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  1. Budoka


    A masterpiece of mood and atmosphere, with level design that is both spectacular to behold and very structurally accomplished. Combat is generally lighter than puzzles and than the overall norm in PWADs, but isn't usually a complete walk in the park either.
  2. Budoka

    Da Will

    A few really good maps supported by a bunch of alright ones. Visuals are mostly Plutonia-inspired, with the occasional veering into Shores of Hell type mish-mash architecture. Difficulty is about on par with DOOM2.wad I think. Overall, a rather pedestrian affair, although the standout maps are certainly worth the time.
  3. Budoka

    Memento Mori II

    The best thing to come out of 90s mapping by a long shot, in fact Memento Mori II is probably among the top 10 megawads ever even now, and certainly the only release from the pre-Alien Vendetta era about which I would dare to make such a claim. The level design here is far tighter and far more professional than that of the first Memento Mori, the only potential exception to this rule being the somewhat strange "Base Exposure". You can trust that there are no baffling offerings in the vein of "Kinetics" or "Cesspool" to be found here. Superior level design aside, visual and thematic progression throughout the Megawad is also far better organized. As a matter of fact, aside from the comparatively lower difficulty and pervasive presence of puzzle-like level progression, Memento Mori II often feels just as well-conceived and dynamic as a modern PWAD would, making it far, far ahead of its time is that sense. It is quite unfortunate then, that among the three Megawads released by the Memento Mori crew, those being Memento Mori, Memento Mori II and Requiem, this second installment is by far the least frequently praised and certainly the least frequently played. As it turns out, it is by far the most challenging, but also, more importantly, the most consistently GOOD of the three.
  4. Budoka

    Alien Vendetta

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT launch the file "AVMOVFIX.WAD" when playing Alien Vendetta. All it does is remove one of best portions of MAP20. That file was conceived as a fix for demo recording back in a day when processors where much less powerful, and despite being included in the download serves no purpose whatsoever in this day and age. ----------------------------------- An epic experience in the most genuine sense of the word, Alien Vendetta's long-standing reputation as the most legendary Megawad of all is entirely deserved, although it isn't quite my number one choice. Variety, quality, creativity and spectacle abound in just about every moment of this very lengthy, challenging adventure. Indeed, it should be clear that even now, in 2018 as of me writing this review, Alien Vendetta still belongs to the realm of the fairly difficult by today's overall PWAD standards. However, this absolutely shouldn't stop any curious players from trying it out, because the content offered is absolutely, positively worth it. In fact, although Alien Vendetta as aged a little, it holds up much better than most of its contemporaries and many of the old classics so lauded by the community. As a negative, I will say that I don't think I approve of that final boss map, which calls upon skills that are never necessary in the rest of the Megawad and generally not a priority of classic Doom gameplay, all the while demanding a very exacting display of said skills from the player. Also, if I really have to nitpick, then I will concede that a couple maps contain very clumsy moments ("Nukefall"...). I will give away no more and let the rare few Doom 2 players who have not yet experienced this masterpiece discover it for themselves. Highly recommended.
  5. Budoka


    Well-crafted atmospheric levels, as is par for the course for Eternal's better releases. Unfortunately, MAP02 suffers from the same main issue as MAP02 of Epic, which is to say an overabundance of empty space which the player has to constantly backtrack through while figuring out the map. The map design here is not on par with Eternal's highest quality releases such as Frozen Time or Hell Ground, be it in terms of visual spectacle or player progression. Neither is the challenge, by which I mean that this is a fair bit easier than the two WADs mentioned above. Still, although these two maps are definitely no Award-level material, they are satisfying overall and worth playing through at least once.
  6. Doom when executed with DOOM.EXE is locked at something like 35.5 fps. It wasn't conceived to be run at 50fps, 60fps or with an uncapped framerate and it seems doing so can disturb a lot of computers. Every single laptop I've tried doing that on overheated immediately, despite not showing any issues the rest of the time. As for ressources, GZDoom is one of the greediest source ports out there, so you have to be aware of that. Speaking of which, it isn't the Doom 2 settings you're navigating through but the GZDoom settings. GZDoom adds in tons of obscure functionalities that the original game doesn't have, Zdoom slightly less, and the much more purist-oriented PrBoom+ and GlBoom+ a lot less than that still. In case you're interested, Pr/GlBoom+ can run very large-sized and/or very detailed and/or highly populated maps with zero trouble even on below average machines, but since you're apparently a big mod head you should know that a lot of mods aren't supported by it, including Brutal Doom and Project Brutality(I don't think it would even be possible as they include a fair few gameplay mechanics that don't exist anywhere in those ports nor in the regular game).
  7. The "history" text file says, yes (Why did I write it as Let's fix that). Does that have sub-releases of its own ?
  8. So, I've been playing Alien vendetta using GlBoom+ with the -complevel 2(Doom II format compatibility) parameter as deduced from the .txt file information. This might have something to do with loading saved games wile the "attract screen" demo is running but some very weird things happened to me: - When pistol starting MAP09:Caste Gardens after a death, it kept starting me in an entirely random spot on the map, each time completely different from the starting point of previous attempt. Some of which, unsurprisingly no doubt, made it unplayable. - After loading a save halfway through MAP11:Nemesis while running AVMOVFIX.WAD, the end tally screen switched from the single player mode one to the Co-op mode one, although given the entirely manageable opposition I don't think the game actually switched to solo-net. I have never encountered these issues with any other WAD files nor any other source port, even when loading a saved game during the demo. The version of PrBoom+ which I am running is apparently What's more, and this might be the OpenGL rendering goofing it up, but all the places in the WAD which use the "deep water" trick display HOM effects. Speaking of both that and "Nemesis", through discovering a hidden "waterfall lift" and slipping through a hole in one of those deep water canals, and then the use of some platforming shenanigans while trying to find my way through the level, I ended up skipping the red key portion altogether and exiting the map with something like 80 monsters never encountered. Is this a known trick ? Also, does anyone know how to fix the issues previously mentioned ?
  9. Budoka

    What are the best "Vanilla"-style Wads?

    I'm not following you. The point I made was entirely in favor of custom textures, however PeterMoro is not. I don't remember Crusades having that many, either.
  10. Budoka

    What are the best "Vanilla"-style Wads?

    Whatever. Oh, and I'm not sure why I didn't think to mention it until now, but Crusades should do as well.
  11. Budoka

    What are the best "Vanilla"-style Wads?

    There's no way Memento Mori II qualifies for the OP's criteria. Which is unfortunate, it being one of the best Megawads ever and all. As others have mentioned, the first Memento Mori and the first Scythe use mostly stock textures and atmospheres, and Suspended in Dusk is perhaps even more so. Other than that, John Romero's new maps. There is nothing else in that genre that I'd personally care to play given the choice between it and something else. Because honestly, I don't understand this cult-like worship some people have for the vanilla Doom aesthetic. There's no way I'm going to pretend that something like "Doom the Way Id did" is somehow more engaging of a play experience than, say, Speed of Doom. At any rate, suit yourself I suppose.
  12. Budoka

    What was the best level that you played.

    Eternal's "Frozen Time" may very well be the most enthralling custom doom map I've ever played. There are so many good maps to choose from however, sometimes so incredibly different from each other... very hard question.
  13. Budoka

    what's the worst WAD you've ever played?

    The worst WAD I've ever played is more than likely BF_Thud! In fact I'm genuinely surprised that it hasn't been mentioned at all in this thread. Useless powerups, tedious pointless tasks, and in general absolutely nothing of interest whatsoever. I played up to MAP08 of that thing and they were all complete garbage. MAP07/MAP08 especially, I can't fathom why anyone would not quit playing this turd upon reaching that point.
  14. If I have to pick one then level design it is. If I can single out an example, I was struck by Memento Mori II's MAP15 ("The Devil's Coterie") not because it looks great (although it does look pretty good in a lot of places) but because of how tense, tricky and violent it is. However, I agree with Dobu. Level design and environments should feed off each other, be a non-dis-sociable whole. Which is to say that if the gameplay communicates a certain range of emotions and/or concepts, then the visuals should evoke the same, and for that matter, so should the audio. As with every work of art when it comes down to it.
  15. Budoka

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    Alright, let's go then : 8 - Resurgence (the ultimate AV-clone type Megawad, and in that sense the best Megawad conceivable) 6 - Speed of Doom (the barely inferior prequel of the previous entry) 6 - Scythe 2 (Their biggest inspiration, and it shows) 6 - Frozen time (Eternal's masterpiece) 6 - Valiant (Skillsaw's most ambitious and satisfying project to date, except maybe Ancient Aliens which I have yet to beat) 5 - Hell Ground (Eternal's best long-form pWad by far) 4 - UAC Ultra (Came out of nowhere and rocked everything) 3 - Memento Mori II (the secret pearl of the 90s, nothing but high quality maps that really haven't aged much) 3 - Scythe (Certainly a memorable and mostly enjoyable experience) 2 - Vanguard (so many good maps and a good choice for slaughter beginners) 2 - Hell Revealed (the original slaughter megawad, and yet more unique in character than one would think) 2 - Foursite (One of the best stand-alone maps I've ever played) 1 - Aeternum (The unfairly forgotten gem of Skillsaw's career as already pointed out) 1 - Lunatic (A blast over too quickly) Honestly, it was pretty hard to decide how many points to award to which pWad.WADs I wish I had room left for: Suspended in Dusk Crusades 50 Shades of GRAYTALL Breach I have yet to seriously tackle the following, but I imagine they would be worthy candidates otherwise : - Alien Vendetta - Hell Revealed II - Kama Sutra - Sunder - Back to Saturn X E1/E2 - Going Down - Sunlust - Ancient Aliens - Disjunction - Water Spirit - Oscillation - Ribbik's solo work - Anything by Death-Destiny - Toilet of the Gods These next few are admittedly completely unknown to me: - Concerned - Thy flesh turned into a draft-excluder - Unloved - Unholy Realms - Siwft Death - 3 heures d'agonie and its sequel - many other worthy candidates no doubt... P.S I commiserate with whomever would try to get into pWads using this thread as a reference. Not one of the top 10 contenders is accessible to beginner players...