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  1. fraggle

    list of free iwads

    Uh, it's fine. This is how Freedoom is developed. There are new releases fairly regularly.
  2. fraggle

    Knights and Barons' death animations confuses me :/

    This wouldn't really be appropriate for the sprite fixing project, it's intended only for minor fixes (individual pixels being wrong, misaligned offsets, etc.)
  3. fraggle

    DOOM 2016: The Board Game

    I had a chance to play this with some friends recently. I see that the article has some photos already but just in case, here's an album of photos I took; feel free to use any of them.
  4. fraggle

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    Monsters should be able to hear a running chainsaw and should not be able to hear a fist swung in midair.
  5. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    The hashes are of the IWAD lumps. They're not supposed to match the flac files.
  6. fraggle

    Doomworld Memes Thread

    Let's not do this thread.
  7. fraggle

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    Thanks, I've noticed this too and I think your theory about the aspect ratio / 20% stretching is probably correct. By the way, the zombie sprites suffer from the same problem. But it would be nice to get the status bar have fixed at least.
  8. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    It's just a PWAD file, so:
  9. fraggle

    Any (Mega)wads that contains weird Secret maps?

    Definitely Batman Doom MAP32 And then there's D2TWID MAP31/32 ("What if Doom II contained secret levels which were a nod to Commander Keen instead of Wolfenstein?"):
  10. fraggle

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Not my video but it is my WAD
  11. fraggle

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    Because creating games has become a lot more effort than it used to be. Back in the '90s Doom was created by a team of fewer than 10 people in less than a year. But the amount of work required to make a comparable game nowadays has increased by orders of magnitude. A level for Doom (1993) takes O(hours) to make. For a Quake-era game it's maybe O(days). For Doom 3-era it's maybe O(weeks). For a modern game like Doom (2016) it's probably months. The same is true for things like artwork, 3D modelling, and programming. So for a typical modern AAA game you're talking a potentially huge team with dozens of people working on all different areas of the game, and of course now they need management. The majority of these are talented, creative people who need to be paid decent salaries. All of this adds up to a significant investment of O($millions) per year so to break even you need to make sure enough people buy the game - better hire a good marketing department too. When the stakes are high people don't like to take so many risks. Why do something experimental or unusual if millions of dollars hang in the balance? Just make another boring military FPS because they're known to be popular and a safe bet. We see the same effect now across most forms of entertainment - from video games to films to TV series. People like superhero movies so just keep making hundreds of them. Things become safer bets if they have a familiar brand to back them, which is why we see reboots across every form of media. That's why I don't really pay any attention to what's happening in AAA games any more. It's rare that there's anything truly original or interesting coming out - the indie game scene is far more interesting.
  12. fraggle

    DoomEd not working on NeXTSTEP 3.3

    No. Apple mice have supported right clicking since the Mighty Mouse (2005), though right-click support has been part of the OS ever since the switch to Mac OS X in the late 90s. The more recent Magic Mouse supports right clicking as well as multi-touch gestures like you'd find on a laptop touchpad. The touchpads on Mac laptops let you right click by clicking with two fingers.
  13. fraggle

    Have you used Doom to reduce your anger?

    It doesn't sound like a very effective way of dealing with anger issues. You'd be better off talking to a therapist.
  14. fraggle

    DoomEd not working on NeXTSTEP 3.3

    "Motorola´╗┐ 68040 on an Intel 804´╗┐8´╗┐6" seems like a contradiction so I'm confused what actual hardware you're using here (or is this emulated?) The error you're getting suggests you're maybe using a binary compiled for the wrong CPU architecture. NeXTStep ran on 68000 and x86 machines so maybe you're mixing these up somehow. Since the source is available you should be able to recompile but you might need to change some build options. Actual NeXT hardware (as used by id) was 68000-based so if you're trying to use something built for that on an x86 machine that would explain why. I wouldn't agree - it's definitely more than just a cousin. Check out the MacOS Rhapsody release from 1998 which is a halfway evolution of NeXTStep into MacOS - it's essentially NS with a Mac look and feel, before the new Aqua style was added.