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  1. Cool thread. It has managed to chronicle a bit of demo and Compet-n history that may otherwise have stayed hidden. If Andy Johnsen and skogsto09 recall that a 180° turn key or button was banned in the heyday of Adam Hegyi's administration, it must be so, considering their involvement back then. If so, Keyboard_Doomer's data seems to show it was a decision by Adam that wasn't introduced, considered or shared by his predecessors. By the wording, that "DOOM spinning utilities" line in the rules certainly refers to the DOOM Mouse Spinner v0.15 in the database in the "utils" section of /idgames, or anything like it. Pataki himself was quite aware of terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) utilities of this type, given he made Novert. The DMS v0.15 is pretty useless for mouse users given it forces you to set the mouse sensitivity at 9, unless that's your preferred setting. It's also not really any more of a hack than Novert, which wasn't banned by Adam, right? The advantage the spinner TSR gives to a keyboarder doesn't really surpass those of mouse use. Maybe Adam originally banned it for other reasons? Perhaps by disallowing it, it was easier to detect TAS demos?
  2. myk

    Why do people remember Doom as fast paced?

    The way Romero promoted the game with the intro demos made it feel like it's supposed to be action-packed and quick. Like Fonze noted, the par times in the intermission screens also helped this idea. The included deathmatch mode also pushes you to be fast.
  3. I've felt that a few times. I recall once when playing after a long hiatus, and then another time after enabling vertical mouse sensitivity after using novert for a long time. In the old days the idea circulated that DOOM was "so realistic" it "made people dizzy". Maybe it's in the old FAQ, I can't recall. But realism wasn't really the cause because if that were so newer games would just knock people out or kill them in comparison. If you're playing with vertical mouse sensitivity enabled, that might be the cause. I sometimes get a similar issue from the back seat of a car if the vehicle is too low and I look at the nearby road or the side o the road too much, so it's probably a kind of motion sickness.
  4. myk

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Yeah, I thought that's what they said, at first, too.
  5. myk

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    When you preview a post, you can always press the button to post it. If your post has an attachment, the attachment is lost when you preview the post, so you get a post without the attachment unless you add it back before posting the previewed post.
  6. I must admit I do. In fact, every morning when the sun is up, after I eat my stale bread and drink from my tin can, I fold my moth eaten blanket, dust the last few sleeping roaches off my cardboard box to place my notebook on it and fire away through a couple of wads. Good fun!
  7. Damn. My uncle had this and he's recovered well after surgery so there is some hope.
  8. myk

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I think I remember having a similar issue in the past. If all else fails, you could insert the lump in the Prboom-plus wad, at least for the time being.
  9. myk

    Is looking for secrets via map cheating?

    If the engine lets you see secrets specifically, you could say it's a cheat against what the author of the map probably intended. Cheating only really matters in a more competitive or interactive environment, like online or while speedrunning, depending on server settings or accepted rules. If you're just playing solo, you make the rules. If you're using an engine that shows secrets automatically and that bothers you, disable that setting.
  10. myk

    Fidel Castro dead at 90

    RIP Fidel! My thanks to all who have posted respectfully. Have you done an inclusive survey on this, or do you simply have some right-wing Cuban friends you trust a lot? Lots of Latin Americans come to Argentina to study at universities because they are relatively good and accessible (either free and public or relatively accessible for private ones), and some stay here too... are they all fleeing their dictatorships? If anything, what you're assuming just insults our educational system, which, with all its faults, is also an attraction and an opportunity in itself to many in the region. True, you must add it had to survive for decades in a region where most countries were hit by a net of anti-popular dictatorships that ground down their industrial potential and then left them depressed by debt and income inequality. We never had a real cold war in Latin America. The conflict was really about whether we'd develop our own industries and general living standards or stick to a commodities-exporting model (or banana republics, more or less). Well, it depends. If you look at the Wikipedia articles on Cuba, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay you'll see Cuba has the best Gini coefficient of the four. To all of us, used to capitalist fancies and perks, Cuba might seem boring, lacking or bad, but it gives several essential social guarantees or rights that are only less accessible in many other countries. That he has stated regret and that those aren't State practices anymore are both facts. Here's Castro telling the Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet about it: Pity I couldn't find this interview with English subs. That's one of the scary things about info on Latin America in English. Tons of it is not translated, and most of what is available on a daily basis comes from corporate media, so even left-wing (or labor/liberal) media only have access to mostly filtered and selective info. Compare some articles in the English Wikipedia with some the their equivalents in Spanish and you'll see some of the effects. And this is used as the source in the Wikipedia article, too. See what I mean? Even now, the UN is telling us to release a political prisoner but the government isn't complying.
  11. The examples you gave; craftsmen, soldiers or graphic editors, don't entail nearly as much technical obscurity as computer programming. Coding is hard and cryptic already as it is, but if locked away in fewer hands, it becomes far more distant from everyone's understanding and accountability. Liberty considered, how free can we be in a world where corporations and financial traders keep all the essential or root code to themselves? Let's not be naive, this topic has much to do with power and democracy. Stallman's stance exists because any link to closed-source code can make sustaining transparency and accessibility very tricky. You never know how you can end up embroiled in there. There's a hell of a long way to go between "making profit impossible" and the current inequality in access to and popular empowerment over the code that runs the global networks we all use. In the face of all this, a great deal of open-source coding isn't a hobby; it's a necessity.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, Sigvatr added nasty shit or links to some of his zips, but I doubt you'd get a warning in response to posting stuff from people that might have behaved like assholes but otherwise not included anything offensive or illegal with their files.
  13. myk

    /idgames comments gone?

    Heh, I used to comment anonymously. An option to mask the user would be great. The admins would still see the account that posted it, but other readers wouldn't. If that's possible, that is. Idiots like him ruined all of Brazil. If they can wreck whole nations, they'll surely find ways to ruin a comments system!
  14. myk

    Chocolate Doom

    I see, that makes sense because exceeding the raised value would also require an emulation in respect to an equivalently-hacked vanilla. I will try it like that, many thanks!
  15. myk

    Chocolate Doom

    Hello, I'm pretty clueless at coding but I'm trying to extend the INTERCEPTS limit for Chocolate 2.2.1 to 2048 by editing the code. I see that p_local.h says the following: // Extended MAXINTERCEPTS, to allow for intercepts overrun emulation. #define MAXINTERCEPTS_ORIGINAL 128 #define MAXINTERCEPTS (MAXINTERCEPTS_ORIGINAL + 61) That final line of code is pointless if I increase the value to 128*16, right? If I were edit the last line to... #define MAXINTERCEPTS (MAXINTERCEPTS_ORIGINAL)...would that just make MAXINTERCEPTS equal to the (new) value of MAXINTERCEPTS_ORIGINAL, or should I be doing something else here?