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  1. I mainly like Windows 7 and in my opinion the problems mainly started with Windows 8 so here's three things I love and hate about modem Windows versions. LOVE Being able to search from the Start Menu when possible. I'm currently stuck with Windows XP for a couple more days and I keep accidentally making the Control Panel open when I open the Start Menu and type "CMD". Snipping Tool. XP doesn't seem to have the tool that lets me quickly crop part of the screen and paste it into conversations. Aero Snap. I find myself trying to drag a window to the side or the top of the even only to not see it automatically cover half of the screen or maximize the window in XP. Even if they removed Aero Glass, at least Microsoft kept the useful snapping behavior. HATE They removed a lot of customization after Windows 7. Colors? Gone. Ability to choose the classic theme? Gone, stuck with ugly single-color title bars. They also removed Aero Glass, which is why I didn't include it in the "like" section above as I liked Aero Glass! Mobile apps are where they don't belong. Microsoft, starting with Windows 8, felt they needed to shove mobile apps onto a desktop operating system. Said apps on mobile devices would usually lack features proper programs or even websites would have. Desktop Window Manager. It was nice back when there was proper “glass” you could use on all windows as DWM powered the beautiful effects, but nowadays I'd like for DWM to stop using the GPU as the main cool thing it powered no longer exists. After a big update Adobe Premiere Pro would do old-school wipe screen redraws, making it a chore to edit text and videos, and guess what process' GPU usage shot to 100% every time? DWM! Windows 7 didn't make that happen when I edited videos on it!
  2. Is your picture Zero Suit Samus with a Metroid on her head? She has a cute face in this picture if so.

    1. Pinchy


      This video was on youtube for a while, don't know why it was removed, I downloaded it though and made some animations https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/597426

  3. @Neurosis The CrazyTalk Animator program gets my attention, as I've seen evidence that the Twilight Sparkle design I showed in my post may be animated in that program. For one, she appeared in a picture showing how many different "peeing through a bathroom wall" videos were made. She can be seen at the upper-left corner here. Additionally, characters and objects held by them in that series of videos sometimes look pixelated when zoomed in on, and CrazyTalk Animator mainly accept image file formats, which can't be coincidence. I wonder if that Twilight Sparkle design is on their marketplace or something; I've looked through many pages of actors and couldn't find her, so they must've shared her design with another person to make the video in that picture separate from the video series the design appears in. Basically, I wonder if anyone can find that design. I'd probably try out this program if I got that design. I bet it's on some separate website from the official marketplace for CrazyTalk Animator. Other than that problem which worries me, it is dumb what they do in the videos. They could just make innocent stories or things like what the children's shows they're taking characters from do, but they instead make the characters behave incorrect from how they would canonically behave and introduce things that really don't need to be there.
  4. To the first post, thanks for linking to that subreddit and giving a name for this weird thing on YouTube; I read on Medium about it but wanted to know more, and that's what I got! I fall for cute things so this ElsaGate series bootleg of Twilight Sparkle got my attention. This bootleg series has some of the weird things ElsaGate videos are known for, most commonly Twilight Sparkle fighting other characters. The thumbnails usually lie about what's actually in the video, in one case showing "3:1 = FUCK" on a chalkboard. That would've been a funny scene, even if really inappropriate, but that never appeared in the video! Bad news is now this series is recommended to me on YouTube! Well, I'd prefer this over other ElsaGate videos any day!
  5. Reminds me of how I eat near my laptop. It sometimes messes up the touchpad and the keyboard becomes harder to type words without letters missing. Any horror stories from me? I'm not sure if anything would count as I haven't encountered anything bad like ransomware (though I fear I will when looking for pirated software), and although once I set a password on my desktop computer and forgot it, it wasn't a horror story as I still had a laptop to use until I used Ubuntu to remove the password, I believe.
  6. So, Delta-Touch is now further in development… Now I await GZDoom-Android to update so I'd have a base for me TC's Android version. (Otherwise, I'd have to tell people to get Delta-Touch and somehow add my game as three PWADs…) I still like D-Touch and Delta-Touch but I don't play the original Doom now, only working on my TC.
  7. Time to bump this topic! Although the first post was updated, that doesn't encourage anyone to check out the topic itself. CHANGES I don't know all of what I changed since the last update, but the biggest change was that the version of GZDoom MMA uses is now nearly up-to-date, adding nice new effects like shadowmaps, which I have on by default. Also, while I removed ZDoom's built-in options menu before, I restored it as it has a lot of useful settings to change. Also, Xane's getting more attention with his new additions such as the Drop Dash, performed by double-tapping the "use" key in mid-air. He also has his own incomplete path through the end of 1-1 which teaches the player how to use his special abilities if tutorials are enabled. Screenshots
  8. Well, this is embarrassing... (click for original picture) (Also, about the "-200" error in the first post: It seems DW has a 1MB per file size limit that you aren't told about, and any "failed files" stick and count towards your 5MB limit until you refresh the page, but I don't know what admin to tell about this problem and making a topic would probably be pointless. Maybe @Linguica?)
  9. Currently 22. Although I may have thought as a child incorrectly that becoming an adult'd be a good thing, of course, it's lies...
  10. That'll work. When Delta-Touch is released, @beloko, tell the person who made GZDoom-Android to update it to your new version. That last part specifically so you could warn them not to do whatever made their app very unstable compared to D-Touch's normal version which rarely if ever would crash to the home screen. I just hope to be able to comple and release my own version for free. No offense, but I wouldn't want to tell them they have to purchase a separate port. Of course, I'd be interested in Delta-Touch myself.
  11. I guess I should've tried that when D-Touch would "crash" back to its menu. Basically, there's two different behaviors: D-TOUCH: When it fails to start an IWAD for any reason, it returns to the IWAD/source port selection menu. GZDOOM-ANDROID: When it tried anything relating to actually playing a game, it would bring up Android's "app stopped working" dialog. (Again, hoping that's fixed someday so Mary's Magical Adventure can have an Android version.)
  12. This is good, D-Touch is getting updated to Delta-Touch! Some things I wonder from when I tried to get my game running on Android: When I modified my game to work with D-Touch in the past, I think it could run in it, but GZDoom-Android would crash with no error. Not sure if D-Touch skips indicating if any "script errors" occur during startup, but if it didn't, has that been fixed? I would still like to be able to use GZDoom-Android (or make it easy to disable the non-GZDoom source ports in Delta-Touch's source) so I could make my game/TC playable on Android. I purchased D-Touch on Amazon, so will something be given that allows me to move over to Delta-Touch easily?
  13. The thread on these forums is so outdated but my game, Mary's Magical Adventure, is getting further in development, now on the latest GZDoom version, plus has Mac OS X/Ubuntu builds. Since this is random for a status, eh, have a picture of the bowling alley in 1-3!

    Picture of a bowling alley in the game. A weak tiger just jumped over a counter to the left.

    1. Doomkid


      If you want to bump the thread feel free, bumps are ok when they're relevant / reasonable

    2. Xane123


      I'll probably bump it soon. For now, the main post was updated with new screenshots since I've updated that GZDoom version and it has the cool effects built-in!

  14. So, wait, DOOM's loading everything into memory? Explains how everything appears so quickly, only having a very small pause before something new is seen. However, surely that eats a lot of memory if the game does load everything into memory...
  15. I was going to post in a thread about my favorite avatars but that's two months old...but I wanted to say I like things like anime girls with seemingly only their oversized eyes making them cute, even if they're taking over Doomworld as some said!

    I also tagged @Nine Inch Heels and @rdwpa...they have cute ones, even if rdwpa's came from...Elfen Lied with the strange girl girl with two sides!

    Also, I'll add since I saw it but non-anime girl avatar that looks cute are @Pinchy's who-I-assume-is Zero Suit Samus with a Metroid on her head. I had to talk about this as I didn't want to bump that thread...

    1. Xane123


      Also, I was going to also say someone else other than Pinchy's avatar was a non-anime cute character but didn't remember them until I was on the ZDoom Forums... I think @Viscra Maelstrom's pony avatar is cute.(MLP's latest generation is cute and the latest avatar is in that style)

      Is that an original pony character, though?

    2. Xane123


      However, another cute one is @loveless' avatar. Unfortunately, searching for it only reveals it's Twitch's KonCha emote and, despite it looking like anime art, I'll never know its source, even if the anime girl looks ordinary with the brown hair background characters in anime seem to have.

    3. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      yes, she's my ponysona. it's where my username Viscra Maelstrom comes from.


      https://dl.dropbox.com/s/flf4pjry0i39y2q/Piggyback ride crop.jpg?dl=0

    4. Xane123


      @Viscra Maelstrom Ah...she's cute! Anyways, I would've liked it but I hit the 25 like limit and I'm not sure when it wears off as it didn't at 12AM...

    5. loveless


      Before using KonCha for an avatar I had Mugi from K-On.  


      Fun fact, my Doom hud has the face replaced with PunOko, KonCha, and TehePelo emotes to match the hp values.

    6. Xane123


      @loveless Interesting...if only I knew what girl KonCha was, but it's hard to find the origin of Twitch emotes...maybe she was drawn specifically for the emotes you listed...

    7. loveless


      I wouldn't doubt it.