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  1. Yeah, that's true. I remember coming back to Maskim Xul after a hiatus and being completely bamboozled for a while. :P
  2. Doesn't seem too difficult, although having a crate with rotation frames is always gonna look a tad weird considering what we're used to. Just replace the chaingunner and swap the chaingun with what item you want dropped.
  3. Giving Lilith another go. It's, erm........it's a thing.
  4. Mapping outside of my comfort zone, mainly UDMF and Eternity. Should be a fun learning curve.
  5. I'll iron out the kinks as I slip back into the routine, I imagine.
  6. And of course it had to be a Halloween session. :P I reckon I'll keep this as 32. 31 can slip into the annals of legend as the ASS That Never Was.
  7. Well this blew up. Let's see: I swear I saw a 31st session thread when I searched. Did it not get off the ground? People have been asking me to bring back the sessions for quite a while now and you can essentially put this resurgence of the ASS down to peer pressure. :P I'm not looking to derail any of the newer sessions with this, I can promise you. Who knows, if you like we can work out some sort of tandem affair: we can discuss it in PM if you want. What Eris said. I'd definitely like to: feel free to give me suggestions for better times. Date is a little more difficult with Christmas around the corner though and I lack the preparation to arrange the dual session system that was put in place in my absence. And speaking of, if any of the old guard would like to try doing that system for this session I'd be more than happy to oblige. PM me! On a final note: turns out I've gotten my laptop back quicker than I expected, so I should be able to organize things with more time to spare. I'll be here if anyone has any other pressing concerns.
  8. oops Yes, after a long time in stasis (and a bit of nudging on the matter), the ASS is back! I will be holding a session on the 20th of December: the current time I have is 8PM EST, but considering I haven't done this in a while I'm open to changing the time to be a smidgen more suitable for other parties. The place will be the ASS Discord (or ASScord), which will be linked as soon as I can find the bloody thing. =D As the date approaches I'll be compiling a suitable texture set and collecting themes and restrictions we can use: I would encourage you to PM me any theme ideas you have, just to keep things interesting. If you have any questions about the event, I'll see about putting up some rules in the ASScord to direct you to at a later date. Now, I'm off to get the fan on my laptop fixed. A merry ASSmas to all!
  9. Yeah, I had the idea of including the original sprites at their original size without my alterations so people could use them with the same amount of versatility I enjoyed. Also agreed. =D
  10. ...Oh. Lemme get right on that. *Falls down a flight of stairs.* EDIT: Hm, I wonder if it's a possibility that the patch got copied over when I was using it in a particular texture. That aside, this might be a blessing in disguise: this way I can fix the odd bug that escaped my notice without needing to update the archive entry. Cheers for letting me know Eris! *Hums Life of Brian*
  11. Yeah, now that you mention it, the person behind those things really deserves more praise.
  12. A toast to Dobu Gabu Maru for MoTY! Extremely well deserved and has been for quite some time now.
  13. I seriously did not think there would be differing opinions about that last poll option. What is this, The Fountainhead? "Oooh, they're just misunderstood geniuses, we should bend over backwards to accommodate them!" All that does is give them reason to act worse because of the lack of consequences: I don't doubt that forums have been sunk before on the whim of one privileged tosspot.
  14. Yeah, that was a bit of a conundrum: I had the music from MAP06 of 32 Inch Nails as a placeholder and (despite it being a fine track) I was getting rather sick of it. The JimmyMIDI I found seemed to fit okay, but if you have any suggestions for a replacement I'd be more than happy to hear them. That aside, I'm glad you enjoyed my work. :)
  15. KNEE-DEEP IN KNEE-DEEP IN ZDOOM *Sobs in a corner*