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  1. Why are you naked outside?
  2. How is this possible? I guess I could see it happening though. I'v seen so fucking many. It's the main go to hunting and home protection armament that I can think most people use.
  3. With the Steams Autumn Sale, I'm looking to buy some games that both me and my son can play together on pc. What are your favorite games to play with people you know? Preferably Co-op. Left 4 Dead and Left for Dead 2 are both $2 a piece. Looking into Quake and doom coop as well. What Coop games do you enjoy?
  4. I think Samurai Champloo is a lot better than Cowboy Bebop.
  5. Tough to say, I wanna say dragon ball Z. I remember vaguely seeing it when I was quite young, and it was before pokemon had came out. I do think Toonami is responsible for a good bit of the anime boom in the U.S.
  6. Ya, sorry but the chances that those other people would have made the engine Not GNU, thus it wouldn't have taken off as it did. There is a possability half life wouldn't have came out the way it did if it wern't for quake, then if half life failed, then the steam platform very well might not exist. Honestly Trying to take out Doom or Quake in the gaming industry would have drastic effects on how literally everything is.
  7. Without Doom there could be a possibility of no Quake, and no Quake would significantly change the entire gaming industry. Literally everything would be different.
  8. it's also a great alterative to the chain saw when cornered. You can stun lock and push out of crowds with it. Works best with pinkies.
  9. I'm pretty sure the problem comes from activision publishing it, I could be wrong though.
  10. episode 0 was ok I guess. There wasn't anything particularly interesting about it.
  11. Mayo, best substitute to cook with to butter.
  12. I think the thing that makes wolfs hitscan heavy gunplay quite a bit funn is all the enemies have a delay when the see you, to when they are shooting at you. if you're quick enough you can always kill them before they shoot.
  13. I personally find Wolf 2 to be really easy for the most part. quite a bit easier than TNO and TOB.
  14. add me on steam, I'v got it as my homepage on my profile.
  15. Devs have a hard enough time making a game as good as regular doom, let alone slaughter maps for it. I think many new indie fps are really lack luster, and for AAA games the graphics demands cause a bottleneck where fewer beefier enemies would be more productive. Perhaps if we could see indie fps games that are as equilly good and deep as doom, then we could look to see games actually going in that direction, but for now, I don't really see it happening, it's pretty niche.