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  1. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom Scripts?

    What is it you're trying to do or understand? If it's something on GitHub, post a link to it.
  2. fraggle

    Have you ever wondered...

  3. fraggle

    Anyone Wanting To Fork DOSBox With A Few Modified Features

    Just use Boxer. It's really good.
  4. fraggle

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    Wow dude, it's just some music. Calm the fuck down.
  5. Given the level of quality of '90s shovelware I think it's fair to say that if OBLIGE or SLIGE had been around back then, someone would have tried.
  6. Sounds like it would probably be a desperate and pathetic attempt to seem edgy and controversial.
  7. fraggle

    British or American spelling?

    I've been living in the US for 5 years now so I find myself using either and switching depending on who I'm interacting with (colleagues? US English; parents? British English). All code I write is in American English.
  8. fraggle

    Doom Wiki Month in Review (Issue #3)

    I really admire the dedication to the cause in researching and documenting this thing.
  9. fraggle

    a new doom.wad? thoughts on sandbox and community

    We don't need a new doom.wad.
  10. fraggle

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working on an editing tutorial.
  11. fraggle

    PC Doom sound effects VS PSX Doom sound effects

    Thanks for the reply. Was there some kind of legal/compliance requirement about documenting the sound origins then? That helps put things in some perspective. I've personally always just been a huge fan of Bobby Prince's work and never understood why it was changed for the PlayStation port.
  12. fraggle

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom's intermission screen map code has an unused random animation mode - it's all coded up but not actually used in any of the animations which appear on the E1-E3 intermission screens. So in theory you could hack doom.exe to add something like flickering lights to an intermission screen.
  13. Haven't seen Chappie but I saw Elysium. Something about his style makes his films completely unwatchable for me.
  14. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    Phrasing confused me. If you really want linear scaling you can get it by setting max_scaling_buffer_pixels to 64000 in chocolate-doom.cfg.
  15. District 9 and anything by Neill Blomkamp in general. Watching one of his films feels like watching a bad video game someone else is playing.