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  1. @ DoctorGenesis: Have you tried this:
  2. I like them both at different times. Sometimes I just want a few short maps to play on a break. Sometimes I want to carve out 6 hours of a day to play through one map. Depends on my mood.
  3. I like the changes Pegg suggested at the beginning of this thread. Can someone make these happen?
  4. @ Devalaous: I'm going to need a complete list of Mechadon's maps.
  5. Yeah classic 90s was what I was going for. Might make a few more small maps like this and make a pack. Did you find the secrets?
  6. Just a quick speedmap I made for Ultimate Doom. Runs on E1M1. Too small for screenshots. Kinda e3 and e4 styled. Enjoy! Demos welcome.
  7. Added! Also I just played through Brotherhood of Ruin: The Lost Temple, which was pretty awesome.
  8. I'm going to keep looking myself and add to the list as I find large maps.
  9. Updated the list, keep it going guys!
  10. Trying to compile a list of maps that are huge and epic or take a really long time to complete. They can be oldschool maps made in the 90's to stuff made yesterday. These are a few I know of: Castevil.wad Hellrun2.wad Jade Earth Vela Pax Doom Deja Vu Zdoom community map project 1 and 2 plansisphere 1 and 2 Foursite Deimos abandoned base #79 Okuplok (oku2v31) HolyHell Sunder Deus Vult The Last Sanctuary Can't Run From Evil Pt1 Cybersky Shaitan's Luck 32inchNails map 05 New Gothic mvnt 1 5till L1 Complex Eternal Doom Stardate 20x7 map 05 Scythe map 30 Scythe 2 map 30 Combat shock 2 map 05 slaughterfest 2012 map 28 and 30 Sunlust map 30 AV.wad map 20 Aeternum map 02 Brotherhood of Ruin : The Lost Temple UAC Vinur Prime Research Base 2complex Warpzone Coils of the Twisted Tale Eternal Slumber Party anything else?
  11. Guitarist here. Been playing for almost 19 years. Electric, Classical, and Flamenco guitar. Working on getting a group started so you'll hear my stuff soon.
  12. 1. Powerslave - Iron Maiden 2. Machine Head - Deep Purple 3. Blizzard of Oz - Ozzy Osbourne 4. Love At First Sting - Scorpions 5. Raised on Radio - Journey
  13. Yeah, So I'm going to try to play through as many wads as I can on NM. Let me know what you maps you want me to try. I want to start with maps from '94 to '97 ish. I'll post demos when I've finished a map.
  14. These are awesome! We need some maps behind these names now.
  15. Update in first post: