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  1. Chocolate Doom

    Loop metadata bug now fixed I believe. Can you test the latest autobuild and confirm?
  2. Reaper Miniatures Doom Catalog 1999

    There's a PDF on the Reaper site: https://www.reapermini.com/pdf/CW/Casket_Works_1.pdf Scroll down to page 28.
  3. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    The compression ratio in this case is irrelevant because the contents (a collection of .zip files) are already compressed.
  4. Hell Knight VS Arachnotron, Who Wins?

    I think we've seen enough of these.
  5. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    This is already on archive.org which is arguably a more appropriate place for it. I don't have a lot of confidence in sites like Mediafire.com to preserve things. However, I uploaded that snapshot back in 2013 so it's probably about time I updated it.
  6. Oh boy. REoL was never a major figure in mapping but he certainly wanted to be. That was his main problem, really. His levels were nothing special but he's remembered for being a loud personality desperate to promote his own work. This irritated a lot of people and he made few friends. Among other things I seem to recall he claimed to have invented sky walls (?) and branded himself "The Metallica of Doom" (after a similar comment describing TeamTNT as "The Beatles of Doom"). He named all his files starting with numbers so that they would appear first in FTP listings (1fiffy.wad, 2fiffy.wad, etc.). I believe his later levels improved somewhat though I'm certainly no connoisseur of his work. After the first limit removing source ports arrived he developed a new gimmick: "X-Treme Detail". This meant that he would construct elaborate detailed arches and windows using hundreds 1-unit thin sectors. People complained at the time because if you didn't have the latest hardware it would make the game run very slow. I think to most people it came across as just another desperate attempt to draw attention to himself. After being banned from Doomworld for something egregiously stupid (I forget the details now), he was famously banned from the SomethingAwful forums after Lowtax (the site owner) coined the phrase "I hate you King Reol". More detail is in the SAclopedia but you need to buy an account to read it.
  7. New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    "Fraggle Howard" does weird me out a teensy bit.
  8. " 4chan brain damage", huh, what was in my post that can be interpret like that? I dont remember writing anything relating to that site.

    Just curious :P

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    2. Catpho


      Oh, its from that site? I heard it in a mmo chat and thought it was fine :P

    3. fraggle


      No problem. It spreads since the site has a big influence. But some of us find that stuff painful to read :(

    4. Memfis


      Yes, it's very painful!

  9. Chocolate Doom

    Yes, I've been meaning to contact Brandon and see if we can get a config file included with the music packs. I recall that I asked him before if he'd be open to it and he said he'd be happy with it. Loop tags are actually already implemented, though at least one person recently claimed this wasn't working properly. The basic summary is you want to create a directory somewhere containing all your music packs, looking like this: Extract individual music packs into subdirectories. In the setup tool, there's an option named "Digital music pack directory". Point it at the location of this drectory and you should be good to go.
  10. New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    Doom Arcade -> ZDoom -> Freedoom -> Me makes 3
  11. New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    At last, the day has arrived. Finally I'm the Kevin Bacon of Doom
  12. How much data does online DMing consume?

    Network connections are usually advertised in megabits (eg. 100BaseT is 100 megabit, home Internet/ADSL connection speeds are always advertised as some number of megabits). But when actually using computers we always use bytes as the unit of measure. So if you get the two confused you can be off by an order of magnitude, since a byte is usually 8 bits. It's dumb.
  13. Doom Content from Old PC Games Magazine CDs

    Please upload the ISOs to archive.org. People there are collecting old magazine cover discs and shovelware CDs and will appreciate your contribution.
  14. Doom Reaper Miniatures

    Is this one of the 2013 sets without the box? What does the Arachnotron (spider) look like, and what does the copyright notice on the bottom of their bases say?
  15. ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    Is that the reason? I can understand a "misguided but vaguely coherent" argument for trying to keep the server protocol a secret but keeping the master server protocol a secret is bizarre.