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  1. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    If you rename chocolate-midiproc.exe to something else or move that file somewhere else, does it work?
  2. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    Thanks, that gets us a step closer to a fix. What happens if you try a daily build with SDL_mixer.dll from 3.0.0?
  3. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    It sounds like you're doing everything right. If you try the latest stable release (3.0.0) from the website, does it work? I'm wondering if Timidity playback got broken at some point. Another thing to try: if you use a different config, like eawpats for example, does that work?
  4. I think it's a pretty big assumption and I'm pretty skeptical. I can certainly agree with you that there are probably some good reasons to keep the fullbright flag regardless and that's why I'll be happy with whatever decision Revenant100 goes with. We can look at some of the source material to judge whether this was a deliberate choice or not. In this case the file to look at is the (rather obscure) multigen.txt file that was used to generate Doom's state tables. It looks like this: ; ; Strength (Berserk) ; S_PSTR PSTR A* -1 NULL S_NULL In the syntax of multigen.txt, the fullbright flag is added with the '*' character next to the 'A'. It's pretty subtle and would probably be easy to miss when editing the file. We can probably assume the line was copy/pasted from one of the surrounding sprites (like the Invincibility sprite immediately above, for example). All the surrounding entries also have the fullbright flag set, which is why I suspect this wasn't intentional.
  5. It's not a coincidence! I wasn't aware until this morning that the berserk pack glows in the dark. I suspect the berserk pack was just copied from other powerups without much thought being put into it. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that it has fullbright set while medikits don't, but I'll let @Revenant100 make the call.
  6. Another minor dehacked fix: the Berserk Pack mistakenly has the fullbright flag set.
  7. fraggle

    How did you find out about Doomworld?

    No idea at this point. Probably one of my friends in Team Onslaught I suspect. I just checked and the archive copy I have of my old website from 1998 has a link to Doomworld in it, and I don't think I have many Doom things earlier than that.
  8. fraggle

    MIDI2MUS - 64-bit compatible?

    That's correct, but the correct thing to do in this case is to generate the text file, then delete the generated text and replace it with the actual license text. Otherwise you're attaching a new license that the author didn't agree to.
  9. fraggle


    Downloading the .zip now and I'll put it on archive.org when I'm done. EDIT: Now on archive.org, https://archive.org/details/doomgate
  10. fraggle

    Heretic 4 Doom

    This in theory should be feasible using an HHE patch. The main challenge though would be to build a workable TEXTURE1 lump that can recreate all of Doom's textures using Heretic's incredibly limited set of patches. I'd probably recommend doing the project quite differently and adding new texture patches to the game so that something actually nice-looking can be made. It might be a project that's worth doing just to give Heretic more playable levels.
  11. fraggle


    Everything should support DOOMWADDIR but it only lets you specify a single directory. There are a handful of ports that support DOOMWADPATH as well - in particular, all descendants of Chocolate Doom should support it. But PrBoom/+ isn't one of them.
  12. fraggle

    Heretic 4 Doom

    Yes, you can dump all the levels from heretic.wad into a PWAD and play that. That's what you're seeing in the screenshot - it seemed like the easiest way to illustrate what this mod is.
  13. fraggle

    [Vanilla/Chocolate DooM] Chainsaw sprites crashing

    If you're modifying sprites, make sure you run chocolate-doom with -merge, not -file. Vanilla Doom cannot load modified sprites from a PWAD and you have to use a tool like DeuSF to load them into the IWAD. Choco's -merge parameter emulates this tool.
  14. fraggle

    AutoDoom weekly releases

    In the video it seems very jittery and continually turns from side to side - any idea why? From a purely aesthetic point of view it would be nice to dampen this perhaps just to make the videos more pleasant to watch.
  15. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    Cool. Glad the mystery was resolved and you were able to figure it out.