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  1. fraggle

    Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka has passed away.

    I've been trying to think of what to say after hearing about this last week. Back in the early 2000s there was a period when I was definitely reading SA pretty religiously. I never contributed much to the forums there but I used to have a lot of fun reading some of the threads there. Communities often have an odd way of mimicking their leaders and his unusual and frankly hilarious sense of humour obviously set the stage for the SA forums and all it produced. It's been pretty disappointing over the past few years to see everything that came out about him. Personally I had already written him off after seeing him palling around with alt-right personalities; that was before the allegations came out about his domestic abuse that eventually led to his selling off the forums. It's a community that had outgrown him anyway. It really seemed like he'd hit pretty much a dead end in life - I think he'd failed to move with the times and grow as a person. So he was a flawed person but I certainly can't take any pleasure in this news. He was an artist whose work I once enjoyed and it's just sad that what in retrospect was obviously a self destructive spiral has ended this way.
  2. fraggle

    did doomworld modernize or something?

    Bottom of the page. B
  3. fraggle

    Share your primitive embarassments!

    https://soulsphere.org/random/wads/my-first-levels.zip April 1996
  4. fraggle

    List of source ports

  5. Taking moderating to the next level baby


    IMG_20170820_164004 (1).jpg


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    2. Doomkid


      I would have preferred "Hyper Super Meta Moderator" for your title, but I'll allow it, I suppose.






      (...runs in fear of the Hyper Super Meta Mod)

    3. cannonball


      Is it wrong that I have Daft Punk playing in my head after looking at this picture?

    4. fraggle


      Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Control, Meta, Super, Hyper?

  6. fraggle

    help please

    The Doom 1.2 shareware install files are here. It will be easier to just install from that instead of trying to use old floppy disks which may be corrupted. Other than that it's hard to provide much useful advice because your comments are really vague and don't have the detail needed to figure out what the problem is. Just saying "I can't play it" tells us nothing. If you want someone to help you then you need to describe what the problem is, what steps you've taken to try to solve the problem, and what happened when you tried. Provide as much detail as possible, including full copies of error messages where you've seen them, screenshots and so on.
  7. fraggle

    Blasphemer discussion

    Late reply here permission was obtained from these authors to use their maps, right? @pcorf for example On the subject of maps I offer up my "Courtyard of Elements" map from HUMP (E1M7) to the project. I suspect if you ask @Jon he'll probably be happy to donate his E1M6 too
  8. The project might look inactive if you're not part of the Freedoom Discord server but I can assure you it isn't. A lot of stuff was stuck in pull requests that I didn't have time to merge. I recently granted commit access to Xindage and Janizdreg, who are both long-time contributors to the project, and I hope this will help to move things forward.
  9. fraggle

    GZFreePunk - a FreeDoom fork for GZDoom

    I'm not sure what this means. I'm one of the project leaders and founders of the Freedoom project and I'm asking you to change it.
  10. fraggle

    GZFreePunk - a FreeDoom fork for GZDoom

    One thing I would point out is that we've had problems in the past because someone created an Android app named "Freedoom" and people come to the Discord server asking for help with it (since nobody on the project has anything to do with it, it causes confusion). Your project has the potential to cause the same kind of confusion. It was a bit more reasonable when it was just some tweaks to maps but since it's growing in scope I'd really appreciate if you could change the name.
  11. fraggle

    GZFreePunk - a FreeDoom fork for GZDoom

    Since the monsters are going to be completely different in concept to Freedoom, maybe the project should have a different name?
  12. fraggle

    home improvement reboot (split)

    Hence the rolleyes in my previous post. It doesn't warrant any more in-depth response. It's so boring at this stage seeing people whining about how "the SJWs" are out to destroy video games or whatever. We've been here for years at this point but oh look, here comes someone else mindlessly repeating the same old lies that their favourite reactionary youtubers spoon-fed to them and they happily ate up without a second thought. Gamergate was seven years ago now and it makes me wonder if we'll ever hear the end of this crap.
  13. fraggle

    Accessibility in source ports

    I think it's extra complexity that doesn't belong in Choco (since it won't have the feature), although Gez's proposed solution sounds like the best one.