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  1. I wanted to make the map because it's SO MUCH FUCKING FUN, I don't need a godamn license to make a map, that's my attitude! While making the map, I knew there was a big risk of rejection, but I did it anyway because mapping is SO MUCH FUCKING FUN! You guys are superstitious AF. Sure, call me a rude dick, or something, I'll still be making maps whenever I feel like it. @Processingcontrol Your map is totally fine and good fun, I just don't like the empty hangar concept, I felt it was a waste of potential. It seems like a rehash also because the layout itself resembles the progression: You start in some trenches, walk in corridors with windows, and end the map with a big square room with two ledges and teleporting enemies. One thing I could pin-point is how the placement of the green armor is similar, as both of them are on top of some stairs that open up a trap.
  2. I like that punk track better for it's trashy vibes, the other song sounds a little too serious for a love song IMO.
  3. I can't force to push someone else's map away, it can be rejected with a simple "no", which I didn't get from cannonball until now. I don't have hostages or blackmail material, stop exaggerating. Taking a concept from a map, and executing it differently because I don't think it's memorable enough for its slot; is not rude, I was just trying to make a cooler opening map to make a better first impression for the megawad. Since cannonball said no, I am going to repurpose it for the Doomer Boards Projects. Enjoy your likes.
  4. Making a map is not rude, regardless of context. If you feel morale is at risk, then you're reading too deep. These maps sucked though; a completely different story with different context.
  5. Yes, it's rude in your opinion, but what does Processing think? It seems you guys already think my map is better (or at least just as good) anyway, maybe he will be totally cool with it too, you'll never know.
  6. I thought it would be fun to have some kind of a competition for the E1M1 slot, a map's a map, not some kind of a morale schmi-thingy, if I could take people making better maps than me in community projects and replacing mine; so can anyone.
  7. The hangar is demolished though; the roof is missing, and there's ash and fire at the seams. That's why it seems like it's just in the open, I'll put more ash and fire to make it more clear that it's demolished. I agree about the parking markings and the F-666, I'll add those too, the map will look so good, that you won't be able to resist not replacing the current E1M1 with my map.
  8. Processing's map doesn't have any vehicles anywhere. But sure, I can make the rocket area bigger and put a couple more rockets to make it feel more whole.
  9. They would be in an airship hangar for storage and maintenance, but for a launch they'd be at a launch site.
  10. Why do you think it's a missile? It doesn't make sense to have missiles on mars IMO. It's intended to be a space rocket, just how Lunatic has them in MAP03 :
  11. I know there's nothing wrong with his map per se, it's just that the map's name potential is wasted on a map that is as abstract in the hangar appearance as the original ID software map (the hangar itself is just a big, gray square box), when much more can be done with the concept. So I took it upon myself to make a more memorable map as an opener for this megawad and maybe take the former's place.
  12. joe-ilya

    Cheese tactics!

    The most fun cheese tactic is performing an AV jump or a death exit, to skip most of the map.
  13. joe-ilya

    Id Software

  14. joe-ilya

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Can sombody explain WTF is going on here? https://i.imgur.com/FkoESf8.mp4