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  1. You were told by numerous people six years ago that this kind of behaviour was unacceptable. And do not act like this plagiarism was something that happened to you, this was something you actively engaged in for years while knowing that it wasn't the right thing to do. Your continued existence on these forums hinged upon your answer to Jimmy's comment and it seems clear to me that your only regret in all this was that you got caught. Thank you for the work you did in compiling that evidence @Jimmy.
  2. Obsidian

    Realistic Forest in Vanilla DOOM

    Honestly, same here.
  3. Obsidian

    Realistic Forest in Vanilla DOOM

    Yeah, actual transparent flats aren't something vanilla can do. Lemme show you what I mean. I popped FWATER1 and FLAT10 into Paint.net and set the water layer to 160 opacity. It's not perfect, but it has the potential to create a convincing enough effect in vanilla (with all the required animation, of course).
  4. Obsidian

    Realistic Forest in Vanilla DOOM

    Ah yep, so you're using untextured linedefs to simulate depth in the liquid sector: you could probably take it a step further and have a custom flat that just superimposes a transparent liquid flat onto some dirt or rocks to really sell the idea. It's a little janky-looking in practice (particularly in more modern ports), but honestly that just contributes to the charm. :P
  5. Updated the submission list! I'll be using it as my primary resource while I'm compiling, so please let me know if it has any errors.
  6. Welcome to the forums! Remember that if you need help on a specific topic, it's best to specify what it is in your initial post (and preferably the title as well): if it's to do with Doom, I'd recommend you post it in here to improve your chances of receiving a helpful answer. 👍

  7. Obsidian

    2023 Cacowards

    Too late Steve, the trolls have all logged out.
  8. Obsidian

    Abyssal Seasonal Shindig - WE BEGIN

    WE ARE LIVE! You have a full 72 hours to map and make merry! (Remember, this link only gives temporary membership)
  9. Obsidian

    Gold Coins?

    I would recommend you answer his question: I noticed you making a similar comment in another editing thread and then not divulging anything of value whatsoever. These threads are to help people, so if you're commenting in them you'd better be doing some helping.
  10. Obsidian

    Abyssal Seasonal Shindig - WE BEGIN

    Things will be kicking off soon! Here's a few screenshots to prepare you for what's in store.
  11. Obsidian

    What's in a Name?

    This one? See also Annegieren Pritzelary, which incidentally is in the same wad.
  12. Obsidian

    A WIP doom wad

    Just a quick tip: if you want people to play your maps, pop some screenshots in your OP to entice people in. 👍
  13. Obsidian

    What's in a Name?

    Gotta shout out Odyssey of Noises, it's a name that refuses to explain itself and just sounds compelling. I'm always a fan of names that suggest their intentions rather than directly stating them.
  14. Obsidian

    100% Vanilla Doom mapping - floor instant death?

    ...why even bring that up? The OP states that they've done this in UDMF numerous times already and is looking to accomplish it in vanilla.
  15. Obsidian

    100% Vanilla Doom mapping - floor instant death?

    The initial version replaced the Wolfenstein SS, but then I found out that its attack sounds are hard-coded into the game and for some reason play when they engage in any sort of melee attack: as such, the player's death was accompanied by a backing track of rapid shotgun blasts. :P I swapped it to the Commander Keen for the sake of expediency, but this kind of setup can be accomplished quite easily using other resources if you're looking to replace the Wolfenstein SS with something else.