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  1. I believe vanilla Doom and by extension any port, can handle unknown linetypes. It's unknown sector types and things that vanilla can't handle and thus may also crash a port.
  2. Enjoying it so far; played the E1 and E2 maps. Tiny nitpick, but I would say ammo was tight at the start of both the E1 and E2 maps, until I stumbled across the practically single box of shells accessible from the start area in both maps. Tiny mistake; on the E3 map, linedef 1433 is the wrong way round which prevents players from opening the red door from that side.
  3. Vermil

    HERETIC - Pantheon of War [Released]

    The maps are all very large scale, perhaps overly, and health was pretty rare. But lot's and lot's of opportunity to run around foes and cause infighting. I think the only non-vanilla Heretic features I noticed are the use of flats on walls and a MAPINFO lump to change the level names and sky to EP2's red sky. These are all supported by many source ports.
  4. Vermil

    Linetype 19 quirk?

    Thank you for the information and suggestions (I will try them and see how noticeable they are in game, worst comes to the worst, I will have to use the Boom linetype and write an XG definition for Dday that mimics said Boom linetype). I would have thought 'lower' would have meant it always lowered to the next lowest floor. The quirks of Doom.
  5. Vermil

    Linetype 19 quirk?

    I believe "w1 lower to nearest floor' is a boom linetype?
  6. Vermil

    Haunted real places by DOOM

    Reminds me of War of the worlds :p
  7. Vermil

    Linetype 19 quirk?

    I've probably just made a mapping mistake, but I can't understand why the sector in the attached example wad instantly raises instead of lowers to the height of the control sector outside the map? test.zip
  8. Vermil

    Linetype 19 quirk?

    Are there any quirks with vanilla Doom's linetype 19; 'W1 Floor lower to highest floor', that cause it to raise to the next highest floor instead of lower to the next lowest?
  9. Vermil

    Haunted real places by DOOM

    I always thought that a Spider Demon would be a lot larger relative to a house.
  10. Vermil

    Level design tropes you use

    It's actually just a 'side effect' of Doom's AI and monsters with no melee attack (well Caco's will perform a melee attack if they attempt to fire a projectile at close range, but hopefully you get what I mean; monsters with no melee attack like an Imp has).
  11. Vermil

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Battle arena Toshinden for PS1. As fun as always.
  12. Vermil

    What do you think DoomGuy couldn't win against?

    Heretic doesn't have fall damage ;)
  13. Vermil

    What do you think DoomGuy couldn't win against?

    A computers power button.
  14. Vermil

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (RELEASED!)

    I admit that some of the maps were a bit hit and miss, but it was interesting to play what is the first HeXen slaughter like map I can recall playing (the final map).