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  1. Thanks for the title Ling! =D

    1. Albertoni


      Eh, it's a boring title. Deserving of a shrug at most.

    2. Obsidian


      *Shrugs violently*

    3. MrGlide


      what title?

    4. MrGlide


      oh never mind, I see it now.

  2. "Please be about left-handed Doomers, please be about left-handed Doomers..." "God fucking dammit."
  3. I'll be honest, I saw that typo and was expecting a Whispers of STARTAN-esque piss-take.
  4. Agreed. Y'all better have a Donate button when this is done, cause I am definitely sending you guys some hard earned cash.
  6. Just finished this! Very cool levels with some inventive little ideas: definitely dig all the bouncing around and hazards like the wool balls and ceiling anvils are nice additions. I will say however that the boss fights were kind of iffy: I'm a big fan of boss fights and these ones have issues to work out: That aside though, excellent mapset! Are we gonna get a trilogy, perchance? :P
  7. Holy crap, I'm 23.

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    2. MysteriousHaruko


      Congratulations,have a good birthday! 😊

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      Whoooooa, you're a fossil. Happy birthday! :]

    4. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R


      Birthday you say?

    5. Fonze


      Wow Ichor, grandma doesn't appear to have aged well.


      Happy birthday Obsidian :)

    6. Xyzzy01


      And I'm 19! Happy birthday, Obsidian!

    7. MrGlide


      Happy Birthday.

    8. Kapanyo


      Happy Birthdayy, Obs! ^^


    9. Yugiboy85


      Happy birthday man :D 

      Hope you have (or had) a great one :)

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      I thought you'd be older

  8. Welp, it's the 17th over here. GIVE WAD =D I can wait a few more hours, it's no biggie. And happy birthday Xyzzy01, from a fellow person born on the 17th :)
  9. *Sprinkles a good dozen Arch-Viles into a map with one hand* Hmmm, which one, which one...
  10. Well I thought MAP30 was pretty interesting. :P
  11. Snow maps, you say? The music's from E1M8 of Heretic. As tends to be de rigueur for my map releases, it's currently got no difficulty settings and is in dire need of testing. Bite me.
  12. Yeahh, the DeHackEd patch isn't compatible with gameplay mods. Maybe we should add that to the textfile.
  13. Erm...could you elaborate please? If you're referring to the plasma turret obituary, we're hoping to patch that at some point so it isn't so incongruous. If you actually saw the Wolfenstein SS used in the map, well....that might be a problem.
  14. The obituary is for ports that can support it (mostly ZDoom derivatives, but there may be others): WhackEd will crash if you open the patch, but all you need to do is delete the line in Notepad and it'll be up and running again. The external patch doesn't need it though on account of it being purely for vanilla compatibility, so you're better off opening that.
  15. Did some modding for something called Unitale (yes, it has to do with Undertale) and nowdays I'm modding The Binding of Isaac. Decent fun.