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  1. It's not that the music industry has just given up on defending its rights. Google has done deals with the music industry so that they get a cut of Youtube revenues in return for allowing copyrighted music there. Most people don't seem to be aware of this. Occasionally these deals fall through and hilarity ensues.
  2. Please see this previous thread from several months ago where this subject was already discussed to death: TL;DR: People can make whatever maps they like.
  3. This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  4. There are a ton of pretty good technical explanations out there already if you look. But chances are you might struggle to understand it if you're not a programmer. I don't think that's a problem that can be realistically solved.
  5. There are other things as well, like the fact that if you die you restart without the level resetting. Maybe that's an issue. In general though if you have to start modifying stuff then maybe it's easier to just use the Doom 1.91 modified .exe. It's still nice to be able to play back without it though.
  6. Yes, although one of the most frustrating aspects of the whole thing is that it's one of those topics that's become almost impossible to have a reasonable discussion about. Because if you say something reasonable like, "I think there might be some problematic aspects of the culture of policing in America" there will inevitably be someone with an us-vs.-them attitude who will take your comment as "attacking our boys who are putting their lives on the front line". Much of it seems to be encouraged by the police themselves. That's why even with a disgraceful video like this one, you still find people bending over backwards to argue the case that the cop did nothing wrong.
  7. I'm really glad to see the Machaward instituted. I want to see more things every year unlike anything we've seen before, that we were never expecting to see.
  8. I agree, because the current reality is that police officers in America today are above the law. You quoted some good statistics in your earlier comment but what you didn't mention is that the incarceration rate for police officers is basically zero. They can do what they want and they get away with it. But "lock away the corrupt cops" can't be the end of it. These are deeper, more systemic issues than "a few bad apples". Part of it is cultural problems within the police forces, part of it is police militarization which still seems to be going on, and there's a connection to the "wars" on drugs and terror which drive these unhelpful notions that police are soldiers fighting on the front line. Plus I'd say that the US in general has an unhealthy obsession with law and order and the use of violence that popular entertainment feeds into and has promoted for decades. I'm not sure how this stuff can really be dismantled: certainly there are no quick solutions and it needs a lot of time and careful effort.
  9. To clarify: wasn't intended as a criticism of you specifically, but there are going to be (always are) a pack of gung-ho morons who watch a video like this and refuse to see anything wrong. It's sick. On the contrary, I think the officer knew exactly what he was doing and this is what he wanted. He knew the rules and exactly how to pull sadistic shit like this while staying within them. Eh?
  10. I wouldn't bother including "WinDoom" in the diagram since it was never publicly released. EDGE and 3DGE should definitely be separate; the PrBoom/PrBoom+ analogy is a good one. I think JDoom and Doomsday Engine are the same thing? So just list Doomsday Engine.
  11. That's the argument I've read, and to give it credit, it is at least a coherent one: ie. you can see him reaching toward his waist in the video, he was instructed not to do so, and you can argue that "he could have had a weapon there and the officer felt it was a threat to his life". I don't know much about the court case but I have no doubt that this was the argument that was made in court and the reason that the officer walked free. It's also an argument that's complete horseshit, and you just need to watch the video to see why. You have a pumped-up officer shouting orders and threats at a drunk man who's begging for his life. He gives orders which are nonsensical and seemingly impossible to obey (crawl along the floor, with your hands in the air and your legs crossed??). You get the impression that he's maybe even deliberately trying to give the guy contradictory orders in the hope that a slip-up will provide the excuse to end his life. But good luck trying to prove that in a court room. I know there are people who will watch this video and find something to defend, for whom this is a perfect example of "professional" behavior from a police officer. Because his behavior perfectly fits the Hollywood militaristic stereotype of a "badass" police officer, gun drawn, kicking down the door, arresting the bad guy. But the truth is it's a toxic stereotype and a perfect example of how things have gone bad in America's police forces. If you watch this video and don't see the problem then you're not listening and missing the point. The police are supposed to be there to keep the peace. Many of the most effective developments in policing over the past few decades have been where police departments have made deliberate efforts to deescalate, engage with communities, and above all use violence judiciously and minimally. Maybe, once you have a crying man begging for his life at gunpoint face down on the floor with his hands extended, you've made as much use of force as was necessary? Certainly he's no longer a threat. Does he need to be threatened and ordered to crawl across the floor with his legs crossed too? Why? There's nothing professional about policemen shooting people, barking orders or pretending to be soldiers. Police shootings like this ought to be seen for what they really are: failures of process, indicators of deep cultural problems and above all, profound incompetence.
  12. I think you're missing a huge amount of the wider context and detail of situations like these, and I get the impression that you've maybe never been in the position of being a moderator or having to actually deal with these issues. As a moderator of any moderately-sized Internet community, the stark position you're always in is that you can either ban people or watch the community be destroyed by toxic people. That's the sad truth: there's some percentage of the population who are deliberate assholes, or or otherwise disruptive. Sometimes you even get someone who isn't an asshole, isn't "trying" to be malicious but "doesn't get it" and won't listen. Some of my most frustrating experiences moderating these forums have been in trying to help people like that to fit in and having them fail to listen to what I'm telling them. Reading through your original post here, I think my biggest objection is the passive way that you've phrased this, as though "being banned" is just a thing that happens to people rather than something that they bring on themselves with toxic and destructive behavior. When you talk about someone banned from somewhere like Doomworld you should realise that it's an extreme measure that has almost always happened after multiple warnings and intercessions by moderators. Unless it's something like a blatant registered-to-troll account, we don't tend to just ban people right off the bat. If you've been banned, you've had your chances and you probably decided not to listen to the moderators who have been trying to help you. In the "real world", when relationships break down, people put in the efforts to make amends - in extreme examples that includes understanding and recognising when they've hurt people, and apologising for whatever damage they've done. But even if it's not that serious, reaching out and making a deliberate effort to talk and try to mend a broken relationship at least shows that you value it and are acting in good faith. So when you say something like this: , it comes across as a bit disingenuous and almost kind of insulting (though I'm sure that wasn't your intention). Being banned doesn't mean that ban evasion is "your only option". We're here and we're willing to listen; I know there are people who have been unbanned because they actually made an effort to talk to us. But most people who get banned aren't willing to talk, listen or understand anything so of course they don't try after they get banned either; it's much easier to point the finger at someone else and say it's their fault, and of course that someone else is the moderators who banned you, because they're so unfair, and they're extremist "SJWs" and they hate your freedom of speech, and blah blah blah what the fuck ever.
  13. Because MBF is a work of art that deserves to be preserved.
  14. prboom-plus -file mega_cool_and_whatnot.wad