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  1. I always thought the player was "caught" in blood in this map or maybe Romero found surprise attacking sergeants fun like in E3M6. What are doomers' thoughts on this map anyways? Besides the boss duel, the map plays like a closed E3M6 with obscure secrets.
  2. Heretic E3M6: the halls of fear. Before I had the registered version of the game, I looked at the screenshots in DoomGate where the name stuck.
  3. I think Wrack and ROTT '13 already popularized this trend. It's like those "retro" 2D platformers published by Devolver Digital and others that play nothing like the real classics.
  4. Best E3M6 - Most aesthetic map with striking colors. Runners up E1M2 - Straightforward shooting with many ambushes and traps to avoid. Typical "crazy" second level. E1M6 - I recognize this map maybe a bit too well. When I was new to the game, I spent like 2 weeks trying to find that switch in the green key room. E2M2 - Map that connects both styles of E1 and E2. Worst E5M4 - Most generic and forgettable.
  5. I think that song goes well with the map. It sounds like a machine but also makes me think of a clash with steel.
  6. Most of the tracks are equally good so it's hard to pick one. Best: E1M1. E1M2 and E2M2 are close contenders. Worst: E3M2 would've been good but ends abruptly so it's the weakest. I prefer Sound Blaster music.
  7. This sub-forum is already filled with user WAD topics.
  8. I've thought If I was a storywriter, I depict the antagonist as a human dictator who sides with an ancient cyberspace/AI and attempt to take over the world.
  9. Limit the playing space with chasms and add more cover and smaller buildings on the way. This makes the design more compact while giving an opportunity for long range fights from spots overlooking the map. Using only flat land and squares like Downtown removes the flow and makes the map feel like a roadtrip. Also, take note of auto-aim distance.
  10. Your game is rigged.
  11. It was tough in UV single player but started to like it more in coop. The violent jungle themes of maps 1-3 were good but what I liked the most were the brown brick textures and SKY3, giving an apocalyptic look in MAP29. Fav maps are 23, 28 and 29. Most of E2 is meh.
  12. I have a vivid memory of controlling Atomic Runner on Sega Mega Drive back in 1995(?) when I was 2 or 3.
  13. The overuse of edgy woodmetal + orange sky -theme. I'd rather play a dull indoors map with GRAYTALL textures.