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  1. Coraline

    EDGE-Classic v1.2.1 (Updated September 2022)

    It’s just EDGE; the old name was only put into place due to a gentleman’s agreement between my predecessor and myself at the time, which I respectfully honored. On that same note some years later, it’s been officially recognized as EDGE.
  2. Good to be back, finally got over my job stress, light depression, and housing move. Thought I was finished, glad to know that indeed wasn’t the case .. 😝

    Picking up where I last left off on EDGE, I’m ready to make the last bigger commits and some things that were promised but only half implemented at the time. And of course, cherry picking some good stuff from the Classic port w/o breaking EDGE.

    First full release since 2016? Didn’t realize it’s been that long…! 

  3. Coraline

    New Years Doom Resolutions

    Ramp up enthusiasm, get development moving again from my side, and work on a full release of EDGE. Hopefully. 😵‍💫
  4. Coraline

    EDGE-Classic v1.2.1 (Updated September 2022)

    @Yamato Keep in mind we also have The EDGE Wiki; and could easily add support and markers for EDGE-Classic. Just mentioning it if there is interest. With the exception of specific Edge-Classic additions that we might miss or take longer to merge upstream, things running in EDGE should largely still be compatible with 1.35/1.36. Of course however, Edge-Classic will retain most compatibility still 😎
  5. Coraline

    Windows 11 - anyone taken the plunge?

    I’ve been on 21H2 since September on my main Prod computer, but experienced much of it well before the release over the last year due to keeping my machines in the Fast Ring (Dev) Channel for Windows 10. Even if they weren’t explicit UI changes. Still in the Win11 fast ring and it’s only getting better! The overall speed of the OS is thankfully back to Windows 8.x levels of responsiveness and it’s a big difference. Thats also the reason that I also have a few Windows 8.1 machines I use for development and testing since it’s so damn snappy 😜 I also have Windows 11 installed on one of my work machines (Enterprise), which I’m really digging. Just bugs here and there with LSASS and stuff like that (MS is working on those), but overall I’m highly enjoying it.
  6. Coraline

    DSDhacked [unlimited everything]

    Lmfao - that’s pretty much me in real life too :P
  7. Coraline

    3dge sound broken

    Sorry for taking so long with this response. It appears you are using quite an old version, which did have audio issues at that time. Try the newest Development Build of the engine and let me know if sound is still broken.
  8. Three days ago was EDGE's 20th birthday! <3 What are your fondest memories of EDGE? What do you think about the current development builds of the engine, and do you believe it is heading in the right direction? Do you think there's still room for the port and the unique offerings it brings in 2021?


    Finally, if you haven't tried it lately, give it a spin!




    While I was working hard to try and get a release out in time for the celebration, I was of course unable to (day before was my daughter's 8th bday) and I feel like crap about that. Originally there was to be this big ol' thing and a new release with all bugs fixed and stuff but it just didn't end up working out like usual. We are a small team again and just can't always find the right time to all hook up and hammer things out together. So ya...always looking for help... :)



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    2. Lobo


      I remember I used to have to go an "internet bar" with a couple of diskettes to download DosDoom which later became EDGE.

    3. compy286


      I recently started mapping again for a project targeting EDGE and it's been pretty enjoyable for me. I played a lot of EDGE mods back in the day and remember it fondly. 


      The first mod I made for EDGE was for myself and my cousin, and it was a mod where some of the demon enemies dropped ammo for their own attack. We had several different weapons that all used the same punching animation but shot the different enemies attacks back at them. It was a really awesome feeling killing some of the demon type monsters and gaining some amount of ammo or "power" out of them, throwing imp fireballs at shotgunners & chaingunners, baron of hell attacks at pinkies, etc... It was even more awesome to be able to put that all together just by editing some text files. At the time I loved playing around with the Duke3D .con files, and was blown away that there was something like that for doom. 


      Anyways, I thought I'd share a memory that this post dislodged.

    4. Coraline


      That’s awesome @compy286! Sorry a bit late to respond, but I’d definitely be interested to see what you/the project/etc produce!

  9. Hey Doomworld - Low key, looking for beta testers for EDGE as we prepare for our first full release (at v2.2.0) in the coming month.

    It’s been over 2 years that we’ve been in bug crunching mode via DRDTeam and are confident EDGEs serious issues have been mostly addressed. There are way too many to list here that we’ve since fixed (everything from physics bugs to dehacked parsing) so I’m hoping the port speaks for itself in terms of our progress. We also release Linux devbuilds now, too.


    if it’s been awhile since you’ve tried EDGE, or have never played it before, get one of the current [url=https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/3dge/EDGE-x64-2.1.0pre-155-gb7b9af898.7z]development builds[/url] and give it a spin.

    Make sure you have an IWAD in the directory. If you wanna play with DOOM and DOOM2 at the same time, make sure both are present, and drag and drop Doom.WAD over EDGE. Or go all out and drag both Doom and Sigil together over the EXE for the full 6 episode experience - it’ll resolve Doom2.wad automatically. 😊


    You can report bugs or make suggestions either at our forums (http://tdgmods.net/smf) or at our Github (http://GitHub.com/3dfxdev/EDGE). Or you can always reach out via Discord, which ZDoom kindly hosts our channel via their server. Or just shoot me a message here on Doomworld. As we get closer to release we will eventually open up a thread here, too.


    Thanks to anyone interested and I hope everyone else finds some fun to be had with EDGE! 



  10. Coraline

    The Precipice (an 3DGE Project) on Idgames!

    Screenshots are looking very cool so far; I can’t wait to try the completed product! Also had some fun with the first demo so my hopes are high! On a side note, it’s definitely motivating for me to see community-based projects developed specifically for EDGE. Hopefully if all goes well this can become a slightly more normalized trend in the future! 💯
  11. Coraline

    The Precipice (an 3DGE Project) on Idgames!

    Just a quick reminder to use a development build ≥ March 22 2021 (Linux build here), as it fixes some issues with EDGE that it carried for the last few years.
  12. Coraline

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Mine is just of myself...about 9 years ago or so, when I looked decent.
  13. Coraline

    A Small Idea I don't think would kill to implement.

    We had a (wonky) form of this implemented at one point a few years back in EDGE, when we switched to using another cinematic rendering sub-system and different audio backend, using libASS/OALsoft/ffmpeg and subtitle files. In gameplay, IIRC they’d be optionally parsed through a new COAL backend that could seek through (for cinematics it worked natively for rendered videos), though it never got very far. One day I’ll have to revisit that if I ever get enough personal time or interest back.
  14. Dear Doomworld and EDGE-bois,


    My apologies about the lack of EDGE devbuilds lately - my time has been eaten up by my job, full-time single parenting, WFH, specifically I’m doing a universal  Win8.1 and Win10 IPU (from Win7 and Win8.0) for the hospital I work for, on about 3K endpoints with 1.5K different softwares and preTPM fuckery, Windows patching and ugghhhh ...during the COVID pandemic...talk about stress and OT out the ass. Plus raising my daughter by myself with online school at the same time... 🤪

    But regardless, it’s a passion project that led to my rapid promotion and current team...it’s not easy but at the same time, it’s an incredible passion project since WindowsNT first came into my life in enterprise... anyways, just wanted to explain that to everyone. EDGE is still placent in my heart and my passion is still there even if it seems I am quiet and not making a lot of releases.


    Tl:dr Be safe, wear a god-damn mask, be smart and get vaccinated when it is available! Positive vibes and love to my DW and EDGE families...xoxoxo ♥️❤️🙏😷😘