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  1. General Rainbow Bacon

    VALIS (32-Map Singleplayer Megawad) [beta]

    Wow! Screens look awesome. I really like shots 6 and the last two.
  2. General Rainbow Bacon

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    No, sadly not those either. Gotta say though, this gimmick is popular and all the maps you guys are finding look like good maps, do I sense a CP with this feature?
  3. General Rainbow Bacon

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    No, another good one though. It featured a lot of silver too I think, and you start at the south end of the map.
  4. General Rainbow Bacon

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    @Catpho No, good guess though. It's all one continuous map.
  5. General Rainbow Bacon

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I just looked at a map recently that was a techbase map that had two color schemes. Half the map was red themed, the other either green or blue themed. The theme changed happened even if it was in the middle of a room. I'm pretty sure it was in a community project, but I can't remember which wad. Really want to play the map and I've been looking through my wad folder banging my head against a wall looking for it. Anyone know the map?
  6. General Rainbow Bacon

    Give me three textures to make maps with!

    GRAYPOIS, LITEBLU4, and MARBFACE. Good luck!
  7. General Rainbow Bacon

    [UDMF][GZDoom] Floodhouse

    Looks good man. I'll check it out later tonight and give you a full report. FYI: In your OP you say a "softlock was reported, but you didn't find it and assume it's fixed." Don't do that. if you didn't find it ask the person who reported it for more details so you CAN find it. If you didn't do something, it's not fixed.
  8. General Rainbow Bacon

    Unhinged 2 (commercial) - Demo out! (v.3)

    Sweetness. Hoping for some truly unnerving stuff to happen. I mean other than real life.
  9. General Rainbow Bacon

    [MAP JAM WITH PRIZE] Hakros Pattern Editor

    It's fine now. I just added an exception for Windows Defender.
  10. General Rainbow Bacon

    Hell Renaissance : The Great Mindsucking Machine (WIP v.0.1)

    well, having chaingunners is fine, but making the player run such long distances to find cover just isn't going to be fun for most people. Maybe add more cover in the next iteration. Actually, I would leave some of the emptiness. It's really cool to just chill and look at scenery sometimes and then just when the player is convinced they're not going to get attacked, BAM! But definitely consider making some cool structures to explore and figure out some way to make those super long halls less boring. So with maps this size, you're just not going to be able to get the Plutonia feel unless you put a ton of monsters and stuff in. I'm definitely not suggesting you show mercy. Look at some of DobuGabuMaru's maps for some ideas on making relatively empty maps seem more interesting. I'm interested to see where you take this, and most of all make sure having fun with this.
  11. General Rainbow Bacon

    Hell Renaissance : The Great Mindsucking Machine (WIP v.0.1)

    Hey, I played through some of these (up to map 06). I really like the atmosphere of the maps. And the grand scale is really good. As others have pointed out, it's a bit empty in those large scale areas. Try adding something for players to look at or explore so they're not just running in one direction forever with nothing to do. On the gameplay side, you've got stuck monsters (baron on the right in "The Fall" in that underground area) and monsters that don't respond (former humans in the beginning of "The Cave"). Also, maps 04 and 05 have A LOT of chaingunners that you offer no cover from. Pretty universally this is going to piss people off. I'm not saying you didn't, but make sure you playtest your maps a bit before putting them here on the forum. Attention to detail goes a long way here. I'll play the next group of maps and get back to you. But this is a good start to what could be come an amazing mapping feat.
  12. General Rainbow Bacon

    MAPPING AT WARPSPEED - RC2.6 | PUSS IX - 32 Maps Alien Extravaganza!

    These look fantastic! Can't stress enough how awesome this series is. Also, speedmaps can also be defined as "made by someone while on speed", which some of these may be ;D
  13. General Rainbow Bacon

    [MAP JAM WITH PRIZE] Hakros Pattern Editor

    Check your code. Something is wrong in there. I understand that there's no virus there, but there for sure is something wonky going on.
  14. General Rainbow Bacon

    [MAP JAM WITH PRIZE] Hakros Pattern Editor

    So I'm getting that too. It only happened after I tried to start a new project. When I was just looking through the texture dat. It worked fine. Then all this Wacatac BS started. Then Windows defender deletes it. Getting to the Defender and clicking "allow on device" doesn't work either.
  15. General Rainbow Bacon

    Let's Go Caving

    I've got a few! Let's go all way back to '94 for the first one. Warning: Vertigo inducing screenshot ahead. Map e1m9 from Apocalyp.wad or "The Apocalypse Project" has always been a fascination for me. It was on those shovelware cds full of maps too including Maximum Doom. The interesting thing is this map wouldn't even run on old machines because of the height variations in this map. Just look at this: Next up. One from the IWADs. Who can forget the great cave area in TNT map 28? From CChest2 map 28 "No Room" has a lot of caving to do in it. From the long lava-filled hall here: To the long staircasing with platforming deep underground ending in a huge lava lake, this one has some really great cave scenes. Combat shock map 02 ends in room in a huge cave that quickly fills up with monsters. If it's the first time you're seeing something like it, it's quite awesome. There are A LOT more. But I'll let other people play too. Cheers!