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  1. Yeah..
  2. Yeah, man I bit off more than I could chew on that one.
  3. That's a good idea Gez. I'm sick of seeing great map projects get ruined by shitty map 30's because the authors either don't care or think the map is way more awesome than it actually is. You know the ones.
  4. @ Not Jabba That's great, but the map needs to be tested just as much if not more than the other maps. They need to pull their heads out their asses and stop treating this map 30 like it's God's gift to doom and let it get tested just like everything else. What if the map sucks, but because Dobu's attached to the boss monster, no third party gets to put in helpful ideas? Just saying that not testing your shit is a bad idea.
  5. Final Beta huh? So where's map 30?
  6. ^ So now you want the demons in Doom to be like skinwalkers?
  7. I like secrets like those in e1m2 and e1m6 that allow you out into areas that you can only see from inside. If you're sharp enough you can figure out how to get outside and explore. Those are the most fun for me.
  8. Hey I noticed a bunch of spelling errors in your map titles. If you send me your episode endscreen texts and all the current map names I can proof-read it all for you and send you back the corrections.
  9. What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pool? Bob What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pile of leaves? Russell Here's a longer one: A man is on mission with the foreign legion and gets to his post in the desert of Saudi Arabia. He notices there are no women at the camp and wonders what he's going to do for pleasure for his year there. He sees men go over to this guy with a donkey every now and then and figures that's just how things roll here, but he decides that's too dirty even for him. One day six months later, he can't take it anymore and busts out of his tent and goes over to the man with the donkey. He asks "How much to use the donkey?" and the man tells him "twenty US dollars", so the man hands over the money and gets up on a nearby stool and starts fucking the donkey. After he finishes, he wipes off the sweat and asks the guy "Was that good?", and the guy andswers, "Sure, yes, very good, but you know, the other men usually just ride it into town."
  10. Yes, map 02 is creepy indeed. The morgue in map 01 is too, the long corridor at the end of 01 is unnerving for some reason as well. I'd definitely like to see more maps from you. I'll keep you posted on my playthrough.
  11. One thing about map 01. In the hall after the first blue door you can gain access to, it's possible to walk over that floor that raises and backtrack locking you out of that next area. On level two now. Great stuff. These are some not small levels :D
  12. Played the first map. One of the best, most atmospheric doom experiences I've ever had. Excellent job so far. Reminded me of the first time I played Doom.
  13. Could you post a link to the wad in here so that I can look these over? No idea where to get it. I'll have another look at map 19.
  14. I remember a particularly evil trap where I walked into a room and empty monster closets opened and I was like "wtf!?" and then realized the trap was actually a crusher and I had very little time to get out of the way at that point.
  15. He finished another wad called "Somewhere in Time" or something that was a shortened version of this.