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  1. Time to do the last three maps of The Talosian Incident. We're almost done. Map16: The Canyons (John Bye) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 06:53 This map is very linear and despite its seemingly massive size, the layout makes it short and quick. After you come out of the base, you'll see a fork in the canyon, and the first way to go is the north route as the yellow key is located within a small mansion. There is a spider mastermind among the enemies you'll face there, but she is really easy to dispose as she is confined in a small room and you can just take potshots at her with your super shotgun and take cover when she's about to open fire, rinse and repeat. With the yellow you can finally reach the end, which is guarded by pinkies, hell knights, and barons, including some chaingunners stationed on the ramparts. Easy stuff and goes by really fast. Anyone who has played The Darkening Episode 1 would recognise the music as it is the only track in this megawad composed by David "Tolwyn" Shaw while everything else (excluding Map14) is composed by John Bye. Map17: The Great Outdoors (Malcolm Sailor) 466% kills, 100% items, 0% secrets Time: 03:55 The penultimate map of The Talosian Incident, and honestly, this is my least favourite. You basically have rush outside, hit the switch which raises the bridge and try to survive the neverending onslaught of monsters for roughly 2 minutes until the bridge fully rises. Getting the monsters to infight is a must so that they won't be coming after you, but if some like arch-viles are spawned at the other end of the area, you are in trouble. Thankfully, you get a shitload of ammo that rises out of the tip, including a megasphere and finally the BFG9000. Grab the megasphere when you are dangerously low on health and use the BFG when you need to clear out some of the more troublesome monsters. There's a soul sphere on the bridge which can also be helpful, and when you reach the other side, a rock wall will lower to a tunnel with a megasphere and the end where you see your ship. Unfortunately, it's heavily guarded a platoon of pissed off cyberdemons, so your best bet is to lure them away, open the door, but do another run around to avoid their rockets and finally race in and hit the switch as fast as you can. Keeps you on your toes, but having to endure the onslaught of enemies for a period of time and trying to evade so many cyberdemons is just not fun for me at all. Map18: Hi Honey, I'm Home (John Bye) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 07:22 Final map, which is basically the reverse of Map01, but now it is swarmed with monsters, some doors are locked off, and the elevators to the bridge don't work anymore, requiring to explore all around the ship in order to head back up. It seems the monsters have also made a hole connecting the reactor room to the southeast room where you see a voodoo doll in place of the sleeping revenant. You'll be forced to explore a room with damaging floor without the radiation suit, so be quick eliminating the enemies inside and grab the soul sphere. The ending, once everything is opened up, is a fight against a mancubus, arch-vile and various baddies, which is thankfully rendered easy on continuous play, especially if you have the BFG. Press on one of the consoles at the front to end the level. For my final thoughts on this megawad, the Talosian Incident is a pretty good set of maps. It tells a really good story, and I like how the beginning also serves as the end with you starting at the ship and the ending at the ship, The strong points is that the set has more emphasis on atmosphere than action, amplified by John Bye's evocative, ambient soundtrack. The theme is consistent as well since the maps mainly use earthy textures with some stone and marble mixed in, and also a few techbase maps in the mid to latter half of the wad. Weak points is that some of the maps, particularly those by John Bye with large open areas, feel almost empty with only a handful of monsters to slaughter. The smaller maps tend to have some dickish traps, forcing you to play slowly and cautiously. As for the authors, John Bye and Malcolm Sailor stand out as being mappers with their own distinct mapping style. John sticks with squarish, highly-detailed maps complete with connecting corridors while Malcolm favours tightly packed maps that pits you straight to the action. His offerings may not be as spiteful as his standalone wads like the Chord series, but occasionally he would whip up some nasty moments like in Map13 and Map17. My favourite maps would have to be 04, 06, 07, 08, 10, 16, 18 and 32. Now to tally up the scores for the three wads we played. I give both 99 Ways to Die and The Talosian Incident a 7/10 while I give The Trooper's Playground an 8.5/10. All of them are great and are recommended for players looking for excellent maps to play. This was a great week of playing (if catching up) some good Doom wads. Hope you guys have fun playing the next megawad for June, and see you all again next time.
  2. Time for the secret levels. Map31: Inferno Revisited (Malcolm Sailor) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 09:24 Hell-themed level that takes place inside a marble temple. Opening reminds me a bit of E4M1: Hell Beneath with the battle against two barons in a small space. Kill them both and then wipe out the swarm of lost souls in the next room. You'll then be doing some switch sequences while fending off against pinkies before reaching a large area with barons. Hit the switch so that more of the area will open up as it will reveal a cyberdemon which you can try to instigate some infighting so that the cyberdemon will be weakened. Hit one more switch once he's dead, and you'll have a clan of arachnotrons including an arch-vile that teleports on a Baphomet square to contend with. Then there's the main exit, but finding the secret will have you to find a hidden switch to gain access to a maze reminiscent of Map18: The Courtyard. Solid map with some intense gameplay. Map32: Portals (Malcolm Sailor) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 08:03 The super-secret level of The Talosian Incident is a rather unusual one. You are greeted with three portals, two of which takes you to different areas of the map and one that ends the level (but it's marked "Bad" on the floor). There's another that ends the level, but it does not open until you kill the two hanging marines (Commander Keen replacements), one found in each area you can teleport to. Killing them causes the Quake symbol to glow on their chests, indicating what game the Black Star Coven are moving to. The first area has you sniping off a revenant then some arachnotrons, while the other has you shooting off a mass horde of imps that spawn in. Intriguing map and those floating textures really gives off that otherworldly vibe to it. Alright the secret levels are done, and it's only three more to go, which I'll do tomorrow. Take care and have fun!
  3. Hey again, seems like we're at the home stretch of The Talosian Incident, so let's get the show on the road! Map12: Vulcan (Patrick Martin) 104% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 11:13 This is a neat little spaceship style map that reminds me a lot of Icarus: Alien Vanguard, but take care, cause it's got a bunch of really nasty ambushes. Getting into the engine room and shooting one enemy on sight alerts everyone, including a fleet of cacodemons. As you make your way to the north section of the map, you'll eventually come to a flickering hallway with a soul sphere, but watch out, cause two revenants will spawn in from both ends. Kill them quickly with the plasma rifle. Then when you reach the blue key room, you'll have a chaingunner ambush, so you better act fast and terminate them ASAP so you won't lose too much health. The worse is yet to come when you have access to the blue doors. When you reach the red key room, hitting one switch spawns a baron and going for the red key will spawn in several chaingunners. Finally, the ending in the storage area, which is by far the nastiest as some barons along with an arch-vile will appear. Taking cover and eliminating the enemies quickly is imperative. Good map, but the fights can be really tricky not to mention those mean ambushes. Map13: Get The Hell Out (Malcolm Sailor) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 02:26 Shorter than the other maps, but boy is it brutal! When you get a rocket launcher, a bunch of rocket ammo, two armours and a soul sphere, you know you're in for a fight, in which two archviles, six revenants, and two arachnotrons, all split in half, emerge from two revealed indentions. Eliminate one arch-vile first, but keep an eye on the revenants and arachnotrons, then have them infight to make things less hectic for you. Even with that strategy, it's inevitable that you'll lose a lot of health. Once you survive that part of the map, it's all smooth sailing as you grab the blue key, open one door to teleport up and fight some chaingunners to the exit. Don't step on the flashing sector with the gibbed bodies as it's a trap. Quick, small map, but the arena part is challenging. Map14: Beneath (Malcolm Sailor) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 06:56 Here we have another small map that takes place underground. There are fortunately no roaming arch-viles (though there's one halfway), but there are still some moments where you will be kept on your toes. Unless you have a rocket launcher, it could be quite tricky and you'll have to rely on some of the monsters to infight with some of them, like the mancubi and the enemies from the distance while obtaining the blue key. There's the aforementioned arch-vile, but he's easy to dispose of as long as you keep your distance and mind the enemies coming for you. All that culminates in a fight against a swarm of arachnotrons and their mama, which could serve as a potential infighting scenario. Nevertheless, this map is somewhat of a breeze if you're playing continuously and know how to handle each combat situation effectively. This is also the only map to not have any new music. Map15: Solvent (Brian Owens) 100% kills, 100% items, 0% secrets Time: 18:41 The longest map in the wad so far, and it's quite a boring one as well. The overabundance of silver here reminds me of the Icarus ship maps, though some brown stone textures were thrown in the eastern section of the map for some variety. Although the attention to lighting (the map is mostly dim) is applied nicely, one of the map's biggest drawbacks is the amount of backtracking you have to do in order to progress. The tight health and armour also forces you to avoid taking too much damage from the monsters, which isn't easy due to some of the cramped hallways and they're placed at a distance while you try to snipe them off with the rocket launcher in those hallways. Other issues include trying to shoot chaingunners in pitch black darkness while climbing up the stairs causing each sector to light up, and also being ambushed by imps when the room goes dark after you grab the blue key. Despite the limited supply of health and armour, there's thankfully a mega armour in the blue key area from where the imps ambush you, and there's a megasphere guarded by barons. Despite this map having a secret exit, the map has no official secrets. Overall, it's an okay map that has some similarities to Icarus, though it could have been better. Getting there, see you guys later in the secret levels.
  4. Hello, everyone, I'm back again to play more The Talosian Incident Map07: The Church (Malcolm Sailor) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 13:19 I don't know where the church bit fits in with this map, but it's another Dead Simple style map with additional monsters to contend with. Firstly, you run around the outer perimeter, killing every monster in sight while tracking down the blue key. Once you do find the blue key in the northern quadrant, hurry to the western quadrant where you'll find the yellow key, which also triggers a trap revealing imps and an arachnotron. With the yellow key, you can enter the outer perimeter where the Dead Simple scenario begins. There's a bunch of mancubi, including some hell knights, so you could be able to have the mancubi infight with the hell knights to make them take less shots to kill. After all the mancubi are dead, it's down to the arachnotrons. Fortunately, you can use the windows of the outer perimeter of the map to pick them off without exposing yourself, which is the safest (yet time consuming) approach to avoid having them all firing at you. Nicely done map, even if it's another variation of Dead Simple. Map08: Focus (John Bye/Ola Bjorling) 100% kills, 100% items, 0% secrets Time: 05:19 Short and quick Quake-ish map that uses a lot of brick and metal textures. Just waste the gunners, imps and demons while to hit the west switch to open the bars allowing you to reach the blue key, and then head to the east side and hit the switch to lower the blue key elevator. You then enter a hallway with more pinkies and enter a large room with shotgunners and imps guarding the teleporter to the second half of the map. From there, hit the switch to raise the platform with the arch-vile, who is really easy to dispose of, and hit the switch to raise the bridge. Step on the arch-vile platform and more of the map is revealed. While you're mowing down the shotgunners, beware of the chaingunners hidden behind the fake facewalls. Find the switch that exposes the yellow key, and you got one more big fight with a bunch of gunners, two hell knights and a baron who all guard the red key. Nice small easy map all the way, and great architecture with all the lighting and detail. No secrets in this map, though. Map09: The Palace (John Bye) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 09:53 We now move to mansion map that is pretty much in the same vein as Maps 05 and 06 as it's all just running around, hitting switches and some backtracking as well. Enemy encounters are pretty much meh, for the most part, though there are times where you have to keep your eyes open for gunners as they tend to be tucked away by the corners of the room and where you rush in they shoot you from behind, which happens a lot in the western section of the map. Beyond the blue key door is a large chapel, where you'd think there'd be a big slaughter, but alas, that is not to be. It's basically just some gunners out in the distance with a baron, where you could get them to infight. It's very annoying though how no matter you shoot at them from afar, you can't seem to hit them all the time, but they can with amazing precision, especially the chaingunners. Everything else falls into place once you obtain the red key, though you'd have to know to hump the computer in the northeast room in order to open the bars. This level could have been great with all the detail and lighting, but the monster encounters does make it a bit boring. Map10: Hardware (Malcolm Sailor) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 06:03 This techbase map appears to be like some kind of storage facility, which is pretty neat. You start out in the cargo hold, where you need to search for the red key. Once you do, you'll be greeted with some spawning spectres and a baron, so eliminate them with extreme prejudice. Then, pick either red door, and you'll have to start finding the blue key, which will require you to find the switch to climb to the other end and then hit the switch that raises the bridge to the end of the facility where you see a canyon ahead with some arachnotrons outside and a few cacodemons. This is yet another level that goes by really fast. Few tricky fights, but they're fun. Map11: Software (Malcolm Sailor) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 08:13 Here's yet another short techbase map by Malcolm Sailor, but it's somewhat cramped, so you'll have to take care when making your way around, especially when dealing with the mid-high tier enemies. Ammo and health is pretty tight as well, so make your shots count and be careful not to take too much damage than needed, easier said than done. The first section to the red key has some tricky fights with some revenants and arachnotrons, and when you head south, you'll be dealing with some enemies that are revealed when you hit a switch or progress. Beyond the blue door is a fight with an arch-vile, and after getting the soul sphere, you'll be gunning down arachnotrons and chaingunners. Taking your time is imperative so that you won't lose a lot of health, but overall it's a neat little map with excellent contrasts in the lighting. Gonna take a break now. Almost getting close to finishing The Talosian Incident. See you guys next time.
  5. Okay, now that I've done playing 99 Ways to Die and The Trooper's Playground, it's time to take on the last wad, The Talosian Incident, created by the Black Star Coven, a small team that consists of John Bye, Malcolm Sailor (notorious for designing extremely difficult wads), Ola Bjorling, Dan Huff, Patrick Martin and Brian Owens. The team intended this project to be their swan song before moving on to Quake (gee, Quake seems to be mentioned a lot this month). Funny enough, John Bye would design two maps for The Darkening Episode 1 two years later, Ola Bjorling would even make Tantrum 2, Venom, and even contribute to mapping for The Darkening 2, and Malcolm Sailor created the last two Chord maps and make some maps for the Deathmatch-only megawads Gothic 2 and Crucified Dreams. The story is self-explanatory. You're a marine setting off to a seemingly abandoned planet, but then something goes awry, stranding you in and when you try to send a distress call, the communications were tampered, so with no other option, you step into the planet and find the source of the incident. The megawad has more emphasis on story and exploration than straight up action, something which is a first for Malcolm Sailor as it's a far cry from his brutal, assholish, knockabout-style gameplay, though he still offers intense fights every now and then. In the tradition of Eternal Doom and Duke Nukem 3D, every end of a level also serves as a start of the next one, making the wad very cohesive and coherent as oppose to just exiting a level and starting at an unrelated, random location like in so many other wads. Gameplay for the most part is easy with a few tough maps, so it's on par with the difficulty of Doom 2 and other easy wads like The Twilight Zone and Icarus: Alien Vanguard. The mapping team also make attempts at showcasing detail and lighting to show that even Doom is capable to doing things Quake can do, though it doesn't come close to reaching the same calbre as Requiem. In a way, The Talosian Incident continues on the trend started by 99 Ways to Die. Now that the overview is done, I'm gonna play The Talosian Incident, on Ultra-Violence. Map01: The Transport (John Bye) 0% kills, 0% items, 100% secrets Time: 03:38 No real action in this map, it's just an introductory map with you exploring around the ship and finding the exit. Still, it's cool to check out the detail and lighting John Bye has executed to the map. It felt very realistic. Although there are no monsters, there is a sleeping revenant. However, you can't kill him and he can't attack you as you're both blocked off by an invisible wall. This is quite similar to Chris Hansen's opening map for Flay the Obscene where you have no monsters to kill and just explore the map at your own leisure. Even so, you get to pick up some weapons, ammo and armour, which I recommend doing for an easy time for the real action. Map02: Desolation (Malcolm Sailor) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 05:51 Here is where the action starts. Picking up from where the first map left off, you start inside the ship's elevator and open the door to step into the planet where you're greeted by some pinkies. Monster placement is just mostly the lightweight hellspawn, the imps, pinkies and lost souls, but there are a couple of cacodemons and barons to watch out for. It's an extremely linear level as you race into the caverns before eventually reaching the wide open outdoor area and finding some switches in order to progress further. As soon as you find the switch that lowers an elevator in the centre of the area which serves as a teleporter, you'll be transported to the northern section where you jump down some bloodfalls and see an elevator that will rise up slowly to the end as soon as you step on it, but be sure to take out the imps and baron beforehand. Map03: The Cliff Top Fort (Dan Huff) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 13:05 A rather spacious level with a silo and the eponymous fort. Lots of enemies to gun down, and you'll be encountering a lot of zombies and imps with some pain elementals. The plasma rifle secret isn't hard to find once you figure out that you have to go inside the western entrance of the fort. You'll have to know about the fake walls in order to progress, like when finding the blue key inside the silo. While you have to ride up the tower in the south section of the map in order to locate the yellow key, going back down will prove to be somewhat tedious as the elevators rise up fast but lower down slowly. Finally, after getting the red key, you have the ending which takes you to an underground red cavern with baddies. Across the silver hallway, stay on guard as the sides will open revealing snipers. The level is pretty lacklustre as the design is just rectangular hallways and circular rooms. Map04: The Chapel (John Bye) 100% kills, 0% items, 100% secrets Time: 04:56 This is a pretty short catacomb map, and there are a lot of neat lighting and considerate attention to detail. The start is a bit tricky since you got all these gunners and imps coming at you as soon as you enter the playing field. The caverns look nice and the chapel area has some beautiful architecture. There's a couple of fights with the nastier monsters, like there's a hell knight with some pinkies and imps guarding the yellow key at the west section, and a revenant with imps and shotgunners guarding the red key at the east. The ending, you'll be facing a bunch of shotgunners and chaingunners and then some pinkies in the blood river cavern. Watch out for the sniper chaingunners near the end. Fun, short map that goes by quickly. Map05: The Fort - I (John Bye) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 13:06 The first half of a pretty big level, since John Bye has divided The Fort into two parts. This part is entirely underground, and although it's an inoffensive level, there is unfortunately a lot of backtracking involving, and the theme gets quite repetitive quickly since the majority of it uses the same texture scheme, albeit for a few parts that use different textures, especially the ending where it's techbase. The fights are nothing too memorable, with only a few big fights with some of the heavyweight enemies flanked by lighter ones. You get a couple of those with mancubi, barons, hell knights, and arch-viles, which are thankfully easy to dispose of. You can also use the doors as cover from their attacks, but with some, you do need to rush forward once you cleared out the hitscanners as it would be hard to dodge their attacks from the hallways. The ending portion of the map has you destroying a computer guarded by imps and a mancubus. Not a terrible map, but the theme and switch sequences can be repetitive. Map06: The Fort - II (John Bye) 101% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 10:32 Second half of The Fort which starts at where you destroyed the computer and you retrace your steps to find some parts of the map with new monsters and certain areas sealed off. But, the northern section of the map is extended as the door is accessible. The theme is pretty much the same as the previous, but thankfully there's no painful backtracking, except for when you have to go to the blue door after obtaining the blue key. Also not much of those switch sequences. Monster fights are almost just like Map05, and enemy prioritising is the way to go in order to survive, including those crossfire battles with the barons and mancubi and the arch-vile fights. While this level feels a lot like the last one, it seems to be a bit better in the gameplay department, and the lighting, detail and architecture sure keeps it looking as pleasant as possible. Right, that should do for now. Will continue tomorrow. See you guys again.
  6. Three more maps, and I'm done with The Trooper's Playground. Let's go! Map07: Three 'O Matic 102% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 19:14 Now here is perhaps the toughest map in this wad. It's very interesting to note that while the music for the wad is unchanged, using Doom's soundtrack, Matthias Worch has swapped two tracks around, with this one playing Into Sandy's City. Anyway, this is another map where you can choose whichever path since you have to do all three of them in order to exit. The first path has you searching for the blue key, which you need to access the hallway beyond the blue door. Be careful, as you make your way beyond, though, for a pair of arch-viles will spawn in and revived the enemies you telefragged. In fact, almost everything you do here triggers a trap or ambush. The second section leading the yellow key has a trap where grabbing the berserk pack awakens two chaingunners, and then when you hit the switch after riding up an elevator where you'll find a radiation suit, two evil troopers will be awakened, and of course, grabbing the radiation suit which you need to jump on the slime and hit the switch to lower the yellow key platform causes two revenants to spawn. Beyond the yellow door is a cavern with some fairly treacherous encounters. Lastly, the third path, best strategy is to take out the arachnotrons from one side systematically and then the other before you rush in, and you'll be doing some switch hitting which culminates into a fight against the mancubus with no cover. Completing all three paths and you're set for the exit, where you have tons of rocket ammo for a showdown against the only cyberdemon in the wad. It's advisable to also use your plasma rifle action as although there's plenty of rockets, the cyberdemon of course doesn't get full damage from them. Just when you think it's all over once the cyberdemon's dead, you've got one more obstacle in the shape of some imps, zombies, cacodemons and pain elementals guarding the exit. A hard map that is relentless from start to finish. Map08: Star Control 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 16:05 Oh, boy, this is absolutely my most favourite map of the set. It's a large techbase with so many interesting quirks and gimmicks. Monster encounter is mostly easy enemies, but be on your guard as there are some of the nastier ones roaming about. The central hub has an elevator where once you get up, the bridges raise up. You'll be doing a lot of switch hunting as you search for the yellow key. There's a nice touch where once you reach the higher platform in the central hub, you check out a room with multiple doors which contain teleporters that can warp you back to areas that are now inaccessible. There's also the invisible floor trick, which also makes the red key inaccessible until much later. Afterwards, you reach the end, but you'll be greeted by some zombies and imps, and eventually a couple of evil troopers that spawn in. Awesome map with great architecture and it's a lot of fun. There's some clever homages to some of the Episode 1 maps of Ultimate Doom. Map09: Deliverence? 600% kills, 100% items, 0% secrets Time: 01:04 Final map of the wad. Since Map07 used Into Sandy's City, Matthias Worch decided Map09 should play Shawn's Got the Shotgun. Just your typical Icon of Sin map with a twist, which STRAIN would use for its final map. Collect the rockets and fire away out the window to any level of the barred windows (I prefer taking the highest level) to waste Romero's head inside. Be mindful of the spawning enemies that can attack you while you're distracted. Starting point is set in a way that co-op players will start at different angles and they'll teleport to different levels of the main area, which is a nice touch. So that's The Trooper's Playground. In conclusion, this is a really great wad and one of my favourites to play through. Very interesting and fun scenarios, some challenging parts here and there, especially Map07, and you get to see a nice variety of themes. The new evil trooper monster definitely keeps you on your toes, but thankfully they are rare and usually appear by themselves on in groups of two. It really feels like a follow-up to Obituary, both thematically and gameplay-wise. My favourite map in the set is of course Star Control, but there are others I enjoyed as well, like Going Down and Underground Temple, including Deep Down Below which was of course in Requiem as Map09. The bonus map is also fun to play through. Matthias Worch established himself as a talented mapper which got him into being in the gaming industry. For more of Matthias Worch, there's Memento Mori II, Requiem, and his Quake episode Beyond Belief. Highly recommended. Okay, that should do for now. See you all tomorrow where I'll play The Talosian Incident.
  7. Back again to continue playing the other two wads, and I'm excited for this one. The Trooper's Playground by Matthias Worch. The wad contains 9 nicely-designed levels which showcases new textures and a new monster which replaces the Wolfenstein SS and are a force to be reckoned with as they can do a lot of damage if you're not careful. It pretty much feels like a spiritual successor to The Innocent Crew's Obituary, especially when the level design is somewhat reminiscent to the Moellers, though without the hordes of zombies and more emphasis on tightly-packed gameplay and crafty design. There's also two bonus wads, with the first one, according to Matthias Worch in his level design retrospective series, was his earliest attempt at a Doom map, and it shows. The second one contains two deathmatch-only maps. As for the author himself, Matthias Worch has not offered anything else except for being one of the mappers for Memento Mori II and Requiem, and after his offerings to Doom, moved on to Quake to create the immortal Beyond Belief episode, which ultimately led him to become a professional mapper in the gaming industry, starting with being a level designer for Sin by Ritual Entertainment (also handled by Tom Mustaine and Richard "Levelord" Gray). Now with that out of the way, let's play The Trooper's Playground! But first, I'm gonna start with the bonus wad since it doesn't require the DeHackEd enhancements to be able to play it. TTPBONUS.WAD 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 12:58 Despite being Matthias' earliest map, it's decent and competently made. It also contains embryos of many of the devices and idioms he has developed as he progressed with his mapping. The start has you taking down a few gunners and imps and you enter a hallway with more small enemies. You'll need to rush for the shotgun ammo in the room with the baron so you can be able to take him out. Also pick up the chaingun so you can kill the revenant in the cavern down the stairs. That way, he won't be a problem later on. Take the northern section afterwards where you'll be forced to wade through nukage all the while eliminating baddies and collecting the red key so you can access the nukage maze for the yellow key. Then return to where you killed the revenant, but be careful as you'll enter a dark room where walls will open revealing pinkies and spectres. Eventually, you'll reach the ledge with a switch that will raise the stairs to the yellow door. The ending is pretty interesting. After going down a spiral staircase with monsters to the bottom where you'll face a baron and imps, you'll be doing a guileless switch puzzle where you need to hit switches in order to open certain doors while clearing out the rooms holding arachnotrons and mancubi. Make sure to pick up the radiation suit and hurry to the wall from your left to open a secret room with the soulsphere as not only will you have more health for taking out the arch-vile, but you'll also have a vantage point. Finally, hit either shootable switch to raise the platform the arch-vile emerged from and hit the exit. Overall, this is a good map that feels right at home in classic Doom 2. Now for the main event. The Trooper's Playground on Ultra-Violence. Map01: Welcome 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 06:15 Great introductory map that while easy for the most, packs a bite in some parts. Eliminate the shotgunners first so you can collect their dropped shotguns, but watch out for the imps advancing on you. While you can choose either path, I always go for the yellow key first and then the red key. Either way, you need to take caution as you explore both ends as they have a few traps. Monsters are mostly gunners and imps, with a few demons, and even a cacodemon, hell knight and baron to boot. Some nifty little puzzles here and there, especially those to secret areas. Once you collect the two keys, you're good to exit, but that's where you'll encounter the evil trooper, and they hurt very badly so stay on your toes when you encounter one. Map02: Intrusion 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 11:55 The diificulty cranks up in this map as you'll be facing mancubi with a regular shotgun until you can obtain the super shotgun later on. It's very trappy as hitting switches often opens walls holding monsters. You'll also want to wait until the lowered doors open in the area with the soul sphere so you can kill the cacodemons before going in as doing so lowers the stairs trapping you, and on top of that you'll have to face a baron that teleports in from where you jumped off and a hell knight guarding a switch that reveals another switch that raises back the stairs. Make sure to kill the two spawned mancubi before grabbing the super shotgun. The yellow key area harkens to Doom 2 Map04: The Focus, which is pretty neat. Just when everything is all hunky-dory, you get one dickish trap where shooting the fake exit switch reveals the real exit switch guarded by enemies. Brutal but fun and manageable once you know what to do. Map03: Simply Dead... 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 13:37 Here's yet another map with a harsh opening. After collecting the goods, you'll reach a large area with two revenants up on a pillar and caged chaingunners along with other monsters including a pain elemental. Gameplay is mostly non-linear as it wraps around a central cross-shaped area in the centre, and you can choose to go in any of the doors that are not locked by keys. Lots of clever bits there, like the section with the crushers and you have to kill the caged by barons by rushing for the switches and hitting them so that more crushers will activate, crushing the barons. There's also the sewer section at the east, where once you grab the key, you are trapped in while a wall opens letting out an evil trooper. The ending is where you'll finally get the rocket launcher, and you'll be facing two barons, but watch out for the sniper chaingunners above. The secrets are not that difficult to find and they will help ease up the tension of this map. Map04: Going Down 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 08:38 This one is extremely fun! Very straightforward map and a good flow all the way. You need to be careful not to fall into the pit where the blue key is or you'll die. Instead, you need to solve a switch puzzle in order to make it rise up and be obtainable. A nice jaunt through a tech area while you're tracking down the yellow key, with a chaingunner ambush, and there's a nice section that reminds me of that one secret area in Doom 2 Map15: Industrial Zone. Then after getting the red key and taking out another ambush, you're good to go where you'll have a few more fights to the exit. Don't forget to check the fake wall for the teleporter to a secret holding the backpack. Neat stuff and cool map. Map05: Underground Temple 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 13:34 As the name suggests, this is a subterranean map that takes place inside of a marble temple. Lots of exploration to do. The western section takes you into doing some switch hunting where you'll eventually collect the blue key, but not before facing an arch-vile guarding it. The eastern section has you, after grabbing the yellow key, entering a large cavern which is full of cacodemons and lost souls. Well-orchestrated battles, be sure to get your circlestrafing up to snuff so you can be able to manage the opposition, which includes taking care of some cacodemons, barons, and later on, revenants. There's even some mancubi for good measure, so make sure not to overdo it. Finally, you have access to the southern section, that was near your starting position, where the map does a neat trick involving the non-blooded canals being filled up. From there, you can head down and deal with some arachnotrons guarding the red key. The ending is just facing a couple of revenants, then barons, and finally chaingunners. Lengthy but amazing map with striking architecture. Map06: Deep Down Below 100% kills, 100% items, 80% secrets Time: 13:03 If anyone has played Requiem before The Trooper's Playground, then you would instantly recognise this map. It is Map09 of Requiem, though there's no major changes to the gameplay, except for the evil trooper in the red key area and different textures in some places. But for those new to this map, it's another catacomb level that's tightly packed and has a lot of switch puzzles. Make sure to grab the megasphere from the small room where you killed the demons before raising the stairs at the start as it's a secret area. Monster placement is just mostly imps, gunners, demons and cacodemons, with a showdown against two barons at the end, including the obligatory evil trooper. While the texture is all stone and bricks, there's some techbase halfway through the map. The main highlight is the red key switch puzzle where you'll be hitting switches to raise bridges, and when you think you can grab the red key, a wall lowers with another switch to hit, which you'll be doing a few times before you finally have access to the red key. Watch out for the evil trooper as soon as you obtain it, and then you have the end against the two barons. Architecture constantly changes as you progress. There's a secret situated right near the steps around the techbase part, so you can't get 100% secrets unless you use the noclip cheat. Overall, it's a solid, fun map, but if you've already played Requiem, don't expect any drastic differences. I'm gonna call it a night now. Will finish the rest of TTP tomorrow night. Take care and have fun, everyone. Thought so, tmorrow. Ah well, 99 Ways to Die on HMP plays exactly the same as on UV since I don't think Warren Marshall has applied any differences in the difficulty levels for the monster placement. That won't be an issue since I play wads that require no source port on vanilla. I'm aware of that bug on Map06 cause I've played Map09 of Requiem and it has the same issue due to the secret being a mere tiny sector next to a staircase so the only way to make it register is to use the clipping cheat. Thanks!
  8. Oh man! We're doing 3 wads, one of which is one I've suggested for a long time, and I'm far behind! Well, time I get cracking. Gonna play through 99 Ways to Die First, and I might as well do the entire wad in one post in order to catch up. So for 99 Ways to Die, it's three maps designed by Warren Marshall, who went on to make some Quake maps after this wad. Funny enough, the levels in the wad emulate the architecture and texture style of Quake, right down to the heavy use of brown textures. It also has a story, according to Marshall, in which four arch-viles have raided a castle and you need to eliminate them along with the rest of its unholy denizens in order to reclaim it. One of the most notable features of 99 Ways to Die is that Warren Marshall makes great emphasis on detail and lighting, which are very impressive for 1996 standards, so its no wonder it was among the top 100 wads made between 1994 to 2003. The levels are fairly short and for the most part on the easy side, but you still have to stay on your toes at there are some tricky spots, which are more intense for pistol-starters. On to the wad, on Hurt Me Plenty (the exit teleporter in the final map does not work in Ultra-Violence for some reason) Map01 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 04:51 Pretty good introductory map which sets in motion the story Warren Marshall made. First order of affair is to grab the shotgun, and open the door to the inside of the castle to kill the shotgunners so that they won't pose a problem since they can snipe you from the windows. Then, take out the imps and demons in the outdoor section and pick up the goodies. Inside the castle, make your way around the hallways and find the super shotgun for heavy firepower. Watch out for sniper chaingunners as you explore the castle. While collecting the yellow key is optional, it's advisable to go ahead so you can pick up the rocket launcher, soul sphere and mega armour that's behind the yellow door, though it's guarded by enemies, among of which are a cacodemon and two revenants. Overall, this is a straightforward map which mostly optional bits, which makes checking them out fun. Save for the heavyweights behind the yellow door, it's quite an easy, but you need to be careful of the sniper chaingunners. Map02 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 06:33 The brown theme continues on this map. When you go down the stairs to the chamber with the nukage pool, a secret door opens revealing a hallway with spectres and some ammo, including a backpack. Rush for the hallway and go up the elevator to a large dark area with pillars, some cacodemons and lost souls, spectres roaming around the water at the bottom until they teleport to where you are, and some revenants that can be crushed by a crushing ceiling. Here is where you can find more goodies, including a plasma rife and soul sphere. I like to snipe off the enemies that teleported to the courtyard and to the other side of the map with the rocket launcher as they're all grouped together. Be sure to check the cavern near the nukage pool for the yellow key where you can collect more stuff you'll need. The pain elemental in the outdoor yard beyond can be a nuisance, especially when you have chaingunners to worry about. As you make your way up eliminating the imps in each level, you'll come down some stairs where a wall opens revealing demons. Don't attack them as that will alert an arch-vile from where the imps were. Thankfully, it can be killed easily with a few rockets. While a bit trickier than the first map, it's still a breeze. Map03 101% kills, 100% items, 50% secrets Time: 08:20 The last map in the wad and it can be pretty tough, though still manageable. The west side of the map leads to two courtyards, with the first one containing arachnotrons and lost souls, and as you make your way up and across to the next courtyard, you'll be approaching one of the trickiest fights the map has to offer. First off, after hitting the switch opening the door to the structure out in the second courtyard, you'll have to go in and climb up some stairs to reach the red key, but keep your guard up as a horde of monsters will spawn in which consists of demons, cacodemons, pain elementals and an arch-vile. This is a very hairy situation because while you're attacking the arch-vile with the rocket launcher, the demons and lost souls spawned by pain elementals can get in the way causing you to eat a rocket. Luckily, there's a cell pack for the plasma rifle, which you can use for the other monsters. The east section leads to some tunnels, where you can find a hidden megasphere behind a nukage fall (one of the secrets on the steps will not register, so I couldn't get all secrets), it's also loaded with baddies. Then you get the north section beyond the red bars, which leads to a fight up the elevator to the teleporter where you reach the end, culminating in a battle against two mancubi and two arch-viles. Pretty hectic of all the three maps, but a lot of fun. So that wraps up 99 Ways to Die. Great small set of maps, the level design is excellent for its time, and the gameplay offers both fun and challenge. Definitely a wad worth keeping. I'll do The Trooper's Playground tomorrow. See you again soon.
  9. T-Rex

    Jim Flynn

    No, not Jim Flynn! :( Such sad news that he has recently passed away. I truly admired his levels, and as puzzly and enigmatic as they were, his penchant for surreal design aspects made them fun and addicting to play through. Eternal Doom and The Master Levels are prime examples of that, and his levels are among the very best they have to offer, and there's his Titan series, The Enigma Episode, and Oracle which he made jointly with Scott Harper. I feel like playing through his maps now. My condolences to everyone who was close to him. RIP Jim Flynn, and thank you for everything you have contributed to bring Doom to where it is today...
  10. T-Rex

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    Plutonia is without a doubt the one Doom IWAD that has a huge impact on me. First off, it clearly was a wad made purposely for the veterans who wanted a challenge. Both Dario and Milo were somewhat restricted and had to make concessions in order for their Evilution maps to be accepted. However, here in Plutonia, you can tell that they just went all out, no-holds-barred, showcasing what kind of combat scenarios they can take on. Plutonia is to Doom what The Lost Levels are to Super Mario Bros, Oh No! More Lemmings to Lemmings, and EROTT to Rise of the Triad. Anyone new to Doom better stay away from Plutonia until they are more experienced and have mastered Doom, Doom 2, The Master Levels, and TNT in Ultra Violence, or the farthest they would go is just Map01, because there's no difficulty curve in Plutonia, unlike the other IWADs. It starts ramming you at the first level and it never lets up. Be prepared to face commonplace chaingunners, including those that will keep being revived by hidden unkillable arch-viles every time you kill them, packs of revenants, pretty much every single heavyweight monster that was rare in the original games, you'll be facing them frequently in a lot of the levels, and there's usually more than one per map. There's also nasty ambushes that can kill you unawares, and every single fight was well-planned and orchestrated. The fact that most of the levels, save for a few large ones, are compact and the layout of each of them adds on to the difficulty of the wad. Nevertheless, this kind of challenge is pretty fun and addicting. The theme is also consistent as while in the other Doom games, each level you enter feels different in setting, Plutonia uses the jungle, brown stone, natural theme and sticks with it for most of the wad that you hardly felt as if you're in a different locale or realm. This makes Plutonia very arcade-like in that sense, both in theme and gameplay. Most of the levels are great, but not all of them. Hunted for example, is the worst map in my opinion. Annoying maze full of arch-viles with doors that open randomly by randomly placed linedefs is not my cup of tea. Bad enough is that the keys are situated opposite of the switches you need the keys for to open the bars. I give Dario props for coming up with a unique concept, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. To give Hunted the benefit of a doubt, though, I can see it like a mandatory bonus stage, in terms of Plutonia being like an arcade game. Out of the two brothers, my favourite has to be Milo, because I'm a huge fan of Tom Hall's architecture (round rooms, corridors, etc.), and Milo uses the same kind of geometry. Dario is good too, undoubtedly following John Romero's design sensibilities while simultaneously done in a way that makes it his own style, but I always liked Milo's levels more. Speaking of which, Plutonia is known for riffing off maps from the original games, and there's so many to name. Caged - inspired by The Abandoned Mines Caughtyard - Dead Simple remix Speed - Wooden theme of Thy Flesh Consumed The Twilight - another Abandoned Mines style map Neurosphere - The Inmost Dens Nme - Start copies Deimos Anomaly Slayer - Smaller version of Circle of Death Impossible Mission - Doom Episode 1 Tombstone - Reminds me of Deimos Lab a bit The Final Frontier - The Living End, duh Anti-Christ - The Living end again The Sewers - Gate to Limbo Odyssey of Noise - An amalgamation of Downtown and Industrial Zone Go 2 It - Entryway with the concept of Warrens mixed together Milo Casali - Tom Hall-isms all the way Dario Casali - Romero-style with a fresh twist So that's Plutonia. A sadistic bastard, but a damn good one. The difficulty is also something that sheds light on Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Scythe, and the like.
  11. T-Rex

    Your thoughts on TNT Evilution

    TNT Evilution may not come as close to topping Plutonia in terms of gameplay and level design, but it still has its place as being a Doom wad that was sadly placed as one of the most infamous wads due to the whole commercial release controversy, since it still has its share of good levels, especially those designed by Tom Mustaine, the Casali Brothers, and a few others. One of Evilution's strong points is that being one wad of the Final Doom duology, it serves its purpose as being a wad that while slightly tougher than Doom 2, it's still accessible for the amateur players, whereas Plutonia was made strictly for the veterans who have played through Doom 2 on UV and are looking for a much more challenging experience; a concept which would be taken and expanded on by future megawads like Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, etc. This is further evident when you compare the Casalis' Evilution maps to Plutonia's. While they're considerably harder than most of the maps Evilution has to offer (except for Mount Pain, which is difficult, but for the wrong reasons), they are not as punitive as Plutonia's mapset. It is clear that while the Casalis designed maps primarily for themselves, they had to tone down the difficulty of their maps for Evilution to make them approachable for the amateurs, though still challenging enough to make them stand out from the rest of TNT mapset. This kinda makes me like Evilution a bit more than Plutonia, because there's like a natural progression in the difficulty curve, albeit slightly steeper than Doom's 2, whereas Plutonia starts ramming you at the very first level and never lets up, kinda like Ultimate Doom Episode 4, but 50 times much worse. Oh, and Map15: Dead Zone happens to be one of my favourite Evilution maps, with its nonlinearity, the multiple entry and escape routes, the techbase theme, and that its fairly short. I also happen to have a soft spot for Habitat. Despite it being widely hated by many within the Doom community and even by Doom players like BigMacDavis and AltimaMantoid, I'm one of the few who actually like this map. It's just the weirdness of it that somehow makes me enjoy it.
  12. Although The Darkening has 22 maps while Darkening 2 has 24, half of them each are deathmatch only. The Darkening 1 has a separate wad containing 11 DM-only maps while the 12 DM-only ones in the Darkening 2 are bundled together right after the first 12 maps that are for single player. So we'd be actually playing 23 maps in total since the main focus is playing single-player wads. Couple that with TTP, and we'd be playing 32 maps altogether, which yes, it does exceed over 30. Invasion 2, I kinda enjoy it. May not be pretty, but I like the somewhat basic attempt at realism, and it's a mostly easy megawad, though I do agree with Memfis here that Rick Lipsey's maps are the most interesting in that wad. Either way, it'd be a welcome change from all those Nintendo Hard wads the DWMC have been tackling like Crumpets, Stardate20x7, Rush, and this month's megawad, PRCP.
  13. Whoa, it's been a while since I've posted anything. Well, this is a conundrum, because I wanted to vote for Invasion 2, an incomplete yet playable 32-level megawad by Paul Fleschute, with three maps by Rick Lipsey: two are based on his two maps that are yet to be found (Tangent to Reality and Orbital Platform Talon), while the third is a retextured and slightly modified Polygon Base. However, I'm tempted to vote for three short wads, like how we did with the TiC trilogy. Ah, what the hell, I'll go ahead and vote the latter. +++ The Trooper's Playground, and The Darkening 1 & 2
  14. Final day of July on my end, so I'm gonna finish the rest of Obituary. Map14: Halls of the Requiem (Thomas Moeller) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 18:15 Yet another pretty tricky map, though if you take extreme caution, you won't experience that much difficulty. It's another hellish map complete with stone and marble sections. First thing you want to do as soon as you start is kill all the demons before stepping off the teleporter so they won't attack you as they teleport in. Then pick either the top right or bottom right teleporter and snipe off some baddies, particularly bazooka men so they won't critically wound you while you're occupied gunning down other enemies. Of course, you'll have to take the bottom right teleporter first to reach the blue key, and that will require raising a bridge to reach the other side of the upper path. Next, when you take to top right teleporter and climb up the platform where those shotgunners were, windows to the outdoor area open revealing revenants and more bazooka men, so take them out first before making the jump. The middle section is very odd as there's crates, but there's more enemy prioritising to be done in order to survive. Enter the red marble room to collect the red key, which triggers the middle wall to lower revealing pinkies and cacodemons. Then, enter the door to the grey stone room where there's spectres, mancubi, and chaingunners. You'll then have to enter the red key door where you'll have a jaunt with those speedy troopers, including shotgunners and chaingunners. Hit more switches in the southernmost section, but watch out for the crushing ceiling. Before you can get the yellow key, have the BFG ready to wipe out the ambush of chaingunners, super imps, and revenants. The yellow key has a neat fountain where all kinds of enemies teleport in, however, you need to do some running to the other side and back a couple of times to have everyone teleport in, and the ending has you hitting the fake exit switch only for more pinkies to appear. This level is fairly long due to the traps and that god-awful teleporter setup, but otherwise, it's not a bad map. Map15: Castle of Damnation (Thomas Moeller) 101% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 19:45 Oh my goodness, words cannot express how much I'm so relieved to get past this map. It's good for the most part, but it's very hard, especially at the ending. The start has you immediately attacking the gunners that will open fire, and you'll get hit from all angles. Then you need to ride up and try to reach the blue key through alternate means as the obvious will be blocked. After you get the blue key, you'll have to jump into a well you'll reach soon to grab the red key, and the walls lower revealing arachnotrons. Then you need to race through lava to reach a radiation suit so you can reach the island with the switch that raises the bridge, but you got snipers firing at you, including revenants and a bazooka man. You need to find a switch via a rocky cavern to the east where the main exit is so that you can open the way to the 64-wide marble maze that is filled with demons, but don't forget the yellow key. Here comes the brutal part, a shitload of monsters pour around the yard and circular ramparts, which includes those dreaded bazookamen. The safest approach is to camp out and let the ones teleporting to the yard come to you, because trying to gun them all while they're teleporting is suicide, especially when there's lost souls and cacodemons to impede your movement. The inner yard and tower gets flooded with more baddies, among of which includes an arch-vile. Thankfully, it's smooth-sailing once you survive that part, and the way to the secret exit isn't that difficult to find. Phew! This was a pretty long and difficult map, but thank goodness the last two maps are short. Map31: Divine Inferno (Thomas Moeller) 102% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 04:47 A rather brutal bonus level where you'll be slaughtering hordes of monsters in circular arenas. First arena has you fighting barons, and then legions of hellspawn come flooding the place. Clear everyone out first, and you'll teleport to the arena where the mob came from. Now you have two dangerous arenas, each holding an arch-vile. Infighting will be your best bet to survival. Short, intense, and a lot of fun, it fits as a secret level. Map16: Conclusion (Denis Moeller) 88% kills, 60% items, 100% secrets Time: 01:24 So here we come to the finale of Obituary. The start has you fighting some pinkies and spectres while bazooka men fire their rockets at you. Eliminate them first, then hit the switch to activate the stairs to get to where the bazooka men where, then lower the wall to the inside, where you have another variation of the Icon of Sin. Grab the invulnerability and the partial invisibility so the enemies won't hurt you and miss their shots, and waste Romero's head in any side of the metal column. Now that Obituary is done, I can give my thoughts on the TiC trilogy and consider my favourite and least favourite maps. The Moeller brothers have come a long way since their debut with Slaughter Until Death. Although most of their early maps were crude, they served as embryos for the maps they would make in Obituary and Memento Mori. Both brothers, much like the Casali brothers, had their own distinctive style. Denis Moeller did not make any huge impressions in SUDTIC and TEUTIC, but it is not until Obituary where he finally found his voice as it became apparent that his calling cards were brown-themed textures combined with metal and the occasional green marble textures, though he returned to techbase for Map08. It seems that American McGee must have been a huge influence for Denis. Thomas, he sticked with a very consistent theme all the way, his preferences resting in techbase and hell-themed maps. What both brothers shared, though, is their penchant from pitting you against hordes of demons and zombies. SUDTIC and TEUTIC were great episodes. Some frustrating parts here and there, but for the most part, they are a lot of fun. Obituary is where they improved greatly in architecture and gameplay, and the new monsters that replaced existing ones were fairly neat, though they can be very cheap, particularly the bazooka men. The new weapons when played with the patch are pretty nifty too, and I enjoyed the trilogy as a whole. My only complaints are how some of the monster teleporters were set up in that they all wander around and take forever to spawn in. If they had fixed that up in a way that all come by being confined to a singular hallway, then the maps with these traps wouldn't be so time consuming. Most Favourite Maps Slaughter Until Death - E2M3, E2M4, E2M5 The Evil Unleashed - E3M2, E3M3, E3M5, E3M7 Obituary - 01, 02, 04, 06, 08, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 31 Least Favourite Maps Slaughter Until Death - E2M7 The Evil Unleashed - E3M8 Obituary - 07 For my final scores, I give Slaughter Until Death a 6/10, The Evil Unleashed gets a 7/10, while Obituary gets an 8/10. All of them are highly recommended, especially if you enjoyed Memento Mori 1 and 2, and even Requiem. It's very interesting and fun to see how the Moellers' style evolved since 1994. Well, that wraps it all up for me. I had fun playing the TiC trilogy with everyone else at the DWMC. Might follow this up with The Trooper's Playground. May you enjoy the next megawad you'll take on. Good night and peace out.
  15. Hey, everyone, I'm back again to play more Obituary. So this looks like we're at the final stretch, so to speak. Map12: Biochemical Factory (Thomas Moeller) 101% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 13:08 This is pretty much the last techbase map in the megawad as everything else onward is all hellish, bricks, and stone-themed. Like with every other techbase map, it's crampy with mostly boxy architecture. You have to be careful, though, because there's a lot of really lethal ambushes, even at the start as you have to start chaingun blazing at all the sniper zombies which includes a couple of bazooka men. Then there's the blue key where after you grab it, the walls open revealing a bunch of enemies, some of which teleport to block your only escape route. You'll doing some switch pressing to open up areas to progress further. Fortunately, you can use some of the barrels to help weaken or kill the enemies that come close to them. Sometimes, you can get the bazooka men to commit harakiri while inadventently damaging or killing other enemies among, which is hilarious by itself. In the area where you hit the switch to gain access to the red key room, I like to use the BFG before opening the door so that I can kill all the baddies inside without alerting anyone via sound tunnel as reaching for the switch lowers a teleporter they can use to teleport in any of the vats in the room, so that way I can sneak up on them and waste them with the BFG. There are more ambushes like when you try going for the red key and a wall closes in front of you while others open revealing more enemies. Then there's the fake exit trick, where hitting the switch lowers a lift and you're surrounded by cacodemons and shotgunners. Have the BFG ready before stepping on the teleporter as you can potentially die due being surrounded by pinkies and some bazooka men, probably the toughest secret to get because of that. The ending has you hitting more switches to find another way to reach the exit, and then one more ambush to take care of while you wait for the closed bar to open so you can hit the real exit switch. A fairly tough map. Map13: Pandemonium II (Thomas Moeller) 100% kills, 100% items, 100% secrets Time: 09:58 Although this map bares little to no resemblance to the original Pandemonium, E3M3 of Ultimate Doom, it's a pretty decent hellish map, but goodness is it such a tough cookie. The start has you immediately trying to kill the bazooka man and revenant, but there's a couple of chaingunners ready to strike and some super imps and shotgunners for good measure. BFG the demons in the fire pit before you dive in as that also clears an exploding barrel. Bit of good action while getting the blue key, and then when you gain accent past the blue skull bar, you'll have to face some pinkies that teleport into the red chamber past the green marble room with all the imps, where you'll be doing a bit of exploring to find the yellow key. When you can finally enter the yellow door, the tower opens up, and you'll engage in a rather tricky fight with the cyberdemon to get the red key. Thank goodness there's a soul sphere, but I wish it would have been a megasphere so I could have both max health and armor. Ah, whatever. The ending has you going up a lift, clearing off a platform full of barons, then waste the last chaingunners and super imps. This map isn't too bad, but some parts are quite hectic, especially the cyberdemon fight. Gonna save it up to here now. I'll see you all again when we take on the last maps of Obituary. Take care and have fun.