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  1. stphrz

    weirdest monster behaviour you have seen ?

    I have seen a baron claw itself to death.
  2. stphrz

    Hooking modern gamers on DOOM

    I left because myk was a meanie back in the day and hurt my feelings. Actually, I kid. I just got a little bored and wandered off... I still check the forums sometimes just to see what's going on. Like now for instance.
  3. stphrz

    What Music Do You Listen To While Playing Doom?

    Enjay, I always liked you. Now I like you even more. I agree with you on this so much. In rock music sucking is not the worst sin, being boring is.
  4. stphrz

    The Jaguar Levels

    One of the most blatent is the room behind the right hand door at the start of e2m3. It's like he's colorblind and can't tell the difference between the various startan type textures. Another example is mt. erebus (e3m6). Every color in the rainbow on that map. Some people actually like this in an odd sort of way. Like me for example. :)
  5. stphrz

    Middle Eastern Levels?

    That was terrifying.
  6. stphrz

    Whats better - Psx or pc version of doom and why?

    In addition to what Enjay said another thing that pissed me off about Psx Doom: It's too damned dark and from what I can remember it has no gamma correction.
  7. stphrz

    Working on my first maps. Woo.

    Ah, don't worry about it. Don't kill yourself trying to make changes. That's the style of mapping that is popular right now. Your maps look nice enough that they will be well received by the community at large. Think of this first set of maps as practice, learning about construction and such. In your next map or set of maps try to concentrate more on gameplay and interconnectivity. To create a forest you first need to know how to make trees :) As for realism, don't get hung up on that. There are two kinds of realism. Real realism and Doom realism. Doom realism makes perfect sense in the context of the game itself but makes no sense at all in terms of real realism. Real realism is boring (imo) in the context of Doom. A prime example of this is E1M7 (Computer Station) of Ultimate Doom. Such a structure would never exist in real life. Any architect submitting plans for such a building would be fired :) Yet in game terms it is an amazingly fun and coherent map with great replayability.
  8. stphrz

    First wad: Appointment with Death

    What you need to do is ditch the gl port. Don't test with it. You will never learn how to properly construct a doom map that way. If your map renders properly in software and there are no errors then your map is solid. If it then fails to render properly in opengl then that is the fault of the gl port not in you or your map. What editor are you using? I'm asking because as I look at the error list Enjay posted I can't figure out how on earth so many unclosed sector and tag errors happened in a small simple map like yours. Either you're spoofing us or you are misunderstanding something about map construction at the most fundamental level. Until we figure out what that is I don't think you will be able to improve.
  9. Man that is one bigass map. I kept thinking, Jesus Christ how many monsters are in this thing. Then I hit the automap in zdoom and went "oh." What you have here is practically an entire episode packed into one map. I quite liked most of it. It does start to get a little tedious though. If it takes you an hour to finish imagine how long it takes someone who hasn't seen the level before. At least double I'd say. I also liked the classic episode 2/3 styling. The level of detail was a little sparse by today's standards but I'm ok with that. A lot of recent maps have way too much detail imo. A good level overall, I wish there were more like it being made, maybe a little smaller though.
  10. stphrz

    Finding textures that go together well

    Picking textures that have a similar theme (ie hellish with hellish, tech with tech etc.) is a good first step. I also like to employ the concept of combining textures with other textures of compementary color. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complementary_color
  11. stphrz

    Final Attempt to Get Heretic/Hexen GPL'd

    Too late. The FBI has Quasar in custody. Any replies/posts emails you see from him from this point on are being made by an undercover operative. :tinfoil:
  12. stphrz

    Looking for scary MIDI/MUS music for Doom

    Try here: http://canvaswerks.com/spookymidi.htm Google is your friend.
  13. stphrz

    Making buildings

    The best way to do a building is to make a big pillar/column inside the sector you want the building to be located. Then you simply build the interior in the void inside the pillar. You can of course make the pillar any size and shape you want. This also makes it very easy to make doors and windows linking the building's inside to the outer sector.
  14. stphrz

    Best game intro/ending

    If you are talking about FF III (North America) (FF VI in Japan) then I totally agree with you.
  15. stphrz

    Wads that wrote a page of history

    10 sectors wad, the product of the biggest and best editing competition in Doom's history. It brought greater technical understanding of Doom editing to the community. In my opinion this helped improve the overall quality of maps made after it.