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  1. Vermil

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I think the scene would look so much better if there were some brown rock areas on the textures, to match the mountains in the sky?
  2. Vermil

    DOOM 1 unopened, with collector card and poster

    Seems that shareware box correctly predicted Doom would be around for some time (the software of the future and we're still here playing it today)
  3. Vermil

    How much coke do you drink a day?

    About 5 years ago, I used to drink 2-3 litres of diet coke/diet fanta a day and it never did me any harm. But these days it's just water.
  4. Vermil

    Dehacked monster won't melee attack player

    IIRC Doom levels need at least 2 sectors for monsters to be able to attack the player.
  5. Vermil

    Keyboard only challenge

    I still play Doom single player with those controls.
  6. Vermil

    Why is Episode 1 so good?

    The engine was built around EP1. EP2 and onward were more built around the engine.
  7. Video games. Fast approaching 6000 or so currently.
  8. Vermil

    fake demons?

    Or use Lost souls outside the map, as they don't count toward kills in most ports?
  9. Vermil

    All time favorite strategy games post

    Starcraft and Warcraft 2 and 3 for me. Though C&C3 is also pretty good and I spent a long time playing it.
  10. My favorites are probably Doom, Quake, Heretic/HeXen, Toshinden and Shadow hearts My least favorites are probably Fifa and other realistic sports games.
  11. Vermil

    Sector lighting falloff

    Possibly Doom's fake contrast?
  12. I personally dislike reproductions. But then I am a collector.
  13. Vermil

    What's the most annoying Doom bug?

    Is the Mancubus fireball clipping bug an actual bug, or is it just because the hitbox for the fireball is so much smaller than the sprite, fooling alot of people?
  14. Vermil

    Monsters that you feel are undervalued

    I believe, a monster in Doom can only turn or fire, with priority always given to the former.