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  1. MrGlide

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    tO MUCH HYPE RIGHT NOW. Son of a bitch that looks great. Looks like they're trying to address everyones complaints as well. Pretty damn impressive. I'm pumped.
  2. MrGlide

    Twice the demons?

    I really hope they can up the monster count in game without sacraficing ai. Should be cool to see the new monsters.
  3. MrGlide

    Fallout 76 will not launch on Steam

    Because it's a massive pain in the ass having a bunch of different launchers. I heard titan fall 2 was great, literally didn't pick it up because no steam release. most of the launchers seem to do this. I really wish there was a better solution to have all of our games in one place without dealing a plethora of memory eating launchers. There has to be a better way.
  4. MrGlide

    Fallout 76 will not launch on Steam

    Ouch, what if Doom Eternal is next.
  5. MrGlide

    Getting annoyed by some words

    lol. ok. over used words that people pick up off of social media annoy me. Just putting it out there since we're on the topic.
  6. MrGlide

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    you don't understand them, and thats fine, it takes time and to be able to actually understand dooms nuances to enjoy them. many of them are heavy combat puzzles that rely on advance knowledge of the game. many casual gamers hate slaughter maps.
  7. MrGlide

    Doomguy VS Master Chief

    ya but how can you stop a pin point non missing 50.cal sniper? without any large powerups doom guy and slayer are both far more fragile than chief especially due to his shield/ armor combination. as for BFG its a large question if Chief has a bubble shield or not really, because if he does it would defend him long enough to bring doom guy/slayer down. Though if slayer got in close I think we all can agree he would just rip Chief in half.
  8. MrGlide

    Doomguy VS Master Chief

    The thumb war is a good question as both are super hero levels of strong. especially if it was against Doom Slayer rather than Doomguy. As for them trying to kill each other, story chief vs doomguy, it's all to situational. But my bets would be on story chief as he's basically a literal aimbot, and he was tools to negate instant death from a bfg.
  9. MrGlide

    id tech 7 confirmed?

    We'll see when the game comes out, perhaps if we're lucky they're working on the game handleing more enemies, and or better ways to handle more open level design (because the currant spawn system is far more suited for linear game play). Tiago Seems to be very talented person from my end looking at his work from Crytech to doom 16. I'm not saying there's no way you're right, but I think we're going heavy improvements in idtech7. I easily could be wrong, guess we'll have to wait and see.
  10. MrGlide

    Doom lost popularity?

    If doom was falling in popularity, it wouldn't be covered so much on news sites.
  11. MrGlide

    Ssg Reload Sound from Xbox Live Arcade Port

    zI remember see sometinhg about nerve software saying you couldn't sr40 with a controller. which is untrue. I also wonder what it would take to run custom wads on a 360 version of doom.
  12. MrGlide

    DOOM-Community Discord Server

    I miss you and wish you would pop back in to let us know you're ok.
  13. best use of a baron, is to puposly get enmies to hit it so it starts infighting, then use it as cover. it makes a great tank.
  14. MrGlide

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    thats a brilliant idea for that, sounds like a great fix to me.
  15. MrGlide

    Your Doom 2016 Multiplayer Stats

    I would love to share but all my stats hot erased sadly.