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  1. Heads up that I've moved the TPD threads into Wads & Mods since it's not really Freedoom-related.
  2. What do you use as the pivot for quicksort? I'm guessing that vissprites are "mostly sorted" already by virtue of the fact that the BSP tree's distance ordering. So picking something from the middle of the list probably makes the most sense. Although, you probably want to use mergesort instead of quicksort because it has better worst-case performance (nlogn instead of n^2)
  3. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I didn't even know this could happen. Amazing how even after years I still keep learning things. Yeah, now that I think about it, it's almost certainly because of the Nightmare respawning logic. I'll see if disabling those particular hacks fixes the desyncs. Thanks, this is really insightful.
  4. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I've been testing this feature using statcheck - I basically played back all Compet-N demos with vsmooth.wad/.deh loaded and checked for desyncs. Most demos play back correctly (I found some bugs which I fixed), but the remaining desyncs seem to be exclusively on the demos recorded on Nightmare difficulty for some reason. I suspect it's maybe related to how Doom changes certain frame speeds to speed up the Demon, but I haven't dug into it much yet.
  5. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Output is a normal .deh patch, yes.
  6. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Do you mean in the video? That's probably just the BTSX palette. The mod itself doesn't change the plasma balls. As far as the plasma rifle looking static when firing, I think this is consistent with the original animation and this is intended to stay close to the original.
  7. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    This was indeed probably the biggest challenge with porting this to vanilla. DEH9000, my Python library for generating Dehacked patches, has a built-in set of reclaim strategies that can make subtle (or invisible) changes to Doom's frames table to get you 100+ extra frames. The strategies become more invasive and visible the more you request, but the ones used for this patch are subtle enough that you probably won't notice. There's some more details in the DEH9000 user guide here.
  8. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I've been sitting on this long enough that I figured I should probably just make a thread about it already and gather some wider feedback. I've been putting together a Dehacked/vanilla-compatible port of Perkristian's smooth weapons mod. While this has been ported to most source ports, as far as I know this is the first vanilla-compatible version, and I had to invent new tooling to gather together enough extra animation frames to make it work. Download here. I'll upload to idgames once I get enough feedback. Features: Replaces all weapons with versions that have more animation frames. I've made this as conservative as possible so that this is just "more animation frames" - you won't find any black gloves or extra fanciness here. Entirely vanilla-compatible and can be literally played with vanilla Doom (batch files are included in the .zip), and Chocolate Doom as well of course. Demo compatible with vanilla Doom - you can play back vanilla demos and they won't desync. Or record vanilla demos with it loaded and it shouldn't make any difference (this is currently 99% true; there's a quirk with Nightmare mode that I haven't quite resolved yet). Palette compatible with major mods like BTSX using my limited palette hack (see video below) Source code for the Dehacked patch can be found here in the DEH9000 repository. Yes, that really is the source code.
  9. This weekend I put together a cool hack as part of work on my vanilla Doom smooth weapons mod. In recent years custom palettes have become popular and I was curious to what extent these palettes deviate from the original Doom palette. It turns out that with the exception of Ancient Aliens, not much. Anyway, I put together this which may be useful for people making gameplay mods, and here's a video of Back to Saturn X E1M07 in Chocolate Doom with smooth weapon animations.



  10. Happy Birthday to deca2.wad, which friends and I published 20 years ago today:



    1. Catpho


      What a relic. Do you feel old now :P

      BTW, @Spikehas a sick avatar.

    2. fraggle


      Different Spike I'm afraid.

    3. really nice person 😂👌
  11. fraggle

    Is this an og 3.5 copy? I never seen this box before

    I'd pick it up. That said, it appears to be a shareware copy made by a shareware distributor and is therefore far less valuable than the mail order registered version. Specifically the registered version comes on 4 disks, it doesn't have the blue/red doom label on the disks, and the box is in two segments (registered version opens from flaps at the ends). It still looks nice nonetheless.
  12. Nah, they're literally imaginary. It's quite clear you have a political ideology and narrative you're trying to push onto this story ("fanatics who don't even code forced this"), and since that narrative doesn't fit the facts you made up a conspiracy theory about some imaginary shadowy actors behind the scenes. If I'm wrong, name the people who are behind this, or present a single shred of evidence they exist and orchestrated this. You won't because there isn't any, they don't exist and all this is just a conspiracy theory you made up to push a political narrative. This whole story is so way overblown as to be ridiculous. Some Python developers decide to change some variable names, it turns into a news story and now people are inventing conspiracy theories about people behind the scenes "pulling the strings". Couldn't make this nonsense up if you tried. If you're really serious about propaganda and "ideological control" you should be taking a look in the mirror and asking why you're so attached to this narrative that you're willing to invent and imagine new "facts" to preserve it.
  13. What evidence is that? Because as far as I can tell you literally just invented some imaginary people to explain ... what, exactly? Is it because you can't believe that programmers would be supportive of social justice efforts? Because my experience is that nothing could be farther from the truth.
  14. That's not actually how open source software is developed or how decisions are made anyway (open source projects aren't democracies). As far as open discussion goes, it's almost certainly because discussions like these nowadays almost always end up being targeted by entryist far-right trolls with no connection to the project, exactly as we're seeing here. It's actually pretty sad to see how online harassment like this ends up shutting down free speech and open discussion in open source projects.
  15. The people making the change are Victor Stinner, a core CPython dev since 2010, and Guido van Rossum, the inventor of Python. I think it's fair to say that they have enough technical ability. Sorry that it doesn't fit the narrative you want to push :( You'd be surprised - sysadmin / SRE work is a pretty tough job. I've seen people yelling at their screens and all sorts. Generally speaking, the fewer annoying things we have to deal with the better, and in SRE there are a lot of annoying things. Happy to clarify - it's the latter. None of the really technically competent people I know have a problem with changing this stuff to make it more inclusive. It only ever seems to be angry people on the Internet who have a problem with it and it's never really clear to me why. As I said in my last comment, I just see it as a token effort to make things a bit better for everyone. If that makes me a (*squint*) "post-Columbine bible-thumper" then I'm not sure what to say. I hope some day maybe you'll stop screaming, listen a bit and hear the good news.