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  1. I love Maes. Back on topic... What about tooth fillings? There was an article I'm too lazy to find that said fillings for cavities are part mercury (very volatile indeed)and dentists know that, but they don't stop using them because they are much cheaper. After all, you give a person a filling and they leave you alone for at least 6 months, so why be bothered with personal details? Then again, this is all pretty far-fetched. If it is true then? ...called it.
  2. Ninjalah

    Annoying backround

    That should tell you something, huh?
  3. Ninjalah

    Annoying backround

    I snicker every time I see one of these threads... Welcome to Doomworld bud.
  4. Ninjalah

    R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen

    Love it. And he was a part of the Scary Movie franchise? /rollingeyesmiley. Great actor nonetheless.
  5. It sounds like China is just telling us to back off before it pisses off its little buddy North Korea. Sounds like nothing has changed too much, but yeah, our economy may be at risk, as well as possibly another War to add on top of the war in Afghanistan and the issues in Mexico. (This coming from soldiers in the Army and Navy personnel, personal friends of mine too, apparently we should be worried about the drug cartels in Mexico on the border. I don't know if this is too much of a deal and whether or not we end up fighting there too, but they were concerned about this no doubt.)
  6. Ninjalah

    Be Honest [E1 secrets]

    You don't know how long I spent trying to figure out how to kill/activate the floating eye decorations in Doom I. Holy crap that was frustrating...
  7. Ninjalah

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    The game is bad, and CoD has been plagued with 9-12 year olds since CoD 4, otherwise known as the last respectable Call of Duty. I'll stick with Reach and CSS. The recent CoD epidemic is one of the many reasons I hate my generation.
  8. Ninjalah

    Error message: Unknown Object Code (0) in Archive

    I played, saved, and loaded all games in Skulltag. Buuuut... I did have to reinstall Skulltag, and I got the most recent version. So I guess I just have to id_clev to map 21 and start anew? Balls.
  9. Ninjalah

    Day of Mourning

    Nope. No, but my family collectively helps cook it, and I swear it's never been "good" in my personal experience. Plus, Ham + Pineapples + Brown sugar? Come on.
  10. So I recently continued my UV-run of Doom 2 (been playing in Skulltag because I DM often... yeah yeah yeah, shut up), but I decide to redownload gzdoom because it had been getting errors with a dll or another. So gzdoom started working fine, but then Skulltag hit a dll problem. I redownload Skulltag, so now Skulltag and Gzdoom both work fine. Except I can't load my UV save anymore. It just comes up with: "Unknown Object Code (0) in Archive" in green text in the console. Help? Will provide screenies if necessary.
  11. Ninjalah

    Obvious Doom port is obvious

    I have an Xbox, so I just bought Doom. I'm working on getting Doom 2 now...
  12. FUCK As you can tell by the avatar, I'm very much so a fan of CS and CSS. And I missed it... How's it going this far in? Anybody too good or average players?
  13. Ninjalah

    Have ever you cried?!

    http://www.myspace.com/video/vid/55935750 Grave of the Fireflies. Almost teared, but I endured. Got sad reaaaal quick. Definitely recommend it.
  14. Ninjalah

    Day of Mourning

    I'm thankful for ham, to replace that dreadful dry mess of poultry they call turkey.
  15. Ninjalah

    Why is there a post hell

    Yup. I know that and I've been here for a year or two. I THOUGHT YOU WERE A HARDCORE DOOMWORLD'ER Csonicgo! Just kidding. inb... wait, are we not allowed to do that still?