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  1. For some reason I can't scroll in Doomworld, I always have to use the hotbar on the side.
  2. Look Upwards, My Ponies! SLAUGHTERFEST
  3. Quit Zdoom! Do Opt Out Momentarily. My Eyes Gauge Away This Excellent XXX Texture, Utopia Reaps Everyday! BOX @galileo31dos01 You cross out words if you look hard enough at your reply box.
  4. It is if you think about timezones.
  5. No Insights Give Help, This Means Aim Rockets Everywhere. DOOMWORLD
  6. What's the song at 3:13 in the last video?
  7. Ravaging On Concrete Keyboards Rusting Every Day. DEATHMATCH
  8. Dumb And Not Negotiable, Every Brother Unite Before It Never Gets Away. MCGEE
  9. Sex And No Dicks, Yes! HACX
  10. Sold Out Unreal Lubed Soulspheres Here, Every Ranch, Everywhere. TNT
  11. Piss Off, Shithead! This Hell Eats Limp Loads. MUGSHOT
  13. ...And Zeus Tackled Electricity Cords. ULTRA VIOLENCE
  14. That's good clickbait material.
  15. Men Emerged Godly Astronomical WADS At Day. HELL ON EARTH