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  1. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    My wad

    This time the inspiration is from Left 4 Dead 2. I haven't play Half-Life before even I know there's a chapter with this name. Anyway 3 screenshots of this map. This map is only halfway done, and it's a puzzle/trap based, base to hellish map.
  2. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    My wad

    Those Asian girls pictures are always my favorite, please don't ask me the reason of using it. XD
  3. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    My wad

    Nope, just keep it. But you can do the update with textures only, no change on monsters count.
  4. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    My wad

    I admit the file of my wad is somehow too big. I hope to reduce the size. Map04 "Base to Base X" is inspired from 2002 ADO E4M2 "Back to Base X", the monster placement is OK but the textures are somehow too colorful and ugly. 2 issues for improvement of this map. 1st delete all mancubus and spiders to fulfill the tradition of Doom 2, which spiders and mancubus appears the 1st time in Dead Simple. 2nd is to change the room of a room(Forgot which key, the square one with Audrey Hepburn pictures). I am really pleased with Map10 since the upgraded version is very beautiful, the remix music is so cool! This map inspires from Duke Nukem 3D E1M4 and Hellbound Map10, uses the same music. Next map I will improve is Map31 followed by Map21. Map21 the final YK room as a techbase isn't a good idea, I will change it to some sort of marble temple. All Maps (Except 31 and 32) from Map20 YK area onwards are hellish maps. Map01 is just straight forward, I planned for 2 parts. The beginning as the marine's residence in Taipei(With some pictures of Taiwan as decoration), with only 3 to 4 zombieman. 2nd part teleport to a base with some zombies, pinkies and imps. This will be a small map. Map06 will inspired from cs_siege from Counter Strike, and the traditional siege maps from Alien Vendetta and Speed of Doom. Map18 a Nukage treatment plant like Map10. Map26 I want a fire/marble/South-east Asia Peranakan style map, since the name is "Peranakan Nyonya Assassin". Map28 a Plutonia-Hellish map.
  5. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    My wad

    Long time since I post any threads here. I been making my own wad, I put all my recent maps into a file, including those designed for Slaughterfest 2013. I named my wad as "Asian Impact". My wad is unfinished, some of my maps needs upgrading and improvement since textures and monsters placement is unsatisfactory. Map20 "Questionable Ethics" is inspired from a map of Left 4 Dead 2. The 1st 2 episodes mainly takes place on Earth, 3rd episode takes place on hell. Map20 is a map full of of puzzles and is very dark, the YK area is the border of Earth and Hell. Hell episode actually starts from the YK area of Map20. I may think of using some remix music is good on my wad. Those Asian girls pictures are always my favorite, please don't ask me the reason of using it. Textures mainly from Community Chest 4, I also added some from Afterglow, the website of Doom textures. I decided to set the marine of this wad as a Taiwanese marine, this is going to be the 1st wad with an Asian marine as the protagonist. Lists of maps in my wad. *** are maps which upgrading and improvement not yet done. Map01: Inside out (On preparation. Music: From 2002ADO E2M2) Map02: Mansion of Pinkies (Music: E1M3 "Darkhalls" remix) Map04: Base to Base X *** (Music: From 2002ADO E4M2) Map06: Anti-Counter Siege (On preparation. Music: "Warsword.midi" from SOD, "Excalibur" from ROTT remix) Map07: Daiyu's Chamber(Will change name to "Simple Chamber of Daiyu". Music: Heretic's E1M9: The Graveyard) *** Map09: Lethal Poison LD50 (Music: From Plutonia Revisited Map11) Map10: Cliffside Toxic Dump(Music: "Waterworld" from Duke Nukem 3D remix) Map12: Metastasizing Slaughterfest *** (Music: "Mechanical Man" from Command & Conquer) Map13: Shanghai Massacre 1927 (Music: E2M6 "Sinister" remix) Map14: Biohazardous Quarantine (Music: From Sunder Map14) Map17: FCC Forensic Intoxication *** (Music: "Sneaky Snake" from Duke Nukem 3D) Map18: Nukage Cistern Underground (On preparation. Music: "Deathbells" from TNT) Map19: Benzaldehyde Processing *** (Music: "Future Military Conquest" from Duke Nukem 3D) Map20: Questionable Ethics (Under construction. Music: "Mišri Halek" remix from Alien Vendetta Map20) Map21: Helltime Nucleophilicity (Will change name to "Border of Satan's gate". Music: From Unholy Realms Map09) *** Map22: Transposon Hybridization / Reaper's Digest 2 (Music: The demons from Shawn's pen remix) Map25: Sarah's Fortress of Inferno / Vulcana 3 *** (Music: From Whispers of Satan Map25) Map26: Peranakan Nyonya Assassin (On preparation. Music: From Hell Revealed 2 Map26) Map28: Bloodite Dynamics (On preparation. Music: "Gut Wrencher" from Duke Nukem 3D) Map31: Taipower Cyber-Center *** (Music: From Death Tormention E4M6) Download link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/6t8uul
  6. Hellbound Map01 Max 4:12 hbn-01-412.zip
  7. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    Recorded Doom demos in Win 8

    Thanks for help! I finally solve this problem by changing the target in properties.
  8. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    Recorded Doom demos in Win 8

    Not very sure how to do, any example? I wanna put it in "My videos".
  9. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    Recorded Doom demos in Win 8

    I bought a new notebook on early July. However when I recorded a demo as a test, I couldn't found the recorded demo. I just use the same method as what I did recently, it should be locate in " C: (OS Drive) -> users -> (username)". Maybe a problem of Win 8? Maybe wrong directory? Please help! Thanks. C:\Windows\System32> PrBoom-plus location "iwad doom2.wad -skill 4 -warp 1 -complevel 2 -record X -file doom2.wad"
  10. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    Doomers That Disappeared

    The doomer I missed most is Qaatar. He disappeared without a trace, maybe because of his studies.........He study law in US and he's from Beijing, also the person who introduce Prboom to me. Bowserknight, not sure about him. Evocalvin still exists, he seldom play Doom but I do make contact with him in FB. He spend his lifetime cycling and hiking everywhere in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I also missed Okuplok90, where did he gone?
  11. I meet Megasonic023/Nevan from his Hell Revealed playthough years ago. Some of his playthough used various music from other wads and games, however I don't know where it from. I wonder if anyone know the origin of those music. All his Hell Revealed playthough can be find in his Megasonic023 youtube channel. Map01 - From dwango1? Map06 - ??? Map10 - I heard this music from a song but I forgot its name. Map14 - From Megaman X: Boomer Kuwanger(Tower Stage) Map16 - ??? Map19 - ??? Map20 - From Duke Nukem 3D "Plasma", same as Alien Vendetta Map10 Map21 - ??? Map22 - ??? Map23 - From dwango1? Map25 - ??? Map26 - From Memento Mori 2 Map07 Map27 - ??? Map28 - ???
  12. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    Any wads with ROTT-style music?

    Hell revealed contains a lot of ROTT music
  13. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    3 Wishes

    Becomes godlike Superhuman strength World peace
  14. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    What happens when you exit a level?

    I been asking this question since playing Doom. But what I think is, the Doomguy teleport outside the map and then monsters will stay unharmed. Think of it, if monsters won't stay alive, then the Doom marines can just kill them using that exit switch/panel/lindef! How about the teleport exit? Monsters should stay unharmed too! You may argue about why monsters won't teleport even the Doomguy do teleport, I think this is something relate to Doomguy's armor. Perhaps the armor have some kind of "device" that let the Doomguy teleport. Doomguy's armor is just very special!!! There's still 2 kinds of special exit, suicide exit and damaging exit. So how can the Doomguy exit? I may think of a "trap" or something, by giving monsters a false "image" that the Doomguy will melt to death, and then he will teleport when near death. The suicide exit is the same. When Doomguy died, he will probably teleport after a while. Where will he teleport? Perhaps the UAC Headquarters, marines will heal and revive him.
  15. Daiyu_Xiaoxiang

    Have YOU tried to make a one-man 32-map megaWAD?

    I hoped to design a megawad with all maps designed by myself. I had designed a few maps, with 2 maps planned and some maps unable to design due to lack of my own textures(Chinese architecture). The problems I have now are lack of knowledge designing textures, intermission screen, new status bar etc. The episodes, intermission screen, name of wad already planned.