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  1. So when you lower part of the stairway leading into the room with the crushers, does that become a point of no return? I'm just missing a secret and two items, and I'm hoping they're not before that point if that's the case.
  2. ZDoom LE (Legacy Edition)

    By older DeHackEd patches, do you mean those patches so old that not even Chocolate Doom supports them? I tried it out for myself with this wad, and the game crashed before making it to the title screen. Here are the txt files relevant to the crash:
  3. Mothership - single level for Eternity

    There were a lot of moments where I was thinking "oh man if I had this weapon's counterpart in Final Doomer instead of the usual version it would be so helpful right now" but in the end that just made me more proud when I did beat it. More frustrating was the fact that portals and autoaim don't seem to mix so well. I wasted a lot of shells trying to hit the imps next to the blue key door, and then I barely had anything to handle the stealth aliens guarding the key itself. All in all, this was a worthy tribute to Ancient Aliens with a good understanding of what made people love the original so much.
  4. Mothership - single level for Eternity

    At first I was excited at the thought of an Eternity-exclusive wad but when I saw it was AA-inspired I thought "oh I'd better play it with Final Doomer" but then I realized what was wrong with that idea and I felt like all those obnoxious Brutal Doom fans who think anything incompatible with that mod is just broken. Don't get me wrong though I'm still looking forward to trying it.
  5. Where does Episode 2 take place?

    I always thought it wasn't the entire moon that got sent to Hell, just the chunk of it that the base was on.
  6. The source port I actually had in mind for all this was GZDoom. It seemed simple enough for me to send the other players a .zip file with everything they need, including a .bat along the lines of "gzdoom -blah blah -join (my ip)" for them to click. The ACS thing you linked to seems to work with it but it doesn't seem to have the exact kind of function I'm looking for and I don't really have the knowledge of ACS necessary to turn it into what I want, assuming what I want is at all possible. The reason I wanted to do a completionist co-op run was because I was going through a completionist single player run of Memento Mori and it was becoming more and more apparent to me how much of the wad's ingenuity I was missing out on in single player. But if it's really so much more complicated than I think then I'm tempted to call the whole thing off, which is a shame because the other players did seem pretty excited for this.
  7. What happens when one of the players triggers the exit? Are the other players forced to exit with them, or do they each have to trigger it themselves? Does it depend on the source port? I ask because I'm a completionist and I wouldn't want to miss a chance to get some secrets because a friend of mine didn't realize that an innocuous looking switch or linedef was actually the exit. I'll be honest with y'all the only reason the topic title says "a couple of things" is because I'm pretty sure there were other things I wanted to ask about but now I don't remember but I figured if I remembered them I can come back here and ask and then the title will be more accurate.
  8. Can the doomguy hear the music in the map?

    I don't think he does, because otherwise the music in Map01 of Equinox would leave him completely paralyzed.
  9. Things about Doom you just found out

    I've just learned that there's a zipper on the Doom 4 Revenant's skull and pulling on it reveals a heart. This is almost as exciting as learning that the boxart for New Super Mario Bros. shows a pipe being knocked over.
  10. "Climb up to the top" type maps

    I don't suppose Black Tower from Master Levels would count, since it uses teleports rather than actually having you climb anything, but it does kind of do the fireballs thing you mentioned on the floors where there are Cacodemons lurking outside.
  11. Category 2. This is the first time I've recorded myself playing a game, and the first time in a while I used PrBoom, so it took a little getting used to. Now all my playing habits are exposed to the world, such as being incredibly stubborn about using cells, and avoiding pickups until I desperately need them (my last thought before dying was "I'd better go back for that secret berserk now"). Not included was my obsessive map checking, but even if I had I don't think the demo would reflect that anyway? sifi270_warlh.zip
  12. My personal favorite hells are in Demon Eclipse episode 2, Doom 64, and Hellscape. I haven't thought as much about city maps, but I remember being quite amused when I played through Chex Quest 2 for the first time and realized how much more convincing its city was than Doom 2's.
  13. So will I. It'd be hard to break the habit after this long. Someone certainly did, but I'm not sure it was the developers.
  14. Hope I'm not opening any cans of worms here. We all know the pickup message is just "What the !@#%* is this!", and there's no mention of it in the manual. I squinted really hard at these Nintendo Power scans and could only see a mention of "the new laser weapon" in its guide for Altar of Pain, which would match the names given to its sprites. Does it come from one of these two strategy guides? Or maybe somewhere in the source code?
  15. I wouldn't be a fan of a cosmetic double chainsaw. Players wouldn't really know what to expect from it when they pick it up, and I think it still behaving the same would be kind of a disappointment for them. Back when Smooth Doom's D64 weapons behaved the same as their vanilla counterparts, the D64 chainsaw was the only one I didn't have enabled for that reason. As for Pain Elementals, I wasn't sure if DeHackEd allowed you to change which part of a monster the projectiles came from, so I thought it'd be more practical to have them look the same and spit out two in quick succession as opposed to one on each side. But as I've already said, what I really want now is for those ideas of mine to be ignored and things to stay as they are.