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  1. uh huh...
  2. I still vastly dislike call of duty for the multiplayer designs they helped perpetuate after mw2, the casualisation, or introduction to "team meta" multiplayer design was a vigorously hated trend for me. So many companies tried to do the same thing since call of duty had such great success, creating worthless multiplayer games that where once great franchises. Those were bad times that are thankfully over now.
  3. I really don't see Counterstrike as the skilled game many like to make it out to be.
  4. Can't really remember. It was either oregon trail, Carnivores, or Chaos island: Jurassic park. Chaos island was a single player rts based on jurassic park.
  5. Have sex with your clone? That's the first thing you think of if there was some kind of strange replication with you??? Lol, I would not fuck a clone of myself. it would be a blast to play videogames against though, that would be an experience.
  6. I love the whole soundtrack, Just went through the whole thing to try and see what my exact favorites are. bfg division, transistor fist, Dr. samual hayden, damnation, skull hacker, mastermind, vega core. I don't know, they're all good. I don't really have a favorite.
  7. I dunno, can we get a clear recording of it reversed? That might help. I've no clue what this would be referencing to without more context. Perhaps it's a hint that we'll see mother Demon in the next game, but who knows.
  8. I see no need for mp. The Devs said MP would end up distracting them from creating the SP experience that they wanted to create. As strong as their other titles are, and looking at previous Starbreeze work, I'm really happy with their decision.
  9. There are quite a few mods that add guns to doom, Some of of them bringing over bearing numbers of weaponry into the game. Some people like it, some don't. What I would like to know is, how many guns do you feel is too many? What pros and cons do you see in extra weapons. if a stronger similar weapon, replaced a weaker counterpart, would that upset you (ie: Chaingun would replace pistol)? I'm looking into making a ZDoom mod, and the idea I would like to do has many guns represented in it's gameverse, I'm just worried because I often feel too many gun options tend to throw balance, playability, and readability out the window. Anyway, what are your thoughts on mods that add such arsenals.
  10. They made some really nice improvements to the gunplay in the old blood. I hope we see a continuation of that. I love the new tracer effects I saw in the roswell gameplay video. Can't wait for this to come out.
  11. I didn't think about that, perhaps I read what the dev said incorrectly. Someone asked if the choices from the first game would carry over to W2, dev said ya, and then the comments section got nuked with political arguements.
  12. The storyline you pick in the first game will affect the storyline in the new game.
  13. I like it as well, I don't know if I 50 dollars like it, but it is pretty cool.