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General Rainbow Bacon

GRB and Sid Productions: Heretic edition

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Played OK in Chocolate until I got to the indicated point, where the sky closed down onto the floor.

Not a bad start, good to see Heretic levels that are (mostly) vanilla and not full of heinous MEDIVLTX.WAD/BAK_LEG.WAD recolors.

Felt a bit "noob" in some ways, though, like the thin edge of the fencing (OK, I'm guilty of this myself in one of my older WADs), the lack of height variations (maybe have the dungeon be down some stairs? more enemies attacking from different floor levels?) and a tendency for "lol, pods can blow the monsters up!" situations (which might not be an entirely bad thing.)

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It was a fun little romp. The last fight can be kind of skipped... The map also seemed a little dark, I would consider adding some lit areas of the map to contrast with the darker stuff. Good fight choreography, even though the map was flat.

Since you had so many pod generators, perhaps consider using the pods as a mechanism to access a secret area. Like push them over the side of a cliff to fill in a moat or lava pit so you can reach a different part of the map.

I'd say the most challenging fight was the actual crypt itself. Almost feels like there should have been a few more antechambers and optional rooms in there, like burial plots for other members of the family. :p

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