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  1. MrGlide

    Enemies you don't want to return

    I like the shield guys personally.
  2. I think the first level of doom 16 would be a good low bar as for pathing options. some of the later levels where way to linear. Having at least a few splits and overunning paths makes it at least feel like there is more of a choice.
  3. MrGlide

    Enemies you don't want to return

    I really wasn't fond of most of the new monsters from doom 3, the cherub, trite.
  4. MrGlide

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    so when you turn, the screen turns 5 seconds later?
  5. MrGlide

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Everything is literally destroyed. Can't even tell if its futuristic or not because it just looks like hell...
  6. There are no problems with getting runes in unm.
  7. I like Johns thinking on the subject. In a really weird way, it reminds me of the gameplay vs aesthetics arguement. Story is cool and everything, but if it gets in the way of my game, its going to annoy me. also, I feel stories get more redundant than good game play does.
  8. MrGlide

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    As long as I aim for higher frames, I will never need 4k. Can't have both without practically running a workstation. I would rather play at 144hz then 4k everyday of the week.
  9. I hope to see enemies that are more of a priority to kill other than because they do big damage. One of the great things about doom is having ammo priority and actual enemy priority Due to strategical dangers, like pain elemental's bringing in more mobs, Archviles resurrecting enemies. I would like to see a tad deeper combat overall, and I feel that monsters that create priority scenarios and having to prioritize ammo are two huge factors in doing that. Also monster that promote different movement that running in a circle around the arena.
  10. MrGlide

    Quake champions FREE Weekend.

    as in febuary? its a lot better now, there are many many not super skilled players, and team deathmatch is pretty quick to find a match.
  11. MrGlide

    Multiplayer speculation

    Have you tried it recently? I'v been really enjoying it, I feel they've made some massive improvements. Speaking of Doom Eternal's mp (if there will be any) and quake champions, pretty sure sabre are the ones working on Quake Champions, so it's hard for me to see them working on Doom Eternal's (goodness that's a mouth full, gotta find a way to abbreviate that.) Multiplayer. Who knows, but I doubt id's main team will be the ones working on the mp, could be wrong. Bethesda has been pulling in so many teams for so many projects, it's very hard to speculate on how this will turn out. Also, D16's mp was absolutely nothing like call of duty, so don't know where you're drawing that one from.
  12. MrGlide

    What are your thoughts on Retsupurae?

    Its another one of the endless videos on youtube. It could not exist and I don't think anyone would notice.
  13. MrGlide

    Quake champions FREE Weekend.

    People prolly Don't care, but Quake Champions free weekend has been extended for a week. they're extending it to June 25th.