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  1. The Reckoning does have official secrets. I'm not sure how the editor tagged them, but they're acknowledged in-game.
  2. SiFi270

    Share Your Sprites!

    How feasible would it be to give a similar color scheme for the Hemodemon? I've been working on a vanilla-compatible cosmetic mod that aims to make things more D64-like while sticking to the vanilla style, and I think the Hemodemon is the ideal counterpart to the Pain Elemental in such a mod.
  3. SiFi270

    UMAPINFO Appreciation Thread

    A couple I made for Kaiser's old Console Doom partial conversion. The first is always meant to be loaded because it contains all the CWILV## lumps, but if you load the second one afterward, is divides the maps into episodes based on what game or wad they're originally from, then puts them back in chronological order and makes the intermission texts more accurate. On its own, the first one should be faithful to the experience you'd get playing the original conversion in a ZDoom family port. EDIT: I updated it so that the second has labels indicating which slot a map originally occupied. cdoomumi.zip
  4. SiFi270

    What happened to the ROTT remaster?

    One thing I'd love to see is an optional HUD with health and ammo represented by actual numbers.
  5. SiFi270

    Doom Mods and food.

    One very specific example. Map07 of 32in24-14 brings this to mind.
  6. SiFi270

    WolfenDoom of old and WolfAddict PC releases

    You mean these guys? If so, they replace the Cyberdemon's sprites in ORGFX.WAD in the .zip I shared in that thread.
  7. SiFi270

    WolfenDoom of old and WolfAddict PC releases

    I was pretty intrigued to hear there was a classic WolfenDoom wad I missed, but as soon as I saw the name "Bruce Ryder" I understood why. It's a long story that seems to conclude with him disappearing completely in the early 2000s, and if you want further details I think someone else would do a better job of explaining than I can. Sorry to burden others like that, but I'm just not good at discussing the heavy subject that's involved. Anyway, if anyone can shed some light on what became of the wad, it'd be @Laz Rojas, but I don't suppose getting in contact with him will be easy.
  8. SiFi270

    Guess the Map! (22nd Edition, the final hurrah?)

    Without hints: With hints:
  9. I noticed the wiki page says a bunch of existing addons were modified the same day Revolution was added. Does anyone know what the differences might be? I know @Doomkid has some prior versions on Doomshack, but I don't know if it's all of them.
  10. If new secrets were added, I'm surprised Map05 was kept as-is and not given a proper fourth secret. I also saw that Map33 was acknowledged in the DMAPINFO lump, but commented out.
  11. Oh dang oh dang. I always thought that was the oldest one to have a chance, unless they decided to go as far back as Enjay Doom or something. EDIT: And it uses the Midi Pack! But Map04's music was replaced, presumably because the original was based on a track from Shadow the Hedgehog. EDIT: Map33 can't be accessed from the menu, but you can still IDCLEV to it. Apparently "Betray" is still the default name for maps in that slot.
  12. SiFi270

    Most delicious maps

    Bifrost More like... uh... Brilliant Frosting.
  13. SiFi270

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    The whole reason Scythe was such a turning point in PWAD history was because every single ZDoom wad at the time (plus Nimrod, which used Legacy instead) had a "power's down, go restore the power" sequence to showcase what was possible with advanced scripting, then Map14 of Scythe was all "you can do that in vanilla" and everyone else was like "oh" Trent Reznor got his start composing midis that acted as just a preview of the full songs he wanted to compose but didn't yet have the means to do so. He submitted these for use in the DWANGO series of wads, and id was so impressed that they gave him the means to compose tracks for Quake that matched his artistic vision. Shortly afterward, he finally released the proper versions of his DWANGO tracks, and paid tribute to id by naming his new band after the "NIИ" symbols that appeared in E4M1 of Doom and on ammo boxes in Quake. id would later remove the symbol from later versions of Ultimate Doom and admit they didn't know why they put it there in the first place.
  14. SiFi270

    Guess the Map! (21st edition with new hints pulled in)

    Without hints: With hints: