2, ArtiInvisibility
centaur (leader/ghost): SilverShield2, EnchantedShield2, ArtiPowerBracers
disciple: BlasterAmmo2, BlasterHefty2, ArtiTomeOfPower
iron lich (boss): BookOfShadowsAmmo2, BookOfShadowsHefty2, ArtiEgg
weredragon: PhoenixRodAmmo2, PhoenixRodHefty2, ArtiTimeBomb (doesn't drop CrossbowAmmo)
sabreclaw: SkullRodAmmo2, SkullRodHefty2, EmeraldBottle
maulotaur (boss): MaceAmmo2, MaceHefty2, ArtiSuperHealth (doesn't drop PhoenixRodAmmo)
ophidian: LightbringerAmmo2, LightbringerHefty2, RubyJar

drop rate:
golem 25%[64] for minor ammo, 2 chances and 5%[13] for maior ammo, 2 chances
undead warrior 25%[64] for minor ammo, 1 chance and 5%[13] for maior ammo, 1 chance
disciple 25%[64] for minor ammo, 3 chances and 5%[13] for maior ammo, 3 chances 
ironlich 25%[64] for minor ammo, 2 chances and 5%[13] for maior ammo, 2 chances 
weredragon 25%[64] for minor ammo, 2 chance and 5%[13] for maior ammo, 2 chance
sabreclaw 25%[64] for minor ammo, 2 chances and 5%[13] for maior ammo, 2 chances 
maulotaur 25%[64] for minor ammo, 2 chances and 5%[13] for maior ammo, 2 chances 
ophidian 25%[64] for minor ammo, 2 chances and 5%[13] for maior ammo, 2 chances 

nitrogolem replaces golem, hexen's slaughtaur replaces nitrogolem

undead warrior's axes deal extra damage to ghosts/ethereal beings

gargoyles are weak to ice (blaster) and resistant to firenotlava/fire (phoenix rod)
golems are weak to earth (goldwand) and resistant to ice (blaster)
undead warriors are weak to melee (melee/staff) and resistant to hellfire (skullrod/hellstaff)
centaurs are weak to electric (lightning spell) and resistant to earth (goldwand)
disciples are weak to dark (bookofshadows powered attack) and resistant to light (lightbringer)
iron liches are weak to light (lightbringer) and resistant to dark (bookofshadows)
weredragons are weak to hellfire (skullrod/hellstaff) and resistant to melee (melee/staff)
sabreclaws are weak to poison/hellpoison (bookofshadow base summon's attacks) and resistant to arcane (gauntlets)
maulotaurs are weak to steel (mace) and resistant to poison/hellpoison (bookofshadow base summon's attacks)
ophidians are weak to firenotlava/fire (phoenixrod) and resistant to electric (lightning spell)
ghosts are weak to ethereal (crossbow) and immune to steel (mace)
undead/constructs (golems/undead warriors/iron liches/sabreclaws/ghosts) are immune to the poison cloud (emerald bottle/sabreclaw death)

barrels are replaced with exploding barrels (source is preacher.wad mod for doom 2, it used heretic barrel graphic)

sources that i could remember:
hexen.wad for afrit, centaur, reiver, fletchette, wraithverge projectile, lightning spell weapon, dragonskin bracer sprite and some other sprites and sounds
preacher.wad for heretic exploding barrel
Food Barrel.wad for the concept that you can also replace decorations in addition to weapons/ammos/monsters/projectiles/pickup items
lightbringer.wad for the lightbringer weapon
necronomicon.wad for the book of shadows weapon
HRWIDE10.WAD for fixed staff/powered staff attack with minimal hud in widescreen
wayfarer.wad for the concept and code to bring the doom's berserk powerup in heretic
APOTHEOSIS.wad for the lightning ball, used in the powered version of lightning spell to create the 24 bouncing missiles firing in a 360 circle, each spaced 15 degrees from the others.
FrostFang.wad for the ice shard used as blaster projectiles, and for the ammo sprites of the lightning spell (those do not spawn but are given at start of the game (100) or while wielding a powered staff (4 each tick))
Thunder Fork.wad for the base lighting spell projectile (sprite/sound/code)
osjc_ZHER9.pk3 for the alternate skullrod/hellstaff and the alternate crossbow
potions.wad potions' sprites and how to code them, especially regenerating potion
ghoul.wad for the double missile poisoning attack
dark gargoyle for the concept and code of a 50% 50% attack1 or attack2, and the fireball attack that has been morphed into a poison ball attack using hexen.wad heresiac + ghoul.wad additional resources
HereticPlus.pk3 and https://realm667.com/ (https://realm667.com/index.php/en/armory-mainmenu-157-97317/heretic-hexen-style-mainmenu-159-20295#preview-7) for collecting many wads in one single place
mut_*.pk3 files for the concept of having autoload compiled acs scripts which made possible having the mystic urn autouse itself on the brink of death with some help from a respawn heal code found on the internet.

Edited by nayoz : update

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2 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

Interesting mod, especially the dragon claw modification

unfortunately i wasn't able to post a video with weapon 5,6,7,8,9


when i finish episode 1, and go to episode 2 i will try to capture a level where there are more weapons displayed :D

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1 minute ago, nayoz said:

unfortunately i wasn't able to post a video with weapon 5,6,7,8,9


when i finish episode 1, and go to episode 2 i will try to capture a level where there are more weapons displayed :D

I think you're better off using the "give weapons" console command to give all weapons for you to demonstrate if you're unfamiliar with Heretic cheat(s).

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I think you have the start of a decent mod here but there are some balance issues. I'm kind of surprised you made an already easy game easier. Urn changes and item changes make the game a whole lot easier, granted weapons were weak before and now are more satisfying overall but the other changes turn this into a cakewalk. I think you can change the monsters a bit perhaps.

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updated the mod, now is version 12b, i added a second video where you can see


hellstaff new attacks

mace new attacks

the lightbringer attacks

book of shadow attacks (only the powered version is shown, the normal version is shown summoning 1 reaver but he doesn't attack)


missing: the summoning of book of shadows attacking, and the phoenix rod base attack (same as unmodded phoenixrod, but projectile is a giant phoenix)


edit: version 12c made the mystic urn max inventory 1, this way it doesn't interfere with the acs script that makes it autouse on death


edit: 12d reduced emerald bottle poison gas duration to the same of sabreclaws poison cloud.

edit: 12e sabreclaw are now only immune to poison/poison cloud. golems are now weak to earth (goldwand) and resistant to ice (blaster)


(monsters may receive 150% damage versus an element if they are weak to it, and only 50% damage versus an element they are resistant to)

(sabreclaw receives 0% against poison/poison cloud damage)

(undead warrior is neutral to all damage types, is weak to ethereal (crossbow) in ghost form, and deals 150% damage to monsters in ghost form, and player under ethereal powerup)


edit: 12f removed afrit, reintroduced heretic imp to avoid the monster getting stuck, also now heretic imp leader gets hexen afrit 3 fireball attack


edit: 13 fixed earth resistance/vulnerability not applying and changed the weakness/resistance tables.


edit: 14,15b shadowsphere now makes you immune to lava and slime, also reworked bookofshadows attacks. and monster weaknesses, resistances, and immunities.


edit: 16 slaughtaur projectile now is able to cross windows 90% of the time, instead of 5%, they are now more lethal when perching


edit: 17 added lightsource on the ammo and anything else was a lightsource but didn't work since i gave them new names.


edit: 18 minor fixes on txt file, and took away piercing +ripper property from skullrod base projectile and rain


edit: 19 modified some weapon damage and made flamethrower more comfortable to use


Edited by nayoz

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ok the mod is done :D last version is 20, i finished the game and expansion and had fun playing the game customized to my liking :D


edit: i left the player with 20 poison gas bottles and 20 shadow spheres, since i was testing being immune to poisongas while in shadowsphere form... now the player starts without those 40 items... i also boosted up hellstaff damage it is about the same now to doom plasma gun (150% damage of plasma gun if hit by both eyes, and about 75% of plasma gun if hit only by 1 eye... before was either 33% damage hit by 1 eye and 66% of plasma gun when hit by both eyes)

Edited by nayoz

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