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  1. Joi was the winning map. The issue 1/1995 page reads: "One of the longest levels throughout the competition; playthrough goes on and on! Finished touch and excellent gameplay guaranteed the win. Juha gets 1000 marks in cash." That was quite the grand prize back then. 250mk wasn't bad either for a map like Yeah. It's also mentioned roughly 150 maps were played and "the best 20 competitors were really good". I wonder what those other 11 maps were like. "Pelit-wad" is mentioned on the 1/1995 page. I guess that's the same WAD found on Pelit-BBS.
  2. ASD

    So, how old are you ?

    Today, I joined the 30-year-old boomer club.
  3. Popular enough for someone uploading the first Heretic wad to idgames.
  4. ASD

    Redneck Rampage Remaster

    I would pay for a console port of RR with online mp.
  5. ASD

    Heretic monster item drops

    The items could function as essence, spells and charms used by the monsters. The Nitro Golems and Undead Warriors make most sense in this aspect since they seem to be powered up by those items. But then there's the Iron Lich with its Morph Ovum and Weredragon with its Ethereal Arrows that don't seem to have any connection with their respective items.
  6. It's a common thing for dead horned guys to emit blue light; Tchernobog from Blood, Corrupted Shinnok from MKX, the titan from Doom Eternal...
  7. Plasma. Don't like wasting precious cells when I can do more damage with the BFG9000.
  8. ASD

    Favourite menu music?

    Raptor. Cool and subdued song that goes well with the dark blue background art. I also like menu music for Cosmo, Wolf3D, Major Stryker, Duke Nukem II, Terminal Velocity and Death Rally.
  9. ASD

    How's your blizzard going?

    Mild but on Saturday, took a walk in flurry night. Storms are epic and relaxing.
  10. ASD

    Vote for your favorite planet!

    Venus is interesting. Also Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with their moons Miranda, Triton and Charon respectively. Ended up voting Mercury out of pity. At least you get a nice view of the Sun there.
  11. I saw a YT video of someone doing that on UV max demos but can't remember the title and uploader. Couldn't find it in search so I wonder if the vid is available at all.
  12. ASD

    Modern engine limitations

    Reflections because the GPUs can't draw that multiple scenes.
  13. But can we handle the banana factory accident?