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  1. General Rainbow Bacon

    5 minute map megawad demos -clvl 9

    I really don't remember much about these demos. I'll watch them again and see if it jogs my memory.
  2. General Rainbow Bacon

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 59: Watch out for Dracula!

    Hey look! A map. https://www.mediafire.com/file/txf8zw1uevqh2ud/ASS59_The_FullMoon_Facility.wad/file
  3. General Rainbow Bacon

    [ARTISTS NEEDED!] Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    @Dusty_Rhodes Sweet. Thanks! I'll also take 28 now that more slots opened up.
  4. General Rainbow Bacon

    [ARTISTS NEEDED!] Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    ^It looks like we need more map slots. How about it Dusty? I'm down to make a second myself. Maybe we go to 20 so the people who didn't get a slot can get one? If you do, I'd like to switch my entry to a map 18 slot. Thus freeing up 14 for anyone.
  5. General Rainbow Bacon

    [ARTISTS NEEDED!] Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    I'll grab map 14. CC1 and 2 were two of my favorite community wads way back. Excited for this!
  6. General Rainbow Bacon

    My progress to getting better at Doom

    I just finished playing through SOD myself. I may have some tips for a few of those maps when you decide to play it. There are some doozies.
  7. General Rainbow Bacon

    Haste – 17 Short, challenging Boom maps. From difficult to slaughter.

    This looks super fun and challenging. Been playing a bunch of slaughter lately like c-shock and newgothic so this is right there.
  8. General Rainbow Bacon

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    Ok, this sounds fun. I'm ready for a challenge.
  9. General Rainbow Bacon

    TNT : Overcharged BETA Big Update

    Just pistol started map 02 and loved that first fight with the AV. It's unexpected and a different usage of the monster that we don't normally see, and it's really not that hard IMO, it just requires a little bit of figuring out. I ran past into the next room and took out the two revenants first and then taking out the AV was fairly easy. The rest of the map looks pretty good too. Got to the return trip after getting the red key and got taken out by a revenant fireball when I wasn't paying attention. Seems like this is going to be a pretty good wad to me.
  10. Here's another one: Hell's Lost Alley: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bexfyyw0pd26xi1/25min2.wad/file
  11. Here's a 25 minute base/hell map for you all. Mapping was 25 minutes, testing another 5 ish. Beatable from pistol start. https://www.mediafire.com/file/wskhkwgkbmrms9y/25min1.wad/file
  12. General Rainbow Bacon

    GRB's short maps

    ^Yeah, I thought that two might be too many too. But it's the first map in the set and haven't balanced it for other difficulties yet as it was basically a 1 hr speedmap. If I get rid of the stairs completely and don't just make them larger and easier to navigate, what do you guys think would be better in that room?
  13. General Rainbow Bacon

    GRB's short maps

    Cool. Glad you liked the first version. I'll noodle around and see if I can fix all those little things. The update will be with SHM2.
  14. General Rainbow Bacon

    GRB's short maps

    I've been feeling like doing some speedmapping lately, so I'm going to put any small maps I create here. These will mostly be boom compatible with an emphasis on semi-slaughter gameplay and little to no detailing work. Here's the first one which is city themed: https://www.mediafire.com/file/25tp7t28pctj134/SHM1.wad/file
  15. General Rainbow Bacon

    Vrack 3 - space station wads

    Valiant and Lunatic are different things. I'll find more too. Fairly certain there are a bunch of community projects with other star-base maps. Actually SOD map 31 is a bit of a star-base. There's one I played a while back for zdoom that ends with you escaping on a giant starport pad, I forget which project it was in though.