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  1. Anyone says anything about my age, anything at all, I swear...
  2. Yup. Happened to me. I was wondering what was happening then I realized I wasn't logged in.
  3. stphrz

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    A lot of misinformation in this thread except for the instances of statements which were true. I'm not talking about the untrue statements which could be true in certain circumstances depending on the situation, just the statements that were never not untrue. All in all, very informative except the parts that weren't. Not informative I mean. You know what I mean?
  4. I'm eating one right now. This thread actually prompted me to go out and buy some eggs and some green onions. Mmmmmmmmmm.
  5. Dude. You say the exact same thing every goddamn time.
  6. Surprised no one posted this yet.
  7. stphrz

    Christmas wish list

    Power. Unlimited power. Failing that, a new coffee maker.
  8. stphrz

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    It was an accident. I sneezed when I was typing out my first name.
  9. stphrz

    Your opinion on Twitter?

  10. stphrz

    Fox News Is Staffed By Gibbering Lunatics

    This thread is a rollercoaster that only goes down.
  11. stphrz

    Eddie Van Halen has died

    Just caught this. Damn. Just damn. Another piece of news where I was grateful I was sitting down. Condolences to family, friends and fans. RIP.