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  1. Where can I download this map "the given" y'all are talking about? E: Found it
  2. Yeah, this map was a lot of fun. The final battle was a good challenge, I disagree that it is a luck based fight. You have to know how the monsters move to win. Really nice green/sewer area too.
  3. gzdoom will play them all. An easy way is to drag and drop the wad onto the .exe file. Or you can use a command prompt to load them up. gzdoomdir -file "wad.wad" then any other parameters you want to use. Some older maps weren't map 01 if you're trying single maps. Make sure you know the map #, the command line for that is "-warp xx" for doom 2, "-iwad doom.wad -warp e m" e = episode, m = mission. You must use a space.
  4. Looks amazing!
  5. And "Spawning Vats" isn't any less of a maze either after those. Also, doing what you did with the secret level in e1 may not work this time being that both the boss map and the secret map don't have much to them. Maybe using sections of e2m6 in the remakes of m8 and m9 would work.
  6. Just noticed you do something only zdoom can do in e1m4 with that room under room design for that one secret. You can still do the doors if you want, but this won't be boom compatible unless you do some remapping. Also, there are more switches you need freelook for so maybe when you do the rest of the episodes you can do them so they're boom compatible and just redo a few things in e1. No need to do the doors tonight. An actual problem now: In e1m6 the megasphere secret has a G1 switch that allows access. That's going to make people mad. Make it repeatable.
  7. You're also going to need to move the "shoot" switch in e1m4 for the lift to the blue key to make this boom compatible. no freelook in prboom+
  8. They need tags if you want the wad to run in PrBoom+, which there's nothing in it that won't allow it to except for the fact that you haven't included tags for those line actions. You don't use any scripting, new monsters, or weird line actions so you might as well add the tags and let people record demos for this. Also, I noticed that in the e1m3 final area, there are cacos stuck in the walls by the exit in the outside area. Of course if you do decide to do some scripting and stuff... The more ports you allow people to use to play this, the more enjoyable the wad is. one more thing, the way you're doing monster teleport boxes is the old fashioned way. You can just "merge sectors" to make rooms outside the playing area listenable by monsters.
  9. Yeah, the zdoomisms still aren't fixed btw. Your keyed doors need to have numbers other than "0" and the lines to open them need to have the same number. Just checked and map 01 still has "0" for the red door. Comb your wad for broken tags.
  10. Oh yeah, I haven't played since I mentioned the zdoomism stuff you needed to fix in map 1. I'll play again today since I have some free time again. I'd also go full blown doom 2 for the rest of the megawad and use everything at your disposal.
  11. Well, go back and do "military base" from e1, maybe you can make that map a kind of bridge to "shores" and then make "shores 2" maps 10 - 18. And so on. Don't skip the secret levels.
  12. I have concluded that this is going to be the best megawad... period.
  13. Prboom is a source port used to run doom wads. The issue happens with the red door in map 01. In Prboom+ it doesn't open, but in gzdoom (another source port) it works. You'll have to ask someone more knowledgeable why zdoom lets untagged stuff work, but you need a tag, and a target sector tag to make things work most of the time.
  14. You are however missing tags so that it works in PrBoom and the like. So go back and fix that stuff.
  15. Well. It's awesome! but... you left me hanging. Now I need the rest of the game with your "2" versions. Get to it!