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  1. This becomes a problem in maps like Downtown where the player is forced to plan a fixed route for grabbing the scattered items while gunning down monsters. Another downside is corpses blending with health- and armor bonus (the last rooms in E1M7).
  2. I can't enjoy watching a "max" run without 100% items. Treasure hunting should be a part of speedrunning.
  3. Aesthetic as hell. Now we should build doom levels irl.
  4. 5 years ago, I was making a Doom 2 map located in the Azure swimming hall. Didn't finish it and don't think I will in future.
  5. Maybe they'll do a bunch of new Doom2 CDs in 2019 for the 25th year celebration.
  6. Too many actors to handle.
  7. What does the health bonus taste like?
  8. You mean the modders using Blood's resources in Doom wads?
  9. That's ROTT.
  10. - The flashy sprites of Hellstaff projectiles. - Horizontal aim assist on projectile weapons, making hitting monsters behind walls difficult. - Poor long range fights. This does compensate for the lack of hitscan monsters though. - Game crashes sometimes when fighting Maulotaurs (tested in E4M2 and E5M8).
  11. I remember reading a DW article from 1998 that speculated what Doom 3 would be like. Does anyone have the link?
  12. The video title made me think of the void glide. Would've been too clever...
  13. Happy birthday to Chasm. Shall toxic flow and browns prevail in future.
  14. I remember playing a wad for ZDoom in 2006 where the second map took place on a giant cock island where the player fought monsters called "sausageguards".