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  1. perhaps he should be ip banned...
  2. I'm replaying on nightmare, I'm on ep 4 as we speak, oh dear god they're everywhere. It makes me want to make a little 3 panel comic about it.
  3. I'm super iffy on that one. Been watching their facebook group, and a lot of what they show looks like shock value for shock values sake, which is the worse kind of shock value.
  4. I think my biggest burn was Brink.
  5. I can't deal with destiny, wolenstine and evil within all coming out at the same time.
  6. There was some entertainment in post hell, a good portion of it was trash though. I still completely understand why it was tucked away though, and has proved itself since then to have been a positive move.
  7. Throws ammo balance out the window for those who know how to maximise ammo's potential (minus slaughter maps). I as well. DnD did great groundwork for all rpgs, I say this because how reminiscent Fallouts system is of DnD's.
  8. It's ok, you're not alone.
  9. Comically, I'v an easy time against vore in open spaces. All you have to do is do a small circle strafe in front of them, and that will collect their missiles for you. It's kinda like kitting in Nazi Zombies. and then rub them off on an edge or nuke the next monster you can find. But I guess my overall statement on quakes end game in comparisons to Doom, is it has less variety. Also left over pellets not peircing enemies simplifies the shotgun play a bit to much for my tastes.
  10. As for the other games, Q2 is far better when you learn to strafe jump, but I still prefer 1 over it. Q3 is cool in all, but I still prefer Unreal. Q4 is way to slow. I didn't get to finish it, uninstalled. The only things I'm not fond of in Quake 1 are the shotguns, and lack of endgame monsters. I've been playing a lot and the Vore and Shambler feel pretty (high)Mid tier for me, I wish there were more creative, and highly dangerous enemies like the archvile, Pain elemental, CyberDemon. I'v checked out many of the custom monsters that are available and many of them feel pretty out of place, though I've seen some nice additions to (strogg? Mind controlled space marines?).
  11. That sucks, A legend has passed away. Rest in Peace.
  12. If you went by weapon stats, Doomguy would stomp much more ass, as the SG & SSG in Doom2 is far stronger than the Quake one. Replace the lighting gun with plasma, I'm not sure. But in that defense, The Super NailGun is far stronger than the chaingun. So Ranger has better Time with Bullets/nails, and Doomguy does better with Shells.
  13. Do you play Quake 1? If not, then why? If you do play, Do you play custom maps, or use quake injector? What are your opinions on the source ports, and which is your favorite? What are your favorite maps? Let's talk Quake!
  14. I got my first quake map to compile, and light, Victory!!

    1. YukiRaven


      qbsp alexa1.bsp && light -extra4 -dirt -threads 8 alexa1.bsp && vis -threads 8 alexa1.bsp


      I swear those commands are burnt into my mind as of late.

    2. MrGlide


      You don't use necros compileing gui?


    3. YukiRaven


      Nah, I like to do everything on a command line if I can.  Or possibly a custom Bash script.  I think it's from all my years of Linux use.