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  1. Krispy

    user Malinku was murdered

    Sad to hear. A search of his post history brings up this short, poignant post in a thread titled "What will you leave behind?" Quite profound in light of what's happened. You never know when a question like this becomes relevant, I guess.
  2. Krispy

    Are these books valuable?

    I found these two books at a garage sale. They looked unique and I'd never seen them before. Are they collector's items?
  3. Krispy

    Piracy poll trifecta complete.

    You left out the two most relevant options: (*) WTF is DRM and why do I care? (*) Impse
  4. As a general rule of thumb, I always recommend that you do whatever the voices tell you. For real though, I can often hear my name being called out when I'm in a noisy place. Very common.
  5. Krispy

    Why is Apple such a piece of shit?

    I always wondered how design work is so popular on mac computers when the interface is so dumbed-down. I mean really, the ideal mac would have no keyboard or mouse- just one button that "just works" when you plug it in, so you could JO with your other hand while pushing the button on your mac and slurping down a soy late with a straw because you're sooo busy doing graphic design or whatever shit.
  6. Krispy


    $5 says he's a dentist.
  7. Krispy

    Weird psychos that end up in Post Hell

    I've been meaning to post a thread like this myself. I really think that there's something about this website that attracts assburgers and sociopaths. Like seriously, I'm 99% sure that the guy who posts a thread about jerking it to anime, or his asshole, or how gay the admins are and "f*ck doomworld because I don't care if I get banned" is in fact not a 12-year-old child but instead a fully grown man with a real mental disorder. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this just doesn't show up this often on other forums.
  8. Krispy


    By day I design electronics for an auto part supplier. By night I walk the streets and sell my body for outrageous prices.
  9. Krispy

    No Cracked games in the future .

    Whew. I thought for a second that there would be no more games that featured pirates. Can't wait until PirateSim2016 comes out after High Seas and Robot Pirate Island.
  10. Krispy

    Mapping Sins

    Switch-hunts and mazes. I got so many headaches from wandering around lost in bad shovelware maps that I get a headache like Pavlov's dog when I see that.
  11. Krispy

    Basic titles in Doomworld Forums

    There must be at least 5 threads like this out there that I've seen. Eventually everyone will be clamoring for a custom title and the thread will get locked. But I digress.
  12. That's a nice presentation you got there. I hear they've been looking for someone to promote to general manager. Keep it up and it just might be you!
  13. Krispy

    Let me draw you!

    ...he said, fully knowing he was never actually going to draw anything.
  14. Krispy

    new doomy things (probably)

    I love all of these drawings. It looks to me like the demons or satan or whoever made these creatures was trying to make something beautiful but they all ended up hideous out of sheer incompetence.
  15. That was just a mode made through Snapmap. y the obnoxious long quotes brah