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  1. General Rainbow Bacon

    Bloodified 2 Released!

    I can't find the original, can you link to the first one?
  2. General Rainbow Bacon

    The Howling Void

    The link is gone
  3. General Rainbow Bacon

    Doomiablo 0.2.0 - Diablo & DooM Crossover

    This looks amazing! Gotta come up with tons of magic/rare/unique items too. Any new powers for doomguy planned like the skill trees in Diablo?
  4. General Rainbow Bacon

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    Jenesis 2: Let There Be Doom Combat Shock 3: PTSD Nova 4: Supernova Reverie 2: Meditation Inquisitor 4: The Spanish Inquisition
  5. General Rainbow Bacon

    DOOM: Anomality

    Just make sure gameplay is good. A lot of projects that look great often suffer from shitty gameplay. Don't be one of those.
  6. This is a really neat idea. Maybe we will see more of this?
  7. General Rainbow Bacon

    Good horror movies that don't suck?

    The Ritual Train to Busan Raw Espinazo del Diablo (The Devil's Backbone) Baskin Veronica
  8. General Rainbow Bacon

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Started working on a map for this yesterday.
  9. General Rainbow Bacon

    Doom: The Golden Souls 2 | OUT NOW! | Current Ver: 1.3

    So far, this thing is a masterpiece. Only on "The Oriental Garden" yet, but loving it. Great work.
  10. General Rainbow Bacon

    Infernew, a Community Project

    I'm up to do a small map for this. I love hell maps.
  11. General Rainbow Bacon

    Struggle : Antaresian Legacy (now available in /idgames)

    @Terminus : No, it's not sadism. If you love the pain, it's masochism. :D
  12. General Rainbow Bacon

    Good Horror games

    Really? Nobody's mentiond "Amnesia: The Dark Decent" yet? Some crazy shit in that one. Also, the "Penumbra" Series is awesome. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is very good too.
  13. General Rainbow Bacon

    H.P. Lovecraft themed wads

    I had a few ideas that were already mentioned.
  14. General Rainbow Bacon

    Interception II (Complevel 9, Boom Megawad -- Accepting Playtesters!)

    Hey, the others I'll do will be map 18 and 10
  15. General Rainbow Bacon

    Scattered Evil for Hexen

    So this is awesome, but if you're on the world map and press escape, and try to go back, the game won't let you do anything.