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  1. I'm hoping there's an archive of PH loitering around: useful or not, there's some comedy gold to be found in there if you can hold your nose for long enough.
  2. What we have now is scarier than Post Hell: we have nothing. A void aching to be filled but never to be sated, where posts deemed unworthy are cast screaming into its fangless maw. Quake in fear mortals, for they can only delete our posts.
  3. I still consider myself lucky to have landed this username before it got snapped up by somebody else. I think I'll hold onto it. :)
  4. Heh, I made my contribution when I was still new to Doomworld and to be honest I'm perfectly fine with whatever you decide to do with it. Just don't overwork yourself too much on this Dobu. :)
  5. Oh shit, it's WXR! Good to see you guys are back into the swing of things. =D
  6. Maybe my enthusiasm about it comes from my perpetual blue balls about KDiKDiZD never being released, heh. I'm considering reformatting the textures myself so Joe can actually try mapping the damn thing, but if you reckon letting him figure out the textures himself will build more character then I can stay my hand. :P
  7. Either that or FF_START and F_END. I figured Joe knew that already.
  8. Shame he already won it a few years back. :P
  9. *Looks up* Ah yes, that old chestnut. Yeah, sometimes SLADE has some difficulty with flat conversion, but oddly enough I've found that the flats show up in Doom Builder anyway and restarting SLADE usually has the problem fix itself. Also considering you're only remaking one map I'd recommend removing the unused textures and flats with the Maintenance tool as opposed to converting all of them.
  10. In all honesty I reckon remaking a ZDoom map in Boom would be a much better use of your time: I did something similar years ago and it's a good technical exercise. If you actually manage to do it I'll be rather impressed.
  11. Thanks for the review man, much appreciated. :) And yeah, I watched a video playthrough of my map some time after I uploaded it and I really needed to add more ammunition. My bad, I guess.
  12. If you do end up using DeHackEd it'd probably be a good idea if I remake it from scratch: there's probably a heap of stuff I could do better. Let me know what your decision is. :)
  13. It was retired due to the expanding number of morons desperately pumping out inane garbage in order to purposefully win it, which kind of goes against why it was conceived in the first place. Maybe it'll come back now that most of the noise has died down, but I doubt it. Also +1 for Brigandine, it's an excellent map.
  14. See, Scifista gets it.