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  1. The jump works in vanilla. Recorded a demo of it on DOS Heretic v1.3. E2M5JUMP.7z Just found out you can skip the green key in E2M3 and grab the blue key by using the wings.
  2. In E2M5, you can strafe-jump to the blue key platform without the green key. Also, I found this video: E3M1 can be finished without the keys by tornado jumping.
  3. E4M4 uses DMNMSK on automatic doors couple of times and E2M7 uses CHAINMAN on a secret door (linedef 963 & 964). In E4M9, there's a glowing sector of fire that doesn't damage the player.
  4. In older version, Iron Lich can be killed with 1 shot of the tomed mace.
  5. ASD

    What are your least favorite Duke Nukem 3D levels?

    I used to think there were no bad levels in the game. E2L10 has aged poorly and E3L9 DM is nothing but mindless pistol shooting in one room.
  6. ASD

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    - 4-player campaign coop where progress can be saved, similar to Shadow Warrior 2. - Remove the cumbersome weapon grinding and hide the upgrades in secrets instead. Or remove the upgrades altogether. - Classic secrets. Shootable walls that reveal secrets and connect to previous areas. Misaligned walls and timed switches.
  7. ASD

    Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    Killer games. I like to play through the first 3 episodes of Heretic sometimes but never bothered to finish Hexen, abandoning my playthrough in the 3rd episode despite many replays. The artwork of both the games are the best which remind me of a typical Japanese arcade game from the early 90s. Maybe it's the badass monster design and the generally gritty theme mixed with colorful effects. I have a single pwad for Heretic in works which only needs bug fixing and better pacing.
  8. ASD

    Where does Episode 2 take place?

    Recently I thought E2 base reminds me of a prison complex, particularly in E2M1 and E2M4-M6 where brick and concrete textures are common.
  9. The game would begin in a research facility and ancient ruins located in a jungle (Plutonia). Then most of the game takes place in a city and old town (Doom2) where environment is varied heights of rubble, fallen skyscrapers and hell craters. Near the end, the player goes to Hell where they battle demonic hordes and a boss. The player returns to Earth and fights the final boss at a congress building.
  10. ASD

    DooM Scenes

    You can also find what's left of his body.
  11. ASD

    DooM Scenes

    I made this 5 years ago.
  12. ASD

    The importance and use of skies in Doom

    I prefer skies that are easy on the eye, such as SKY1 of Doom2. Sky too bright distracts from details of the maps, particularly when shading is used.
  13. ASD

    About accurate?

    Who takes these comments seriously? MAP08 is good btw.
  14. The best part of map23 is the exit switch that takes you to map24.