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  1. Yes, you are always working from incomplete information. I'd agree that it's one of the most frustrating parts of the game when you have to take a leap into the dark and guess. Often though if a particular section of the field is ambiguous you can at least try a different part and eventually you might get more information about the section you were stuck on.
  2. fraggle

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    I think this counts as a relevant bump: this person was able to use miniwad to get Doom running on the new Nintendo Game & Watch machines: Pretty cool to see this project proving useful!
  3. When Doom was released back in 1993 most people did not have an Internet connection and most people had never heard of the Internet. If you had a direct, wired internet connection you were probably at a university that was connected to the internet. Some people with modems had accounts on online services like CompuServe - you'd dial up the service and it would give access to things like email and discussion forums. As time went on these services all became connected to the internet as well and became ISPs. There were also BBSes: these were just services you could dial up that in many cases were someone's home phone number with a computer accepting incoming calls. Doom shipped with just dial-up and IPX networking. IPX works over a local network (LAN) so lots of people used their office networks to slack off work and play Doom. But IPX isn't based on the internet protocol (IP) so you couldn't use this to play over the internet. Dial-up worked by calling someone else's home phone number where the other player is set up to answer the incoming call. Typically you'd talk on the phone first to make sure you were both ready, then hang up and dial back with the computer. DWANGO took this a step further by providing a paid service you could dial up and play with other people through (the nice thing being that there was a lobby you could talk to others with to find someone to play against, and you could play with more than 2 people this way). There were also BBSes that added similar functionality as time went on. Playing over the actual internet was possible but I don't know if it was very common. If you look in the Internet Doom FAQ you can find details of alternate network drivers like iFrag that allowed this. But again, you needed an Internet connection to do this, which would probably be dial-up anyway, and it was probably more reliable and cheaper to just call each other directly. There was also something called the Doom modem contact list that didn't include full phone numbers but did include people's email addresses grouped by their area code. So the idea was that you could find someone in your local area to play against. Remember that phone calls could be expensive back then, especially long distance calls!
  4. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    Why 2.3.0 instead of the latest version?
  5. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Your mod uses the Chocolate Doom magic extended strings comment. Can you please not do this? The patch doesn't even need it. Where did you learn to do this, and have you used it in other mods?
  6. The Christian persecution complex is alive and well
  7. fraggle

    is there a way to get Doom on a chromebook?

  8. fraggle

    The Vanilla Utilities

    Late reply but Dali is my effort in this area - it lets you connect to a DOSbox IPX server from a real DOS machine using a packet driver. Standardising around the DOSbox IPX protocol seems like a good idea to me because it opens up more possibilities for people to play together in different combinations, and each player can use their preferred setup. I've also been adding support for the same protocol to Chocolate Doom, and ipxbox is a DOSbox IPX server that can be bridged to a real IPX network. So I might add something like a "udpsetup" in the future for completeness, but for now I'm going to point people to Dali. It's still very beta quality and definitely has some bugs and stability issues but I hope those can be fixed.
  9. fraggle

    The Vanilla Utilities

    Thanks for the suggestions. I wasn't aware of IPXNEW either. It looks like its changes are a subset of those found in xttl's extended ipxsetup. I added support for those extensions into my version of ipxsetup some months back.
  10. fraggle

    GEHENNA.wad (some info about my new d2 level)

    Great example of how to amicably resolve a dispute, well done. Subsequent trolling by third parties has been removed and I hope it can be forgotten.
  11. fraggle

    Good lightweight source port for quick LAN?

    Make sure you're both using a daily autobuild as there have been several improvements and fixes to the netcode that aren't in the most recent release.
  12. Great! But he ought to be in jail already for the murder he committed.
  13. fraggle

    uh.... is this a false positive?

    An update: I've added a brief FAQ to the autobuilds page.
  14. fraggle

    uh.... is this a false positive?

    Yes, it's a false positive. If your antivirus does this please stop using it. There is nothing to fix - the problem is in the antivirus that falsely detects a virus. As I've been telling people repeatedly, stop using garbage software like this. There's no practical way that this can be "fixed for good" because even if I was to waste a bunch of time trying to figure out why these .exe files are being mistakenly identified as infected and hack together a workaround, it's entirely possible that next week the .exes will start false matching another virus signature and the whole stupid thing will start all over again. If your position is you're not going to update because your broken antivirus tells you to be afraid of these files then that's your choice. My position from the start has always been that I'm not going to waste any of my time trying to work around other people's broken software they insist on using.