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How To Make A Conveyor Belt?

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I Was Wondering How To Make A Floor In Certain Sectors Move Things.
Here Is An Example Of What Direction I Want The Enemies Being Pushed In:

If You Need Me To Be More Specific (If There's Any Way I Can XD),
Please Provide How I Can Be More Specific.

The Arrows Are Facing West As You See, But Are Directions Different In Game Than They Are In Editing Mode?

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Directions are the same in game as in editing mode, of course.

In Hexen/UDMF format, use Scroll_Floor, either on a linedef, or in ACS script, to affect the sector where the monsters are standing.

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for boom-compat there's the ever-awesome scrolling floor tags. Give a line action 253, tag it, and any sector with the same tag will push things on the ground in the direction of the linedef. There's also accelerative scrollers and lots of other fancy tricks (e.g. triggering the scroll stop/start from a player action), but I won't get into that (see: here and here if you're morbidly curious)

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Enderkevin13 said:

Wait, How Do I Exit Visual Mode In Slade3?

Try Q - that's the default key to toggle 3D mode.

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