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  1. CherubCorps

    Recommend me some mods!

    If you really want to experience mods and have a good time, DON'T play them with Doom1/Doom2. Doom 1/2 are terrible in terms of progression and discovering what mods have to offer. Good map packs for testing/playing with mods: Anomoly report, Zone 300, 50 monsters, nostalgia, Oops! All techbase, the NOVA series. Mod wise, it all depends upon what you want. Do you want realism? Do you want to turn doom into another existing game, do you want wackiness, do you want something that increases the difficulty or something where you're so overpowered, a single pistol shot will obliterate everything in the next 5 levels. Probably the best place to start would be past cacowards and see what tickles your interest. Here are some of my personal favs Combined arms (Weapons) High noon drifter (Weapons) La Tailor Girl (Weapons) Final Doomer (Weapons) Angelic Aviary (Enemies) Corruption cards (Other) Lithium (RPG, weapons/enemies)
  2. Some interesting gameplay mods that have come out in 2023 Cyberaugumented by Bugie: An interesting weapon/enemy randomizer inspired by complex doom/Dusted Panedmonia but more focused.. The weapons are good, heavy, fun to use, do the job. Where the mod really shines is with its monster pack. The monsters have a much darker, sinister tone compared to their vanilla counterpart. There is no humor or nuance in these enemies, they are pure hellspawn, all teeth and snarls, and go well if you want a darker set of foes for more sinister map sets. It is a randomizer so the baddies will get more powerful as you progress (A boon or bust depending on if you like to pistol start or not). Goes great with darker/horror themed map packs where you might want increased challenge without spoiling the mood. It should also be mentioned that the monsters are available without the weapons if you want to use a mapset's custom weapons or lock and load with your favorite weapon pack. Overall, a very impressive release for 1st time modder Bugie. https://literally-bugsie.itch.io/cyberaugumented Pvt Stone by Skelegant: A spiritual successor/sequel to Lt Typhon. Smaller in scope than Typhon, the mod trims out all the fat found in bigger epic mods and is entirely focused on solid, hard hitting weapons and brutal melee. The melee is the star as you hit like a dump truck, but also gain back life per hit, encouraging the player to play risky and switch to fistacuffs when low on health. The player can also activate a super melee mod which not only makes you invincible for a few seconds, but ups your punching power to the max. A weaker version of this ability is also set on a cooldown so it can be used in strategic positions. While this mod does tread familiar territory (Overpowered giant army girl with huge muscles punching demons) and while I miss alot of the fun easter eggs, it's an overall more balanced experienced. If you want to play a version of Typhon with more of a "Power fantasy earned" feeling, this is the mod for you. Special mention should go to sprite artist Sonik.o.fan who did majority of the gun sprites. He is an amazing artist. https://skelegant.itch.io/pvt-stone Combined arms Gaiden V2.0 by Combine Kegan (Note) The mod was released back in 2020. So much has been changed and refined in the past 3 years (Including an entirely new playable class with new art weapons etc) CA gaiden is pretty much a completely new mod. It's also 100% finished. A spin off of Combined arms and love letter to the NES era. This mod once again puts you into the shoes or Arti, a space bounty hunter with an affinity for weapons based on old school NES stuff, but also adds a new character, Telos who some people might recognize from another Kegan mod, Space Hunter. This mod takes its NES roots even further as everything is lovingly crafted with an 8-bit pallette, 8-bit sound effects, but ironically, with some of the most cutting edge combat seen in a Doom mod. Every weapon is fun to use, easy to figure out and a blast to fun to fire. Beneath the surface however, every weapon has some interesting alt-fires and has some sort of gameplay purpose, nothing ever becomes redundant. An example of this is that EVERY single weapon has a dry fire alternate shot (Meaning they can be used without ammo). I doubt most people will ever use these attacks (Let alone realize they exist) as their pretty weak compared to their ammo counterparts, but at times, even these weaker attacks have purpose can be amazing in odd situations. Art wise, the degree in which you like this mod will be depend on your nostalgia for 8-bit games. While everything to a degree is a reference to an existing 8-bit NES game (Which at times can get annoying and be ham-fisted) the animation quality is top notch. If you have a fondness for the 8-bit era (Like I assume alot of older doomers do), this mod is definitely worth your time. Even if you're not into retro games, screechy 8 bit sounds or pixel art, it's still worth a playthrough because of how damn good it feels to play. https://combine-kegan.itch.io/combined-arms-gaiden This one could also count as "Best multiplayer mods" BYOC (Bring your own class) by various authors A multiplayer mod made by several people of the modding community. The biggest name being McPig, the creator of Pizza Tower. Who knew he was also into making Doom mods. While I haven't played too much of this, it's a really interesting concept. A doom community project done by modders rather than mappers. https://revenatn.itch.io/byoc We're only halfway through 2023. Can't wait to see what comes out during the 2nd half.
  3. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Magician's assistant Heidi (Not too spicy, but just in case). Semi-Spicy.
  4. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Little white (Heatseeking) dove.
  5. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Apprentice wand (Sulfur alt-fire)
  6. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Portal rings, sulfur tome Alt-fire (Also with hands)
  7. CherubCorps

    Doom Streams

    Streaming CC + Angelic Aviary + Pvt Stone on Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp
  8. CherubCorps

    A pair of mods it'd be cool to have (more) maps designed for

    High noon drifiter. Just imagine the kinds of combat and puzzle situations you could set up with the boomerang alone.
  9. CherubCorps

    Doom Streams

    Streaming Pvt. Stone, a new mod by Skelegant with Angelic Aviary and corruption cards tonight at 2015 ET. https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp
  10. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    For your consideration. The Daisy rocket.
  11. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Tome of vanilla and tome of sulfur
  12. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Portal ring trick. You see one ring. Now you see four! Now they start firing magic!
  13. CherubCorps

    Do you do any drugs?

    I'm high on life. ...And caffeine.
  14. CherubCorps

    Share Your Sprites!

    Don't chase the bunny
  15. CherubCorps

    Doom Streams

    New edition of La Tailor Girl is out. Streaming with Angelic Aviary, Corruption cards at 1010ET . Map pack 2048 Pcorf community project 2". https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp