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  1. I think thats stretching it too far. A higher monster limite would be really great imo. and actually, end game with all of you weapons upgraded 50 imps would be very doable. I really feel like replaying this.
  2. They announced somewhere they're working on it. I hope it's a bit better than the first one though to be honest. I felt RE 4 was a stronger title. I'v pretty high hopes.
  3. I'm having a very difficult time Imagining a Movie being all that great based off doom, while getting the spirit of it right.
  4. @Game, thats exactly how I feel. I am becoming more and more interested in lawbreakers. The tried making unreal a more interesting experiance with UT3, but that didn't work out so well. SSB is such an interesting game in that concept though. Much like the board game go, it has an increadibly low skill floor yet a very very high skill ceiling.
  5. I think that's because it's the only one that is on fire, could just be me though.
  6. Dark souls lvl 1 run. Don't spend souls on levels.
  7. Hell ya, I can play just about anyone, but mostly play Hog, Zen, Mei, 76. I personally only play arcade, 1v1 and 3v3, But am down to play quickplay if anyone here would like to some time. I usually get matched up with high Diamonds and Masters.
  8. @DoctorGenesis, I think a skit of sorlag eating Zorax would be hilarious. As for obnoxious, All the champions are like that honestly.
  9. You can't get down on some Kattie perry? Thats a shame.
  10. So after playing the shit out of this game for how ever many months now, anyone on Doomworld activly play Overwatch on pc? If so what modes do you like to play and what heros do you like to use?
  11. @igg, Then by your logic they will have more dishonored, fallout and elderscrolls at e3 as well?
  12. That poster doesn't say anything at all about what will be at e3, Unless I missed something here. An expansion pack would be astounding though. I think that's one of the top things the community has been asking for other than mod support.
  13. Ya, VR is pretty amazing. Blew my mind, well, some of the content did.
  14. I'm out of likes but wanted to re-inforce Geos recomendation.