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Blackrock castle WIP

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This is my first map for Gzdoom. I've done only vanilla stuff before... so here are some WIP-pics.

Shortly after entering the map... I'ts cold out here.

Here's the entrance to the blackrock castle. Well, it's made of black rock.

Here's a view of the "welcome area".

This is looks really unpleasant place - how can I make it look even more unpleasant?

This room is actually the thing that gave me the idea of this cold place.

What's a castle without some lava? NOTHING!

Oh look, there's a generator. I wonder what it does.

Here's another external view. The mountains on the background are from Isle of Skye - the pic was taken during a holiday four years ago.

That's it so far. Maybe 50% done or so. I've no idea how long I'm still going to work with this :)


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Wow, that is looking awesome. Wouldn't mind to have a crack at this when its done. Although, the last image, with the gravestones, those don't look crash hot (Sprites?) possibly just to create them in 3D or such. Other than that, it looks great.

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Wasn't there a blackrock castle in Zpack?

This map looks great, but lacks some monsters ;)

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