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  1. jerrysheppy

    Cursed Doom Images

    Weird sprite and maybe the liquids aside (at the very least you'd want to redo liquid-falls to match the liquids), that actually is on the verge of looking good to me.
  2. jerrysheppy

    Cursed Doom Images

    I have questions.
  3. jerrysheppy

    Would the original Doom levels stand out today?

    Do you mean aesthetically or thematically or quality-wise or what? Because I think you're really overestimating the level of consistency in Doom 2 if you say this. It might not be that much less consistent than E2/E3, but they demonstrate me their themes ("corrupted Martian moon base" and "surreal hell", respectively) in a way that feels much more coherent than Doom 2 shows me "spaceport" and "city", or its own hell episode for that matter. Likewise, for better or for worse I can buy that e2/e3 were pretty much the vision of one person (Tom Hall's beginnings notwithstanding), whereas I can't buy the same thing about Doom 2's episodes, because again for better or for worse, they weren't the vision of one person.
  4. jerrysheppy


    I feel that, man.
  5. jerrysheppy

    Would the original Doom levels stand out today?

    Taking the premise at face value: would mean that the actual earliest Doom levels that anyone would have memory of would be user WADs from circa 1994. In other words, mostly crap; sometimes oddly charming crap, but crap. So I'd wager someone's response to the IWAD levels would be "When did you say these maps were from? 93-94? Wow, this is way better than most of the stuff from then."
  6. jerrysheppy

    good MBF Community Projects?

    I have to point out that since your list isn't organized by (or even annotated with) sourceport format, it's unlikely to be of any use to OP. That might be a good thing to add, though.
  7. jerrysheppy

    Hell Unearthed - 6 DOOM 2 Limit Removing Maps

    Agreeing with everyone else that those screenshots look exquisite. You've really pushed the vanilla textures to their utmost, it seems.
  8. jerrysheppy

    How controversial can wads get?

    I mean... walking simulators are games! I think the wrong turn is in accepting the premise that "gameplay" only consists of inserting shotgun shell A into imp B. But this is probably a different thread.
  9. jerrysheppy

    Ultimate WAD List

    I think I missed this release.
  10. I'm interested (as well as practically invested in) the concept of simple yet aesthetically pleasing detail in Doom maps, especially as it relates to sprucing up blank or empty areas. Most mappers have at some point been confronted with a boring part of a room or hallway and needed to toss something at it to keep it from being just a featureless expanse of brick, marble, or STAR*. Now, you could always go gonads-out and turn it into a massive setpiece with enough vertices to make Bridgeburner blush, but I'm not talking about that here. What I'm interested in is efficiency—how do you make something look less bland, without getting bogged down? The classic (and often perfectly satisfactory) approach is just to make a little inset of some sort, with some sort of interesting or contrasting texture, and put some trim textures around it. Nail some poor shmuck's remains to the wall, put some trim around it (in this case lights for better corpse-viewing), and Bob's your uncle: But sometimes a space will suggest something less expected, even if still simple. This lowered hallway between two walkways suited this cross very nicely, if I do say so myself! Sometimes the texture artist is kind enough to provide options for trim/transitions besides just putting lights or support textures everywhere. (Thanks, Ukiro!) In addition, the simple expedient of tweaking the ceiling with the slope handle tool had an outsized effect on the visual interest of this short hallway, if you ask me. I'd like to see others share things they've done to give that wall, corner or ceiling a little extra something-something! Even if it's just the same old inset computer panel or demonic face, if you're happy with how it turned out, show me! Or post some of your favorite simple detailing from a WAD you've played.
  11. There's someone who was doing a heavily modded playthrough of RAMP and when they got to my map the description said something like "Oh, I had to noclip to beat this map." Which is... so hard to understand, otherwise, that I'm forced to conclude that their mods fucked something up in the scripting somehow. (I didn't actually watch that video because I didn't want to see my map's gameplay end up being butchered, even out of morbid curiosity.)
  12. Not only doing the "Doom is 2D!!1" thing, but not understanding which axis is which? That's some next level shit.
  13. jerrysheppy

    Real music/MP3s vs MIDI in WADs / Music for my next map

    That makes sense! I figured you probably meant something like that.
  14. jerrysheppy

    Real music/MP3s vs MIDI in WADs / Music for my next map

    Not to be confrontational but just out of curiosity, why do you consider MIDI music as not actual music?