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[WIP]Heretic - Trials of The LureMaster

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Heretic - Trials of The LureMaster (ToTL, for short), is a mod aimed at making a mod for Heretic using (G)ZDoom's enhanced editing features, with Heretic's gameplay, and Hexen's theme.

It's been centuries since D'Sparil was defeated. Mages have found ways of easily opening dimentional portals to other worlds, using the magic the Serpent Riders used to conquer their respective domains, and the people of Parthoris learned of the defeat of the other Serpent Riders. New threats came and went, but peace, generally, prevailed.

However, there are some that took advantage of this peace to increase their own power, and there were worlds under the heel of the Serpent Riders, conquered before Parthoris, that were not liberated so easily. An individual from one such world, later calling himself the LureMaster, one of D'Sparil's most promising diciples, culled knowledge, magic and treasure from many different worlds, and used it all to create his own personal playground: The Trials.

While never wanting to rule over any worlds, himself, the LureMaster craved combat. Not just pitting his magic against his own foes, but watching others battle to the death. He created The Trials to observe those epic struggles, and he even documents such battles in his own library. Many power or treasure seeking adventurers have come, but none have actually survived The Trials, and won the treasure.

And so the word of The Trials has spread, and many more continue to die, their own treasures adding to the LureMaster's horde, their souls serving in the LureMaster's personal army, and their stories documented in the LureMaster's library.


(Most returning Heretic monsters now have Raise states. Monsters are organized by difficulty)

Fire Gargoyle
Lost Soul (Yes, the Doom Lost Soul)
Hades Sphere
Guardian Cube
Centaur (Slaughtaur. Not the weaker version)
Flesh Golem (Remade Heretic Golem, to fit the other golems better)

Undead Knight (scaled down)
Ghost Knight (scaled down)
SabreClaw (Has leaping states, thanks to NeoWorm)
Death Incarnate (Has another attack, doesn't revive as often, and is easier to gib)
WereDragon (More health)
Stone Golem (Hexen 2 monster)
Iron Golem (Hexen 2 monster)
Shadow Wizard (Hexen 2 monster. Modified to revive monsters, as well)

Ophidian (More health)
Medusa (Hexen 2 monster. Modified to have more health)
Brass Golem (Hexen 2 monster)
Chaos Serpent (More health, uses attacks from both kinds of Chaos Serpent and has a constant flamethrower attack)
Demilich (revamped Iron Lich)
Crystal Golem (Hexen 2 monster)

Death Wyvern (Modified to not need path nodes)
Darkness Rift
Avatar (Scaled down, slightly weaker and has a new set of attacks)

(Undead, inanimate (golem) and very powerful monsters cannot be morphed. Incorporeal monsters cannot be blasted with a Disc of Repulsion.)

Healing Scroll (Heals a random amount of health on you and nearby players)
Glyph of The Ancients (Throw it, and it detonates. Replaces Time Bomb of The Ancients)
Disc of Repulsion (Blasts nearby projectiles and corporeal monsters away. Yes, it's from Hexen)
Boots of Speed (Gives you a large speed bonus. Another Hexen powerup)
Dragonskin Bracers (Spends 100 rune ammo to protect you from 75% of damage for 30 seconds)
Krater of Might (Regenerates all low/mid-level ammo. From Hexen)
Lich Skull (Drains 75 health, but protects against 90% of damage, doubles the damage of your weapons, and doubles your speed for 30 seconds)

Amulet of Protection (25 armor points)
Mithril Helmet (50 armor points)
Shield of Darkness (100 armor points)
Enchanted Armor (200 armor points)

(Armor pickups are cumulative, up to 200 points)

Fireball spell (replaces the staff. Probably won't be in the demo)
Elven Wand (now has to be picked up)
Ethereal Crossbow (Unchanged)
Frost Fang (Ice-based weapon. Rapidly fires ice shards and fires large balls of ice, when powered up. Replaces the Dragon Claw)
Hellstaff (Unchanged)
Firemace (Slightly weaker, and the projectiles have better gravity/momentum values. Powered-up mode fires grenades)
Pheonix Rod (Unchanged)
Blood Scepter (Super shotgun-like unpowered attack, with a good rate of fire. Powered mode fires a single, powerful, explosive projectile. Monsters killed by the powered mode give the player 1/10th of their maximum health, to a maximum of 300 health. Uses rune ammo)

Map01: 5%
Monster list: 95%
DB Config: 0%
Weapons: 80%
Pickups: 60%

Resource is just about done, and I'm working on the first map, but the going is slow. I think after I finish the map, I'll release a small demo. I incorporated the player sounds from Heretic 2 in, I finished writing the terrain sound definitions for the 500 textures I'm using from Heretic, Hexen and Hexen 2 as well (which, for me, puts this mod past the point of simple cancellation :P), and I've finished a Doom Builder configuration.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to add player classes, but they wouldn't be as restrictive as Hexen's classes, but would still be distinctive (i.e., certain classes can't use certain armor pickups, certain classes can't use certain weapons (though they all use the same weapon pool), certain classes can't use certain pickups, etc.). It might turn out too Hexen-y, though. I'm also trying to get a sprite set more like Corvus from Heretic 2 (with the gold armor :D).

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At least not use [code] tags. [quote] tags would be fine.

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Quality vs Quantity.

From looking at your bad guy list, the first thing I thought was the later.

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@Gez: Ah, that was the problem, thank you. I haven't posted much, on the DoomWorld forums, so I wasn't aware of it's quirks (or lack of spoiler tags).

@Vermil: I made sure each monster on the list fits the setting very well, and most of them are heavily modified from the original, so you don't feel like you're fighting the same thing again (Eriance's Avatar, for example, is heavily modified, and only has one of it's original attacks).

Also, I like the make sure I have a good variety of monsters. Heretic didn't feel like it had enough, compared to Doom. ;)

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