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  1. Well, the textures can either be plain or the textures themselves be part of the puzzle. Kind of like optical illusion textures. That's what I was thinking. Other than that, any textures are allowed.
  2. Yeah, I actually really like the ideas Sasha uses in the Tarrakanik maps. Sure they're out there, and crazy hard, but they're more like puzzles than conventional doom wads and aren't what you see everyday. Refreshing.
  3. So I've decided to start this thread dedicated to a community project of puzzle wads. Puzzle wads that aren't merely switch hunts, but require actual logic to figure out. I would like a new texture pack for this wad made, they don't have to be new textures just a dedicated pack used for this project. I don't have anything started yet because I literally just had the idea about 5 seconds ago. Just wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone was interested in making this with me. I'm guessing that puzzles would be made better/more interesting in UDMF/Hexen/zdoom. Vanilla/Limit-removing is fine if that's all you know how to use though. Once I get something down I'll put it here and we can get started. How do you do those tables with links to maps like in other community wads where everyone is in a list and the hyperlink is at the end to the map? Let's talk about this more and make something more unusual than we usually do. -GRB
  4. Well, I looked through Tarrakanik 3 and it's safe to say it's more insane than 1 or 2. So....
  5. I want to start a list of wads that are more puzzle oriented than combat oriented. Maps that have torch puzzles like the one in "Last Call" and similar stuff are what I mean. What are some that you guys can think of. They can be single wads, from compilations, parts of megawads , or you can even make new ones just for this topic. Thanks! -GRB
  6. Tarrakanik 3 just came out. Needs to be added.
  7. One of the best bands ever:
  8. How about this one?: Don't remember where I found it. Might have been here somewhere. also my wad: 1000 unheard screams, probably a 2 or 3.
  9. Yeah..
  10. Yeah, man I bit off more than I could chew on that one.
  11. That's a good idea Gez. I'm sick of seeing great map projects get ruined by shitty map 30's because the authors either don't care or think the map is way more awesome than it actually is. You know the ones.
  12. @ Not Jabba That's great, but the map needs to be tested just as much if not more than the other maps. They need to pull their heads out their asses and stop treating this map 30 like it's God's gift to doom and let it get tested just like everything else. What if the map sucks, but because Dobu's attached to the boss monster, no third party gets to put in helpful ideas? Just saying that not testing your shit is a bad idea.
  13. Final Beta huh? So where's map 30?
  14. ^ So now you want the demons in Doom to be like skinwalkers?
  15. I like secrets like those in e1m2 and e1m6 that allow you out into areas that you can only see from inside. If you're sharp enough you can figure out how to get outside and explore. Those are the most fun for me.