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  1. T-Rex

    Have you actually played Valley Of Echoes?

    I haven't played Valley of Echoes, but I saw Tatsurd-cacocaco's UV-max video of the map, and although Anders Johnsen stated it to be the "least playable and worst looking" map of Alien Vendetta, I thought it had some strong points aside from its weak points and it was a nicely done map. That said, I understand his reason to have it removed in Alien Vendetta's second release, because basically, from Demonic Hordes, the former Map 24 before Clandestine Complex, you got one ballbusting map after another, and while Whispering Shadows and Fire Walk With Me are respite maps from the insanity of Darkdome and Stench of Evil, they still have their nasty moments. Brad "Vorpal" Spencer made a pretty neat homage to Valley of Echoes in his AV: Black Label duology that feels challenging yet not overwhelming, but as an Alien Vendetta aficionado, I would appreciate if Anders Johnsen could release the original Valley of Echoes as a standalone wad so that players can get to have a taste of the first release without having to download the full megawad for it.
  2. T-Rex

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    That's very curious, cause I'm hoping someone can be able to find a upload the original Tangent to Reality and Talon into the idgames archive as the only maps by Rick Lipsey currently available are Polygon Base and The Final Geometry. Also, while I was checking the stuff surrounding the Invasion series, I came across some more fascinating things that were "behind the scenes." "As for the music, it's by Mark Klem. I had asked him to do music for I2 in summer of '97." http://web.archive.org/web/19990128202655/http://members.aol.com/Moe541/invasion.html I thought I'd bring that up, because having played Invasion 2, I noticed how some of Mark Klem's tracks came from other places. Map 06's was obviously "Anchor" from Memento Mori 2, Map 07 and Map 10 were "Danger" and "Phenomenon" from STRAIN respectively, though the former sounded more like an early version of the track, and Map 08 and 09 were "Bassline" and "Retribute" All Hell Breaks Loose. Map 01, 03, 04, 05, 13 and 14's tracks sound like early versions of some of his tracks from Gothic 2, but Map 02 seems to be the only track that isn't from other wads. Was it an original track Mark composed for the megawad? As for the music for Map 25 and 29, I could tell they're not by Mark Klem as Map 29 is a midi rendition of Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole," though I don't know what is Map 25's track.
  3. T-Rex

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    I know I haven't taken part in the DWMC's run through CC1, but I watched NiGHTS108's playthroughs of the maps, including MtPain27's review of the wad, and with how the other CC installments compare to the first one, I honestly feel that CC2 is kinda more or less the same as about half the maps are okay, while the rest were duds, especially Gene Bird's offerings. The Mucus Flow is an acquired taste, that's for sure, because even though it has such stunning visuals and a rather intriguing concept that just makes it such an enigma, it is unfortunately broken as it is unbeatable on ZDoom, and you can't even play it on regular Boom due to segment violation, so CC2 works with only very certain limit-removing source ports. Having played CC3, I can say is a huge step up in gameplay and level design quality, and, if you can get past the fact that most of the maps are massive behemoths that can take at least 10 minutes to beat (Black Rain is undoubtedly the biggest and most difficult of the set), you'll find it to be a solid, nicely laid out collection, and of course, CC4 is considered by many in the Doom community to be the best of the series.
  4. T-Rex

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    I don't know if this is of any help, but this is the best I can find. At the very least Paul has talked about Ultimate Invasion's history and its fate. Invasion II It's quite interesting how in the megawad, Rick Lipsey contributed to Invasion II. Two of the maps seem to be the ones that are yet to be found and uploaded on the idgames archive (Tangent to Reality and Talon), while Map 19 is basically a modified version of Polygon Base.
  5. T-Rex

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    I remember how there was going to be a total conversion by Paul "Moe" Fleschute called Ultimate Invasion, and some members that were going to work on the project include Mark Klem, Nick "Nightmare" Baker, Roger Ritenour, and even skillsaw! It's been announced since 1998, and to this day, never has there been a beta release (unless you consider Invasion 2 an appetiser), and never again has it been mentioned. And there's Eternal Doom IV: Return from Oblivion, that will never, ever be completed, considering Team TNT is dead and gone since the passing of Ty Halderman.
  6. You might want to check out Alien Vendetta. It's got a good number of Eternal Doom styled adventure maps and combines that with Plutonia's knockabout gameplay.
  7. T-Rex

    My thoughts on pistol starts

    I wouldn't say anybody's gatekeeping, otherwise they would be telling us "Hey, you can only experience Doom if you pistol start each level on UV." All of us here are free to play the game in any way we like, and while I play continuously, I scour the levels as I always try to get 100% of everything. That said, pistol starts can be liberating, but my point is that for anyone unfamiliar with the maps they play, they can be in for a rough time, especially on UV and when attempting 100% kills, which is apparent in older megawads where continuous play was the norm at the time. Don't get me wrong, most maps then and now are doable on UV-Max pistol start, but it depends, and without efficient experience, it may not be worth the frustration.
  8. I know there's a lot of people here in the Doom community who are treating pistol starting each level in a megawad as the standard way of playing Doom, and although I don't see anything wrong with that, I don't believe it has to be the end-all, be-all approach to playing Doom wads. To me, dying in any level past the first one and having to start again with just your pistol is more of a penalty for failing to beat the level, and you must try again, only with the challenge jacked up. I'd rather have the weapons I have obtained from the previous levels and do my best not to get killed, which is what saving your game is for, and that to me has always been the default way of playing Doom as there is more of a natural sense of progress as you advance to the next map. I feel that's why I see a lot of my favourite megawads from the early years of Doom mapping get greatly despised by almost everyone to the point where they deem it as unfair or unplayable (and in some cases being combined with so-called "Wolfenstein" level design), which I find to be absolute downer since I have so many fond memories playing them. This is especially due to many players going straight for Ultra-Violence and pistol-starting each map, which while I will commend as it is very gutsy, it's not recommended until you are more familiar with the maps and have played through them plenty of times on the lower difficulties. Practice makes perfect, of course. Not everyone can be like decino, who is definitely one of the best Doom players out there and his playthroughs are excellent guides which help at times at getting a better grasp at the levels, or MtPain27, who while I admit can give certain megawads too high of an overall grade in difficulty than they really deserve and can be a bit harsh on some levels due to the kind of challenges they present, even if they at least got some good level design aesthetics, he's somewhat excusable since he acknowledges in his disclaimers that he's not Doom God material, and he's open to differences in opinions, like, TNT's Mount Pain may not be my idea of a good level with good gameplay, but I can respect that he appreciates it as being the one map that shows that at that point, TNT Evilution is not going to go down without a fight. With that said, I feel that pistol-starting each map should be treated as more of a form of challenge to take if you really believe you are that skilled and willing to take on a level that may not be kind to you for not having the best arsenal, and this is so true with the wads from the Doom days of yore since a lot of those wads at the time were primarily designed for continuous play (like some maps having rocket or cell ammo with no weapon for them, or maps that present strong monsters that will prove to be near impossible to take straight on for the ill-equipped). Choosing your desired difficulty is also a factor as you should know your limits, like if you can take on a megawad on Ultra-Violence, then no problem, but if you find yourself struggling, crank it down to Hurt Me Plenty or lower. Better approach when playing a wad you've never played before is to play on either I'm Too Young to Die or Hey, Not Too Rough, then once you feel you're able to blitz through the maps with no effort, you then try a higher difficulty. Yes that nowadays, wads are being made with pistol start in mind to give casual Doomers a fighting chance, even on Ultra-Violence, but there is a difference between a wad made in the 2010s and 2020s and a wad made back in the mid-late 90s. I hope all this can be considered before dismissing a wad as "unfairly hard and tedious" because of rushing straight for Ultra-Violence doing pistol start. It's not the only way to play Doom, nor is it the definitive way as given how the games are laid out in episodic structure, even the Doom 2 IWADs, it's never been their intention.
  9. I think you missed the point of my difficulty scale. They do not necessarily indicate that the wads I've categorised are roughly as difficult as each other. Rather, some would be in the lowest point, while others would be at the peak, but not enough to be in the next level. Like, I don't know how Icarus is easier than Evilution, since the wad is clearly more of a lighter version of it, both in challenge and delivering smaller levels that can be beaten in less than 20 minutes, compared to Evilution which has some "Drake O'Brien-sized" adventure maps that can nearly take an hour to beat, depending how you approach them. Perdition's Gate would be equal to Icarus, though. I find Requiem a bit easier than the first Memento Mori (thanks to the Adam Windsor maps), but at the lowest point of Level 2. Memento Mori 2, a wad I classified as Level 2, is considerably tougher than the first one, which I found to be roughly around Evilution's difficulty, but nowhere near as difficult as Plutonia, so it would be in just barely at the Level 3 border, which also go for Jenesis, JPCP, Reverie and SIGIL. Plutonia would definitely be the starting point of Level 3, followed by THT: Threnody, HR and AV, the latter two being roughly the hardest of Level 3, but not enough to be Level 4. I don't know how you consider Speed of Doom to be higher than Scythe 2, since the challenge with Scythe 2 is that it's divided into 6 episodes of different styles that gets progressively harder, and you start each episode with a pistol, while in Speed of Doom, it's in 3 episodes where you start each beginning map with a pistol, though it's significantly harder than the first Scythe. One thing I will agree, though, HR2 would be the peak of difficulty in Level 4, but still leagues below Deus Vult 2, and I never knew Sunlust would be easier, since it seems than anything by Ribbiks could be classified as a Level 6 as they match Sunder's savagery and mercilessness.
  10. I don't understand why so many people overexaggerate Hell Revealed's difficulty. Yeah, it can be a bit tougher than Plutonia, especially if you attempt pistol start in each level, but honestly, having played both wads, I have an easier time with Hell Revealed since there are multiple ways you can tackle the big wave of monsters that you'll get in some of the levels, whereas with Plutonia, despite most of the levels having a body count below 100, you still face tough monsters in compact, cramped areas and must fight them in order to progress further, which can be really nasty for the unprepared, plus I found Resistance is Futile to be slightly manageable than Go 2 It. And HR is far tamer than the bigger, badder wads like its sequel and Sunder. Here is my ranking of the Doom wads by difficulty (Easy being the lowest, Nightmare being the highest): LEVEL 1: EASY Doom/The Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Hell to Pay, Perdition's Gate, Icarus: Alien Vanguard, The Twilight Zone, Death Tormention 1 & 2, Demonfear, Project X, Raven series, Fava Beans, BF_THUD!, Revolution!, Slaughter Until Death, The Evil Unleashed LEVEL 2: MODERATE TNT Evilution, Master Levels for Doom 2, Obituary, Memento Mori 1 & 2, Requiem, The Trooper's Playground, The Enigma Episode, Eternal Doom, STRAIN, Death Tormention 3, 2002: A Doom Odyssey, Whispers of Satan, Doom Core, Reverie, Eternally Yours, Jenesis, JPCP, Khorus' Speedy Shit, SIGIL LEVEL 3: HARD The Plutonia Experiment, Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Scythe, THT: Threnody, TNT Revilution, Valiant, Hellbound, One Bloody Night, 3 Heures D'Agonie 2, Ancient Aliens, Survive in Hell LEVEL 4: VERY HARD Speed of Doom, Plutonia 2, Plutonia Revisited, Kama Sutra, Hell Revealed 2, Scythe 2 LEVEL 5: EXTREME Deus Vult 2, Swift Death, Resurgence LEVEL 6: NIGHTMARE! Sunder, Sunlust, Chillax
  11. T-Rex

    dark forces style levels in doom?

    You might want to check out Whispers of Satan. The first secret level is Star Wars themed, and a lot of the textures come from Dark Forces.
  12. I think it would be a contest between Perdition's Gate, Memento Mori II. or, if id decided against making the Master Levels for Doom II a collection of PWADs, compiled the wads together and added 11 more maps to make a full 32-level megawad.
  13. Dario Casali, it is absolutely amazing that you would show up here in the Doomworld forums. Then again, we've seen some of the mappers from Doom's heyday come by like Tom Mustaine, Chris Couleur, and others. Great that you've went through Plutonia 2 as it's one of the best megawads out there, and now you should try Plutonia Revisited so we can see which do you consider to be the sequel and which one the spiritual successor, in your eyes, of course. I must say, you with your brother Milo have brought a legacy, an introduction to the crazy difficult gameplay that became influential to the wads that came after Plutonia and even those of this era. Without your and your brother's trailblazing, we would never have such difficult megawads like Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Scythe, Kama Sutra, and Speed of Doom, all of which you should give a playthrough, cause these wads stood on the shoulders of your pride and joy. Speaking of Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Scythe and Kama Sutra, Yonatan Donner and Haggay Niv should make a return to the Doom community along with Gusta, Method and Erik Alm. If there's one thing that would be totally awesome is if we get a collab megawad between the founders and developers of the "extreme challenge" in Doom (The Casalis, Yonatan, Haggay, Anders, Erik, Gusta and Method) complete with soundtrack by Lee Jackson (whose ROTT music was used in the original HR).
  14. T-Rex

    What are some WADs that deserve a new MIDI Pack?

    Hell Revealed needs a midi pack, and maybe also Kama Sutra. While new HR music doesn't necessarily need to sound ROTT-esque, they could do with intense, heavy metal tunes to fit the gameplay.
  15. T-Rex

    Alien Vendetta MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    Oh, this is interesting! A midi pack for Alien Vendetta! I saw PsychedelicEyeball's video of that, they sound pretty good. Very nice how midi packs for the classic megawads are being made. Now we need a midi pack for the first Hell Revealed!