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MTF Sergeant

Is it possible to update GZDoom on D-Touch using files from my PC?

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Ya will be soon, been on holiday last few weeks. 


Has version 1.9, latest master , was thinking to add 2.4 as the other stable release also? 

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Well, you can always add 2.4 in the next update. Unless it works great already? You know better than us :D

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21 hours ago, Voros said:

2.4 seems stable enough. 3.0, 3.1 etc. had a lot of weird bug reports.

I meant how well it works on Android

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On 18/09/2017 at 3:45 AM, MrD!zone said:

Would i be able to finally play project uber on d-touch in this latest release?

Seems to work, expect no music and some sfx appear missing. Using latest gzdoom master code.

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Well, a better approach would be to make a completely separate WAD, put your music replacements in that, and then load both it and the mod you want to replace the music for at the same time (mod going earlier, music WAD going later), but regardless, yeah, there's ways around lackluster music choices if you really gotta replace 'em.

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