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  1. splatterhouse

    World Extermination Radio (Alternative Doom Radio)

    Your favorite grindcore DOOMers (that's me, splatterhouse, and Jon 40oz Vail by the way) are about to on air on our Twitch feed at https://www.twitch.tv/j_40oz. It's gonna be fuckin' sick!
  2. splatterhouse

    Anyone else interested only in gameplay?

    Well said. I usually only feel completely engrossed when I'm playing large levels with open layouts, but you hit the nail on the head with Sunder!
  3. splatterhouse

    Anyone else interested only in gameplay?

    Some of you are taking this to a whole new level. I'm not saying the aesthetic aspect of the maps should be completely neglected, I just said I'm not too concerned with small visual details in a map. The layout and detailing are two separate things in my eyes, and detail has nothing to do with the way a map plays. The layout is and always will be the most important thing to me in a map, but if it is visually stimulating, that's a bonus, and I do enjoy a perfect mixture of the two. Layout is what the gameplay is based on, and visual ugliness doesn't affect my opinion concerning a map too much (there are some exceptions). The sprites themselves should definitely not be neglected, but I never said anything about sprites, so I don't know where some of you are coming up with that idea. But everyone has his/her own opinion and I respect that. As long as there are Hell Revealed inspired WADs being pumped out, I'm content :D
  4. Is there anyone else on here that isn't concerned too much with quality map detailing and is mainly concerned with gameplay? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate detail and visually stunning maps, but overall, the gameplay is what sells me on any map. I don't care if a map is ugly, as long as a wad is fun to play and challenging, it's solid in my book. This excludes general map layout, as this directly affects gameplay. Layout is a huge factor in my mind. Now I really love the aesthetics and scenery that some of ribbiks' mapsets provide, because I love the bright colors, dark lighting, and the sharp contrast between the two, but off the top of my head, those are the only mapsets that stands out. I do appreciate the different basic scenery variations, such as base, hell, outdoors. What do you guys think?
  5. splatterhouse

    Wrack launches on Steam!

    I'm not homophobic at all. I actually have gay friends and support gay rights. It's just a word, FAG! haha
  6. splatterhouse

    Wrack launches on Steam!

    ^ HA! What a fag! Go develop your own awesome DOOM-inspired game, then maybe one person might take lame comments like that seriously!
  7. splatterhouse

    Disabling transparent projectiles/lost souls in Zandronum

    YOU'RE THE MAN!!! Thanks so much! It works beautifully! And what are the default decals? Sorry, I've never delved into the mechanics of the different source ports; I just KILL DEMONS!!! haha
  8. I'm trying to figure out how to disable transparent projectiles and lost souls in Zandronum. I've read that the transparency configuration is contained within the RenderStyle property (at least for actors), so my question is, how can I edit the appropriate DECORATE definitions (if that's what I need to do) to change the projectiles and lost souls to spawn as non-transparent entities? Thanks!
  9. splatterhouse

    World Extermination Radio (Alternative Doom Radio)

    wow...miscommunication between me and 40, I suppose, but that interview took place 2 weeks ago! we'll get it up ASAP; sorry for the delay
  10. splatterhouse

    World Extermination Radio (Alternative Doom Radio)

    I'm trying to get him to finish at least that map, but he says he doesn't know if he has the time and energy :(
  11. splatterhouse

    World Extermination Radio (Alternative Doom Radio)

    a bunch of MP3 downloads are now available in the descriptions of the youtube videos! we're still missing 2 or 3, but they'll be posted ASAP
  12. splatterhouse

    World Extermination Radio (Alternative Doom Radio)

    you don't need more; all you need is WXR!!! haha
  13. splatterhouse

    World Extermination Radio (Alternative Doom Radio)

    haha it usually takes us a week cause we're LAZY!!!
  14. splatterhouse

    World Extermination Radio (Alternative Doom Radio)

    hell yeah! we're going to have anders johnsen on the show to talk about alien vendetta very soon, too, so if you like AV, keep your eyes open for that one!
  15. splatterhouse

    If you had to pick your one favorite IWAD level...

    The Hunted from Plutonia Experiment.....I forget which map number it is, but it's the maze with all the arch-viles. Very original.