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Dwango questions

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I never played doom online back when it was big but I have the dos files for dosbox and wtf is this dwango thing? Was it like some internet thing used to play it online and the dwango wads, where they released by the dwango people? One other question is there a place where I can download mp3's of dwango 5 and if not how can I take the music out of the wad?

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Well, if you have the DOS files, then you have dwango.doc, that more or less explains what it is. And here's an old page about it. It would allow 2-4 player games over the phone line. And the Dwango wads were released for use with Dwango, but it doesn't seem like the guys running Dwango made them... more like guys running Dwango servers, or guys that were into the scene.

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Gibaholic said:

download mp3's of dwango 5 and if not how can I take the music out of the wad?

mp3s of Dwango 5? The music in Dwango 5 is all midi (or .mus, actually), silly. :D

Though the midi files can be extracted by (I'm certain) most map editors or Wintex quite easily. :D From there you have the midi files, and they can be converted to mp3 files with some programs such as Timidity. :D

If you need help extracting just ask. :D (I myself know how to do it from Wintex in the least. :P But I wouldn't imagine it's hard in map editors.)

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As far as I can tell, Dwango are some really old DM maps made by the earlier doom mappers. A lot of the maps were rather stupid compaired to todays standards (Big circle with a pillar in the middile and a Superchage inside it). I like Dwango 6 the best, since it has the best map deisigns out of all the ones i've seen.

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