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  1. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Shrapnel tome: Razor deck projectile. Death king (Not of the dark citadel).
  2. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Version 1.0 of Showtime!!! is out, but there's more to come. Shrapnel tome Shrapnel wand Shrapnel tome: Razor deck animation.
  3. V1.02: Mermaid fantasy is out!!! I didn’t want to release this so soon but found several major bugs including one that prevented almost half the outfits from spawning correctly. They have been fixed. The next update will have two new tomes and will take some time (Unless more major bugs are discovered). Changelog -Added 3 additional outfits for a current total of 22 outfits. All rare outfits have unique pickup sounds. Major bug fixes -Fixed a bug that prevented alternate blue armors from spawning in correctly. -Fixed a bug with the magic mirror (Safety tome rings) that would allow player to obtain infinite ring ammo. Weapons -Added a sound effect to the primary apprentice wand fire to indicate the weapon is fully charged. -Quick tome apprentice wand and master wand grant pain sector immunity along with increased speed. Thank you to everyone for playing and reporting bugs. It makes a huge difference. Direct download. v1.02 https://www.mediafire.com/file/q4bap6zijkyxqr0/Showtime%21%21%21_v1.02.pk3/file
  4. Version 1.01: Outfits, models, and magic!!! is live!! V1.01 is out!!! This update primarily focuses on bug fixes, balance and quality of life. That's not to say that there isn't anything new!!! Heidi wardrobe has increase dramatically and can slay the forces of evil in style. Find six new outfits in the world from upper class showgirl dresses to outfits that would be illegal in Vegas!!! Changelog v1.01 Major features -Added 6 new outfits!!! -Heidi’s player sprite has full walk cycle, pain, attack, death and Xdeath animation. (Most people won’t see this, but I thought it was important to add). -Added performance options in option menu!!! -Added option to disable rabbit ammo movement (Rabbits will be asleep). Normal rabbit ammo will occasionally fall asleep as well. -Added option to decrease/disable purple smoke as this may tank performance in certain levels or lower end computers. -Added multiple Easter eggs. -Alt-hud is more legible. -Added complex gameplay lore Easter egg!!! (Have fun finding it) Weapon changes. Apprentice Wand -Added shield graphic to the safety tome wand and master wand when in use so people have a better idea what the tome does. -Candy tome wand will almost always drop a piece of candy with every shot. Increased ammo cost to 3. Increased Primary candy shot from 35 to 50 -Increased apprentice wand’s dry fire speed by 5 tics. -Decreased base apprentice wand initial windup time from 16 tics to 9 tics Magic Hat -Increased base damage of miser hat (Mouse) from 80 to 100. Portal Rings -Increased damage of Candy tome rings from 100 to 125 -Decreased ammo consumption of Quick tome rings from 10 to 5 per second. (Now requires 20 ammo instead of 40) Minor changes -Uncommon outfits spawn slightly more often. -General bug fixes -Altered/added sound effects. -Increased Heidi’s Xdeath health to 85 -Fixed clothing alignment with versatile factions. -Fanservice outfits correctly spawn only when fanservice is enabled. Get Magical!!!
  5. Glad you're liking the project. 3 new outfits will be released with the next update. Never thought the mod would give someone gender euphoria. It's an interesting reaction. Gonna release the update on Monday. Just finishing up some last bits of polish.
  6. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Heidi's standard death animation (Petrified). 18 frames, in game speed will be different from gif speed.
  7. Thank you for playing the mod. I hoped that you enjoyed it. The only thing I noticed is that you didn't use the primary HUD. A small update is on the way to bug fix, balance and add additional Easter eggs.
  8. CherubCorps

    Doom Streams

    Streaming more Showtime!!! v1.0 release fun. https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp
  9. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Sleeping bunnies (Disabled rabbit ammo movement option)
  10. Tomes give ammo to all weapons types. The safety tome wand acts like a shield and absorbs projectiles, some hitscan attacks and lost soul charges in front of the player (It's very powerful). I should add a visual to better indicate what it does though. I'm going to add an option to turn off rabbit mobility in the next update. (Was thinking about adding that anyway). That's kind of the point. I don't want players sticking to one tome. Depending upon the map, you'll sometimes be put into positions where you have to change tomes due to where they fall or because you need additional ammo or you pick up a power item that randomizes your current tome. Sometimes though when there's alot of shotgunners, you can be picky about which tome you want to take.
  11. That is not the default HUD, it's the secondary HUD. I do agree with you however and will tone down the colors to be more akin to the main HUD and make numbers more legible. The "+" and "-" arrows to adjust screen size. This is not a vanilla 1 for 1 replacement of doom. This is an gameplay mod that drastically changes gameplay and balance from vanilla doom. If you want intended balance or to experience the mapper's original intent, don't attach a gameplay mod. Simple as that. You're basically a person who wants to eat a ham sandwich, then orders a turkey sandwich and then complains he didn't get a ham sandwich. This is an example of why the Doom modding and mapping scenes don't like eachother.
  12. CherubCorps

    WADS & MODS with scary monsters

    Cyberaugumented has a cool set of scary monsters than can be played with just enemies or enemies and weapons. https://literally-bugsie.itch.io/cyberaugumented
  13. Yeah, that's unintentional. I wanted Heidi to be put in a clown suit when cheating, but the code is complex and requires Zscript. Gonna get some help to include that in future editions. The Versatile Easter egg has already been corrected. I'll add that to the option menu. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you're enjoying the mod.
  14. Showtime is a weapon mod for doom based around stage magic!!! You are Heidi, a sexy magician’s assistant who fights her foes with a variety of magic tricks!!! Use cards, rings, coins and even rabbits to dispatch your enemies in an unusual fashion!!! If that’s not enough, you can augment your tricks with magic tomes, gaining powerful alt-fires to turn the tide of battle!!! Features -5 weapons based on classic magic tricks!!! -8 tomes and over 40 alt-fires!!! -Learn how dangerous an explosive rabbit can be!!! -Mix and match with a variety of map packs and enemies. -Over 20+ cute and sexy stage outfits to dress up in!!! -New tomes, outfits, and weapons to be added in future editions. Download at Itch.io: https://cherubcorps.itch.io/showtime OR Direct download: (Newest version 1.02) https://www.mediafire.com/file/q4bap6zijkyxqr0/Showtime%21%21%21_v1.02.pk3/file Older versions v1.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/47dbv5m3a33gmta/Showtime%21%21%21_v1.01.pk3/file v1.0 https://www.mediafire.com/file/gbxijdjkmcv8bwg/Showtime%21%21%21_v1.0.pk3/file GET MAGICAL!!!
  15. CherubCorps

    What could the "Z" in "ZDoom" stand for?