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  1. Sorry, forgot to upload that build: That one will have the preset support. A typical example: 3dge -iwad doom2.wad -file doom.wad -rotatemap -rumble
  2. Yeah, I noticed that too. Oh well, the team is sort of used to that now. ;( But, at least we are getting more positive feedback with each release, and the compatibility we are working towards supporting things like UDMF, GLSL shaders, rendering speedups, PK3 -- everything that will hopefully continue to keep EDGE relevant. :)
  3. Well EDGE enables true 3D thing rendering, and GADs just get placed via RTS for now (need to find a way to translate the GAD value to a z-position/TID via EDGE). And the score system will probably get lifted from Wolf3D or the like directly. Coding that system in DDF/RTS is doable, but very time consuming. Well, making ROTT maps in EDGE do not need to be confined to the ROTT format, and DOOM/EDGE/UDMF maps will do as it all gets translated to a 3D BSP all the same. But, stock ROTT maps will work differently as stock ROTT textures get rotated and the like (lines get translated, lots of translating lol). It'll all make sense once its in and working :)
  4. Wolf3D support has been there longer than ROTT, but I haven't tested it yet. There were some issues with the nodebuilder (TinyBSP) so I opted to work with the author of Map2Wad to have it convert the map into EDGE format (supporting specials like sliding doors) when the game loads. Everything else is already done, aside for the score system. Currently loading is disabled until Map2Wad is ready to be integrated. So, it does mean that user-made Wolf and ROTT maps will indeed work. GADs, though, will have to be positioned via RTS with a Z height (true 3D things), but from the sound of how TED did it, should be easier ;) One of the features I got working is an autoloader script, its really basic right now, but its a preset that you can define command-line switches, and soon, console variables. So, you could have the preset (called edge.preset) reside in the root directory and EDGE will always reference it when it starts up. I'm going to upload that devbuild tonight, so keep an eye out for it. ;)
  5. It is most likely related to this issue: Try disabling your antivirus so you can download it. It is a false-positive and not sure why it occurs, seeing as the crash reporter comes from Eternity, which doesn't trigger those programs (AVG, Avast). I use MalwareBytes, but again, you will most likely need to disable it temporarily. The EDGE forums are here for help and support. We also share a Discord server with ZDoom if you ever need live help or support, I'm always active in there as well as some of the other EDGE developers. Also, if there is any Linux developers that wouldn't mind lending us a hand - the engine compiles and runs. but there is no video output. Thinking its related to OpenGL. If you know how to debug such a thing, please let me know!
  6. Anyone else tend to get C and C++ mixed up? Maybe because EDGE, while C++, writes a lot of stuff using C style. So annoying when I make a dumb mistake like that, maybe it is my ADHD? Bleh, makes me feel like a novice sometimes :-(



    1. YukiRaven


      I kinda do occasionally, but I've always chalked that up to me not using those languages as much as others.

  7. @Julian Nechaevsky I hear you darling, EDGE's language parser is here on Git, so we would need to see what else we need for such a thing. I am definitely on board to support Cryllic, and the console font handler should be much simpler since it is image-based and not patch/string based. Send me a message and we could work on it, when you have free time of course :)
  8. @fabian I believe Julianna has also written, or at least refined, the Russian translations for EDGE recently <3 she's great at what she does, that's for sure ^_^
  9. I think EDGE 1.27 was the last release to work under DOS (if I remember correctly). Also was the last that had the software renderer before the team switched to OpenGL exclusively.
  10. ah, that's right! I'll start drafting out how that could potentially work in the next few weeks, I've been working tons of overtime at the hospital so not much time for EDGE between that and Violet. .
  11. But you are a core EDGE user, so your opinion matters more than people who have not, or rarely use, the source port. Well, that saves me a bit of draft work then :-) Did you mention at one point that RTS could use a style upgrade? Or maybe I'm mixing memories up :S
  12. I've been thinking and looking back on some of these older threads - I had a question of user preference. I've seen some people say DDF is "primitive" in the way it is written and "confusing". I've been toying with changing the style of it, namely using curly braces to open and close, converting stuff to lowercase - kind of like how DECORATE is written. Anyone interested in that or is the current style fine? It hasn't changed since 1998, really. I want to change up RTS to use curly braces for sure (better readability), but if anyone wants to see this for DDF then it could be a possibility.
  13. It can be done through pretty easily, we have a manual on how to use COAL for such an effect: Coal HUD Manual
  14. PK3 is supported in the official 2.1.0-Test3 release. See this tutorial page on the EDGEWiki for a guide. We also highly recommend you name the extension as an EPK (EDGE PacKage), which should be recognized by SLADE with their next release as well. All the same, PK3 works just fine, but EPK is recommended so EDGE-specific mods cannot be used by other source ports, to avoid confusion. You can see an example of how the directory structures are set up if you open up edge.epk in 7-zip or another utility (or you can rename the EPK extension to something the current versions of SLADE can open up, such as pk3). They are coming, as soon as I fix up some GL rendering/batching stuff first. ^_^ You have to be specific here. EDGE already has niche features that other ports do not have. =)
  15. Not of me, but my daughter Violet (who loves Wolf3D and DOOM, especially). <3 Happy Holidays Doomworld!!