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  1. Sorry. I was in a bit of a rush
  2. 4 very brown square maps for Doomsday.
  3. I debate the Pain Elemental and/or Arch Vile as they add a need to charge into a fray, rather than run around the edges while all the other monsters bunch up in a ball.
  4. This should have probably been posted to the news forum ;) It's also a new model renderer capable of supporting a wide variety of modern model formats and features, not a completely new world renderer. 2.0 also marks the completion of the in-game UI; one can load/unload games, mods, pwads etc etc, within the engine itself; as a result Snowberry has been removed due to being obsolete. Full release notes for 2.0 can be found here:
  5. ZDoom quadrupled this distance versus Vanilla doom IIRC, saying it was due to higher screen resolutions making Vanilla's auto aim range look silly. IIRC there is no way to disable this change. As much as I hate to bad mouth a port, you'd be better off with almost any other port if you want a more Vanilla Doom like experience; Chocolate Doom for instance.
  6. I'm still around; thanks for posting new links. I'm also very proud that my old TC is still getting any attention. Thank you. These days. Dday has reached the point where it has the features to turn Corr7TC into a standard mod, as opposed to one that runs off a now ancient standalone version of Dday. However, Ddays various disabled features, due to the ongoing rewrite, since that time, would proceed to stop it working in modern Dday for the being. Also it turns out that what I thought was a variant of a Doom rendering hack I used extensively was actually a rendering hack specific to the rendering hack code used by Dday 1.8.x: Ddays rendering hack code has since been completely rewritten. I did actually get most of the way through a v1.3 that would have featured the demo versions unique level and the original Level29, back in the day, but I never finished it, believing the TC had been played by all those who would be interested it by that point any way and, as mentioned, it was getting on a bit by that point.
  7. To make it clear though; it's a new model renderer, not a completely new renderer :) An all new renderer is planned of course.
  8. To maybe be a bit rude, but I'm not convinced the yellow sky looks good in any of the screen shots posted so far, as it kind of looks a little dusk like, but the lighting on the map doesn't match it.
  9. Doomsday did offer such a feature in it's console (I think I state this almost every time a thread comes up about demo playback, as Dday's features often go unnoticed :p); I remain very surprised PRBoom+ doesn't seem to offer such a feature considering it's defacto choice for demo recording. But Dday uses a non standard demo format that was disabled in the fair past now, due to other elements of the engine being worked on. (as I imagine the feature is still there, just, well, disabled).
  10. It apparently came out the same month as Quake 2 in the U.K. Yeah it's a cool game, though dated even for the time of it's release (though it could run on very old computers as a result, perhaps the intention) that deserved more attention.
  11. It was released to retail on PC and as one might expect, it uses Steam.
  12. I ran Doom1 and 2 on a 386 when it first came out, that had 25 and 10mhz speed modes. It also had 4mb of ram. Of course, I can't remember at all how well they ran after all this time, but I don't recall any major issues at all. But back then, I didn't have anything to compare to.
  13. Agreed, here's to another year of Doom.
  14. I have, somehow, never made a tech base map (well got anywhere with making one) and I figure they don't look so fitting in other map themes.