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Hey, I'm back.

I came here to tell that I've released a new level set, but before doing that, I browsed around a little on recent posts here in the general forum. I must say that I feel sad for the extended level of decadency these forums have fallen into. Most of the posts I read seemed to be authored by the typical group of fourteen-year old children who seem to think that caps lock and grudging insults are a decent way to attract the attention they so desperately need. Pathetic, indeed. Actually I found witful posts here and there from the people I've known since the startup of these forums, but they seemed to be lonely and resigned.

Perhaps is it so that the throngs of young impatient gamers are flocking to Doomworld with the advent of the coming Doom III, causing a situation I've heard described at forum sites for more recent games such as Counter-strike. It isn't much to do about, really. I miss the time when the forums were new-started, where a decent discussion could be conducted without any serious risk of being flamed by some kid that had nothing to do but to cause ruckus about himself.

I hope that it really isn't as bad as it seems. I might have read "bad posts" by chance, but somehow I don't think so. I am nor trying to degrade anyone's freedom to express himself neither lecture anyone. See it as a simple expression of disgust.

And oh, as for the level set:


It's quite enjoyable, really - it's no small feat to finish it on UV. It is in the /newstuff directory also, which sadly is unavailable at the time. If you've played any of my levels, you might like these four.

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Good stuff dude. I like it. Glad to see you again. :)

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