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  1. So yeah, I've just kinda lost momentum: I lost a day due to a trip outta town and I got set a fair bit behind by the 2 plonkers that were MAP15 and MAP32, so I might get off the ride here. It was fun.
  2. Shit, was this that thing you sent to me? Sorry, I'll check it out right now!
  3. I'd say it becomes excessive if the music takes up more than half of the overall filesize. Of course we aren't as limited nowdays with filesize as those who came before us so we can download pretty much whatever we want, but all the same I reckon half is a good measure regardless. Perhaps a third if you aren't feeling generous, heh.
  4. MAP32 - Have @ It: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no BOLLOCKS!" -Obsidian, 2017 You've no doubt heard of the term "balls to the wall". No doubt it's been often used to describe the action in this very game we hold so dear. A question remains unanswered though: what type of wall is it that the balls are pressed against? The wall of a rubber room? Well that's not very impactful. The wall of a log cabin? Too rustic. The Great Wall of China? I imagine that'd get some funny looks from the locals. Truly a question to stump the wisest of men. In this case though, I know exactly what type of wall we are dealing with. We are dealing with the wall of a dungeon, hewn from cold stone and adorned with iron manacles. Maybe those manacles are the very thing pinning our distressed testicles to the wall! Who knows what other horrors are being carried out on our poor abused scrotum, but whatever it is we cry out for more and relish the pain. This is what MAP32 of the Plutonia Revisited Community Project is, ladies and gentlemen: balls to the dungeon wall action. Of course, to expect anything otherwise from MAP32 of a Plutonia megawad would be folly: the dual monoliths of Go 2 It and Go 4 It loom overhead and the pressure to surpass would've weighed heavily on the mapper's mind. With that being said, I think this map does a fine job of embodying the hectic psychotic melees that its forefathers pioneered and perfected. I won't heavily compare the maps, seeing as it's been a long while since I've played Go 2 It and I haven't beaten Go 4 It yet, but by the general parameters this map succeeds admirably. Also: I used saves for this map too, because fuck you if you think I can punch through all of this bastard in one shot. Bite me. Gameplay is decidedly mental, favouring Arch-Viles to revitalize the hordes and Cyberdemons in the second half to turn Doomguy's green marine pants brown. There's a few around in the first half, but it isn't too difficult to lock them into infighting and neutralizing them that way. It's especially fun with the Pain Elementals that spawn in, although getting rid of the remaining Lost Souls feels like cleanup sometimes. Needless to say, I died a lot: I did my best to hold out, but eventually had to use the odd save here and there to avoid my eye twitching too erratically when I got pasted by a Cyb rocket for the umpteenth time (also hey, spellcheck recognizes the word umpteenth). I feel like there's a good likelihood in certain parts of the map where you can get caught between 2 mobs (or Cybs) in a pincer movement that cuts off your escape routes, which does mean that you may have to try these bits multiple times: I imagine I'd be much more annoyed at this map if I didn't start saving, heh. As it stands it isn't too hideously trial and error, although it borders on the edge sometimes. Ammo is plentiful, while the health is...slightly less so. It's still around, but you'll likely chew through it faster than a lawnmower through dandelions and the moments between revitalization can be pretty tense, especially with Cybs on the prowl. The final area is definitely the one that sticks out in my mind, for various reasons. As you can guess it's a bloody free-for-all, but the main threat is the good half-dozen Cyberdemons that constantly stalk you through the final arena, with another six waiting in the wings. It's crazy levels of tense and exciting and I'm glad that the map ended on the highest note it could. I do have one nitpick though: once you trigger the penultimate ambush the blue key bars that guard the tunnel come back down, effectively trapping you in the final area. In itself not unusual, but what irked me was the fact that you can't raise them again! I tend to explore maps more than play them and I've never been fond of the habit of locking parts of it away for good. Thankfully I'd already gotten the (hideously easy to find) secrets, but it still bugs me. As for visuals....well, I'd describe them as tasteful. That's the thing I've always liked about advanced vanilla maps, they do their best to get away with as much detail as they can while staying in limitations and the result is just enough to look good without being overbearing or garish. The E1M1 homage in particular tickled my fancy, I tell you what. So yes, Have @ It is an excellent callback to its predecessors. Now where did I leave my scrotum?
  6. Alright, looked at the screens and had a playthrough. It's pretty good considering it's an early piece of work, with some interesting locations. A few points though: -I found some visual errors: I've taken some screenshots of them for you at the bottom of this comment. -The backtracking is something I'm kinda iffy about, especially considering there aren't any new ambushes opened up for the way back. It helps that the way has a decent aesthetic to it, but it's best to not let the pace drop too low. -Nazis. It's just kinda dumb to use Nazis, heh. I'm not gonna rag on the gameplay or layout too much, considering this is an early effort and you'll learn more as you go along. All in all, it's a good start. :)
  7. Screenshots gentlemen, please.
  8. I feel like a trim texture wouldn't go amiss, but admittedly that's my pedantry talking and you might be only using stock textures. The flat could stand to be broken up by different ones as well so the whole thing doesn't look too uniform. Good stuff though, some nice looking cliffs there.
  9. MAP31 - Cyberdemon Vertigo: Ehhh....the general concept for this one is neat, but ruined by one particular hiccup that some have already mentioned: the door in the western room. I somehow skipped over a W1 linedef on entering the room and triggered it after opening the door, effectively sealing off progress and forcing me to use IDCLIP. It's a pretty irksome bug and did kind of make me leery of the rest of the map's progression, to the point that I ended up hopping into the secret exit without all the monsters killed in case I couldn't return. Another thing I noticed was the monster choices: obviously there's Cyberdemons, but I also noticed a more than generous amount of Archies populating the map. They kind of compete with the Cybs for screen time, to the point where you could theoretically toss this map in with the main 30 and it wouldn't be out of place. I dunno, I don't feel like the map really lived up to the Cyberden archetype. That aside though, the gameplay's nice. C+?
  10. Yeah, it is somewhat limited, but at the very least you can change the BFG ball to have the characteristics you want. Still leaves hitscan, but ah well.
  11. Not fond of my old work, hmm?


    Heh, to be fair I was more concerned with gimmicks and mechanics than gameplay in those days, so fair, albeit harsh, criticism.

    1. Myst.Haruko


      I didn't find anything broken or not working stuff. I hate to say that, but maybe it's time to use recomended ports, which won't break intended things. Yeah, it's sad to see cool stuff downgraded without telling why or trying to use other port for another gameplay and see if it's true before writing review. 

  12. If I remember correctly you can get around this by modifying the BFG to use 0 ammunition per shot and then setting the ammo for that to infinite.
  13. MAP15 - Enigma Helix: This. This. Thiiiiiiiiiis. First off: I did have to use saves to get through this one. Generally when I'm playing megawads I only use saves at the very beginning of each map and power through each one as it comes, but that wasn't working at all for this behemoth. So saves. I tried not to be too scummy with them, if it's any consolation. So yeah, holy heck this map. Definitely the largest and most populous map of the set so far and I don't see that changing (with one exception...). There's a lot to take in: the tasteful detailing, the sheer scale, the crazy setpieces and - oh, I don't know - the fact that it's STILL VANILLA COMPATIBLE! Holy shoot. Xaser, please donate your brain to me: forget science, they'll just put it in a fridge and then accidentally eat slices of it on a ham and egg sandwich. The most obvious comparison is to Neurosphere, but I'd argue that this goes above and beyond when it comes to carving out a niche for itself. I do have a few nitpicks however, starting with the secrets. For the most part they're decently hidden and can be found with enough sleuthing, but I can say for certain that I never would've found the secret exit without looking at the solution in this thread. Maybe like an arrow made of a different light level or something? The subsequent reveal was gore-gous though. The computer area map was strangely not all that helpful either, at least to me: it showed the lowered walkways to get to the megasphere, sure, but beyond that I had to follow my nose to actually raise them without the map's help. The other complaint is that...well, it's not really a Plutonia-esque map. It's a Xasermap. It's certainly stunning and fun to play, but it really does feel like the Plutonia theme was only used as a coat of brown paint rather than an integration into the map itself. I dunno, more skull switches? More emphasis on Revenants and Chaingunners? Definitely a smaller map, Plutonia maps aren't known for sticking around all that long. Like I said, nitpicks: I'm not gonna poo-poo this map for not being absolutely perfect unless I'm planning a one-way spelunking expedition up my own ass at a later date. It's damn fun, damn impressive and I enjoyed myself a lot despite breaking my no-saves rule. Let's see what MAP31 has for us...
  14. I was out all day on Saturday and haven't had a chance to catch up (screw you and your magnificent map Xaser), so I might lag behind for a bit. ANYWAY: MAP14 - Undertaker: This. This I like. This is Plutonia. Layout wise the map serves its purpose, with more of an emphasis on gameplay while still remaining functional. A lot of it seems to revolve around traps, from the Rev ambush at the start to the surprise teleport halfway and many others. I don't mind it too much: theoretically every trap is one you can bypass on your first go without foreknowledge or too much frustration. The beginning trap in particular is one that I admire for its simplicity: it's basically a sound-activated monster closet affair, which I don't think I've seen before. I'm kind of miffed I didn't think of it first, actually. :P The aforementioned teleporter trap is pretty good too, although on my first run through it I teleported back into it and got instantly splattered by the Cyberdemon that I'd let live: harumph. The rest are a bit more general, but still provide adequate challenge without getting annoying. T'was a lovely little romp.
  15. Don't download the original DeHackEd, it's remarkably outdated and I'm not even sure you can get it to work on Windows. Use WhackEd4, it's a lot easier. That website's a good find though: Enjay put it up as a general reference eons ago and it should still be useful despite how dated it is.