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  1. ASD

    What was your Doom moment of the 2023?

    Ace engine demo wad by kgsws.
  2. ASD

    HAPPY 30TH!!!

    30 years? Wait till Doom turns 50 in 2043. Then we can talk about being old... Kiddin'. Happy 30th anniversary, Doom!
  3. ASD

    So, how old are you ?

    Happy birthday!
  4. ASD

    Possibility of an awesome Doom movie?

    I only need more kick-ass Doom action from whoever directed the "Fight Like Hell" -trailer.
  5. ASD

    Way to put Duke maps in Blood?

    Nice. The last time (10+ years ago) I checked, I couldn't find a single Blood E1M1 conversion for Duke3D except for an EDuke mod with Blood graphics.
  6. A fully completed episode 6 by the OGs: Michael Raymond-Judy, Eric C. Biessman and Tim Moore. Me too but I won't get my hopes up for a PS version this time. I think they've moved on to KEX. KYOPI1B.WAD They added freelook to ROTT:LE so that's likely. If this remaster gets approved, I would like them to dig up some early builds as well, if there is anything left.
  7. Demons are the coolest. Limitless scenarios, ethereal monsters from Hell, dark energy and magic, can use both zombies (possessed) and aliens (Spider Mastermind and Arachnotron), chainsaws and shotguns. Groovy.
  8. ASD

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    Crash Team Racing. Couldn't get into it 22 years ago. Still can't.
  9. ASD

    Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition

    Sold. I've played it a bit and liking the performance and the stick configurations, just like in the Quake remasters. The previous weapon button is also useful on a controller when I only need to use two weapons. What would make the gameplay great is a button bind for freelook with a toggle/hold option. Maybe add customizable speeds for the volte-face, from regular to instant. The music stops after player death but resumes on the menu or second death. Extra: add score and time attack modes with global leaderboards and demo recording.
  10. ASD

    Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition

    Does the PS4 version have online? I don't see it mentioned on the store.
  11. ASD

    Doom Year Zero

    Sounds like we're going back where it began. We'll see what they have to show on the 30th anniversary.
  12. ASD

    Hilarious discovery in an IWAD demo

    This part always confused me. At first I thought there was an obscure line action which triggered the door to open but later on realized it had something to do with sound travel. Just never bothered to find out. Another demo with dumb luck was shareware v1.8 demo1. Never gets old.