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  1. Knee Deep in ZDoom 2: Phobos Anomaly ZBorn Eternal Doom IV 2: Look, If We Called It "Eternal Doom 5" Then Things Would Get Even More Confusing
  2. Batman Doom v Superman Doom: Doom of Justice Adventures of Square² Requiem 2: This Time It Really Will Be The Community's Swan Song, Wait No It's In Full Swing Again Elf Gets Pissed 2: Vikings and Wizard Get Disgruntled
  3. Doom 64 the Way Midway Didway
  4. Epic 3: Hey Remember When "Epic" Was A Word You Could Use Unironically?
  5. Obituary 2: Son of Obituary Sunlust 2: Lust Harder Grezzo 3: Let's Not And Say We Did Anyone got any others?
  6. I think yes if the moveset was something like this:
  7. SiFi270

    Things about Doom you just found out

    In Rylayeh, despite the .txt file saying the minimum requirement is a limit removing port, a lot of pickups in the first map (and presumably others) will float next to ledges they're supposed to be far below in anything too faithful to Vanilla. This happened with Crispy, PrBoom+ at complevel 3 and 4, and Eternity with the -vanilla parameter. GZDoom had them where they were supposed to be despite me setting compatibility to "Doom (strict)" before starting the game.
  8. SiFi270

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just found out from this comparison of source ports that GLBoom can display widescreen status bars. Now I can play Batman Doom with the hud from this collection properly.
  9. SiFi270

    Made any DooM OCs?

    Mine's not completely original but a reinterpretation of other people's work, namely the Outcast Levels by Kaiser and the ending to Innocence X2 by jazzmaster9. It's a marine that was sent by the UAC to bring Doomguy back from Hell, because they didn't realize he was staying there by choice, but the person they sent wasn't as resistant to Hell's corrupting influence as Doomguy was, because most people wouldn't be, and so he became The Outcast, siding with the demons and being chosen to wield the Unmaker.
  10. The closest thing I have is that I associate it with the first house I lived in, which only narrows it down to somewhere from '94 to '99.
  11. It was a top-down view kind of maze, like Pac-Man.
  12. This probably isn't enough details to go on, but it was a simple maze game for either DOS or Windows 95, where you controlled a ball with shading to make it look 3D, and upon meeting certain conditions prison bars would be removed from a hole leading to the next level. It had a turquoisey color scheme, but I think it might have changed as you progressed, with purple being one of the other colors.
  13. SiFi270

    What weapon sprites does Freedoom need replaced?

    I think one thing that needs to be done if it hasn't already is decide whether the hands should be consistently gloved or bare. If the former, then the pistol and shotgun should be adjusted or replaced, and if the latter, then it's the fist and SSG. If I may carelessly wander into The Opinions Zone, I'd prefer gloves because I quite like the fist and SSG, something seems off to me about the current shotgun's pumping animation, which I realize isn't a very specific or helpful criticism but it's the best I can do, and while I don't mind the current pistol I was also a fan of the previous one by Scuba Steve.
  14. While you're here, Nevander, I've been meaning to ask. Once there are good chaingunner sprites, do you think you'll put them in your version of the Outcast Levels in places where the original had red-clothed zombiemen that were meant to be chaingunners?
  15. SiFi270

    WTF [Doom cover art]

    I was always more curious about what the other marine's weapon was supposed to be.