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X-Com fan game based on Quake 2 tech.

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It doesn't IMO.

It tries to, but despite a very positive first impression I found it to be very boring after a couple of hours. Granted, this is most likely due to the fact that I know TFTD pretty much as well as I know Doom, so I didn't enjoy having to adapt to some of the differences.

Didn't like the interface much either, for some reason I was unable to scroll the screen downwards with the mouse cursor in the battlescape.

Some of the changes felt weird, like when I built an extra lab and living quarters (my usual opening) I could only hire 5 extra scientists instead of 10 which the lab should allow.

And for whichever reason the game runs slow as hell for me. It's Q2 ffs, I'd like to be able to zoom out more than halfway without bringing it down to a 10 fps crawl.

So yeah, I'd rather go back to TFTD or Jagged Alliance.

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I was ready to quit just after intercepting my first UFO. In X-Com you get to know the size and altitude of the UFO before interception. In this game you get zip, or that's what it seemed like. Instead of the normal X-Com interception battle screen I just got a dialog basically saying "Your interceptor done blowed up", I guess it was a big UFO.

Then the thing lands and after waiting the ten minutes for the game to load I'm shown some green and yellow polygonal puke, and then it crashed when I tried to scroll.

It's shit.

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Didn't crash for me per se, just quit to geoscape a couple of times during combat.

The complete lack of control over UFO interception is quite retarded.

The worst part is still the turn-based combat though. The maps are ridiculously small. A crashed UFO mission can be 3 map tiles - your ship, some trees, the UFO. I had a terror mission which loaded a map called 'Big City'. It had 4 map tiles - an empty lot, my ship, the ufo and a 4-storey car park with 3 aliens in it. The aliens are never in the ufo itself, even if it's a landed one. They rarely shoot at you, you have to stand in the open or corner one for them to attack. They almost never use grenades, and the can't hit shit with their guns. Your weapons tear them apart, and I mean the basic machine guns and grenade launchers you start with. So on and so forth.

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