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Mumford and Sons --great music--

Do you like Mumford and Sons?  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you like Mumford and Sons?

    • Mumford and who?
    • Hell yes!
    • umm.. they\'re okay I guess.
    • meh (or worse).

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I'm this }{ close to buying the tickets. If I do, I won't be able to eat next month. Should I buy them? $110 for a pair at Webster Hall in NYC. I mean, for my taste, the best kind of live music.

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Well, I bought two tickets for 5/18 at Webster Hall in NYC. $110. My good friend and roommate tells me we'll figure out rent later :D. I'm not going with my roommate. I need to find someone to go with. Not worried about that tho.

Aww.. y'all don't know what's good for the spirit and soul!

Ironically, when asking a friend yesterday if he wanted to go--he tells me he's going to a concert today in Hartford at .. Webster Hall, heh (different venue, same name). Disco Buscuits. Today, incidentally, is Spring Concert at my school. I could have had free tickets to it as a student and seen Ludacris and others. But I missed out, so nice consolation prize.

HB hears a small voice whisper in his head: nobody cares

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