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  1. fraggle

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    This kind of Derekphobia has no place on Doomworld
  2. fraggle

    Freedoom Phase 3

    Hi, this has been extensively discussed within the Freedoom project and we have decided not to do this. If someone else wants to start their own similar project that would be great, though it would be preferable if you could avoid confusion by not using the Freedoom name.
  3. fraggle

    (Serious) What's your opinion on the Bacha Bazi?

    I don't think this is a thread is likely to lead to the thoughtful and nuanced discussion that I'm sure you were hoping for. Child abuse and sexual slavery are bad, I don't think you'll find anyone who disagrees. But I agree with roadworx that I think you should find an alternative forum in which to discuss this subject.
  4. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    Thanks for reporting. The server that the site runs on is currently in the process of being upgraded and it seems we're having a bit of a bumpy ride.
  5. Nobody cares. None of the mods are harassing you, none of us hate you, you don't need to apologize for anything. Please just move on from this whole thing.
  6. I'd certainly call it an advanced topic. It doesn't work very well, most people don't understand it very well (hell, I'm not sure I even understand it properly) and you have to read quite a bit to figure it out. I'd say for a beginner's guide it's best to ignore it and use the deaf monsters flag instead.
  7. DEU repo now includes DETH branch and also ADE2. The Github insights page gives a nice little graph.
  8. That's it. Thanks! Repo now includes this corrected source plus the other 5.0 beta that I mentioned in my previous comment.
  9. That does appear to be it. Thank you! I spoke too soon. This appears to be the gcc port of 5.2, which I already have.
  10. Yes, I saw that DEU.TXT in the older versions explained that. Side note, I just found another DEU5 beta on this CD (duum_1/grafix/deu5_b4.zip), so that's another one I can add to the history. It might be worth checking if there's anything else of interest on that CD.
  11. We've done this thread a million times and we are still no closer to knowing which source port is the "best".
  12. Thank you! There were a few there that I didn't already have; I've incorporated those into the history now. But a note to @deathz0r that DEU52.ZIP is not actually DEU 5.2; it's just another copy of 5.21 with the wrong name. I haven't been able to find a copy of 5.2 either but I reconstructed the (probable) source by comparing the 5.2 and 5.21 GCC ports. Thank you! This is also helpful - it means I now have a mostly-complete history of the DETH 2.x source history. It's a shame that with the 3.0 release they started shipping the source code separately. Here's DETH 2.3 as a repayment of sorts. I saw it wasn't in your .zip. deth23.zip
  13. Thanks - I did see that version I think; unfortunately I'm looking for versions that have source code though, as it's a source code history that I'm trying to build. Anyone have versions of DETH? I've only been able to find three (2.3, 3.6, 4.24). There were definitely more released.
  14. Thank you!! Now incorporated into the history. The site you linked looks very interesting but I wasn't able to download any files from it - I get a 403 access denied error. The DEU history is also now available, though it's a work in progress.
  15. Those are exactly what I'm looking for! Can you please share? And out of curiosity where did you get them from?