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"default" DM settings?

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What are the most common gameplay settings people use when DMing in Doom these days? Do most people DM with jumping and crouching on or off? I usually design my dm maps with jumping and crouching in mind but make sure they will play well even if people prefer vanilla doom settings. 

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Here's something that I learned by mapping for 32 in 24 events and Deathmatch: put guns where the players spawning points are.


About jumping and crouching in-game, I'm not completely sure about this, but lots of people doesn't use jump and crouching in their maps, but these assumptions are from my plays in zdaemon servers, that is the multiplayer client I use the most, probably in zandronum there's server that use jump and crouching.

So, in short, do your map as you wish.

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Crouching is never used. Jumping is only used for specific mapsets. Oldschool mapsets usually enforce oldschool settings (no crouch, no jump, no freelook) but occasionally will let freelook go.

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There is no "most people" in the DM community nowadays, there's only around 30 semi-active players.

Just try to make a map that doesn't break balance in either setting, to get more than 10 people to play your maps, which you seem to be doing anyways.

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