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  1. Not sure what you're referring to. Have you tried the 3.0 beta builds? Maybe those will work better for you.
  2. If you look towards the sun normally, there's basically a lens flare that obscures your view and that can make it look larger. Kind of like if someone shines a torch in your face it can be blinding, even if the end of the torch is only a few centimetres in diameter. We rarely ever have any incentive to look at the sun anyway (and plenty of reason not to) so it's easy to take it for granted.
  3. I'm actually vaguely interested in this project, which is weird since (1) I'm not really a fan of Heretic and (2) I suck at mapping. But maybe it would be nice to have a try at mapping again; it's been >15 years since my last single player map, and I'm on holiday next week. So sign me up.
  4. It's usually customary to provide such changes in Unified Diff format.
  5. That's weird, because eBay uses a second-price auction system though, so you don't need to do that? If you have been doing that it's unnecessary. You bid your limit and if you win, the final price is the minimum needed to outbid the second bidder.
  6. ♫ You gotta eat your vegetables ♫
  7. We can but try
  8. I mean, that is supposed to be the point of a speedrun, isn't it? ;)
  9. I'm not up on Windows kernel developments, but I assume that the NT kernel used in Windows 10 is an evolution of the same codebase they've been using for years at this point (anything else would be highly surprising). Are there real, practical compatibility issues with Windows 10? What can you do with Windows 7 that you can't do with 10?
  10. Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad? Never actually played it but I aspire to some day.
  11. Iikka Keranen (Requiem, GothicDM and others) also ended up hired by Valve and I remember seeing his name in the credits for Half Life 2. A lot of the best Doom mappers back in the '90s ended up being hired by games companies, though I doubt there are many people in the games industry paying serious attention to the Doom modding community nowadays. A shame because they probably ought to.
    DM3: The Abandoned Base is one of the six deathmatch levels found in Quake 1, probably the most popular one. This is a recreation of it in Doom. Only makes use of Doom textures (Quake textures are not imported), but some of the sound effects have been replaced with those from Quake. Also makes some clever use of monsters embedded in the wall to provide ambient sound effects. The same level can also be found as part of Decamatch 2 (DECA2.WAD).
  12. Google Chrome, MPlayer Classic, Cygwin, 7-Zip, DOSbox, PuTTY Although I haven't had a Windows machine for years at this point.
  13. Never heard of an extended version before. E3M2 is apparently inspired by Soundgarden - Outshined, and there are three tracks in the collection released by John Romero inspired by that track.