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  1. Category 2, but I died on map01 in like 2 minutes T_T sidwi-rudy.zip I was also considering sharing a joke run where I used DeHackEd Defense to play it with Rudy 2's much more powerful weapons. You'd think such a humilating defeat in the proper run would make that kind of catharsis more alluring, but instead it just knocked the motivation out of me.
  2. SiFi270

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Someone on Doomworld will ask this exact question every week without fail. (apologies to the original thread starter, I just misread the title and had an irresistible idea)
  3. Map15: Infestation I didn't know sirens could be a midi instrument. Nor whatever it was that sounded way too much like my phone vibrating. Also, in that room where you kill lots of zombiemen with lots of barrels, the southwestern platform with the arachnotrons seems to be missing textures.
  4. SiFi270

    Is this real?

    I should never have attempted this. I got the same crash, but the next time I started up the game, I'd somehow lost the option to reason with the demons. Now I'm stuck with a version of the game where they... they DIE! With blood and everything! :'(
  5. Gosh I fell behind. But I promised I'd say some words about Map14. But first. Map12: That Resident Evil precursor game that was based on a movie You know that big door south of the diamond building? I'd like to recommend having it close downwards instead of upwards, so that players in the way of it won't see this: Map14: Now I see I should have saved the joke name I gave to Map09 for this one instead. Ho ho ho. Okay, so. The original. More specifically, its penultimate room, with all the barrels, but not for long. I'm pretty sure the drop's much deeper in that one, and the elevators you're counting on to get you out of the damaging nukage? Also damaging. Pretty sure it was 20 at a time. And because it's such a long way up, they rise for something like ten seconds. Let's hope you have good health and armor! No? Well maybe there's some earlier in the level, that you were saving for an emergency like this. Oh wait! Once you drop into this room, you can't backtrack. Also there are mancubi spread out throughout the nukage pool that never get close enough to walls for an infinitely tall explosion to sort them out. That was what made me hate Map14 more than Map04, and as expected, Cammy demonstrated why its flaws were still fixable enough to keep the map's layout intact.
  6. Believe it or not, my fondest memory of this happening is actually in Quake 1. I was running from a spawn when it somehow found itself surrounded by zombies, which kept getting back up to fight it until it gibbed them with its dying explosion.
  7. Map09: Now I've Learned Machine Gun Etiquitte. Ho Ho Ho. Who am I to say what is or isn't "too '90s" when I was hoping the WolfSSes would still be in this version and delighted when it turned out they were. Looks like I'm just a big ol' fraud. Try to act surprised.
  8. SiFi270

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Cacowards 2024 Mentionation Thread: You Don't Need To Post Eviternity II At All
  9. SiFi270

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    Is anyone else not seeing a "buy now" button under the version with the Thorr soundtrack? EDIT: It's easy enough to get from the store page, if nothing else.
  10. Ah. I really should have compared it to both the fixed version and the original instead of just the fixed version.
  11. MISFA0 looks like it might have been saved at the wrong size or something. This screenshot was taken without any cosmetic mods like Revenant100's sprite fixes loaded.
  12. Map06: rick taylor dons the terror mask and ventures inside to save his girlfriend haha get it So this was the last map I finished before this thread was started and an updated version was released. When I first played the '96 version, I felt it was one of the better maps for the first few minutes, but then I got unbelievably frustrated trying to work out how to reach that outdoor area. It turned out to largely be my fault though, since the switch I wanted was "protected" by some health bonuses, and I'm very strict about when I collect those. If my health is below 95 or too close to 200, forget it. By the time I had the "right" amount of health to collect them, I'd forgotten about them entirely. Okay I just double checked the original to see if I really remembered what had happened and it turns out the switch in question wasn't really relevant to the outdoor area but still it was something to do with somehow forgetting that room existed. So the first time I played the anniversary version, I thought "oh sweet it's clips in front of the switch this time, this is surely just one of those maps like what Jim Flynn might've made where once you know what it's asking of you it's fine" but then I found myself reliving my frustration anyway, because now a super obvious secret from the '96 version had been made not so obvious, and it also happened to hold the key to the outdoor area. But yeah this time around I was much more "this is just one of those maps like what Jim Flynn might've made where once you know what it's asking of you it's fine". Once you know, you know, you know?
  13. SiFi270

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    I've already specified complevel 2 in the .bat file. I double checked the menu to see if what you mentioned was a compatibility option I somehow had set incorrectly, but there doesn't seem to be anything like that.
  14. SiFi270

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    I think there's an issue with the "max health" field in DeHackEd. I was playing HacX 1.0 (and because it's a lesser known version, I've included a zip with all the files I thought were relevant in case that helps) and medikits were healing me up to 400%, which they don't do in Crispy Doom or the original executable.