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Spider Trap: Single Map

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Download here.

Spider Trap is a short single-player ( though it has co-op starts ) map, tested in PrBoom with complevel 2 ( or whichever Doom v1.9 is ); I'm not certain if that's limit removing or not, but even if it is I'm pretty sure there's nothing keeping it from being run in vanilla Doom. Difficulty levels are included.

Some context: this map is a bit old, not too old but I can definitely see how the texturing is a bit lacking compared to some of my newer maps, plus I didn't do much to keep it from being too blocky which I believe I'm doing better at. Additionally, this was meant to be the first map of a small map set, but I then realized how odd it was for a map with such a strong concept to lead into maps that were fairly standard, so I've decided to just release this as a standalone. So if you're wondering why there're some items that seem to only be there for a following map that doesn't exist, that's why.

Music is taken from Bobby Prince's scrapped Doom tracks. I would've included a screenshot or two, but I feel like the most distinct part of the level is best experienced, not seen.

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Here's an FDA - The map's not half bad! I may have made life more difficult for myself by opening up multiple routes at the same time, but this is still in some part to the map's credit. Certainly it's not that strong a gimmick map, though, as only half the playing area has the player contend with the main problem: the rest of it plays mostly as standard fare and isn't that extraordinary. I had the most fun being accosted by the spider while trying to deal with the mess I created.

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Arctangent raises a good point about the titular trap; it doesn't really bother you half the time. The part where you receive the blue key had something of a feature I wanted to see more of, where two pillars which gave you cover from the "setpiece" lowered as a fight went on, making you more vulnerable.

Otherwise, the map was pretty fun to play! Some nice combat to boot and an open, very friendly design. Of the two secrets, one is standard fare while the other one is pretty clever at being hidden. The final portion, where you have to climb into the trap with your nemesis, is pretty tense, like jumping into shark-infested waters.

Overall it was a decent map with a memorable surprise right at the start!

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Allie said:

Arctangent raises a good point about the titular trap

I feel like you misread something somewhere. >> <<

Although given the posters in this thread are all single words that start with a capital A, I don't blame you. :P

Anyway, in hindsight that criticism is pretty obvious; initially when I was designing the map, I recall, the north section ( with the Pain Elemental ) was meant to be a sort of break from the spider, but I guess I went too heavy on the side routes, especially making them non-optional.

If I revisit the map, I'd probably remove the red key from the revenant room, replacing it with some goodie, and make a section on the eastern hallway that's behind a wall that opens up when you enter it, which provides a similar but different situation to the blue key room. That'd give it a bit of a flow of start - encounter with spider - small break from spider - reencounter with spider - mad break for exit or to clean up the rest of the map. Would let me sneak in another secret or two, too.

Really good to hear that I executed the map well besides that blunder, though!

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FDA. I've enjoyed the map, it was great for a casual game: Good atmosphere, pace and amount of challenge. Nothing more ambitious was needed than a central spider room and a couple of side rooms with traits like very steep staircases or traps - the map had a character. Well done.

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