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  1. SiFi270

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    I did it guys 12midfix.rar
  2. SiFi270

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Map 13 It seems you can "fix" the midi by switching to OPL. A welcome change of pace after the last few maps ground my face in, but there are some unfortunate oversights. In addition to the stuff NIH posted, there's also this if you're playing in software mode:
  3. SiFi270

    Heretic 4 Doom

    @chungy recently released patches to turn the Doom IWADs into PWADs containing only the maps. This project feels like a good reason to do the same for Heretic.
  4. SiFi270

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Map 11 There's this one part where you're teleported directly in front of two Satyrs that are guaranteed to get a free hit, because of how teleporting briefly stops you. I really think there should a least be a wall in front of them at first, and then have that lower when you take a step forward.
  5. SiFi270

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Map 10 So I've been playing all these maps twice, once in GZDoom with Ultra Crispy (except for map05, which I played with Final Doomer's JPCP class) and once in PrBoom+ at complevel 11. When playing this map with UC, I got to the secret with what would normally be a flamethrower, and the ensuing horde of skeletons made me think "oh I bet this goes so much better with the flamethrower," but then I went there in PrB+ and it was still pretty tough. This is my interesting story.
  6. Because Croteam wanted to make a Doom game.
  7. If it was more cartoony than Sam 2, then there might be a problem. But from what I understand, BFE was the one that wasn't cartoony enough, so it's not really a fair comparison. And the only thing that really seems that cartoony about the mancubus is the bright, vibrant colors that most shooters are so afraid of.
  8. When was this? Could it be what lead to him picking Jimmy for Sigil's midi soundtrack?
  9. SiFi270

    confirmation of new quake game in the works?

    The "official" spellings of Cthulhu Mythos things (including the namesake himself) are just approximations anyway. It's one of the lesser things that make them beyond human comprehension. You could easily just say "oh it's more like shub-nyurath and Lovecraft just kind of heard what he wanted to hear"
  10. SiFi270

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    If this is still how it behaves, then that's more of a problem for demo compatibility than letting you select the fist at any time at all, but since the only demos that can be played with these versions are the ones already built in, I don't suppose either will actually come up.
  11. SiFi270

    How did ID settle on 20 (21) master levels?

    Since we're discussing the list in Dragonsbretheren's post here instead of bumping that thread... while it's possible that deadlock.wad refers to the Scott Harper level that can be found on /idgames nowadays, it also happens to be the name of a map that Soundblock made for Hexen. So now I'm wondering, could that have originally been a Doom level that got converted?
  12. SiFi270

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    Category 2. Killed by a horde of skeletons in map13. sitvrdwi.rar
  13. SiFi270


    Crispy Doom plays the item respawn sound for secrets by default, but if it finds a lump named "DSSECRET" it'll prioritize that instead. I'd recommend just converting the one found in D4T.
  14. +++ Demon Eclipse E1 (both the limit removing version from 2004 and the standalone ZDoom version from 2014), Hell-Forged
  15. SiFi270

    What are some good GZDoom WADs?

    Pirate Doom. The closest thing to criticism I can think of is that the super shotgun isn't a blunderbuss.