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  1. Hope you've been well, Cupboard..

  2. yes. a lot of it is on youtube but I imagine some .lmp files exist on the interbutts.
  3. Cupboard

    Share a random fact about yourself

    does that mean you learn by doing? if so, then I also can only learn by doing when it is a mechanical, physical, or engineering task. I learn abstract concepts easily as long as they don't involve advanced math or calculus.
  4. Cupboard

    I wrote lyrics for a song called "Coke & Speed"

    holy god, that's EVERYTHING i need out of a Ramones cover song. "I'm spun like a spinach dip "this is exactly how I feel when I take lines of speed directly to my dome via nasal cavities. God damn that was really good, tho. xD btw,
  5. Cupboard

    Podcast Throwdown: Doom Radio vs. 40oz

    >mfw >yikes >I have no face
  6. Cupboard

    Podcast Throwdown: Doom Radio vs. 40oz

    wait what port are these guys even playing on? oda, zd, or zan?
  7. Cupboard

    The 13th Doctor is a woman.

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Cartman couldn't have said it any better (or differently)
  8. Cupboard

    The 13th Doctor is a woman.

    This show has been in existence forever. It's not a matter of pure chance they decided to pick a female lead. Go re-watch the original doZen (12) seasons if you truly require closure.
  9. Cupboard

    Let's talk about Quake 1!

    id Software became a lot more conscious of the audience they were bringing into the FPS genre. A lot of people had never played FPS before by the time they tried Quake and even more of them had never tried FPS by the time they picked up Quake 2. 3 flying enemies with weak attacks is basically a restatement of a lot of people who lacked hand-eye coordination to play FPS in the first place. How are they going to shoot at a flying semi-boss for example, when they can barely take out a Gladiator with a railgun? Also I don't think the Quad Damage is out of place. How do you make a Quake sequel without a Quad Damage? Quad Damage was just about the best thing that ever happened to Quake. And it was downright amazing in Quake 3. I admit the adrenaline addition is a bit underwhelming but Quake 2 is a long game, filled with hubs and splinter maps. They wanted you to hound the layout for secrets and powerups. The game was already easy enough, so why should adrenaline do anything more than give you +1 permanent health. If the game is easy, why is it anything to lust over, just skip the secrets and adrenaline pickups (which were almost always secretive)
  10. Cupboard

    Share a random fact about yourself

    You're a lot further along than me, Fonze. I don't even consider events where I *could* give away my trust. It's just not an option (most of the time). I'm not a computer in the fact I deny my trust every single time but it just never seems relevant to the context that I share things about myself to another person.
  11. Cupboard

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like spiders because they send some truly gross bugs to hell. I would rather have spiders than centipedes, the latter are so frickin fast and crawly they don't make me feel at easy even though they are harmless. I don't have any milipedes where I live but I probably wouldn't like them much. There are people who keep pet millipedes and they look cute in a terrarium and are incredibly interesting to watch them in a sequestered environment but something about them looks strange to me. Also I took an Insects and Ecology class in college and they basically tell you that relative to their size and genetics, insects are the dominant form of life on earth. There are tens of millions of different kinds of them, they are stronger than bacteria and parasites, they can survive ridiculous environments, they can pull weight that a human could never dream of lifting/pulling, they can be dropped off a table and think nothing about it, meanwhile a human falling off a skyscraper would be dead instantly. Falling off a table for a Madagascar Cockroach is like being dropped off an enormous sky scraper for a human. Now we could quibble that bacteria are the dominant form of life on earth but insects are truly more versatile in the things they can build, accomplish, they start wars with each other, they live in an uneasy alliance with humans since they control our food supply (pollination). It's true that without bacteria there could be no bugs but without bugs, bacteria would also have a much harder time being spread around the planet Earth. [/rant]
  12. Cupboard

    Let's talk about Quake 1!

    Quake is a good game, 5/5 quality. It was an extension of the Doom idea: great gameplay, great settings, no story. If Romero would have had more creative control over it, Quake would have been entirely different. But the team dynamics began to change, there wasn't enough time to make a super-ambitious game, and the budget wasn't stable enough for them to stay in development hell for too much longer. Romero definitely left his mark on Quake but the rest of the team contributed just as many ideas that were integral to the design. I never bothered with the expansion packs but I read they were great. I need to watch the Let's Play vids Quake 2 in my opinion is a much better game. There is actually a "story" and the locations all make sense. The levels all LOOK like something and the objective system was nice. Just basic and stripped down. And I liked the hub system. All the weapons from Quake 2 are generally better than their Quake counterparts, except for maybe the Nailgun, which would have fit in just fine if they chose to add it to Quake 2. The Reckoning is a magnificent expansion pack. Ground Zero was great. Juggernaut was poor but very memorable to me because I played it as a kid. There were another 2 expansion packs that were ambitious but poor and buggy, I only watched the Let's Play vids of those last 2. Quake 3 is probably a triumph. Quake 4 was great but quite similar to Doom 3. Quake 4 did abandon the claustrophobia of Doom 3 but the game dynamics were quite similar.
  13. Cupboard

    Post a picture of yourself!

    you picked the correct frames to compliment your features Jimi
  14. Cupboard

    Podcast Throwdown: Doom Radio vs. 40oz

    haha alflonzo it hasn't even been 6 days since teh OP and you already declare dishonor on his part? 2/14 go back to writing 2018 cacowards, tbqh.. xD
  15. Cupboard

    EXTREME Doomseeker Trolls

    I don't even think we're talking about getting gud anymore? Could you explain??