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  1. haha google you guys. am I right????
  2. Shit, man. Bad news indeed
  3. We can assume you cleared out all cookies or cached data in case something got corrupted?
  4. Lars Ulrich - rhythm guitar Janis Joplin - cocaine hand-mirror Mos Eisley Cantina band - wind instruments Bill Ward - percussion Robert Plant - tambourine Ozzy Osbourne - harmonica Lead Belly - lead guitar Kurt Cobain - syringe Al Gore - backup vocals Nikola Tesla- disc jockey Grace Slick - vocals
  5. Easily one of the best hell skies I've ever seen. A mix of hell-city and hell-mountains while commiting itself to neither. Haven't played the whole map but I'll bookmark it for future consumption. "thumbs-up"
  6. He was a very cool dude, kind of a legend who found an additional avenue to keep his own legend being told through the years by joining the cast of Family Guy.
  7. making plans to go see them in Detroit, MI on July 12th 2017
  8. Sorry Hyperluke, I won't do it again!! :(
  9. I resurrect so hard it's not funny when I start dying. Then I stand next to a baron or something and let myself take a healthy rip and tear to mimic the health state I was at before death.
  10. It really sucks the demons killed ALL the dogs in the aftermath of the hell invasion, and somehow the Doom Marine doesn't have a taste for dog food anymore even though it's arguably what they were feeding him in the MREs he probably eats all the time There are many Doom textures appearing in Quake 1. In this screenshot there are 2 on display
  11. Do you possess items that once belonged to dead people? If so, what are they. I'm not talking about gifts, rather things that were in another person's possession, they died, and now you are holding onto them. I have a pair of socks and a pocketknife from a grandfather, both of which I use regularly. A couple of paintings my grandmother held onto. And a lamp that was given as a wedding present to them in 1950. I have not had these items for very long but perhaps the items you own have significance to you? Maybe you don't have enough physical space for junk and would like to keep it that way! Just let us know
  12. The only reason I would get one of these is if they were a good cat toy? what is the verdict on that
  14. Yea Catholic Church grows by leaps and bounds in Africa
  15. I agree we should not be revealing, now we know that popular threads started by 40oz can be deleted without a clue