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  1. SiFi270

    It's Cirno Day

    A typical day for Cirno: (warning, contains a bit of underwears)
  2. I ask because an earlier part of the same level seemed to be a tribute to UAC_DEAD, which left me wondering if the map was filled with other such references that went over my head. Also, I'm guessing the maze from the level after is a reference to Linguica's infamous maze level from the Army of Darkness TC.
  3. SiFi270

    Share Your Sprites!

    "You're a big guy... that means you have huge guts!" Which is what I say whenever someone plays Map30 of Batman Doom. EDIT: I really want to delete this post but I don't think it'd be fair to hypothetical people who like it more than I do and would be more upset if I did. Why do you have to complicate so many decisions, hypothetical people?
  4. SiFi270

    dsda-doom source port [v0.21.3]

    By that logic, shouldn't complevels up to 11 or so disable the "medikit you really need!" message?
  5. SiFi270

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    Something could also be done for the Wraith megawads, but then for the "only replace the repeated tracks" versions you'd have to look at the tracks the originals share and decide which gets to stay in which. While I'm at it, has anyone suggested Aliens TC or Hell Revealed yet? The latter would be especially deserving of a contribution by Lee Jackson.
  6. SiFi270

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Three of Tom Mustaine's maps were rejected, but none of those seem to be because of poor quality. One was too short (and became TNT Map01), one was too similar to a Doom II map, and with the last I don't think it's been officially stated, but it seems it was already avaiable as Map06 of #1dwango, and id didn't want any of the Master Levels to be something already available online. It still became Map17 of TNT. Then there are Christen Klie's maps. While I don't like a single map he's made, (and keep in mind, I'm okay with pretty much everything else in the Master Levels) I think it's more likely some of his submissions were rejected because otherwise almost half the project would just be his maps, which wouldn't be fair to the other contributors.
  7. SiFi270

    Why monsters won't attack the Arch-Vile?

    I kind of wish id had given a similar property to the Shambler in Quake, to match the claim in the manual that other monsters fear it.
  8. Bobby Prince did release an album with just his contributions. It's on iTunes and Amazon.
  9. I don't really think it was that weird, but it still stuck with me. I "woke up" while still in the dream to find a load of goldfish floating around my bed. I saw my mother a few rooms over, and asked her to come over to determine whether she could see them as well and if she had any explanation if she did. She could see them, but she couldn't understand them any better than I did. Later I "woke up" into another dream again, and I was telling someone else about what I'd dreamed. They asked if the goldfish felt fluffy when I touched them, and I said, "no, they felt kind of crispy." Presumably if they'd felt fluffy that person would have had an explanation for it.
  10. SiFi270

    Camping is Cool!

  11. SiFi270

    List of Doom engine standalone games?

    Does that exclude Return of the Triad and Barista then? They come with nearly empty IWADs that exist solely to bypass the need for a real one.
  12. Clearly the best way to solve this is to bring in an impartial third party and see what they have to say. "Doom? Isn't that... old? Why would anyone bother making something for an old game? You should use Unreal, or Unity, or Source."
  13. SiFi270

    Witchaven 1 and 2 Now Available on GOG

    Only one question remains. Is TekWar also on the horizon?
  14. SiFi270

    I found some "lost-ish" classic WolfenDoom wads.

    A couple of other things that I meant to mention but forgot, and others may already have noticed if they checked out the .zip I shared: Some enemies are actually more accurate in this version, both compared to the versions based on Boom and the rest of the WolfenDoom series: the mutants shoot bullets from their chest guns instead of fireballs, and the officers use a pistol instead of a chaingun. Also, the versions based on Boom had bonus levels replacing maps 31 and 32, and these appear as map32 of escape.wad and faust.wad. In the former, the version based on Boom had you fighting Trans Grosse and his many doppelgangers in a Dead Simple-esque arena, but the vanilla-compatible version has bazooka-wielding soldiers instead, which appear to be based on enemies from Obituary. The latter seems about the same in both versions, only the mutants being hitscanners again makes it a lot harder.
  15. SiFi270

    I found some "lost-ish" classic WolfenDoom wads.

    Really thought I did that. If I did and it was removed because I should really be asking permission first or something along those lines, I'm sorry for repeating my mistake. wd-vmac.zip EDIT: Finally looked closer at the chaingun thing, and it does seem to be a difference in the Mac version rather than a change Laz made. The firing sound plays more rapidly, but the ammo in the hud counts down at a different speed to what you're hearing. The latter probably matches vanilla timing, but I'd have to record footage of both versions and play them side by side to be sure.