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2002ADO demos [-complevel 3]

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Memfis said:

Episode 2 "Road to Eternity"
UV-Speed movie in 19:38

Awesome run, mistakes in E2M4 very funny to watch and very human, still you got faster time than me on E2M4 and saved more cells if I remember. E2M2 - fantastic, E2M5 also.

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NoobBait said:

E1M4 UV-Max in 3:34

Wow very fast playthough, beat both my record and DSDA record of 3:42. Actually I am sure that this map can be finished below 3:40.

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Go and record pa02, man :) The shotgunners ignore you as a target.

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You underestimate the chances of survivng in the courtyard. There is only 5 dangerous shotgunners and they start infighting easily. The hard part is room with caco and two shotgunners (I've attached some bloopers).
Or maybe you don't move fast enough with keyboard...


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Don't mind the ending on this one...

E2M3 UV-Max in 4:10

Edit: watch the one on the next page :D


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