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  1. jerrysheppy

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    So far I've dutifully started a new map each day. None of them has yet to include an exit trigger, let alone silly things like "monsters" or "ammo", so my chances for finishing Nanowadmo according to the letter of the rules isn't looking good. That said, I'm making a lot of interesting layouts if nothing else. I could see this becoming a handful of actual maps at some point.
  2. jerrysheppy

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    So far I've been having trouble actually getting a proper map completed per day, since I get dragged down into detailing and using special effects (which I ironically am not skilled enough to use properly, thus making it completely pointless).
  3. jerrysheppy

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    Wow, you must be way ahead of me time wise. Are you doing them all in a single map file?
  4. jerrysheppy

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    Sign me up. Worst that can happen is I'll have to bail out.
  5. jerrysheppy

    Best community project leader?

    I mean yeah this comes across as a subtweet of the Infernew drama, but really, isn't a relatively high-profile incident of questionable project management a good time to talk about good project managers (and why they're good and what that says about good project management)? But anyway I really agree with @Phobus on this. Especially TGH, not necessarily because the actual project was better than any other (it was certainly excellent but I'd put the two released BTSX episodes a little higher, for instance), but rather because of what a good salvage job it was. As far as project managers I've personally worked under, well, there's only been one successful project that I've tried to contribute to, namely the pcorf community project. And pcorf managed to put everything together in a reasonable amount of time, with decent quality controls, and without ruffling any feathers as far as I could see. I'd definitely "work for" him again.
  6. In... well, not really in defense of bonnie, but in the interest of fairness, the critiques that bonnie made of my map were decent and in some cases improved it. They were presented in a way that was, let's say, sometimes unnecessarily lacking in pleasantry; but, in my case, they weren't completely wrongheaded. That said, I also looked at the way bonnie was treating some of the other folks. In particular, I think it was @sarge945-- whoever had the Hell Keep inspired map that was one of the earliest maps to be rudely booted from the project despite myself and other folks not seeing what the hell (heh) was wrong with it-- that made me lose confidence that it was likely to be a pleasant experience or that I would be able to revise my map in a way that would ultimately be up to bonnie's (seemingly idiosyncratic) standards for what qualified as an Inferno-inspired map. In hindsight this seems to have been part of the same trend as NaZa's second map, though unlike Sarge's, I haven't played NaZa's. So that was when I bailed. Weird as it seems to say it, the coming out into the light of this remaining drama has actually been a bit of a relief for me, since it confirms for me that I wasn't actually being overly sensitive and was in fact seeing the writing on the wall of what would become a problem for others as well.
  7. Well, the good news in that regard would be that there's an ample supply of e3-inspired maps that are now left without a home. Someone who could get those mappers onboard would have a head start on releasing something!
  8. jerrysheppy

    The Oasis - A single ZDoom map (RELEASED)

    Tried this. Looks good and played decently well. Couple of thoughts-- 1) Killing the player if they try jumping down down the second tier of the lavafalls in the red key room (after they've already dropped down one fall with no harm) is a bit of a dick move. Just make an invisible wall there if you want to stop them from going further, or a teleport back up. 2) The animations in the last room, where the lava is trickling down the cracks on the walls, seemed like they were running too fast-- almost like strobing on and off. Come to think of it, the lavafall animations may have been running faster than they ought to, also, but it was less obvious there since freely falling vertical lava can reasonably move faster than lava oozing along horizontal cracks and stuff. Anyway, if I were you, I'd go into your animdefs and increase the time between frames by double or more. But that would just be my preference.
  9. jerrysheppy

    OTEX texture set to be released December 10, 2018

    Super interesting! And still super looking forward to seeing the whole set and playing all the stuff that will be made with them. :)
  10. jerrysheppy

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    Ah, yeah, that makes sense (and I learned a new word today, cheers!). Yeah, it's the sort of thing one wants a specific texture for, I think, at least if you want to capture the "interlocking" look that seems to characterize a proper quoin. I know it's academic in your case, but I was thinking that if you *did* just want to have a simple column of different-looking blocks at the corners or ends of a wall, what you'd want to do is make sure it was a texture with crisp, distinct edges, same as with any other purpose-tailored support or border texture: But yeah, thanks for taking my critiques so well and sorry for my apparently poor taste in graphic options ;D
  11. jerrysheppy

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    (spoiled above are a bunch of screenshots I took of what seemed like small texture/detail mishaps, behind a spoiler so as not to make everyone load the images) Anyway, I can't really add anything to what other people have already gushed about the architecture, detail, the new textures and decorations, etc. It's all fabulous and I want to play a megawad of your maps. No pressure. At the risk of being super nerdy about it, I'm really curious (in a good way) what this place's deal is. The architecture would all be right at home in Hell, but the sky and the natural landscape outside both suggest a much more prosaic plane of existence. Maybe this is a terrestrial monastery whose dark cultists kept mortaring their walls with freshly slaughtered corpses until it tore open a hole in reality and their demonic masters spilled through and finished the job? Are we following that portal back to Hell at the end of the map? It might be a nice detail to use a sky transfer to make the portal show a Hell sky rather than the same grey one. The texture and detail usage is obviously the most eye-catching part, but I really appreciate what good use you make of the map layout as well. Twisting, turning, things connected back together later in the map. It all looks natural and freeform yet fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. And the fact that you throw twists into tasks that other mappers might have made more straightforward, like getting the first SSG or getting the backpack secret. Was there a non-secret plasma gun that I missed? I got a bunch of cells before entering the final arena but didn't yet have a weapon to use them with. It made me realize that I'd never gotten that secret plasma gun that I'd seen much earlier, so I went back and worked out how to get it. Granted, I probably didn't need it to beat the rest of the map. (Incidentally, I love that PG secret-- makes you think a little and use the automap, but super straightforward once you do.) Fantastic work, my dude(?).
  12. jerrysheppy

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    In addition to @Dragonfly's and @Bauul's excellent examples, I also thought of this thread which is all about making PBR for the id textures, with (IMO) excellent results. I think these examples show pretty conclusively that the problems with hideous graphics like the ones in the OP aren't that they have PBR or whatever other advanced effects, but that they just don't get the principles of good Doomy graphics in the first place. Focusing on the PBR as the cause of their badness is a red herring. Which I think is what Cage was saying in their own excellent post. And yes, I'm using the word excellent a lot in this post, but there's a lot of excellence out there, both in texturing and in posting. :)
  13. how has this altered "what things mean" like literally, the only way this could possibly be a case of "altering what things mean" is if the association with human slavery is somehow relevant to the "meaning" of a particular python process.
  14. me: I don't like onions on my hamburger, can you please make mine without waiter: certainly, sir waiter (later, in the kitchen): fucking customers strong-arming us into making hamburgers a different way
  15. Gotta say that it's a pretty big jump from "it would be nice" and "there have been complaints" to "they are being strong-armed". Businesses and organizations disregard complaints all the goddamn time if they don't think those complaints are valid.